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She’s a Rich Girl Slot Machine

What girl doesn’t want to be rich and have lavish gems
at their fingertips? Well this slot machine is based on that wide spread
dream of every girl in the world. Playing this game allows you to get a
taste of how life as a rich girl can be.

She’s A Rich Girl is IGT’s attempt to play out the
story of the girl living the high life with her gems, and of course the man
who foots the bill; her sugar daddy. The symbols in the game give the player
a good idea of just how this girl got to be so rich.

Even though that’s the way the game is portrayed, it
can be looked at in another way as well. That the older man is the girl’s
father and he spoils his only child just like in the movie Clueless, which
the game could be linked to with ease.

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Symbols Used in the Game

Special Symbols

Rich Girl Logo

This symbol is one you want to watch for because with this symbol you’ll double
your winnings. This symbol can sub for any other symbol to make a winning

  • If this symbols is not a sub in a winning combination
    you can still win based on the pay table and the number of symbols on
    the reels.

Scatter Symbol

Picture of three gems together with the word scatter over top, so that it’s
easily recognizable to the player.

  • This symbol can be a big help to the player. Depending
    on the number of scatters on the reels the players bet can be paid up to
    25 times that amount.

Diamond Run

This symbol is just a purple square with the words Diamond Run on it.

  • This symbol triggers free spins. Depending on how many
    and where they fall in the game determines the amount of free spins won.


This symbol is the one everyone is hoping to find. It is a picture of a sole
diamond and leads to guaranteed free spins.

  • With this symbol you get a free spin for every diamond
    on the screen during each round of play. You are able to collect up to a
    total of 100 free spins.

Regular Symbols

These symbols are valued based on the number of time they appear on a pay
line. They don’t have any hidden ability to pay out big but combined with a
scatter symbol can lead to larger payouts.

  • Rich Girl – Redheaded
  • Older Man
  • White Dog with gold
    bone collar
  • White Cat with diamond
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Lemon

How to Play

She’s a Rich Girl is a five reel game with nine available pay lines. This is
a very basic set up but with the trimmed down pay lines and reels this allows
for more wins for the player.

To start play you must decide how many lines you want to play and how much
you want to wager. Once you have made this decision make sure you entered it
correctly into the machine.

Choosing the pay line is very important. If you play all 9 play lines
available you are more likely to win something with each spin than if you choose
to play one or two lines only. The more pay lines you play the more combinations
you’ll be able to use.

Now you have two options you can either manually play the game or choose to
auto spin. If you choose to manually spin each time you just hit the spin button
and your bet is submitted and the game is going.

If you choose to auto spin it will play the game for you. Once you have
selected your desired coin value, click AUTO SPIN and choose how many games you
want to play. This form of play will continue until one of three things happen.
You hit the Stop button, you trigger a bonus, or you run out of money.

As the reels stop spinning the game will total your winnings and let you know
if you have triggered a bonus or won a free spin based on the symbols on the

Remember that the game only pays the highest payout per round. This is very
important so that you don’t get upset if you see multiple wins on a spin but you
only receive the payout for one of those combinations.

Free Spin Bonus

When you hit the three bonus symbols needed to activate the bonus round
you’ll leave the regular game play screen and be taken to a completely different
setup. This bonus game is played with gems and diamonds.

In this bonus reel you are given a new wild symbol and a completely different
set of symbols to play with. The wild in this game is the diamond and just like
the rich girl logo in the regular game it can sub for any of the other gems to
make a winning combination. If this symbol appears the players payout is

The wild not only acts as a doubler in this round but also gives you another
free spin each time it comes up until you have reached the max of 100 free
spins. The bonus round on She’s A Rich Girl is where you win the largest amounts
of money.

Pay Tables

  • Rich Girl Symbol

    symbol is a wild and subs for all other symbols to create a win for the
    player. When this symbol comes up the player’s payout is doubled.

  • Scatter Symbols

    symbols pay based on number on the screen

    • 3 Scatter Symbols pays 2X the players bet
    • 4 Scatter Symbols pays 10X the players bet
    • 5 Scatter Symbols pays 25X the players bet
  • Rich Girl Redheaded
    Woman and the Older Man, pay based on number of symbols based on
    pay line

    • 3 Rich Girls or Older man pays 10
    • 4 Rich Girls or Older man pays 100
    • 5 Rich Girls or Older Man pays 500
  • White Dog and White
    Cat also pay based on the number of symbols based on pay line

    • 3 White Cat or Dog pays 10
    • 4 White Cat or Dog pays 50
    • 5 White Cat or Dog pays 200
  • Watermelon, Peach and
    Grape symbols pay based on number of symbols based on pay line.

