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X Men Slots

The X-Men first appeared in Marvel Comic in the 1960s and despite a slow start over the years they became one of the most popular superhero franchises in print comics. When Twentieth Century Fox brought the franchise to cinema in 2000 no one knew then that it would become the longest-running superhero franchise to date. It has its critics but it keeps going strong.

Playtech drew inspiration from several of the movies, including one of the Wolverine films, to put this game together. Fans should recognize all of the characters, although two of them are relatively minor players.

This is a high value game that allows players to wager up to $2500 per spin. That's a large sum of money for most slots players so special attention needs to be paid to where the betting controls are set.

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The X-Men slot game is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game with 25 selectable pay lines. All winning combinations pay from left to right on active pay lines. There is one special feature that appears in the main game, one bonus game, and a Marvel Multi-Level Mystery progressive jackpot bonus (available only to people playing for real money).

There is a Playtech control ribbon at the very top of the screen which allows the player to navigate through the casino or to bring up menus for game options that control sound and video behavior. Click on the Wrench icon to view History (real money players only), Options, and Help (this brings up a chat window).

Screenshot from the Online X Men Slot Game

The progressive jackpot totals are displayed in four windows above the playing area, but they are only active during the jackpot bonus game. During normal play they all say "Not Active".

There are thirteen numbered buttons on the left side of the playing area and twelve numbered buttons on the right side of the screen. Clicking on any of these buttons activates all the pay lines up to and including the number on the button. All higher-numbered pay lines are deactivated.

Game Controls

The game's main controls are set up in two rows below the playing area. The top row contains a coin value widget, a spins widget for Auto play, a display for the number of active pay lines, a display for the total Line Bet, a display for the Total Bet, and a win display that shows how much you were paid on the last spin.

  • The bottom row of controls consist of an Info button that brings up the 6-screen pay table, the Auto Start button to initiate the Auto play games, a Lines button that allows you to cycle through the active pay lines, a Bet Per Line button that changes the value of Line Bet and Total Bet, a Max Bet button, and the big red Spin button.
  • The Spin button doubles as a Stop button when the reels are spinning. It is possible to stop the reels and catch symbols as they scroll down.
  • The coin value widget sets the value of a credit. Click on this button to bring up a menu of 25 values but be very careful what you select. Choosing the maximum of $100 per credit when you are betting on 25 pay lines means your Total Bet will be set to $2500.
  • The value of the Total Bet is [credit value] times [active pay lines] times Bet Per Line.

X Men Slots Pay Table

There are twelve symbols in this game, of which two of take on special properties in the Free Games bonus described below. The normal symbols are divided into two groups: Heroes and Villains. The Hero symbols have blue backgrounds and the Villain symbols have red backgrounds.

  • Wild symbol

    The symbol is just the word "Wild". It substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. By itself the Wild pays prizes for winning combinations of 2, 3, 4, or 5 of a kind. The prizes are 50 times Bet Per Line, 500 times Bet Per Line, 3,000 times Bet Per Line, and 10,000 times Bet Per Line respectively.

  • The Scatter symbol

    The giant "X" door leading to Cerebro's chamber in the X-Men's headquarters underneath the Xavier School for Gifted Students. When three or more of the Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen they trigger the Heroes Unlimited Free Games bonus round described below. The Scatters pay 1 times Total Bet when 2 of them appear, 5 times Total Bet for 3, 25 times Total Bet for 4, and 200 times Total Bet for 5 of a kind.

  • Professor Xavier and Magneto

    These are the game's highest value symbols. They both pay 4 times Bet Per Line for 2 of a kind, 30 times Bet Per Line for 3 of a kind, 300 times Bet Per Line for 4 of a kind, and 1500 times Bet Per Line for 5 of a kind. They both serve as special Wild symbols in the Heroes Unlimited Free Games bonus described below.

  • Wolverine and Deathstrike

    These are the next two high value symbols in the game. They both pay 15 times Bet Per Line for 3 of a kind, 100 times Bet Per Line for 4 of a kind, and 400 times Bet Per Line for 5 of a kind.

  • Nightcrawler and Mystique

    These are the next highest value characters. They pay 10 times Bet Per Line for 3 of a kind, 70 times Bet Per Line for 4 of a kind, and 250 times Bet Per Line for 5 of a kind.

