Tiki Torch Slots

Tiki Torch Slots

The Tiki Torch video slot machine is one of the classic land based slot titles released by Australian casino game manufacturer Aristocrat Leisure over two decades ago.

In 2012 an online version of the game was launched, but because it's essentially a clone of the original, the game play and pay out information listed on this page is applicable to both.

Designed to emulate a Polynesian beach side resort, Tiki Torch is one of Aristocrat's more generic themed slot titles. The iconic image of a bamboo pole carrying a torch, with dozens of tiki torches lighting up a beachside party, has crept into American pop culture as well. On any visit to Hawaii tourists are likely to spot a tiki torch or two blazing on the nearest beach. The game's theme, however, appears to be directly tied to the Polynesian culture, although the exact island or tribe is left unmentioned.

When compared to other regionally themed Aristocrat games like Geisha, Queen of the Nile, or 50 Lions, Tiki Torch offers relatively little in terms of specificity. For players who enjoy spotting the subtle clues and small details that Aristocrat usually uses to power their regionally themed games, Tiki Torch may appear to be a bit bland.

Tiki Torch
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Tiki Torch Game Basics

The title screen for this machine consists of a generalized island landscape, with the thatched roofs of huts lining either side. The words TIKI TORCH are emblazoned on the top of the title screen, written in a blocky stone like font. In the background of the title screen a range of purple mountains towers over the village, while a trio of Polynesian totem statues dominates the foreground. The scene is completed with flames rising from a pair of campfires.

During the actual Tiki Torch base game the background screen is actually quite creative, featuring several lines carved into wood which resemble faces, along with other tribal patterning.

The reel symbols for Tiki Torch begin with Aristocrat's standard card rank symbols, so you'll be playing for the 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The game also includes the usual lineup of themed symbols which include the tiki torch and totem, the white pearl, the curved sword, the tribal hut, and the river canoe.

As one of Aristocrat's first major video slot machine releases, Tiki Torch is widely considered to be a classic within the industry. Land based players can still find Tiki Torch machines in casinos around the world, while online players have recently discovered the game. The years haven't been kind to Tiki Torch if you prefer animations, videos, and other modern slot features, but for players who prefer a more relaxed pace and simply gameplay, this game is always an acceptable option.

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

Tiki Torch is a standard five reel, 20 pay line video slot machine featuring three symbols on each reel.

As one of Aristocrat's most venerable titles, Tiki Torch is one of the few penny slots which actually deserve the title. Coin denominations begin at just $0.01, and players can opt to activate anywhere between one and 20 of the available pay lines. That means you can drop just one penny in the machine and let it ride, but experienced slot players know better than that.

Pay line games are made fully functional by activating as many as possible, which opens up the full complement of possible winning combinations. For penny players, this puts the minimum cost to cover per spin at $0.20, still a bargain when compared to modern 30 and 50 pay line machines.

If you prefer playing a bit higher, the following coin denominations for the land based Tiki Torch machines are also available.

  • $0.02
  • $0.03
  • $0.04
  • $0.05
  • $0.10
  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $1.00

With the highest denomination, high rollers can max out at $20.00 per spin when playing all of the pay lines.

The online version of the game offers a different coin denomination setup, with the following options available.

  • $0.01
  • $0.02
  • $0.05
  • $0.10
  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $0.75
  • $1.00
  • $1.25
  • $1.50
  • $2.00
  • $2.50

The Sun and Moon slot features the familiar Aristocrat gameplay structure, so you'll encounter wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, bonus games, and multipliers. One of the interesting twists found in Sun and Moon comes with the relationship between the wild and scatter symbols, and this will be described in detail later in the page. Unfortunately for players with their eyes on the biggest prizes in play, Sun and Moon is not connected to any larger progressive jackpots. A basic list of game specifications for the game can be found below:

  • Wilds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Bonus Game: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Return to Player: 94.85%

During the Tiki Torch base game players are competing for a fairly generous pay table, especially considering the extremely low minimum cost to cover.

Landing five of the tiki torch and totem symbols on any activated pay line will return the game's highest base game payout of 2,500 credits. The second most lucrative reel symbol is the curved sword, and landing five of these offers a payout of 1,000 credits.

Five of a kind in either the tribal hut symbol or the river canoe symbol will bring back 500 credits. Land five As or five Ks and the payout is 250 credits, while five Qs or five Js pays out 200 credits. Find five of the 10s or 9s and you'll receive 150 credits, and when you score five 8s the payout is 100 credits.

During the Tiki Torch base game the wild symbol is the tiki torch and totem, which can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol to create winning combinations.

During the Tiki Torch base game the scatter symbol is the white pearl, which can form winning combinations from anywhere on the reels. Winning combinations formed using the white pearl scatter symbol also pay multiplied by the total bet, rather than the bet per line. More importantly, the white pearl scatter symbol holds the key to entering the Tiki Torch free spins bonus round.

Triggering the Bonus Round

The white pearl scatter symbol in Tiki Torch can appear on any of the five reels, and just like most Aristocrat titles, landing three or more will trigger the free spins bonus round.

However, you'll only access the free spins bonus round when three white pearl scatter symbols appear on the first three reels. Any other combination of three white pearl scatters aside from the first three reels will not trigger the free spins. This makes Tiki Torch's free spins bonus round harder to achieve than most slot games, but when you make it there, the added benefits will be well worth the wait.

Once you've triggered the free spins bonus round in Tiki Torch, the game will grant you eight free spins. When compared to other games that regularly award 20, 30, and even 50 free spins, this may seem like a trifling amount, but Tiki Torch values quality over quantity.

Before each free spins bonus round begins, you'll receive a random multiplier between 2x and 50x

This multiplier means that subsequent payouts on your eight free spins will be higher at the least, and truly massive at best.

During each and every one of your free spins, the curved sword symbol, the tribal hut symbol, and the river canoe symbol will ALL transform into the tiki torch and totem wild symbol. This means that on every spin of the reels, multiple wild symbols are likely to land, generating winning combinations all across the screen.

Another interesting aspect of the Tiki Torch free spins bonus round comes when the white pearl scatter symbol lands. Anytime you see a white pearl scatter symbol during a free spin, you'll win an amount equal as the winning reel that triggered the feature.

Land three more white pearl scatter symbols on the first three reels, and you'll retrigger the free spins bonus round and earn eight more free spins.

When all of these additional bonus features are considered in sum, the fact that you begin with eight free spins ceases to make a difference. Score a high multiplier, land several wild symbols per spin, and possibly even retrigger the round to rack up huge scores.


Tiki Torch is a holdover from the old days of video slots, when just 20 pay lines and five reels could create an endlessly entertaining experience. Players who cut their teeth on similar machines will appreciate this machine's simplicity, but others may find the game's uninspired theme and basic features to be lacking.

This slot machine makes its bones during the free spins bonus round though, and the concept of interchangeable wilds appearing on every spin certainly gives the game a certain sense of flair.

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