The Enchantment Slots

The Enchantment Slots

High 5 Games produced The Enchantment video slots game in 2013, releasing it to land-based casinos and then bringing it to the Web, mobile apps, and RMG Online. The game uses a fantasy theme and offers 720 ways to win on a 19-tile staggered reel interface.

The back story for the game is that an incredibly powerful and cruel sorceress possesses great wealth. The player must win her wealth away from her while facing enchanted warriors, war horses, and dragons.

Although a bit thin, the back story fits into High 5 Games' stable of fantasy / science fiction games which often feature dark and light characters.

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The Enchantment
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Reels & Symbols

The Enchantment is a 3-4-5-4-3 reel video slot game with 720 pay lines and a re-initiating Free Spins bonus game. Prizes are paid both left to right and right to left, thus providing 1440 possible combination paths, although only one prize per pay line is paid. The highest possible prize per line is awarded to the player.

There are 11 game icons that are used in normal play. The Bonus symbol is used to trigger the Free Games feature. Except for the Bonus and Scatter symbols, all symbols must occupy at least three adjacent tiles on any pay line in order to pay a prize.

The Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol substitutes for all other icons except the Bonus. It only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 but it is may be displayed in a stack. The Wild symbol flashes magically and spins on any tile where it contributes to a prize.

The Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the screen. It pays a prize of 2 credits times the multiplier for 3-of-a-kind, 10 credits times the multiplier for 4-of-a-kind, and 50 credits times the multiplier for 5-of-a-kind.

Other Symbols

The highest-value symbol is the game logo, The Enchantment. A winning combination of 5 of these tiles on any pay line awards the player 1000 credits times the bet per line. The symbol briefly blazes with magical energy when it contributes to a prize.

The Enchantress icon is the next highest value symbol, awarding 400 credits times the bet per line for a winning combination of 5 on a pay line. The Enchantress looms large as she casts a powerful spell whenever one of her tiles contributes to a winning combination.

The Green Warrior follows with a prize of 300 credits times the multiplier for 5-of-a-kind on any pay line. The warrior waves his sword when his symbol contributes to a winning combination.

Mid-value symbols are the Horse, Dragon, and Blue Sapphire ring. Their highest prizes are 125, 100, and 100 credits times the multiplier respectively.

The Purple and Topaz rings each top out at 50 credits times the multiplier for highest prizes.

Game Controls

The game controls are easy enough to understand. You will find them all below the reels on the Web-based versions of the game, like this.

Controls for the Enchantment slot game

The betting controls are locked into 720 pay lines (aka "ways") and a 50 credit (cents) bet. All you can adjust is the multiplier, which ranges from X1 to X1000. You need to check this as soon as you sit down at the machine in a land-based casino as the previous player may have been using a higher multiplier than you are comfortable with. A X10 multiplier, for example, sets the total bet at $5.00.

Your total bet is displayed in the right column of the betting controls window.

In the middle window you find the "Win" and "Credits" reports. The Win report shows the sum total of the prizes paid on the last spin. The Credits report displays your available balance (usually in dollars and cents, but it may be in simple credits on some versions). 1 Credit = 1 Cent.

The Replay button allows you to watch your last spin again or, if you just finished a bonus game, the complete bonus game that just finished.

Clicking on the Question mark brings up the help screen system that shows you the various pay tables for the game. There are 17 screens in all.

The Speaker icon simply toggles the sound on and off. If you are playing the game on your phone or computer you should be able to adjust the volume up or down without toggling the sound off completely.

Auto Play allows you to select from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 spins. The game plays continually, counting down the remaining spins in the Spin button, and deducting a bet for each spin from your available credits. You can stop it at any time by clicking the Auto Play button again.

The Spin button initiates a single game. It doubles as a Stop button, but it only stops the animations. Clicking on Stop will not alter the game in any way. You cannot "catch" the Bonus and Wild symbols as they scroll down.

Triggering the Bonus Round

The Bonus Free Spins game is triggered when at least 1 Bonus symbol appears on each of the 5 reels. More than 5 symbols can appear and you win 8 free spins for the each 5 Bonus tiles combinations. All the awarded spins are added together to determine how many you start with for the Bonus game.

You may win more free spins during the bonus game.

The Free Spins game uses a different set of reels from the regular game. The screen's background image also changes.

The most free spins you can play in a single bonus game is 240, but the game ends when you run out of free spins regardless of how many you won.

Every combination of 5 Bonus icons pays 50 credits times the multiplier.

Our View

The Enchantment uses one of High 5 Games' more unique screen layouts. The 720 "ways to win" is simply the product of the number of tiles on each reel multiplied together: 3 times 4 times 5 times 4 times 3 equals 720. In other words, you only get 19 tiles to work with but every possible combination using 1 tile from each reel awards a prize for a winning combination.

Graphics & Animations

The graphics and animations are a bit underwhelming for a game that was released in 2013. It's almost as if this game was an afterthought. Moon Warriors uses the same layout and concepts and it actually has more interesting animations.


The ambient sounds are satisfactory. You get the usual "slot game soundtrack", which is mechanical and full of bells and digital chords. When four or five of these games are being played side-by-side you get quite the chorus of dungs, dongs, and rings. That is where the excitement really builds up.


The prizes are generous in some ways and stingy in others. Most of them are small but they come fairly often. But the mere randomness of a slot game assures that you don't know what to expect.

Ease of Use

The betting controls are among the simplest available in slots games, and that is a major plus. You can only adjust the multiplier. Just understand that the basic 50 credit bet is a 50-cent bet in US dollars and you'll be fine. A X1000 multiplier means the highest amount you can bet is $500. Most of us won't knowingly set the multiplier that high. And the game won't accept your wager if you don't have enough credits anyway.


The Enchantment is one of those up-and-down games. You will probably either win well or lose consistently with it. The complexity of the game's rules makes it possible for a wide disparity between maximum payoffs and minimum payoffs. Some people like that kind of big uncertainty, but it reveals the flaw in thinking about "Return to Player". High 5 Games has a reputation for trying to achieve a 94.9% RTP with its games, which is impressive compared to some other slot machine makers.

But when you stop to think about how far the mathematical distance is between a X1000 win on 720 lines and a X1 win on 1 line, you have to accept that there will be a lot of uneven payoffs. There are other games in the High 5 Games inventory that are less pendulous in their probabilities. Save this game for when you just don't care how much you win or lose.

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