Sports Betting Sites for Canadians

Despite some cloudy laws and regulations related to gambling online, we’re
happy to report that Canadian residents can gamble online. Much like The United
States, Canada has not clearly defined the do’s and don’ts relating to online
gambling. Because of the lack of clarity, many Canadians find themselves lost
when it comes to what is actually allowed.

If you’re a Canadian resident and you’re looking to bet on online, you’ve
come to the right place. Here, we’ll provide you with a complete set of
information that you’ll need to know about Canadian sports betting sites. We’ll
cover our top recommendations, tips, and the legality aspect of it all. Keep reading
to learn about Canadian sports betting sites.

Our Top Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites

If you’re ready to dive right in and get right to betting sports online,
we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a list of our most trusted Canadian
sports betting sites. Based on our in-depth research and industry experience,
we’ve gathered this list of our most trusted Canadian betting sites below. We’ve
combed through all of the competition and analyzed each of these in an effort to
make sure that these are the cream of the crop. Each of these Canadian sports
betting sites provides top notch customer service, fast payouts, a wide variety
of options, and are trustworthy.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into betting sports online yet, no worries!
No matter if you’re new or just looking to learn more, keep reading below to see
all that we have to offer. This site is jam packed with tips and information
relating to Canadian sports betting sites.

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Why Bet Online?

If you’re unsure about betting online, we’d like to give you a few reasons
why we like to bet online. While betting in a physical sportsbook or casino is a
great option, we’ve become bigger fans of betting online. In particular, there
are three key drivers for why we now prefer to bet online as opposed to
in-person at brick and mortar casinos and sportsbooks. We’ll break down each one
of these reasons that we like to bet online below.

Bonuses and Promotions

Up first due to the fact that it is our favorite thing about betting online
are the bonuses and promotions that you can find on betting
sites. Unlike brick and mortar sportsbooks and casinos, these
sites often offer up bonuses and promotions that give you a short at putting
some extra money in your pocket. Assuming you’re not some freak that doesn’t
like free money, keep on reading to learn more!

You see, Canadian sports betting sites use bonuses and promotions as a way to
earn new clients and also help retain current ones. For new clients, you’ll
often find initial deposit bonuses or sign up bonuses. Once you become an
existing client of a betting site, pay close attention to any
available promotions such as reload bonuses. We’re huge fans of these bonuses
due to the fact that we can get paid for doing what we were already going to do.


Many Canadians are not lucky enough to have a massive selection of
sportsbooks and casinos within a decent drive of their home. Even if they do,
they might just have one or two options to choose from. Under that scenario,
many Canadians are settling just due to the fact that is all that they have
readily available.

The beauty of Canadian sports betting sites is that there is a large number
to choose from. If you don’t like something about one site, you can simply move
along to the next. More options allow you, the client, to be pickier with your
choices relating to online betting. We’re big fans of options,
and we’re assuming that you are too. Be sure to check out all of the available
sites out there to find the one that is best for you!


Last, but definitely not least, is convenience. As you begin your journey
into exploring Canadian sports betting sites, you’ll quickly see just how easy
they make life. Instead of having to fly or drive to your nearest physical
sportsbook or casino, you can simply log in and place bets from the comfort of
your own home.

Most Canadian betting sites even offer a mobile phone option. If
you’ve got your phone and access to the internet, you can bet almost immediately
on these betting sites. Save your gas money and precious
time and start betting online today. You’ll be glad that you did!

Is It Legal?

When talking about the legality of betting online in Canada, there is no easy
answer. Similar to The United States, laws and regulations relating to betting
online within Canada are not very clear cut. The overall landscape is very

From what we can tell, the laws that are on the books in Canada relating to
betting online are there more for the companies offering the gambling, not for
the bettors themselves. This again is very similar to what folks in The United
States deal with. At the end of the day, our opinion is that you should be fine
when it comes to betting online. We know of no cases where the Canadian
government has come after any individual for betting online.

Important Canadian Betting Sites Criteria

Over the years, we’ve identified six key criterion that helps us pinpoint if
a sports betting site should be a good one or not. These six criterions
are the same ones that we utilize ourselves when we’re researching and reviewing
a new site ourselves. Keep reading below for an explanation of each key
criterion and what you should be looking for.

Quality Customer Service

One way that a Canadian sports betting site can quickly differentiate itself
is by offering quality customer service. In your search for your sports
betting home, be sure to locate a site that is going to offer you top notch
customer service. While you might not think this is overly important now, we
promise you that it is very important.

Quality customer service comes into play when you have an issue or a
question. On sites that don’t have quality customer service, you might find
yourself waiting days to get a reply to your inquiry. We don’t know about you,
but we want answers as soon as possible. Your goal is to find a site that will
assist you quickly and provide you with the help and answers that you need.

Seek a site that has great reviews relating to their customer service. We’ve
got a great lineup of unbiased reviews on this site that can help get you
quickly up to speed. Always check out how many different types of contact
methods that they offer you to get ahold of them. Be cautious about sites with
only one method and be much more open to sites offering three or more methods to
reach out to them.

Bonuses and Promotions

As we discussed above, bonuses and promotions available on Canadian sports
betting sites are one of our favorite reasons to bet online. That being said,
not all bonuses are created equal across Canadian sports betting sites. You’ll
want to shop around sites a bit to locate one that is going to help you maximize
your bonus cash!

