Advantages of Betting Online

Welcome to our page that’s all about the advantages of betting online. On
this page, we’ll help you understand all of the significant benefits of betting
online. If you’re considering betting online for the first time, this guide will
help you decide if it’s right for you.

We’ve created an infographic below to help you visualize the six main
advantages of betting online. These six advantages are why we love to gamble
online as opposed to in a traditional brick and mortar sportsbook. To learn more
about one of the benefits listed below, click on the associated box in the
infographic or keep reading below. We’ve provided much more detail in the
following sections about why these are our top six advantages for betting

Online betting can be done from anywhere.
Betting online is much faster and easier than traditional sports betting.

Bonuses and Promotions
We all appreciate getting some extra value, so these are a must.
Online betting sites offer you the chance to earn significant amounts of bonus cash.

Everyone likes lots of options.
Find more sports and more
betting options when betting online.

Improved Odds
Get the best odds by line shopping.
By betting online, you’ll
be able to easily shop your lines to make sure you’re always getting the best
odds on your wagers.

Free Streaming
It’s 2021. Watch sporting events from anywhere!
Take advantage of free
streaming of sporting events at many online sportsbooks.

Payment Options
There should be a number of methods for funding your online account.
Find more ways to
fund your betting account online than you will at your local sportsbook.


First and foremost, our primary reason that we like to bet online is the
sheer convenience of it. Gambling online is convenient in many different ways.
We’ll walk you through some of them below so that you can get an idea of why
betting online creates a significant advantage over doing it at your local

Perhaps the most significant aspect of convenience is the time savings of it.
With online betting, you can place a number of sports wagers within a period of
minutes. While the same could be said about placing bets at a local brick and
mortar sportsbook, you also have to get yourself to and from that local

For most people, getting to their local sportsbook is not the easiest thing.
With the exception of people who live in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic
City, it can be a pain to get to the local sportsbook. It takes time out of your
day to have to get to the sportsbook to place your wagers. Since the vast
majority of us have hectic lives, being able to place wagers in a short period
of time can help us bet more than we overwise would have before.

Some folks that have never bet online have a hard time wrapping their heads
around this one at first. Understandably, if all you’ve ever known is brick and
mortar betting at your local sportsbook, this might take a minute to set in.
However, trust us when we say that being able to bet from anywhere at any time
is indeed life-changing. Now, you can bet when it works for you so that you
don’t have to plan your schedule around trips to your local sportsbook.

Another way that betting online is convenient is that it can save you money.
It does this by keeping you from having to make the trek to your local brick and
mortar sportsbook. By doing this, it saves you the gas money that you would have
spent making that drive. Instead of wasting fuel, consider just picking up your
phone, tablet, or laptop, and placing bets in a matter of minutes.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the convenience of betting online is
to try it yourself. For those of you that have not ever placed a bet online
before, give it a shot and see for yourself just how much better it can be than
doing it the old-fashioned route through a brick and mortar sportsbook.

Bonuses and Promotions

Another fabulous advantage of doing your betting online is that you can score
some excellent bonuses and promotions through most online sports betting sites.
While your local sportsbook may provide you with a handful of betting specials
from time to time, the odds are that the bonus opportunities that you’ll find
online are significantly better.

You see, by betting online, you’ll have the opportunity to earn thousands of
dollars in bonus cash. This is possible because of excellent welcome bonuses and
other promotions put on by these online sports betting websites. If you’re going
to bet on sports, you might as well make sure that you’re earning some
significant bonus cash too!

The most lucrative opportunity when it comes to bonuses from online
sportsbooks is usually through a welcome bonus. Because there is a ton of
competition out there, these online betting websites put together some excellent
welcome deals to attempt to win your business. It’s here that you may be able to
earn thousands of dollars in cash just by signing up and depositing funds.
Typically, you’ll receive some form of a bonus deposit match on your initial
account deposit.

At most sportsbooks, you’ll also have the chance to earn bonus cash through
other forms of bonuses and promotions. Samples of these types of offers include
reduced juice deals and promotions centered around betting on an upcoming
popular sporting tournament.

If you plan to bet online, be sure to locate a sports betting website that
offers you lots of potential chances to earn bonus funds. Simply check out their
promotions page to get a feel for their bonus offers. Bonuses tend to vary
significantly between online sportsbooks, so aim to find one that has the right
bonus lineup for you and your sports betting needs.


The next advantage of betting online that we’ll discuss is variety. By
betting online, you’ll typically find a more extensive selection of sports that
you can bet on and types of bets you can place than you would compared to most
brick and mortar sportsbooks. Thanks to this, you’ll have a higher likelihood of
being able to place all of your bets in one place.

When it comes to the list of sports that you can bet on, most online sports
betting sites will bring you a more extensive selection then you’ll find in your
local brick and mortar sportsbook. While nearly all sportsbooks (online or brick
and mortar) carry bets on super popular sports like soccer and football, online
sports betting sites really shine when it comes to harder to find sports like
Gaelic sports and futsal. On top of that, most online sportsbooks also offer
action on esports, which is not commonly found in many brick and mortar

To go along with the typically large list of sports that you can bet on, your
average online betting site will offer you a laundry list of different types of
bets that you can place. Based on our experience, you’ll find more bet types
available online than you will from most brick and mortar casinos. One of our
favorite forms of betting is live betting, which is luckily very common to find
on online sportsbooks.

Even if you’re not currently betting on a massive variety of sports or
utilizing a broad set of different bet types, using an online sportsbook will
allow you the ability to do it later on if you’d like to. We love the fact that
online betting sites allow the vast majority of people to be able to do all of
their betting in one place thanks to their massive variety of betting options.

