Queen of the Nile Slots

Queen of the Nile Slots

First launched in 1997 by Australian casino gaming manufacturer Aristocrat Leisure, the Queen of the Nile slot machine has secured its status as one of the most commonly played titles of all time because of being the first to market in its theme category.

As the first slot machine to sport an ancient Egyptian theme, Queen of the Nile inspired several imitators over the years, including the Cleopatra games released by Aristocrat's chief rival International Game Technology, IGT. Today, you can find dozens of derivatives on the concept on casino floors worldwide, but Aristocrat broke new ground with Queen of the Nile's historical influence.

Queen of the Nile debuted four short years after the Luxor made ancient Egypt's unique aesthetic the style on the Las Vegas Strip. The Luxor's massive black pyramid and period perfect décor left gamblers gasping throughout the 1990s, so it was only natural that the designers at Aristocrat would model a new slot game after ancient Egyptian culture.

Named after one of the most alluring figures in all of antiquity, the last Egyptian pharaoh Queen Cleopatra VII, Queen of the Nile relies heavily on imagery associated with her reign. Symbols found in the game include Cleopatra herself, along with classic signifiers of ancient Egyptian culture such as the scarab beetle, pyramids, hieroglyphs, the lotus flower, golden jewelry, and even the face of King Tutankhamen.

In addition to game's creative theme, Queen of the Nile became a standard title for slot players around the world due in large part to Aristocrat's gameplay innovations. Slot aficionados likely know all about the now ubiquitous 15x3 feature, in which players receive 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier in place for each, but Queen of the Nile was actually the first slot machine to introduce this popular bonus game.

In 2011 Aristocrat released a sequel to the original Queen of the Nile game, and in the five years since Queen of the Nile II has received a similarly warm welcome from slot machine enthusiasts.

Queen of the Nile
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Gameplay Features and Mechanics

For fans of today's modernized video slot machines, the interface presented by Queen of the Nile may feel a bit outdated, but for a title nearing its 20th birthday the game still holds up quite well.

Queen of the Nile is a 5 reel, 20 pay line standard slot machine offering players low to mid-range variance. As a true penny slot, one credit costs only $0.01, but in order to take advantage of the game's full functionality regular players recommend activating as many pay lines as possible.

The standard play is to activate all 20 pay lines while wagering five credits per line, which equates to $1.00 per spin. For the adventurous crowd, the maximum amount of credits you can wager on a given spin is $60.00, or $3.00 per pay line while playing all 20 pay lines.

However, with 60 unique wagering combinations in play on every spin, Queen of the Nile is built to accommodate both casual, low stakes slot fans simply looking for a fun time, and high-rollers searching the casino floor for their next big score.

With wild symbols, free spins, and a 3x multiplier bonus game in play, Queen of the Nile provides just enough punch to keep players entertained, but the game does lack the allure of a progressive jackpot. A list of basic specifications for Queen of the Nile can be found below:

  • Wilds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplier: Yes, for 3x
  • Bonus Game: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Return to Player: 94.88%

The base game jackpot for Queen of the Nile totals 9,000 credits, and fittingly, this prize can only be earned by landing five of the Cleopatra symbols on a pay line. By landing four Cleopatras you can win 2,000 credits during the base game, while three Cleopatras are good for 200 credits, and a pair of Cleopatras returns two credits.

During the base game players can win a variety of payouts depending on the arrangement of symbols landed on a pay line. The hieroglyphics symbol rates as the lowest, offering between two and 125 credits when you land between three and five matching symbols on a pay line. The Nile thistle and Seeing Eye symbols are next, paying out up to 250 credits for five matches. Landing five scarab beetles on a pay line rewards you with 400 credits. Finally, the golden rings and King Tut mask offer the highest payouts at up to 750 credits when you land five on a single pay line.

Wild Symbol

The Cleopatra symbol is the only wild in play during Queen of the Nile. When it appears on any pay line, Cleopatra can substitute for any other symbol except for the bonus and scatter, to create a winning a combination. Whenever you make a winner using a Cleopatra wild symbol, the payout is automatically doubled.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol for Queen of the Nile is represented by a pair of golden pyramids set against a clear blue sky. When you land the pyramid scatter symbol anywhere on the screen, it creates winning combinations throughout all of the pay lines you have in play.