While digging into available bonuses, look to see where you can extrapolate
the most value. We’ve come across some pretty major differences in initial
deposit matches across sites. One site might offer a 100% match up to $500 while
another site may cap it at just $100. Under this example, if you were planning
to deposit at least $500 or more, you would definitely want to consider the site
with the higher initial deposit match.

Competitive Lines

Competitive lines are another one of the most important criteria that you
should be reviewing when you’re searching for a Canadian sports betting site
home. While every one of the betting sites puts out lines, not
all of them a competitive. Your goal is to shop around a bit and locate a site
that tends to offer competitive lines more often than not.

To get an idea of line competitiveness, check the lines against other
Canadian sports betting sites. You can also stack them up against your local
sportsbook or casino if you have one nearby. Ultimately, by finding a Canadian
sports betting site with competitive lines, you should come out ahead in the
long run.

User Interface

Canadian sports betting sites all have a unique look and feel to them. As
well, many of them have a slightly different user interface. A site’s user
interface is what will determine how you can move about and search for things on
a website.

Your goal in your quest to find a Canadian sports betting home is to find a
site that you like the look and feel of. Not only do you want to make sure that
you can get around the site easily, but you’ll also want to make sure that you
can find what it is you’re looking for quickly. To test drive this, act like you
want to place a certain bet and see how fast you can get to the screen to enter
your wager. If you find it quickly, you’re got a good user interface fit. If you
find yourself struggling, try out another site until you find that perfect user
interface fit.

Variety of Sports and Bets

One big bonus to betting online is that many of the Canadian sports betting
sites offer an absolutely MASSIVE lineup of sports that you can bet on. As well,
many of them also offer a staggering set of available bet types on all of those
sports. Your goal is to find a trusted site that offers you the biggest
selection of bets and sports types available.

Why does this matter? Even if you’re not the most sophisticated bettor at
this time, having more options will allow you runway to grow in the future. If
you limit yourself to a more basic site with limited sports and betting options,
you might find yourself outgrowing it down the road. We always suggest that you
locate a Canadian sports betting site with as wide of a variety as possible.

Banking Options

While shopping Canadian betting sites, make sure that you look into
the types of banking options that they offer for deposits and withdrawals. No
matter how great a site might be, it’s pretty worthless to you if you’re not
able to move your money onto of off of it. Because of this, banking options is a
critical criterion for your search.

You’ll find that most sites offer you basic banking
options such as bank wires and credit and debit cards. Many other sites offer a
wide mix of other deposit options that could include ones such as PayPal,
Neteller, or Bitcoin. Your goal is to sort out what your preferred banking
method is and then find a site that gives you that option.

To help guide you relating to banking options, check out our reviews page. In
our in-depth reviews, one of the areas that we dive into is the banking options
found on each site. Take a look for yourself to see all of the other great
information packed into these honest and unbiased reviews.

Staying Safe

We’ve compiled a short list below of our top tips relating how to stay safe
when you are betting on sports online. Based on our years of experience, these
are the most important things that you can do to help keep yourself in a good
spot. Be sure to read over these and keep them in mind while you wager on
Canadian sports betting sites.

Top Tips to Stay Safe Betting Sports Online:

  • When in doubt, trust your gut. If something does not feel right, move
    along to another site.
  • Only keep as much money in your account as you need to wager. Don’t store
    excess cash in the account.
  • Remember you are the boss. It is your money, and ultimately you are in
    charge of protecting it.
  • Do your research. A little bit of research will go a long way in helping
    you have a solid experience betting online.
  • Stay in the loop. Keep up with industry trends and new so that you always
    have a pulse on what is going on.

Sports Betting Site Tip

One of our biggest tips to you if you plan to wager on a sports
betting site is that you should join more than one of them. The reason for this
is that you’ll be able to shop line competitiveness between the sites when
you’re a member at more than one. By shopping line competitiveness, you should
be able to come out ahead with more cash in your pocket when your wagers win!

From our experience, not all Canadian sports betting sites are equal when it
comes to lines. We’ve found that the vast majority of sites are in line with one
another. However, some tend to have high lines while other tend to have low
lines. Your goal is to shop lines between at least two different sites before
placing your wager so that you can make sure that you’re getting the best bang
for your buck!


As an added resource, we’ve added some frequently asked questions relating to
Canadian sports betting sites below:

I’m new to betting on sports online. Where do you suggest I start?

You’ve found a great starting point on this site. Here, we will help guide
you through the basics of betting sports online as well as giving you a list of
trusted Canadian online sports sites. We also provide you with detailed and
in-depth online sportsbook and casino reviews where you can learn more about
these establishments.

Our main suggestion for you is to do your homework. It’s easy to get excited
and want to get started immediately. However, without some homework, you’re
likely to run into issues. Check around our site and take advantage of all of
the resources that we have to offer you.

Is betting on sports online safe?

Betting online can be safe. That being said, you must do your homework to
help significantly increase your odds of staying safe. Our site provides you
with tons of free resources from an honest and independent source. By using all
of the tools and tips that our site has to offer, you can go in knowing much
more information to keep yourself safe!

How can I move money onto and off of these online sportsbooks?

We get this question often. Canadian sports betting sites have a wide variety
of banking options, and the options vary between sites. Typically, you’ll find
at least a few options on each site while some of them may offer over a dozen
different type of banking options. You’ll want to find a site that offers you
banking options that you prefer to work with. If you want to use PayPal, be sure
to locate a betting site that offers you PayPal for your
deposits and withdrawals.