Sex and the City Slot Machine

Sex and the City Slots

Sex and the City Slots is a slot machine designed by IGT, based on one of TV's most controversial franchises of the past 20 years. It is based on the popular and influential HBO series which ran from 1998 to 2004. The relationship misadventures of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda became water cooler talk -- at least for American female office workers.

The HBO show spawned a successful Sex and the City movie and a not-so-successful sequel, in 2008 and 2010. IGT has produced a slot machine which captures the best video and audio from the franchise. This interactive video slot machine has 5 progressive jackpots and 6 bonus games. Each of the four main friends from the show are given their own bonus game, so fans can enjoy gambling through the eyes of their favorite character.

Sex and the City
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Sex and the City: The Series

"Sex and The City" was about four friends living in New York City. They have frank discussions about their romantic relationships, including the gritty details of the physical relations with the male gender. Despite a dizzying array of romances, the four women remain good friends throughout the series.

Many women identified with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) because they were in their mid-thirties (or older) at the time. The characters thus were slightly more realistic description of the singles scene, as experienced by women who were now veterans in the dating scene.

In many ways, "Sex and the City" turned the genre of romantic comedy on its ear.

Viewers saw discussions of subjects that might be heard normally in a men's locker room. Some critics of the day suggested it was a more frank and realistic portrayal of what women discuss when they're alone.

Critics of the Show

Not everyone was a fan. The American Journal of Paediatrics did a 2008 study which tested viewers of SATC and Friends against the general population. The study showed that females age 12-17 were twice as likely to have an unwanted pregnancy and twice as likely to contract an STD. The research followed years of social critics who complained the show was helping to destroy the morals of America's young women.

Not all of the critics were politically conservative, either. Feminists in Glamour Magazine and the Daily Observer complained that the show reinforced two negative stereotypes: woman as mere sex symbols and "women as children". A common criticism was this group of women were not concerned about career, good spending habits, or intelligence, but instead obsessed about men and relationships.

Even longtime viewers had their gripes. ABC News and Rankers polls consistently rank Carrie Bradshaw among the top ten worst characters in TV history. Years after the show was off the air, the New York published an article describing the main protagonist as the show's worst character, saying she was too obsessive, anxious, and "wildly self-involved" to be redeemable.

Fans of the Show

Mountains of criticism did not drive away fans. At the height of its popularity, millions of Americans considered Sex and the City their favorite show. Viewer polls are notoriously inaccurate, because the people polled cannot view every single television show being considered. Fans argued that art was imitating life and not the other way around.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda from Sex and the City.

The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum pushed back against the notion the show should be downgraded to a guilty pleasure. She complained that men could identify with characters on The Sopranos, The Wire, and Mad Men without being murderous or self-destructive, yet women were not allowed to identify with Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. Nussbaum argued women, like men, were smart enough to tell the difference in fiction and real life.

In many ways, "Sex and the City" was a kind of horror show for its fans. It became the kind of life women wanted to avoid. Its characters were people you probably didn't want to meet, and certainly didn't want to be. That's no different than other successful TV comedies, like "Seinfeld" or "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". The much-maligned show's fans realize, in the end, it's all done for laughs.

Sex and the City: The Movies

The 2008 movie received mixed reviews, but it was a commercial success. The film was the highest-grossing romantic comedy of 2008. The 2010 sequel received bad reviews and was not as commercially successful, though it still did quite well at the box office.

Even its fans admit "Sex and the City 2" was a bad movie, though. Some even suggest that many of the revisionist critiques of the HBO series were due to over-the-top characterizations in the second film.

Game Basics

Here are some basic details about the Sex and the City slot game.

Theme and Colors

IGT's designers wanted to make sure the women in the casino notice this gaming machine. The box is colored candy pink, while the logo includes sparkling diamonds across the New York City skyline.

Reel Symbols

The reel symbols on the game include the four main cast members: Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha. Mr. Big is also included. Other pictures on the reels include a diamond ring, a dress, purple heels, a handbag, a limousine, and Cosmopolitan.

Pink Heart Scatter

The key symbol is the pink heart, which acts as a scatter symbol on the game. When 3 or more appear on the screen at any given time, this symbol activates the bonus game.

Cascading Wilds

IGT's "Tumbling Reels" feature is their name for its cascading wilds. On the Tumbling Reels bonus game, these icons appear as wild symbols. They lock into place until they help unlock a winning combination. As they do, they "tumble down" or cascade off the screen, leaving other symbols in their place.

The tumbling reels are a favorite IGT feature, because it locks into place a helpful icon until a win is produced. That way, no wild symbols are lost due to poor placement. Another advantage of this feature is it gives a player two chances to build a winning combination, because the tumbling reels sometimes produce a second win.

Multi-Play Feature

The Multi-Play Feature allows gamblers to decide which of the four main characters they want to be. One of the six bonus games is based off of the show's four main characters: Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, or Miranda.

Each has her own bonus game, so you don't get stuck with a character you dislike. Each of the games plays out in much the same way. Keep in mind this is a 4-in-1 bonus game, so you actually receive 9 total bonus options.

Bonus Games

There are four bonus games in this slot. The details are as follows.

Change of Dress Bonus Game

The Change of Dress bonus game is particularly fun. In this game, you're allow to pick out a dress and accessories for one of the women. Depending on the dress you choose, it provides multipliers and free credits for the coming bonus game.

Simply Fabulous Bonus Game

The Simply Fabulous bonus game uses Charlotte's wedding as a theme. You are told to pick from a number of ring boxes. Each time this game is triggered, you receive 3 picks.

Each ring box has a number between 0 and 9. When you make your selections, the three numbers are placed together to reveal how many coins you won on the game. The bonus can be in the many hundreds.

Hello Lover Bonus Game

The Hello Lover bonus game is based off a key element of the show: women's shoes. In this game, you'll be shown virtual showboxes. In each of these boxes you'll find a pair of shoes. You'll be asked to find the characters' favorite pair of shoes.

Once your selection is made, this becomes the Locking Symbol on the coming bonus game. The free spin mode begins, when you'll be shown the results. The locking symbol is pivotal in deciding the size of your bonus.

Perfect Gift Bonus

The Perfect Gift bonus game lets the player choose from a range of potential gifts for one of the protagonists. The options are clothes, a yellow rose, a chocolate box, and a champagne bottle. Each of these correspond to a coin amount. While this is a straightforward game, it's also one of the most profitable ones.

Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot

Sex and the City Slots has 5 progressive jackpots. Four the five progressives are smaller, much like the Breakfast at Tiffany's Slots game. For instance, the progressive jackpots might be $15, $30, $200, and $500. The fifth progressive is the wide-area jackpot.

The wide-area jackpot is a linked progressive jackpot with many gaming machines feeding into the same prize. Anytime a gambler hits "Spin" and doesn't win the big prize, a part of their bet goes to feed the progressive jackpot. This can rise into the millions of dollars.


IGT hit it out of the park with their Sex and the City Slots design. The gaming machines embodies the show quite well, whether you're a fan or not. I imagine many women are going to enjoy this slot machine, while most men are likely to roll their eyes.

With a large number of wilds, cascading wilds, scatters, and four bonus games, the features are first-rate. The real stars of the show are the progressive jackpots. Four of the progressives are not going to be the life-changing variety, but they are nice additions. The Sex and the City progressive jackpot should make this gaming machine a worthwhile game.

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