Transformers Slots

Transformers Slots

The Transformers franchise debuted in 1984, telling the story of a ceaseless battle between good and evil robots who can shift into shapes such as fighter planes and sports cars. A toy line kicked off the craze, and it was soon followed by an animated series.

Over the decades, the franchise has continued to thrive. To date, there have been four animated movies, four live-action films, over 20 animated series for television, and a legion of licensed products ranging from backpacks to toothbrushes.

We can also add slot machines to the above list. IGT, the world's largest manufacturer of slots, has long been known for licensing existing properties. Thanks to the continued popularity of the Transformers franchise, the company decided to incorporate it into their gaming empire in the latter part of the 2000s.

IGT has developed a pair of Transformers slot machine for players to enjoy, and both are discussed in this section. Please note, however, that neither one is currently listed on the official IGT website, which means their availability isn't as common as it used to be. Still, anyone who frequents online casinos running WagerWorks or IGT software should come across them on occasion.

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Transformers Ultimate Payback

This slot machine was originally designed by WagerWorks in 2009, but it became part of the IGT family when the latter acquired the entire WagerWorks catalogue in a buyout. It's also notable for the fact that the game is based on the original television series instead of the film franchise and features new animation and voiceover work.

There are 25 paylines in the game, with a minimum line bet of $1. Up to five coins can be wagered per line, with a maximum wager of $100 per spin. There's no progressive jackpot available for this online game, but there is a maximum jackpot of $10,000.

Game Symbols

The following game symbols are available for Transformers Ultimate Payback:

  • Transformers Logo

    The iconic logo of the franchise pays from 2,000 to 10,000 for five matches on a single payline. In order to receive the top payout, you'll need to make the maximum wager. Other payouts include 300 for four and 75 for three.

  • Bumblebee

    This heroic robot pays 1,000 for five matches, 200 for four, and 50 for three.

  • Jazz

    This trendy Autobot pays 750 for five matches, 150 for four matches, and 50 for three matches.

  • Starscream

    This high-ranking Decepticon pays 500 for five, 100 for four, and 30 for three.

  • Soundwave

    This Decepticon pays 500 for five, 100 for four, and 30 for three.

  • Ace

    Pays 200 for five, 50 for four, and 15 for three.

  • King

    Pays 150 for five, 30 for four, and 10 for three.

  • Queen

    Pays 150 for five, 30 for four, and 10 for three.

  • Jack

    Pays 100 for five, 20 for four, and 5 for three.

  • Ten

    Pays 100 for five, 20 for four, and 5 for three.

  • Megatron & Optimus Prime Bonus Symbols

    Land these on reels one and five to trigger the Ultimate Payback Bonus.

  • Autobot Wild, Decepticon Wild, and Cybertron Wild

    Substitute for all symbols except the Megatron and Optimus Prime bonus icons.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features

The following are the special symbols and bonus feature found in Transformers Ultimate Payback:

  • Autobot and Decepticon Wilds

    When one of these symbols appears on the second or fourth reel as part of a winning combination, it expands to cover the entire reel. The Autobot wild transforms into Optimus Prime, while the Decepticon wild transforms into Megatron. These symbols do not substitute for the Cybertron wild or the bonus icons.

  • Cybertron Wild

    When this symbol is part of a winning combination, it transforms into a variable wild. The player is then called upon to choose from one of three planet icons, with the wild multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x. All winning combinations are then multiplied by the chosen amount.

  • Ultimate Payback Bonus

    When the Optimus Prime bonus appears on the first reel at the same time that the Megatron bonus appears on the fifth reel, then the Ultimate Payback feature is activated. The player is able to choose from a selection of Autobots or Decepticons to represent them in combat, and each blow landed on an opposing transformer pays double the initiating wager. The player may spin for free until the battle ends or 100 spins are reached. If your robot wins and has three power units remaining, you'll receive a 20x bonus. If one or two power units remain, the bonus is 5x your initial bet. Even if your chosen transformer loses, there's still a consolation prize to look forward to.

