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Soccer Slots Slot Machines

For all the soccer fans of the world – 1×2 Gaming has designed a slot just for

This game is a simple game with little fan fare other than the sound effects
you hear when you get a winning combination. The game has a few animations added
when you win as well but the game overall isn’t stellar.

The game has 3 reels with 11 pay line options which is different from most of
the other games found on the 1×2 Gaming roster. It includes all of the images
you’d associate with a soccer game such as the goal, jerseys, and the ref’s
whistle. Even with all of these great symbols the game is lacking in many other

Even with the lack of many features we’re used to seeing in many online slot
games this game still offers you a decent atmosphere and game play so let’s see
just what this game has to offer.

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1x2 Gaming
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Soccer Slots Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

Soccer slots have a background that makes you feel like you’re on the
sidelines of a soccer match. The soccer ball is up close and personal and the
grass of the field is surrounding the reels and the selector buttons at the
bottom of the game.

The reels are framed in green and the backdrop for the symbols is similar to
that of a net on a soccer goal. The pay lines are displayed as jersey numbers on
a mixture of different color jerseys.

Music and Sound Effects

The music for this game was a little surprising to us when we first turned
the game on. We were expecting something a little more sports oriented but
instead you get an upbeat mix of electronic keyboard and drums beats.

You do get the sports theme sound effects when you spin the reels. Each time
you spin you hear the crowd start to get loud and when you get a winning
combination they go wild. This is the type of sound we were expecting and it
really works well with the game theme.


The animations found in Soccer Slots are few and far between. Since there
isn’t any bonus rounds to add to the number of animations the most you see is in
when you get a winning combination.

When you get a winning combination, the symbols that complete the combination
have the backgrounds light up as red, blue, or green. That’s as good as it gets
with this game as far as animations go.

Soccer Slots Pay Table and Graphics

Soccer Slots brings back the symbols that have long been associated with slot
machines: This game doesn’t have any special feature symbols and since this game
is only a three reel game some of the symbols only have one chance for a payout.

Golden Trophy

The golden trophy is the highest paying symbol in the game.
This symbol only pays out if you get a combination of three on a pay line. If
you do get three it pays 200 times you wager on the pay line.

Soccer Ball

The soccer ball pays 100 times when you get a combination of 3.

Soccer Goal with ball

This symbol pays 70 times for a combination of 3.

Soccer Field

The soccer field pays 54 times for a combination of 3.

Red Flag

The red flag being thrown pays 46 times for a combination of 3.

Yellow Flag

The yellow flag being thrown pays 5 times for a combination of
2, and 40 times for a combination of 3.

Referees Whistle

The whistle pays 4 times for a combination of 2, and 32
times for a combination of 3.

Red Jersey

The red jersey pays 3 times for a combination of 2, and 24 times
for a combination of 3.

Referees Jersey

The referee’s jersey pays 2 times for a combination of 2,
and 14 times for a combination of 3.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols for this game aren’t anything spectacular. They’re cartoony and
not well drawn but they serve the purpose of the game and you can clearly tell
what the symbol is supposed to represent.

This game is a game that would be great for a beginning player. Those who
play slots on a regular basis will probably find the graphics to be childish and
this is what can be a turn off for most players. The game could use a little
updating and some new designing to make it a more appealing game.

All of the symbols are theme oriented and represent the game of soccer well.
We can’t say that we have any favorites in this game but we can say at least you
don’t have to guess as to what a symbol is in this game like you do in some of
the other games on the market.

Soccer Slots Slot Bonus Features

Probably the most disappointing part of this game is that it doesn’t have any
special features at all. You won’t find any wilds, free spins, or bonus symbols
to help you add to your winnings.

We think this was a grave oversight on the behalf of 1×2 gaming. With a theme
like soccer there are so many things you could do as far as special features go.
They could have had a bonus game where you had to shoot the ball into the goal,
or had you be the goalie and stop the balls to win extra prizes.

This is the area that the developers really dropped the ball, so to speak. So
if you’re looking for a sports themed game that’s full of fun and exciting
special features you need to keep looking because Soccer Slots isn’t that game.

Betting Options

You can change your coin value from $0.01 to $.50 and pick the number of pay
lines you want to play on each spin. You can play anywhere from one pay line all
the way up to 11 pay lines per spin. You can also choose how many coins are
played each spin. Be careful how many you decide to play because the more you
play the higher your bet and this decreases your balance faster than you may

Playing all 11 of the pay lines on each of your spins is the best way to make
sure you don’t miss out on the wins that are possible for this game. The pay
outs on this game are less than they usually are in a regular 5 reel game
because this game offers most of the symbols with pay outs only if you get three
on a pay line.

With slot machines odds aren’t reliable and there isn’t anything you can do
to figure out which line is going to hit next so if you don’t play them all you
might just loose out and you don’t want to do that.

Other Options

This game doesn’t have a traditional options menu but you can still control
the following through the volume control button and the settings button found in
the bottom left corner of the game.

  • Game speed from low to high
  • Turn sounds on / off
Return to Player RTP

RTP for Soccer Slots is 97.37%, which is on the higher end of the spectrum
for online slot games. This is a huge plus for the game and one of the only
reasons we think you should give the game a try. With such a high return rate
you are more likely to get a win with this game than some of the others you may

Game Rules

If you’ve played other 3 reel slot machines, then you should have no trouble
adjusting to this one. But just in case, here are the main rules for Soccer

  • All payouts are formed from left to right, starting with the leftmost
    reel. The only exception is scatter payouts, which can appear anywhere on
    the reels.
  • The highest win is paid on each pay line
  • Any misuse or malfunction terminates the game.


Soccer Slots is a sports theme game that leaves a lot to be desired as far as
graphics, animation, and special features go. These things are usually the best
parts of many other games but this game just doesn’t have much to brag about.

This game has graphics that are cartoony and childish and even though they’re
theme related they could have been much better. The animations are almost
nonexistent and even the little bit you see is just a change in background
color. As far as special features go this is where the game designers just
flopped completely.

This game has such potential and the ability to have great special features
and it seems like the designers just didn’t want to take the time to design any.
Maybe they were going for the simple and easy game and if that’s the case then
they did a great job. We just think that with a theme like this there’s so much
more they could have done.

The few things that the game does have that make it worth playing are the
betting options and the return to player percentage. The betting options are on
the low scale so it makes the game a lot more accessible to those players who
have a smaller budget.

Along with the smaller betting amounts the game has a small number of pay
lines which can help increase the amount of the prize when you do get a winning
combination. Since there isn’t a whole bunch of lines to play each time you spin
you can bet a little bit more than you would on a game with a bunch of pay

Anything you bet is divided up among the number of lines you’ve selected to
play and remember your best bet is to always play all the lines available.

The return to player rate for this game is on the upper portion of the scale
as far as online slots go. This is one reason to play the game with a higher
percentage like this you’re more likely to get a win the longer your play the

The game isn’t all bad but unfortunately the bad definitely outweighs the
good in this game. If you’re looking for a simple easy game to get your feet wet
with this is a perfect game. You won’t be overwhelmed by graphics and over the
top features and you get to teach yourself the basics of slots with little
chance of confusion.

But if you’re a seasoned player who enjoys the excitement of special features
and high quality graphics this game will probably leave you wanting, so we
recommend you just keep on looking.