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Treasure Island Slots

Treasure hunting naturally lends itself to a good slots theme because players are hoping to win some treasure themselves. But it's also a crowded genre, and one that Amaya stepped into when they developed Treasure Island slots in 2013.

Naturally, our first question before starting this review is whether Treasure Island would be just another run of the mill pirate / treasure hunting game. We also wondered how closely it would resemble the same titled 1883 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

You can see what we learned below along with Treasure Island's details, betting options, bonus rounds, and special features below.

Treasure Island
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The Treasure Island book is a somewhat dark affair, with two groups of pirates attacking and killing each other over a buried treasure. This slot doesn't go quite so dark, instead offering a hopeful musical tune along with smiling buccaneers.

The scene is what you'd expect: a Caribbean island with sun, sand, and palm trees in the background. The graphics aren't very detailed, but the setting and music put you in the mood for a fun slots adventure.

Symbols in this 5 reel, 40 pay line game include main characters from the book like Jim Hawkins the boy, Long John Silver, Captain Flint the skeleton, female pirate, old man, and letters marked on maps. Letters are usually really generic slots symbols, so we like how Treasure Island spiced them up in the form of maps.

You also get to see a few animations for certain symbols, including Long John Silver swinging his hook, Captain Flint smoking a pipe, and TNT barrels popping out of the water.

The wild symbol is a treasure box, and this substitutes for everything except the bonus symbol. If you get five treasure boxes on a pay line, you'll earn the top payout of 500 coins.

Return to Player Percentage

At times, it seems like you don't win very often for a game where you're forced to play 40 pay lines. But on the other hand, return to player for Treasure Island is 97.1%, which is extremely high by industry standards.

Betting Options

You must play all 40 pay lines, plus an additional 10 coins; this makes the lowest possible bet worth €0.50, which is pricey for low rollers.

Unlike most slots, Treasure Island doesn't feature an option to change the coin size. Instead, you click the total bet button, which allows you to choose a bet worth up to €100.00.

This method is weird for players who're used to dealing with traditional coin sizes. But once you get used to this, it's actually easier than having to adjust coin size and pay lines separately.

You can also use the auto play option to spin the reels for anywhere from 10 to 1,000 spins. This is yet another anomaly because most auto play options only allow you to keep the reels spinning for up to 100 or 200 straight spins.

Bonus and Special Features

This game is loaded with so many different features that it actually makes looking through the pay table feel confusing. But we'll do our best to break everything down for you below.

Stacked Wild

We begin with the stacked wild treasure chests, which substitute for everything except the Bonus Scatter and Barrel Wild symbols. At one point while playing, we got four stacked wilds next to each other and won €40.00, which was about 20x our bet.

Pirate Attack

The most frequent bonus that you'll come across is the Pirate Attack, which is triggered by two or more Barrel Wild symbols. The reels disappear to reveal a pirate ship in the sea, which fires 2 to 3 cannonballs at the screen.

Each spot that a cannonball hits turns wild, and Barrel Wilds explode to turn several spaces around them into wilds. Once the ship is finished shooting, the reels return with your new wild symbols available to complete winning combinations.

In our experience, this feature usually results in some decent wins worth anywhere from 10x to 15x your bet. For instance, we bet €0.50 per spin and won €8.15, €6.39, €5.50 and €9.80 in four different tries.

Bonus Scatter

If you land 3 Bonus Scatter symbols on the reels, you choose one of them to trigger free spins, a Treasure Hunt bonus, or an instant credit win. The first time we only got €1.00, but we triggered the Treasure Hunt and free spins on our second and third tries.

Treasure Hunt

If you pick the Treasure Hunt, you're taken to a small island where you help Jim Hawkins find treasure. Various spots on the map are marked with X's, such as grass huts, a cave, stone circle, and a lake.

You select an X and John will travel to it and start digging. If you uncover the treasure, this brings up a screen where you select one of three treasures to reveal your prize.

The Treasure hunt round ends when you use both shovels. In our experience, we dug up the treasure and selected a chest worth €7.50 with the first shovel, but only dug up €0.60 with the second shovel.

Free Spins / Island Hop

Assuming you pick free spins from the Bonus scatter symbols, the number of spins is determined by the Island Hop bonus game.

The Island Hop appears before the free spins, and you click on the islands to receive rewards. Possible rewards include free spins, instant credits, and extra features. The Island Hop round ends when you unveil a Start Free Spins icon.

As for the extra features, these include Locked Barrel Wilds, Super Wilds, or Extra Wilds.

  • Locked Barrel Wilds

    These are wild symbols from the Pirate Attack explosions that remain in place during your free spins.

  • Super Wild symbols

    These are added to stacked wilds and substitute for everything except the Barrel Wild.

  • Extra Wilds

    These allow normal symbols like Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver and / or Captain Flint to become wild for all free spins. These Extra Wilds substitute for all other symbols except the Barrel Wild.

Confused yet? We certainly were after looking through the pay table for the first time.

Understanding all of the wild symbols and bonus features gets easier as you play the game. However, if there's such a thing as too many features in a slot, Treasure Island may have it.


Treasure Island slots won't blow you away with its graphics or animations. In fact, we have to say that the visuals seem pretty basic when compared to other slots released from 2013 until now.

We also think that this slot is a bit pricey at €0.50 per spin. But the aforementioned 97.1% RTP definitely helps make up for this to some degree.

Ultimately, though, whether or not you like Treasure Island will come down to how highly you value bonus features.

As mentioned before, this game is packed with different wilds and bonus rounds, which easily separates it from many treasure hunting slots. But we also think that these features could have been condensed a little, maybe cut out the extra wilds, to make things less confusing.

From an overall standpoint, Treasure Island slots is a fun game that has enough extra frills to keep you busy. However, don't play this game expecting to see Long John Silver or Jim Hawkins brought to life through stellar 3D graphics and animations.

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