Pawn Stars Slots

Pawn Stars Slots

Bally has capitalized on the popularity of the television show "Pawn Stars" by bringing gamblers a new slot machine, both in how it looks and how it's played. And since the show is based in Las Vegas, it just makes sense that there would be a slot machine based off the History Channel offering.

Users will get to experience a fairly normal five reels and 25 pay lines but after that they can find some unique characteristics that make the game stand out.

It starts right from the beginning, where the player gets to select which character from the show they want to play as. Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison, the Old Man, and Chumlee are the characters to choose from and the animations and graphics that are part of the game feature the well-known men from the hit show.

Winning money is the appeal of a slot machine. How the specific machine goes about it is what can make it stand out among all the others. The Pawn Stars slot machine attempts to do so by offering free rounds, wilds, pick em scenarios, a scatter bonus, stacked wilds bonus, a pawn bonus feature, and more.

The television show is among the most popular ever in the "reality" genre, beginning in 2009. At one point it was voted the second best reality television show on television.

Pawn Stars
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Where Can You Play?

This online offering can be enjoyed on a variety of devices. Everything from iPads to desktop computers to smartphones can play the game. If you prefer to play the slot machine in an actual brick and mortar casino, then you have a solid number of options.

You can find Pawn Star slots at many Las Vegas casinos, including Caesars, Golden Nugget, and Harrah's. You can also find online rumblings that the show is becoming popular in the United Kingdom, so slots featuring the show are sure to be popping up there soon as well.

Players can also find a high limit version of the slot in the regulated New Jersey online casino.

In Las Vegas it was a big deal when it was announced in 2012 that the game was coming to local casinos. The Las Vegas Review Journal even did a story on the game's release.

What You See On the Reels

The five reels feature the standard J, Q, K, and A symbols that can be found on many other slot games. Pawn Stars then adds its own proprietary icons, like logos of the History Channel, as well as mug shots of each of the show's main characters. In addition there are wild tabs and a Pawn Stars logo.

The Harrison family from the TV show Pawn Stars

Big spenders and little spenders alike will find the game appealing. You can risk anything from one penny up to 10 coins per line.

Bonus Games

You can touch a reel to spin one of the bonus games, and after you choose one of the two on the screen, a large wheel at the top of the machine will begin to spin. That wheel can either give you 10, 15, or 20 free games, or other bonuses. The free games begin after a cool graphic effect on the screen where 24 karat gold bars pile on top of each other and then it simulates that they've cracked the screen.

Item Selection Feature

The Item Selection feature is an exciting bonus game that adds a bit of a pawn shop element. You choose one of 20 items and that item has a corresponding credit prize.

Negotiation Feature

The Negotiation feature might be the most fun, though. While you're playing the game in its regular mode, you'll acquire the aforementioned items. You'll then be shown amounts on the screen to choose from, representing what you want to sell the item for. The game will respond back with a counter offer if yours does not please the character and then you'll have to make the choice to accept that offer or to increase your award. You can eventually get to an award amount as the game moves along.

Treasure Bonus Round

Finally, the Treasure bonus round allows you to watch characters from the show. For example, if you're playing as Chumlee, he shows up on the screen dressed up in a wacky cowboy costume. The treasure bonus can multiply what you win, from anywhere between four and 60 times the amount. The multipliers during bonus games are much smaller, coming in between three and six times.

Interesting Fact
You'll see footage of the characters from the show during treasure bonus scenarios, but it will not be actual show footage. Instead, the characters appear to have done their own standalone video specifically for the slot machine game.


Gamblers seem to like what the game has to offer, as reviews on a variety of websites are very favorable. One popular online slots review web site has 622 reviews of the game and the average out of five stars is 4.1. Another site has the same 4.1 rating on just fewer than 50 total reviews.

This is a stark contrast with what people are saying on YouTube.

If you head to YouTube to see examples of the slot being played, the reviews lean far toward the negative side. A common complaint theme seems to be the very small line payouts, but on the other hand the bonus payouts seem to be huge.

Online commenters are notorious for complaining and not praising, and there's some praise for the game in the comments section. But the praise comes from people talking about hitting something big in a bonus game and gloating about how much extra money they pulled in. You don't see reviews talking about the slot being overall fun to play regardless of whether they're winning or not.


All in all, this slot machine might not be for the nickel and dime player who wants to see their money drain slowly. You play Pawn Stars to win big, and that means that you can also lose big. It has a lot of unique side games and definitely stands out among all slots.

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