Transformers Battle for Cybertron

The follow-up game to Transformers Ultimate Payback, this video slot offers a more graphically sophisticated experience. Available at online casinos using IGT software, it's a 5-reel, 40-payline slot with free spins, cascading wins, a payout percentage ranging from 92.6% to 96.5%, and a top jackpot of 25,000 credits.

Game Symbols

This section lists the symbols available in the Transformers Battle for Cybertron game, as well as their paytable values.

  • Transformers Icon

    This generic icon pays 4,000 credits for five symbols, 500 credits for four symbols, and 100 credits for three symbols.

  • Optimus Prime

    The heroic leader of the Autobots pays 800 credits for five matches, 200 for four, and 60 for three.

  • Megatron

    The villainous leader of the Decepticons pays 800 credits for five matches, 200 for four, and 60 for three.

  • Bumblebee

    The heroic member of the Autobots pays 300 credits for five matches, 60 for four, and 10 for three.

  • Shockwave

    This villainous powerhouse pays 300 credits for five matches, 60 for four, and 10 for three.

  • Autobots Logo

    The symbol for the good guys of the franchise pays 100 credits for five matches, 20 for four, and 10 for three.

  • Decepticons Logo

    The logo for the bad guys pays 100 for five matches, 20 for four matches, and 10 for three matches.

  • Bonus

    Getting three of these icons activates the bonus game.

  • Cube

    This purple cube acts as the wild symbol, replacing every symbol except the bonus.

Features and Bonus Round

The following are the features and bonus round that players can expect to find in Transformers Battle for Cybertron:

  • Mystery Feature

    When activated, this feature triggers one of five options involving members of the Autobots and Decepticons. When Megatron is activated, he removes all Autobot symbols on the screen and replaces them with other icons. Optimus Prime destroys all Decepticon symbols and allows them to be replaced. Ratchet gives you an extra Bonus symbol if you already have two. Grimlock decimates a random pattern of symbols, and Shockwave acts in a similar fashion.

  • FreeFalls Feature

    If you get a winning combination, the FreeFalls symbols are automatically triggered while your payout is evaluated and added to the win meter. All symbols in the winning combination then disappear, and the empty spaces are filled as symbols cascade from the top of the screen. The reels are then re-evaluated for any other winning combinations, and new payouts are once again added to the win meter. This feature continues until no new winning combos are generated.

  • Bonus Game

    If bonus symbols appear on the first, third, and fifth reels of the game, then the player can participate in the bonus game. Prior to the start of the free spins, the player must choose from among four robots, with each having a different effect on the upcoming round. For example, Megatron offers five spins with an 8x to 10x multiplier, while Optimus Prime bestows eight spins with a 4x to 10x multiplier. Once the Autobot or Decepticon has been chosen, the free spins begin with the payout multiplier factored in.

Notable Autobots and Decepticons

A mind-numbing amount of heroes and villains have been added to the franchise over the years. If you're unfamiliar with Transformers, we suggest reading up on the following characters first.

Optimus Prime

The brave and powerful leader of the Autobots, he can transform into a 1984 Freightliner Semi.


Leader of the Decepticons. Wants to destroy all Autobots on Earth before returning home to conquer Cybertron. Turns into a Walther P38 pistol.


Power-hungry member of the Decepticons who seeks to usurp Megatron. Turns into an F-15 Eagle.


One of the smaller Autobots, he makes an excellent spy, scout, and messenger. The most trusted lieutenant of Optimus Prime, he can transform into a 1979 VW Beetle.


A huge fan of Earth culture, this Autobot is both cool and stylish. Transforms into a 1976 Porsche 935.

Final Words on Transformers Slots

The Transformers franchise has maintained a high level of popularity for over 30 years, and IGT was happy to add them to their growing list of licensed products. Two Transformers slots have been produced so far, with both being available for online play. The second appears to rely more on the feature films for inspiration, while the original is drawn straight from the animated series and even includes some of the same voice actors. In either case, these slot machines allow players to enjoy fast-paced action along with the possibility of winning some serious cash.

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