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Phoenix Reborn by Play’n Go

Video slot developer Play’n GO is already well-known for producing some of the most engaging, visually stunning titles in the current market. That’s why it should be no surprise that one of their newest offerings, Phoenix Reborn, is quickly becoming a favorite among players with a penchant for playing the odds. This new title also takes inspiration from ancient Aztec history, thus, providing you with rich imagery that will keep you focused on success from round to round.

Like the eponymous phoenix of legend, this new video slot game will provide you with a variety of ways to rise from the ashes and come out with a respectable win. Across its numerous pay lines, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your investment during each round all the way down to the 0.0005 minimum coin size. If you’re lucky, you may even unlock a free spin round or two by leveraging Phoenix Reborn’s various scatters and wilds.

Suffice to say, Phoenix Reborn is a very interesting title you should absolutely check out on your favorite online casino. To learn more about the specifications and features that have allowed this title to immediately shoot up to the top of the charts, be sure to set aside some time and read this review of Phoenix Reborn.

Understanding the Aztec Connection

First and foremost, Phoenix Reborn is thematically centered around the imagery and mythical beliefs of the ancient Aztec civilizations that once populated parts of Central America. You’ll see these mythical connections scattered throughout the game’s imagery and symbols, such as the use of an Aztec-style mask as the game’s scatter. Even the phoenix itself makes an appearance in this game as the ever-desirable wild symbol.

To further immerse you into the ancient tropical atmosphere associated with the Aztec civilization, Phoenix Reborn’s developers set several of its most valuable symbols as fauna. These are animals you would typically see while adventuring through a Central American jungle. Expect to see a ravenous black panther, a frightful green snake, and a radiant yellow-billed toucan on your reels in most every round.

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More Games by Play’n GO

Phoenix Reborn isn’t Play’n GO’s only title, of course. Rather, this developer has become very popular in the industry due to its ability to routinely put out video slot games that are not only visually stunning, but also rich with opportunities for players to win big. Hugo’s Adventure, Demon, and Mission Cash are currently some their most popular titles, with thousands of daily players around the world.

However, if I were to make a recommendation, I would say that you should check out Crystal Sun. This title can really brighten your day with its unique combination of astronomical and crystalline imagery. Crystal Sun also includes expanding wilds with 1x, 2x, and 3x multipliers that stack together. With these opportunities, you’re very likely to pull away with a few “ultra-big wins,” as this game calls them.

Phoenix Reborn Overview – How to Play

Phoenix Reborn isn’t tough to learn at all. In fact, once you’re drawn in by this game’s rich imagery and sounds, you’ll certainly be able to pick up on its core mechanics after just a few rounds. To start each round, you’ll be asked to make a wager using this title’s unique “quick betting panel.” Then, you’ll need to select how many of this title’s 40 bet lines you’d like to activate and in what orientation.

From there, you’ll be ready to pull the metaphorical lever and send your five reels spinning. After the reels cease movement, the game will automatically total up any successful pairings you turn up. Additionally, if you turn up any the special symbols, such as the Aztec mask scatter or phoenix bird wild, bonus rounds will initiate themselves automatically.

Overall, Phoenix Reborn is rated as carrying a high volatility rate. That being said, this title’s 96% RTP is fairly respectable, especially compared to some other video slot games that only turn up low value symbols. If you decide to play against these odds, you’ll have a chance to cash in on this game’s remarkable big wins, some of which will fill your wallet with over €500,000 in digital Aztec gold.

Free Spins and Expanding Wilds

Phoenix Reborn’s scatter symbol, the sun-like Aztec mask, provides players with an opportunity to net a whole bunch of free spins, depending on their per-reel quantity. Specifically, landing either three, four, or five scatters on a single reel will grant you a whopping seven, 12, or 20 free spins, respectively. During those free spin bonus rounds, at least one of your reels will always turn up the vibrant phoenix wild symbol, leading to an expanding wild that grows your winnings substantially.

Speaking of this game’s expanding wilds, these phoenix birds are not to be ignored. Frankly, you’ll have a hard time missing one when it appears because this mythical avian creature immediately bursts into flames, engulfing the entire reel. This allows new symbols to fall down and make fresh matches as the round resolves itself. If you’re truly lucky and you land a phoenix wild on all five reels, your screen will become a fiery inferno and net you 5000x your original bet!

Try Something New – More Games Like Phoenix Reborn

After playing a few rounds on Phoenix Reborn, you might be looking to branch out and try another new slot. Well, you’re in luck, because there are several other excellent titles that draw on similar imagery and gameplay mechanics as Phoenix Reborn. One prime option in this domain would be Contact, an interesting 5×7 video slot that also draws on ancient Aztec symbols and mythology. Inferno Joker might be an engrossing pick for you as well, because its fiery imagery and high maximum win put it in a similar class as Phoenix Reborn.