    • 3 Fruit of the same kind pays 5
    • 4 Fruit of the same kind pays 25
    • 5 Fruit of the same kind pays 100
  • The remaining Cherry
    and Lemon allow for an extra pay but the amounts the same for the others.

    • 2 Cherry or Lemon pays 5
    • 3 Cherry or Lemon pays 5
    • 4 Cherry or Lemon pays 25
    • 5 Cherry or Lemon pays 100

Free Spin Bonus Pay Table

In this pay table you’ll find the different symbols used during the bonus
game and see the different available payouts which give the player a greater
chance of winning money in the bonus round.


    This symbol is the wild and pays double win it subs to make a winning combinations

    • It also increases your free spin by one each time it

    Four other gems are
    used during this game and they all payout the same amounts. They are the
    green, purple, yellow, and blue gems.

    • 2 of the same gems based on the pay line chosen will
      pay 2
    • 3 of the same gems based on the pay line chosen will
      pay 5
    • 4 of the same gems based on the pay line chosen will
      pay 20
    • 5 of the same gems based on the pay line chosen will
      pay 50


Each game has its own rules and these rules must be followed by all players.
The rules for this game are much like all the others on the market today but
some are specific to the way the game is played and how payouts are made. The
rules are as follows.

  • Misuse or malfunction
    during the game will void all pay outs and plays.
  • All line win symbols
    must appear on a play lines that were chosen by the player at the beginning
    of the game and on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left reel.
  • Only highest winning
    combination is paid on each pay line. Line wins are multiplied by the bet
    placed on the winning line.
  • If one or more Rich
    Girl logo symbols subs in a base game win, the pay for that win is doubled.
  • If one or more Diamond
    Run symbols subs during a free spin win, the pay for that win is doubled.
  • Only the highest
    scatter win is paid per scatter symbol. Coinciding scatter wins from
    different scatter symbols are added. Scatter wins are multiplied by the
    players total bet.
  • Coinciding wins on
    different pay lines are added. Scatter wins are separate from pay line wins
    and are also added to the total amount paid.
  • Bonus scatter symbols
    appear only on base game reels 2, 3, and 4.
  • Scatter award symbol
    are different from Bonus scatter symbols and appear only on the base game

Game Appearance

This game brings the symbols of the slot machines from the past, back to the
fore front and combines them with the glamourous personalities of the games
theme. The background is a very simplistic purple but the reels are very flashy
and will keep your attention throughout the entire game.

The symbols for the rich girl and the older man give us the impression that
she is his trophy wife and he wants to provide her with the best of everything.
She has everything a girl could want. Diamonds show up to give the player
chances at more money and gives our girl a chance to show off her riches.

She also gives us a chance to meet her wonderful pets. The beautiful solid
white cat and dog symbol lend to the idea of riches and wealth with their
perfectly groomed appearance and high dollar collars.

The music on this game is groove worthy and allows the player to get into the
game even more. The game features a dance style type track with a heavy base
line that gives the feeling of being in a night club straight off the strip.

The sounds that go off win a player wins go well with the audio of the game
to give the player a first class production that works well with the theme of
the game.


This game is a fun and entertaining slot that anyone can play and
occasionally win. This slot allows even the most conservative player to find the
chance to win with the ability to choose the bet wager and how many pay lines to
play. With the many different combinations available it’s easy to win and easy
to get to the bonus round and add to your winnings. The wilds that are available
in both the regular game play and the bonus rounds give the players a chance to
win big.

Getting to the bonus rounds are easier on this game than many others and give
the player the feeling that they’ve found a game that was made to play for fun.
This game can give you the ability to rack up points on your players club
membership as well.

Let this game be the one that you earn points to get you to that next comp
you’ve been wanting. With the great graphics and awesome music it’ll be easy for
any player to sit and play for long periods of time to rack up the money and the

This game isn’t a game you can only find in land based casinos so go online
and find you a game to play for free. You can play from the comfort of your own
home or download it to your phone for something fun to do on a long road trip.
You’ll be entertained for the whole trip.