Asian Sports Betting Sites

Residents of Asia have a pretty mixed bag when it comes to legalities
concerning if they can gamble on sports betting sites or not. Regulations and
laws vary greatly from country to country. It is easy to understand how it could
quickly become confusing for someone living in Asia. While some Asian countries
have clearly defined laws relating to gambling online, others still are lacking

Have no fear, however! We’re here to help get you up to speed with everything
that you need to know about Asian sports betting sites. On this page, we’ve
packed in tons of information about Asian bookies. You’ll find
information below ranging from tips, site recommendations, and frequently asked
questions. By the time that you check out all of the information below, you’ll
be much more informed about Asian sports betting sites.

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With so many Asian sports betting sites available to you, it is tough how to
separate the good ones from the bad ones. While the vast majority of sites out
there are good, there are some unfortunate ones that cannot be trusted. To help
you sift through the options out there, we’ve done a ton of research on many of
the key players out there. Below, you’ll find our list of most trusted Asian
sports betting sites. The sites on this list are the cream of the crop when it
comes to security, trustworthiness, and customer service. For those of you ready
to start wagering on Asian sports betting sites now, you can start on any one of
the most trusted sites below, and you’ll be in good hands.

If you’re not quite ready to hop into wagering yet, keep on reading. No
matter if you’re new or just looking to learn more, you’ll find a large amount
of helpful information as well and tips on this page.

Why Bet Online?

If you’re new to betting online, you’re probably asking yourself why to
consider betting online versus betting in a traditional sportsbook or casino. We
had the same questions when we first got started with online betting many years
ago. Long short of it, we’re big fans of online betting mainly due to three main
factors. Those factors are the variety of choices, the convenience, and bonuses
and promotions. We’ll break down each one a bit more below so that you can see
why we like to bet online.


You’ll find no shortage of Asian sports betting sites available to you.
Unlike traditional brick and mortar casinos where you might just have one within
driving distance, you have access to a high list of quality Asian sports betting
sites that are online right now. All of these options create value in that you
can hand pick to find your perfect fit.

Since you have so many options, you’re less likely to have to make
concessions. When you only have one or two choices, you might just have to “deal
with it” regarding some things that you’re not a big fan of. However, with the
large selection of Asian sports betting sites out there, you should be able to
find a site that offers you everything you’re looking for so that you don’t have
to settle for just good enough.


What if I told you that betting on sports could be just as easy as checking
Facebook from your phone? I’ve got news for you that it already is that easy.
Why waste your gas money and time traveling to a physical sportsbook when you
can do it all from your home or office using your phone or laptop?

It doesn’t get much easier than using your mobile phone or laptop to place
your wagers on Asian sports betting sites. The sheer convenience of a
whenever/wherever set up is tough to top. Because of the ease of use and
flexibility, we’re big fans on betting online as opposed to in person.

Bonuses and Promotions

Betting online has several key things that we like, but the bonuses and
promotions are perhaps our favorite of the bunch. Asian sports betting sites
often offer up bonuses and promotions regularly. Unlike traditional brick and
mortar sportsbooks and casinos, online sports betting sites tend to entice
clients with these promotions very often.

What’s great about these bonuses and promotions is that it gives you the
chance to earn some free money for doing what you were already going to do in
the first place. If you’re going to wager on sports, you might as well do it
somewhere that will allow you the ability to put some extra cash at the same

Is It Legal?

Asia is an extremely vast area filled with an abundant mix of people and
cultures. Unfortunately, there is no single to answer regarding if online
betting is legal for the entirety of Asia. Laws and regulations relating to
online betting vary from country to country. For those countries operating under Sharia law, all
forms of gambling (online and in person) are completely banned. In some Asian
countries, individuals found to be gambling may actively be pursued by the law.If you’re a resident in Asia, we’d suggest that you have a full understanding
relating to online betting regulations for your country. While many countries
have laws against online betting, most countries out there are NOT pursuing
individuals that are partaking. Google is a great tool for you to begin your
deeper research into the laws and regulations relating to online betting in your

Important Asian Sports Betting Sites Criteria

Using our extensive combined team experience of online betting sites, we’ve
compiled a list of six key criteria that you should look into for any Asian
sports betting site that you are considering. The criteria listed below are the
same criteria that we utilize when we’re doing a review on a new sports betting
site. If you decide to look for an Asian sports betting site on your own, be
sure to pay special attention to these six key criteria.

Banking Options

One big thing that you’ll want to investigate as you hunt for your Asian
sports betting site home is what type of banking options are available to you.
You’ll need to find a site that offers you banking options that you can work
with or else you won’t be able to move your money on and off the sports betting
site. Banking options vary between Asian sports betting sites, so it is
important that you find one that offers what you need relating to banking

The majority of Asian sports betting sites offer standard options such as
bank wires and credit or debit card transactions. We also tend to see other
options such as Skrill and Bitcoin offered by some of the Asian sports betting
sites. One thing is for sure; every Asian sports betting site is unique in what
banking options they offer.

User Interface

Another important criterion to look for as you search for an Asian sports
betting site home is the site’s user interface. A site’s user interface will
control how the site looks and feels. We see a large variety of user interfaces
across different Asian sports betting sites.

Your goal should be to find a site that you feel most comfortable on. If
you’re having a hard time getting around on the site or finding things that you
are seeking, that site may not be the one for you. Luckily, there are plenty of
options out there for you to investigate. We promise that you’ll be able to find
one that will feel right to you.

