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Wicked Winnings Slot Machine

Just like a good movie, Wicked Winnings slots became so
popular after its release in 2000 that developer Aristocrat made
a whole series out of the game. So there are currently four
different versions of Wicked Winnings in land based casinos.

Obviously this shows that players truly enjoy this sinful
slot, but why? Specifically, what are the characteristics that
have made Wicked Winnings such a success?

We’ll answer these questions throughout this review and
discuss all four games in detail, two main downsides of this
series, and our overall verdict on Wicked Winnings.

If you continue reading, not only will you find all this
information, but you will also find a free, playable version
of Wicked Winnings slot machine before you decide you want to
play for real money.

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Original Wicked Winnings Slots

Released at the turn of the millennium, the original game
features 5 reels and offers 243 ways to win. The 243 ways to win
is called Reel Power in this game. The minimum amount that you
must bet is $0.50 while the maximum is $200.00 per spin.

If you’re a true low roller, you may find the $0.50 amount to
be significantly higher than what you want to spend. But the
high spin cost is somewhat offset by the fact that you
essentially have 243 active pay lines.

The theme, as you might’ve guessed from the title, is demonic
in a playful way. You’ll see all of the following symbols on the

  • Flames
  • Ravens
  • Skulls
  • Gothic candles
  • A she devil

This might turn off more conservative players, but the large
following suggests that plenty of people are fine with the

As is to be expected from a year 2000 slot machine, the
graphics are pretty basic in the first Wicked Winnings. You also
won’t find many of the special features that have come to
characterize the sequels.

But players will find stacked Wicked Winnings symbols on the
third reel, which give you a good chance to hit at least one
winning payout per spin. And this is a driving force behind the
original game’s popularity because, even if players lose money
overall on a spin, they feel like a winner with frequent, small

Stacked Wicked Winnings symbols are also present in free
spins, which is another aspect to appreciate about the original
version. On the downside, this game doesn’t have a re-spin
feature, which is a big reason to like Wicked Winnings II and

To sum up the first game, it delivers a nice mixture of
small, frequent payouts worth 5 to 10 coins combined with huge
prizes that’ll really excite you. The theme is also fun, and the
graphics aren’t bad for the release date, although they don’t
compare to modern slots.

Negatives include a lack of special features, and the simple
fact that you won’t find the original Wicked Winnings much
anymore because the sequels are far more popular.

Wicked Winnings II Slots

Although the first game in this franchise laid the
foundation, the Wicked Winnings II slot machine is really where
this series began taking shape. Going further, the she devil
morphs into a seductive character that’s more central to the

The title screen says it all as she’s seen laying across a
purple couch in a provocative, red evening gown. Basically,
she’s part demon, part Jessica Rabbit, as you can see from the
following screenshot.

Another noticeable difference between the first and second
game is that the graphics, features and animations all improve
greatly in Wicked Winnings II.

Beginning with the graphics, symbols like the goblet, money
bag, she devil, and skull candle all have a sleeker, more modern
look. As for animations, you can expect the she devil to create
flames around her, while the raven symbol causes lightening in
the background.

Top Tip

You’ll want to strongly consider using the Power
Play feature in this slot because it activates both bonus
features. The downside to Power Play for some players, though,
is that you have to double your wager.

The first bonus involves the she devil, who also happens to
be wild and only shows up on reels 2, 3, and 4. If you land
three of these ladies in an entire reel, you’ll trigger a re
spin with these sticky wilds still in place.

It’s possible to get another reel of stacked sticky wilds,
which will trigger another re spin again and give you a chance
at filling reels 2, 3, and 4 with wilds. If this happens, you
can pick up some extremely large payouts.

The other bonus feature is triggered when you land flame
symbols on reels 1 and 5. Your reward is 15 free spins, and
these are just basic free rounds with no extra frills.

Keep in mind that it’s your choice whether or not you use the
Power Play option. But if you’re not going to do it, then you
might as well play a cheaper slot that still allows you to
unlock special features.

Just like the original game, Wicked Winnings II has a 243
ways to win setup that requires a minimum $0.50 bet. With Power
Play enabled, this means that you’re risking $1 per spin.

Wicked Winnings III

The third game in the series marks yet more milestone
changes. First off, this is a rare 6 reel slot, rather than its
5 reel predecessors.

The move to 6 reels means that you have 1,024 ways to win,
but you also need to risk a minimum of 200 coins per spin to
activate the sixth reel.

This makes the minimum bet worth $2.00 and the maximum wager
worth $800.00.

Again, some players will feel uncomfortable risking so much
on a single spin. However, you can expect frequent payouts to
help sustain your bankroll.

Perhaps what makes Wicked Winnings III stand out more than
even the 6 reels is its graphics. With far more enhanced
graphical quality than the first two slots, this one brings an
element of realism to the goblet, money bag, skull, she devil,
and raven.

The animations are also a step up from Wicked Winnings. For
example, the money bags burst into very real looking flames and
the she devil snaps her fingers and causes an explosion in the

Once again, you can expect stacked she devil wild symbols to
trigger re spins. And with 1,024 ways to win, you can look
forward to giant payouts when two or more stacked wilds appear.

Wicked Winnings IV – Wicked Winnings Legends

As has been the theme so far, things only get better as we
move towards Wicked Winnings IV.

The first major factor that separates this game from the rest
is how it allows you to pick between two different games: Wicked
Winnings II or IV. You’re shown both games side by side, and you
merely use the cursor to make your decision.

Chances are that you’ll pick the fourth game because its
graphics and animations are far better than even Wicked Winnings

One example of the cool animations is when the she devil
leans over the reels and shoots fire into reel 3, making it a
stacked wild. Obviously the feature isn’t new from the previous
three games, but the way it’s delivered certainly is.

The re spin feature is again available, and it’s triggered
whenever three she devils appear on one reel. Another familiar
feature is that flame symbols in reels 1 and 5 will give you 10
free spins.

This brings up four sets of reels, one in each corner, and
they all spin at once. If you get a sticky stack wild in the
main set of reels, top left-hand corner, another sticky stack
will appear in the middle of the next available set of reels,
beginning with the top right-hand corner.

Again, you can also choose to play Wicked Winnings II as
well. We can’t imagine many players who are new to the series
spending much time on the second game, just because the fourth
one features such good graphics and animations. But those who
have nostalgia from previous Wicked Winnings II sessions will
enjoy having this option.

Wicked Winnings Online and Mobile

As disappointing as it is to say, you won’t find any of the
Wicked Winnings games at online casinos.

However, you can find Wicked Winnings II available as an app
at both the Google Play and iTunes stores. The one that we found
at the Google Play Store costs $1.99 to purchase.

At a time when you can literally find thousands of free
online slots, the idea of purchasing an app doesn’t sound so
great. But if you’re already a huge fan of the land based
machines, then you might be more motivated to pay this small


What began back in 2000 has created a slots series that’s
entertained players for over a decade and a half. Given how
successful the Wicked Winnings series has been, we wouldn’t be
surprised to see another sequel added in the future.

Aside from the fact that you must purchase an app to play
through your mobile device, about the only complaint we have is
that the bonus round could be a little more in depth.

The latest four panel bonus with different sets of spinning
reels is interesting, but perhaps a non slots mini game would be
nice too. Of course, this might mean altering the sticky stack
wild, which has been a hallmark of the series.

In any case, you should be able to at least find Wicked
Winnings II, III, or IV in many land based casinos that you
visit. And you’ll see that their animations and graphics are
competitive with most other slots games.