If you happen to land five pyramids scatter symbols on any activated pay lines, Queen of the Nile pays out a generous bonus of 400 times your original wager. Smaller prizes are paid out for landing two, three, or four pyramid scatter symbols on an activated pay line.

Triggering the 15x3 Bonus Game

While the Queen of the Nile base game is indeed enjoyable, slot enthusiasts know that the real prizes are won when you enter the 15x3 bonus round.

This bonus game can only be triggered by landing three of the pyramid scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, but regular players report that Queen of the Nile allows this to occur with reasonable regularity. After landing three pyramid scatter symbols, the game will congratulate you with an onscreen graphic proclaiming "Yes! You've Done It! 15 free games remaining."

During the 15x3 bonus game all winning combinations are paid out at triple the standard payout. This means that the appearance of a Cleopatra wild symbol within a winning combination during the bonus round actually pays out at six times, because both the 3x bonus multiplier and 2x wild multiplier are concurrently applied. Even better, should you see three pyramid scatter symbols show up again during the bonus round, Queen of the Nile provides you with another set of 15 free spins.

Enjoying 15 free spins on any game is always a treat, but Queen of the Nile ups the ante by including a bonus game of 100 spins. This incredible chance to earn big wins without spending a single penny can only be triggered by landing five pyramid scatter symbols on screen. While this feat is obviously much rarer than the 15x3 bonus, lucky players have posted footage of their 100 free spin game online over the years as proof that the ultimate bonus does indeed exist.

Queen of the Nile II

Most sequels fail to live up to their original versions, but Aristocrat took great lengths to ensure that Queen of the Nile II would satisfy the expectations of slot players who fell in love with the first game.

The sights and sounds of the first Queen of the Nile are replicated for Queen of the Nile II, including many of the same base game symbols. Just like in the first version, Cleopatra symbols are wild and pyramid symbols act as scatters.

Astute players will notice a few subtle differences, however, as Aristocrat has updated its graphics to provide a more visually entertaining experience. This means the symbols you'll see on Queen of the Nile II appear to be worn and dated, and even a bit dusty, suggesting that they have been dug up from the desert sands of Egypt.

Sequels always seek to expand on their source material, however, so Aristocrat increased the pay line amount from 20 to 25 for Queen of the Nile II, making it a 5 reel, 25 pay line slots. When you manage to land three pyramid scatter symbols on screen, the bonus game you'll enter now offers 20 free spins, rather than the 15 which made the first game famous.

The Bonus Round

Perhaps the most noticeable adjustment between the original Queen of the Nile slot and its sequel arrives during the bonus round. The first version of the game kept things simple, and three pyramid scatter symbols took players straight to a 15 free spin game sporting a 3x multiplier.

Now, players have a new level of control over the parameters of their bonus round. Queen of the Nile II enables players to select between four distinct bonus games, toggling between more free spins with a smaller multiplier, or fewer free spins with a higher multiplier.

For example, once you've landed the three pyramid scatters needed to enter bonus round play, the game will present you with a menu of options beginning with 20 free spins and a 2x multiplier. Depending on your personal preference, or even the way a particular machine has been performing of late, players can decide to gamble a bit by switching to just five free spins and a 10x multiplier. The available multipliers during this bonus round include 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x depending on the amount of free spins you prefer.

Gamble Feature

Queen of the Nile II also includes a new Gamble feature, which comes into play after any winning spin. After you've landed a winning combination, the game will activate a Gamble button. Should you opt to gamble, a side screen will open and a simple guessing game is presented, offering a selection of four card suits. When you guess correctly, your winnings from the previous spin is either doubled or quadrupled.

Wager Values

Wager values for Queen of the Nile II have also been updated to cater to modern slot fans. The minimum credit requirement is still $0.01, but this penny slot can be transformed into high-roller heaven, as players can wager anywhere from one penny to $4.00 on a single pay line. With 25 pay lines now available, Queen of the Nile II offers a maximum wager of $100.00.


In nearly 20 years since its debut, the original Queen of the Nile has secured its status as one of the most well-known slot machines ever designed. Although the game is quite basic when compared to the video slots produced today, many players seem to enjoy that sense of simplicity.

Between the first Queen of the Nile and its sequel, Aristocrat succeeded in designing a game which holds lasting appeal for a wide audience.

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