Advantages of Betting Online

Advantages of Betting Online

Oh no, not another long drive to the casino! There has to be another way, right? Right!

Let us introduce you to the 21st century phenomenon known as online sports betting. Tons of online casinos offer a sportsbook these days in addition to their casino or poker room. These sportsbooks routinely offer everything that a land-based sportsbook offers, and more!

Here is a link to our list of the best sites to place sports bets on the internet.

We have put a ton of effort into compiling this list of superior online sports betting sites. We did our research on their promotions, their banking options, and many other features in order to ensure that you have the best gambling experience possible.

Why choose betting online instead of betting in a casino? Well, we are prepared to explain this to you in great depth in the following sections using metrics such as time, energy, and money. Let's just say that it is safe to state that online sportsbooks dominate land-based sportsbooks when it comes to placing wagers on sports.

Save Energy

As human beings, we only have so much energy to use per day before we are exhausted and need to get some sleep. If we waste all of our energy on trivial activities, we will not have enough energy remaining to do the important tasks on our to-do list.

This is where online sportsbooks come into play, because they actually have the potential to save sports bettors tons of energy. There are a few ways in which this happens, but in order to see them, we first need to consider what an average trip to the casino is like.

You walk out of your house to your car. You drive to the casino. You park your car in a faraway parking garage. You walk all the way to the casino. You walk to the sportsbook inside of the casino. You walk to the bathroom. You walk to get some food. You walk back to find your car in a vast sea of vehicles. You drive all the way home. You walk back into your house.

All of this energy wasting could have been avoided by simply betting online! The great thing about the internet is that there is no driving involved, no parking spots to be found, and no excessive amounts of walking to be done. You simply sit at your computer, log into your account, and make the bets.

Save Time

The only other aspect of life that is more important to humans than energy would have to be time. We have a limited amount of time each day in which to accomplish what we want to do. By cutting down on the amount of time wasted on other meaningless activities, we have extra time to focus on more interesting pursuits.

Our example of an average casino visit from the above section is also applicable here, except we did not even mention the long lines yet. Nearly every time you attempt to make a sports bet, especially on a weekend, there will be a ton of people waiting in line to do the same. This is a huge waste of time where you are just standing around impatiently staring into space.

Depending on how far away you live, the amount of time you waste driving, parking, waiting, and walking around in a casino could add up to two or three hours per visit. You could go to the gym, go grocery shopping, get a haircut and mow your lawn in that same amount of time if you had just made your sports bets online in a matter of seconds.

Save Money

While we are in the habit of saving things, why not save some money too? Everyone could benefit from having some effective money-saving techniques at their disposal. Luckily for you, one of these techniques happens to be betting sports online.

If you exclude situations where the bettor lives within walking distance, making a sports wager at a casino is going to cost some gas money. In extreme situations where the drive is a few hours long, this could cost you a ton of money. You do not need extra gas money to bet online, you just need to pay your cable bill as per usual.

Another potentially expensive part of going to the casino is paying to park your car. It is very rare for casinos to offer free parking these days, especially on the Las Vegas Strip. You do not need a parking spot to bet online, you just need the chair that you are sitting in while reading this. Actually, the chair is optional, and if you are feeling really wild, you can bet while standing up.

Drink Less Alcohol

Nearly every brick-and-mortar casino gives free drink tickets to anyone who makes a bet with their sportsbook. This has been customary for decades, and they do not limit the amount of drinks that you can earn.

For those gamblers who are trying to cut down on their drinking habits to lose weight or for any other reason, this is not a good situation to be in. Despite health concerns, the drinks that the tickets can get you are sometimes worth up to 15 or 20 dollars, so can be tough to turn down this offer.

By placing sports bets online, you will not be tempted by such deals. It is slightly less tempting to drink a bunch of alcohol if you have to pay for it. Overall, it is a good idea for players to remain sober anyway because drunken gambling is known to cause some regretful actions.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the main differences between land-based casinos and online casinos is that the online casinos generally offer a ton of bonuses and promotions. Land-based casinos make a ton of money without doing this, so they generally do not budge on their stance of ignoring frequent players.

While brick-and-mortar casinos do give occasional perks like free hotel rooms to their high-stakes gamblers and biggest losers, online sportsbooks give perks to everybody that signs up. In addition to welcome bonuses, online sportsbooks will frequently offer deals such as cashback, free bets, reload bonuses, and leaderboard races.

One thing to be cautious of when dealing with these online sportsbook promotions is that the bonus money will always come with some sort of playthrough requirement attached. You will usually not be able to withdraw any funds until you complete this playthrough requirement, and if you try to withdraw before doing so, they will confiscate your bonus funds. For this reason, we recommend finding a bonus deal that is actually feasible so that you can get the most amount of fun per every dollar that you spend.

Larger Bet Selection

Will a casino in Las Vegas allow you to make bets on Gaelic Football or Australian Rugby? The answer is a firm no. While brick-and-mortar casinos do offer a wide variety of markets, they are usually focused on the sports that the local people are the most interested in. We can't blame them for this, since this is their customer base and they have to cater to them to stay in business.

The internet is a totally different beast, because people from all over the world can bet on one online sportsbook. This means that their customer base includes many countries so, therefore, they tend to offer a ton of different betting markets in comparison to the normal land-based casino.

Even if you compare the betting options of a land-based casino's most popular sport with the betting options for that same sport on an internet sportsbook, the internet sportsbook will outclass them with ease. One of the reasons for this is because of Live Betting, which allows anyone to bet on a sporting event that is already in progress. This is one of the biggest attractions in the online betting world these days, and it is extremely rare to find this feature in a land-based casino.

Better Odds

The odds available on internet betting sites are frequently better than those that are available in a land-based casino. This is a huge advantage of betting online, and it can affect your bottom line at the end of the year in a dramatic fashion if you know how to take advantage of it.

One great idea that can help you take further advantage of this situation is to make multiple accounts on different sportsbooks. This will enable you to compare the odds every time you place a bet, and then you can simply choose whichever place has the best odds for the side you wish to bet on. This can take some practice, but it is certainly worth the effort in the long run.


If you are a fan of things like time, money, and energy, then you will be a fan of online sportsbooks. It is a simple fact that these operations will save you all three of these things, in addition to giving you a few extra perks.

We feel comfortable recommending our readers to go ahead and place their sports wagers on the internet whenever possible.

It is safe to say that having a larger game selection, better odds, and better bonus programs will appeal to everyone who is interested in betting frequently.

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