Improved Odds

Whenever you place a bet, your goal should always be to get the best odds
possible on the bet so that you’ll have the highest profit return possible if
your bet is a winner. Even if you locate a sportsbook offering you odds that are
just slightly better than another one, you’ll still come out ahead with a higher
return if you win the bet. While the impact here isn’t typically too significant
on just a single bet, this is very true over the long haul of a betting career.
By locating the best odds possible, you’ll increase the amount that you’ll make.

As a whole, you’ll often find that most online sportsbooks will offer you
odds that are just a fraction better than you will locate in brick and mortar
sportsbooks. While a fraction doesn’t sound like much, these small wins do add
up over time.

For those of you that really want to make sure you’re getting the best odds
on your sports bets, then you should consider line shopping when you place your
bets. This process is relatively easy and is accomplished by using more than one
sports betting website. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use
multiple online sportsbooks to shop your wagers, then be sure to check out the
FAQ section below.

Free Streaming

Another remarkable benefit of betting online is that many of the online
sports betting websites will offer you access to free streaming of sporting
events if you’re a member of their site. This advantage is gaining more value
every day as more and more folks are cutting the cord and walking away from
traditional cable television plans.

Where online sports betting sites really shine when it comes to free
streaming is when it comes to sporting events that your typical cable service
provider would not provide in their plan. This is especially true with track
racing events like dog and horse racing. As well, you’ll often find options to
watch international sporting events that can be hard to find on your local
television plans.

It’s worth noting that free streaming options will vary between different
online sportsbooks. Because of this, you’ll want to look around and locate a
sports betting website that provides you with the best streaming options for
sports that you enjoy watching.

Broad Payment Options

Finally, our last advantage to betting online that we’ll cover today is the
broad set of payment options that you’ll find on online betting websites. Unlike
traditional brick and mortar sportsbooks that only typically deal in cash when
you’d like to fund a bet, online betting sites often allow you many different
deposit methods to fund your betting account.

It’s not uncommon to be able to use credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or
e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller to find online sportsbook accounts. The
beauty of this is that it allows you greater flexibility to fund your account so
that you’re not stuck with only using cash.

Many of you may be into the current rush of cryptocurrencies which have
gained immense popularity over the last couple of years. With so many online
sportsbooks accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can
utilize your crypto funds to fund your betting account if you’d like to go that
route as opposed to using cash.

Also, if you’re big into earning credit card points, you can help gain even
more points by funding your online betting account using your card of choice
instead of cash. By using this strategy, you can rack up more money back, hotel
points or airfare points to go towards your next vacation.


We hope that this page has helped you gather the information you were
searching for when it came to the advantages of betting online. For many of us
on staff here, our lives have never been the same since we were introduced to
online sports betting. If you’ve never tried it, we’d highly recommend that you
test it out to see if it’s a good fit for you and your betting style. We’ve
included a link below that has our top picks for the best online sports betting
websites. If you’re ready to check out online sportsbooks now, this is an
excellent resource for you to find a trusted and top operation. Thank you for
stopping by and best of luck in all of your future sports betting adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, you may still have some questions about betting online. We’ve
included a handful of the questions that we hear most frequently from our
readers below. Hopefully, these FAQs will assist you in finding the answers that
you’re looking for. Just click on the questions below to view the answers to

Is it safe to bet online?

Yes, doing your sports betting online can be very safe as long as you end up
using a trusted sports betting website. While the majority of online sportsbooks
are very safe places for you to use, there are some that should be avoided.
We’ve included a link below that showcases all of our blacklisted sites that we
don’t recommend anyone to use. Be sure to avoid all of these.

By using a trusted online sportsbook, you’ll be able to bet using real money
knowing that your funds and personal information are safe. There lots of very
excellent sports betting websites out there. If you’re looking for one now, then
be sure to check out the link below which has some of our top picks when it
comes to online sportsbooks. Each one of these websites has been hand-picked due
to their trustworthiness and other qualities that make them some of the best in
the industry.

Do I need to use multiple sports betting websites?

It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to use more than one sports betting
site or not. We always recommend it for folks that are up for doing it as it
provides a significant advantage over using just one online sportsbook. By using
more than one, you’ll have the ability to shop your betting lines so that you
can make sure you’re always getting the best bang for your betting buck.

It’s crucial that you know it’s not a necessity for you to use more than one
online sportsbook. If you’re brand new to online betting or simply just not up
for managing more than one online betting account, then that’s totally fine.
However, many folks, including us, are huge fans of using this strategy.

If you’d like to try it out, it’s a relatively simple process. The first
thing you’ll need to do is open a betting account at more than one online
sportsbook. After that, you’ll then shop any bets you’re planning to place on
all betting sites that you have an account with. Finally, once you see which
sportsbook is offering you the best line, you’ll place your wager there.

While this system adds a small amount of extra time to your betting routine,
it can add additional funds to your profits over the long haul. If you’re not
sure if this is right for you or not, consider trying it out to see if you like
utilizing this strategy as part of your overall sports betting plan. To learn
more about using multiple betting sites, check out the link below to our page
dedicated to the topic.

I’m ready to get started betting online. How do I get things going?

If you’re prepared to get the ball rolling now with online sports betting,
then we’ve got you covered! We’ve prepared an entire page that’s dedicated
solely to getting started betting online. This guise is an actual must for
anyone that’s new to gambling online. In our detailed guide, we’ll cover
everything from A-Z so that you can get up to speed and start your online
betting career today! Just click on the link below to check out this valuable
resource page.