Piggy Bank Slot Machines

Piggy Bank Slots

Piggy Bank slot machine was created by 1x2 Gaming and includes 5 reels and 9 pay lines.

You'll enjoy the clever pun of pig bank robbers while playing this adorable pig-themed slot machine.

The game takes you right on the scene to an attempted bank robbery in a community of pigs. You'll see everyone from the bank robber and policeman all the way down to the local mechanic.

This review covers:

  • Atmosphere
  • Sound effects
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Pay table
  • Betting options
  • Game rules
  • Win frequency
Piggy Bank
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Piggy Bank Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

At first glance, it's hard to determine what the theme of the game is. Pigs are involved, but there's a stark contrast between the symbols and the background elements.

The background features lush green grass with a house in the distance, so it looks like we're in a backyard. At the top of the screen, there's a blue sky with moving clouds, and a happy sun - literally, the sun has a face, and it's smiling.

The screen is adorned in playful colors, like yellow, pink, and blue, and the spin button is a giant yellow and orange flower.

All of this would be perfect for a barnyard-themed game, but when looking at the symbols and the title, you'll realize this is actually a game about pig bank robbers. With that said, there's a disconnect between the symbols and the background.

Music and Sound Effects

Instead of music, the game has a loop of chirping birds with the occasional beeping horn - the typical sounds you'll hear in the backyard. One thing that confused us is the random moo you'll hear, as we're definitely not in a barnyard in this scene, but maybe there's one next door.

The noises go well with the background, but again, this element is also unrelated to the symbols and the bank-robbing theme.

Other than the music, there's the sound of the reels spinning, a "boing" sound when you click spin, and a short melody that plays for winning payouts.


The pigs move their heads side to side and will jump and move around when involved in a winning payout.

There's also a marquee below the reels that tells you how many spins you have when using the auto bet function. It will also tell you the total credits won in each round, and it displays random phrases of encouragement, like "this little piggy won the top prize" and "piggy-back home?"

Piggy Bank Pay Table and Graphics

The Piggy Bank slot machine has an entire community of different pigs. The game has the bank robber, the law enforcement, the innocent bank-goers, and even a safe for the money.

Piggy Bank Wild

The pink piggy bank will substitute for any symbol - except the free spin medallion - to create a winning payout.

Free Spin Medallion

Landing 3 or more of the pink free spin medallion symbols anywhere on screen triggers the free spins bonus round. 3 symbols will give you 5 free spins, 4 will give you 10, and 5 gives you 15.

Free spins play automatically, and all wins double in this round.

Wanted Pig Sign

The wanted pig "fried or grilled" sign gets you the highest payout. Landing this gets you 750 coins for 5 symbols, 200 for 4, 45 for 3, and 6 for 2.


The gray bank safe fills your wallet with 500 coins for 5 symbols, 150 for 4, 40 for 3, and 5 for 2.

Bank-robber Pig

You'll find the bank-robber pig dressed in orange and black stripes with a black face mask. Along with him, you get 300 coins for 5 symbols, 75 for 4, 32 for 3, and 5 for 2.

Police Pig

The police pig, wielding his night stick and dressed in his blue uniform, gives you 100 credits for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, 22 for 3, and 4 for 2.

Bank Teller Pig

This fellow in his gray suit and matching hat wins you 80 credits for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, and 20 for 3.

School-girl Pig

The little pig in her pink bows gets you 80 credits for 5 symbols, 32 for 4, and 15 for 3.

Mechanic Pig

The mechanic pig dressed in his teal uniform and holding a wrench gets you70 coins for 5 symbols, 26 for 4, and 13 for 3.

Woman Pig

The pig in square glasses and black heels holding her bright pink purse wins you 60 coins for 5 symbols, 24 for 4, and 11 for 3.

Lady Pig

This female pig in her yellow dress and matching headband gets you 45 coins for 5 symbols, 18 for 4, and 10 for 3.

School-boy Pig

This little fellow in his bright orange outfit wins you 20 coins for 5 symbols, 12 for 4, and 9 for 3.

Symbol Graphics

1x2 Gaming nailed it with these pig symbols. The game has all the standard characters of a bank robbery, from the criminals to the innocent bystanders, and each pigs detail is enough to determine his or her role.

Piggy Bank Slot Bonus Features

The Piggy Bank slot has one bonus feature, and that's the free spins bonus. The bonus round activates by getting three or more pink free spins medallions on screen at once.

You know when you hit the free spin bonus when the reels dim and "Makin' Bacon" appears across the screen, followed by "Free Spins."

The amount of spins you earned play out automatically and the purple marquee at the bottom of the reels tell you how many spins you have remaining in the round.

Aside from its' frequency, which we discuss below, the free spins bonus wasn't impressive. It looks and sounds identical to the base game, and if you're not paying full attention during auto bet, you may not even realize you hit the bonus round.

Betting Options

The game will default to playing all 9 pay lines, with 1 coin per line, and a dime coin size.

You can bet a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $0.50, with up to 5 coins on each line. Since there are only 9 pay lines, the max wager is only worth $22.50.

The game has an auto bet option, which means you won't need to keep clicking "spin" to play a round. Auto bet allows you to automate your betting to 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or any custom betting amount up to 250.

You can cancel the auto bet function at any time by clicking the "cancel" button at the bottom of the screen.

Other Options

You have the ability to adjust a few settings within the game:

  • Screen size

    found at the top right corner - you can switch into full-screen mode. Press 'ESC' to exit full-screen mode.

  • Volume adjustment

    found at the bottom left corner under betting options

  • Clarity adjustment

    found at the bottom left corner under betting options - you can switch between high, medium, and low clarity.

Win Frequency

During normal game play, the win frequency of this slot is lower than most.

We liked how often we were able to activate the bonus round, though. In a string of 250 spins, we triggered 17 bonus rounds. This made up for the game's low win frequency.

Return to Player RTP

RTP for Piggy Bank is 95.69%, which is noticeable during game play.

Game Rules

The game rules for Piggy Bank are like other 1x2 Gaming's other slots. If you're familiar with their other games, you will have no problem understanding the rules. Here are a few more items to keep in mind:

  • Most wins are matched from left to right. The only exception is the pink free spins medallion, which can appear anywhere on the reels.
  • When two or more wins show up in the same line, only the highest value win on this line is paid.
  • You can select how many pay lines you want to play by clicking the numbers to the right and left of the reels.


We like the smart pun theme of Piggy Bank and its set of characters from the scene of a bank robbery.

But, while we enjoyed the theme, we were a bit confused when we first started playing.

The background scene and noises have nothing to do with a bank robbery, and while playing, it was hard to determine if the theme was barnyard or bank robbery.

We also wish the bonus round was something different from the base game - no matter how often it appeared.

While this slot is cute, there are too many aspects working against it. Our advice - try your luck at a different game.

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