  • Storm and Sabertooth (he appears as Victor Creed, Logan's half-brother)

    Pays 8 times Bet Per Line for 3 of a kind, 50 times Bet Per Line for 4 of a kind, and 150 times Bet Per line for 5 of a kind.

  • Cyclops and Juggernaut

    These are the low value symbols. They both pay 5 times Bet Per Line for 3 of a kind, 30 times Bet Per Line for 4 of a kind, and 100 times Bet Per Line for 5 of a kind.

X Feature 5 Times Total Bet Prize

There is a special prize that is awarded during the main game's normal spins. Whenever any 5 hero symbols appear in a "X" pattern on reels 2, 3, and 4 you are awarded 5 times your Total Bet in addition to any other prizes you may have won on that spin.

The hero symbols are Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Cyclops.

X Men Slots Free Spins Bonus Game

When three or more Scatter symbols appear during the regular game the Heroes Unlimited Free Spins bonus game is triggered. This is a very unusual type of free spins bonus in that it can alternate between two modes, and there is no limit to the number of free spins you win in the default mode.

Heroes Unlimted

Heroes mode awards you unlimited spins. Professor Xavier serves as a second Wild symbol during this bonus round.

Magneto is also a Wild symbol but when he appears on reel 3 the game switches over to Villains Mode. You are awarded 8 spins when this happens.

If Professor Xavier appears on reel 3 during the Villains Mode the game switches back over to Heroes Mode.

The modes can change several times. The game will eventually force itself into Villains Mode and spin down to finish the bonus round but the potential for winning many prizes is great.

Except for Magneto and the Wild symbol only the hero symbols appear on the reels in the Heroes Mode free spins.

Except for Professor Xavier and the Wild symbol only the villain symbols appear on the reels during the Villains Mode.

Because of the exclusivity of the symbols in both modes your chances of winning prizes are increased.

Marvel Mystery Multi-level Progressive Jackpot

When you play for real money the game randomly triggers a special jackpot bonus game. The Marvel Mystery jackpots are are shared between all Marvel slot games. It does not matter if you win a prize on any spin while playing the X Men slots game; you could be given a chance to play the progressive jackpot bonus game at any time regardless of how much you bet.

However, the game rules say that your chances of triggering the progressive bonus game improve as you increase your bets. However, you should be careful about raising your bets just to get into the progressive jackpot bonus.

You are guaranteed to win one of the jackpots when the round is triggered.

When the progressive jackpot bonus game begins you are presented with a screen of 4 by 5 squares. The squares have hidden jackpot symbols.

All you have to do is click on squares to reveal jackpot symbols. As soon as you uncover 3 of a kind you win whichever jackpot they match.

You do not even have to click on the squares. You can just let the bonus round time out and the jackpot will be automated paid to you.

The four jackpots are titled Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.


This is a surprising game. It is surprising for several reasons.

There are not that many high value prizes. Normally when a slot game assigns low prizes to most of the winning combinations you can expect to win more prizes. It would be a mistake to use our experience playing the game as a basis for comparison because your results may differ from ours. But this game appears to match the expectation of awarding prizes slightly more frequently.
The "X Feature" acts like a second Scatter bonus. It doesn't trigger any other games but the 5 times Total Bet prize is nice. Don't expect to see this combination appear often but if you play the game for an hour or two you should have a good chance to see it. Of course, this feature only happens in the main game when you have both Hero and Villain symbols in play.
The free spins bonus game is just highly unusual and in our estimation rather generous. The unlimited spins mode really is that. We were able to watch the game switch back and forth between both modes twice before the game wound down. Your experience may be very different. After all, the spin results are randomly determined and even though the bonus begins in Heroes Mode you could get Magneto on reel 3 on the very first spin and never see Professor Xavier.

But that means you are guaranteed at least 9 free spins if you win this bonus game, which is a lot better than many other slot games that only guarantee you 5 free spins.

The game's theoretical return to player is 96.02%, which is pretty good for an online slot game even in the most competitive of markets.

Don't expect to get rich off this game. It's a slot game, after all, and if you allow greed to get the better of your judgment you just might gamble away all your money before you see a big payoff.

However, as slot games go, this one has very good potential for conservative low stakes players and it could well become your favorite if you get lucky.

Just remind yourself every now and then you are gambling and if you are not careful you could lose everything on one spin. It's hard to imagine betting $2500 on a single spin but this game will let you do that if you are feeling really crazy. Make sure you pay all your bills for the month before you start playing this game.

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