The reason that you’ll want to find a site that feels right to you is so that
you’re able to get business done quickly and efficiently when it comes time to
wager. If you’re getting lost or hung up due to the user interface, you’ll
struggle to place wagers in a timely fashion. Always seek to find a site that
has a user interface that jives well with you.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the great things about Asian sports betting sites is that nearly all
of them offer up some great bonuses and promotions. The awesome thing with
bonuses and promotions is that they offer you the ability to earn some free
cash! And if you’re anything like us, you too love free money!

Asian sports betting sites will use bonuses and promotions for two different
buckets of clients. One bucket is new potential clients while the other bucket
is current clients that they would like to retain. Usually, most Asian sports
betting sites will have promotions for both buckets of clientele.

When it comes to new potential clients, Asian sports betting sites tend to
offer the biggest bonuses and promotions. Since they see the value in your
lifetime betting, they want to try to get you on their site before you end up
somewhere else. Often, you’ll find free money in the form of sign up bonuses
just for joining the site. Also, pay close attention to initial deposit bonuses
as these are a great way to score some more free money!

Competitive Lines

Be sure that you look for an Asian sports betting site that offers you
competitive lines. By finding a site with competitive lines, you’ll know that
you’re getting a good value on your wager. Without it, you might be leaving
money on the table.

You can check for line competitiveness by shopping around other Asian sports
betting sites while you’re doing your homework. If you find that one site always
tends to offer higher lines than other sites, that one might be a great fit for
you. Conversely, if you come across a site that always tends to have lower
lines, we’d suggest that you keep looking for another Asian sports betting site

Variety of Sports and Bets

Last, but not least, be sure to find an Asian sports betting site that offers
you a wide variety of both sports and types of bets. First, you’ll want to find
a site that offers you a large selection of different sports that you can wager
on. Then, be sure also to make sure that they offer a lot of types of bets on
those sports.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is another one of those key criteria that you should be
looking for when it comes to Asian sports betting sites. And know that we’re not
just talking any old customer service; you should be hunting for quality
customer service. Your goal should be to locate a site that takes great care of
their customers.

To get a feel for customer service, try giving them a call or utilizing their
live chat functionality if available. Check to see how quickly they respond and
how helpful the customer service agents are with your issues. If you feel like
they are being extremely helpful, you’ve probably found a good one!

Another way to get feedback regarding a site’s customer service is to check
out reviews that have been done by other people. Lucky for you, we’ve done a
boatload of reviews on many different Asian sports betting sites. In each one,
you’ll find a section dedicated to their customer service and how we ranked it.
Be sure to check out our site reviews to see what all we have to offer!

Staying Safe

We’ve compiled a short list of our top tips to help keep you safe while
betting online. These tips should always be in the front of your mind no matter
where you decide to wager. Consider writing these down or bookmarking this page
so that you can come back to these tips often to keep them fresh in your mind.

Top Tips to Stay Safe Betting Sports Online:

  • Keep up to speed with
    industry news and trends. By doing so, you can stay ahead of the curve of any
    massive changes in legality and other important matters.
  • Don’t keep excess money in
    your betting account. Only keep as much as you need for your typical wagers.
  • If you don’t feel
    comfortable with a site any longer for ANY reason, move on to another one.
  • Research, research,
    research! The more you know before wagering online, the safer you should be.

Sports Betting Site Tip

We didn’t want to let you go without giving you one of our favorite tips
relating to Asian sports betting sites! We ALWAYS suggest that you join more
than one Asian sports betting site. We know that it takes a little bit more
upfront work, but we promise you it will be worth your time.

By joining more than one Asian sports betting site, you’ll be able to shop
the line competitiveness between multiple shops. When you’re a member at just
one Asian sports betting site, you have no easy way to tell if the lines being
offered to you are competitive or not. However, by joining more than one Asian
sports betting site, you can quickly shop between the sites to find the one
offering you the best lines.

By shopping line competitiveness, it allows you to know that you’re getting
the best bang for your buck. If your wager wins, you’ll end up walking away with
more cash than you would have if you had accepted a lower line without knowing
you could have done better. Because of this, ALWAYS join more than one Asian
sports betting site and ALWAYS shop line competitiveness between them!


Check out our list of frequently asked questions about Asian sports betting
sites below:

I’m new to betting on sports online. Where do you suggest I start?

You’ve found a great place to start here on this page and on our website.
Here, we’ll provide you with an honest source of independent information about
Asian sports betting sites. Our goal here is to help you end up on a trusted
site where you can place your sports wagers.

To help you learn more about Asian sports betting sites, be sure to check our
site reviews. We’ve provided the link below for you so that you can check them
out. In each review, we take a deep dive into critical areas that determine how
trusted a site is. Using reviews like this from an honest and trusted source
will help guide you in the right direction on your search for you Asian sports
betting site home.

How can I move money onto and off of these online sportsbooks?

You’ll find that the vast majority of Asian sports betting sites offer many
different banking options to get your money onto and off of the website. Banking
options can and do vary from site to site, so you’ll want to make sure that you
find a site that offers you banking options that you need. For example, if you
prefer to use Skrill, make sure that you find an Asian sports betting site that
allows you to use that method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Is betting on sports online safe?

It definitely can be. However, there are many potential pitfalls out there in
the form of shady Asian sports betting sites. You’ll want to do your homework to
make sure that you end up on a site that can be trusted. In order to find a site
that you can trust, turn to sites like this one to give you quality reviews and
honest opinions.