Strategy and Tips for Betting on MMA Online

Grey MMA GlovesMMA betting continues to grow more popular with gambling fans around the world. Recently, many have become more interested in finding out the best strategies to actually win wagering on this sport online. Below is the ultimate MMA betting strategy page to help you make the most of your online wagering experience.

Mixed martial arts is a difficult sport to predict. There are still some key strategies available that are guaranteed to increase your odds of winning bets. Before getting into these specific strategies, we will quickly explain how new fans can start betting on this popular combat sport online. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Basics of MMA Betting Online

Getting started in MMA betting is easier now than ever before. There are a huge number of fantastic online sports betting websites that provide regular odds on all major MMA promotions. That includes the UFC, Bellator, and PFL. New fans may still feel a little intimidated getting into this form of sports betting for the first time, though.

That is perfectly understandable. Following some basic steps will help to ensure that your experience is fun and profitable. Check out those steps below.

Find the Right Online MMA Betting Website

The first and most important step to being wagering on MMA online is to find an online sportsbook that provides odds on all the big fights. There is no shortage of them operating today. Most are safe and offer great wagering options for their members.

Always spend time researching these sites before you decide to join any of them. You will want to make sure it has great reviews and a track record of offering secure payments options. Feel free to check out our reviews page to find some of the best online sportsbooks available right now.

Learn the Different Rules of Mixed Martial Arts

Some bettors may overlook how important it is to fully understand the rules of MMA. That’s a shame, as having a deep understanding of these rule sets will help with your wagering tremendously. That is particularly true when making bets across different promotions. Check out this great video that explains the rules and regulations for MMA matches:

Rules differ across the UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, and Rizin. Keep that in mind when making your wagers. You may find that these different rule sets have a huge impact on how you feel a particular fighter will fare.

Understand How to Manage Your Funds

Effectively managing your funds is a key to success in sports betting. One of the most common mistakes that new gamblers make is losing too much money all at once. That can be avoided by learning how to make smart wagers on a consistent basis.

One great online MMA betting strategy is to start out making small wagers on big favorites. This won’t necessarily lead to a massive payout but can help you form good habits moving forward. As time goes on, look to branch out by making larger bets. Never place wagers with money you cannot afford to lose and always be willing to take breaks from betting on MMA online.

Reasons Why MMA Betting Online Is Profitable

There are many reasons why sports betting has been growing so popular around the United States. One obvious reason is the ability of sports fans to win large amounts of money. That is certainly the case with MMA betting online and more fans are beginning to realize that fact.

Betting on MMA offers more opportunities to win big than wagering on many other sports. Below is a quick explanation of what that is.

Only Two Athletes Need to Be Analyzed

Betting on sports like football and basketball is very popular, for good reason. A growing number of fans are beginning to realize the advantages of betting on MMA, including only having to do research on two athletes. Only two fighters are ever involved in matches and MMA betting strategy tends to be easier to formulate.

UFC Stats Between Two Fighters

It can be exhausting trying to analyze how an entire sports team may perform on any given day. Researching just two athletes can prove to be significantly easier. This allows bettors to make more wagers and earn more cash!

MMA Oddsmakers Tend to Mess Up

Oddsmakers tend to set lines that benefit their employers. Every once in a while, however, odds are set on a particular match that are far away from what they should be. This is more common in online MMA betting than in other sports.

It is always smart to take advantage of a flaw in the odds. Noticing that a fighter is listed as a major underdog when he should be a favorite can be one of the best ways to win big. Always keep an eye out for these betting odds and opportunities.

More Information Available on the Athletes

It takes a lot to consistently win in sport betting. Some find that this is easier when betting on MMA online than on other sports. It could be due to the huge amount of information that bettors are given on fighters before they actually compete.

MMA media outlets are quick to report on any fighter injuries. Fans tend to keep an eye on weigh-ins, as well, where it becomes apparent if a fighter ignored their training. The amount of training can help to make it easier to come up with great strategies for betting on MMA online.

Common MMA Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Red MMA GlovesSports betting is always difficult. It’s common to see bettors—even those with years of experience—make the same mistakes over and over. Keep in mind that these types of mistakes are easy to avoid.

Our experts have looked at many of the problems sports gamblers face. Below is a quick look at some of them.

Betting With Emotion

It’s easy to become a huge fan of various mixed martial artists across various promotions. It’s never smart to wager on these fighters just because you’re a fan, though. Betting with emotion is one of the most common mistakes when betting on MMA online.

Stick to statistics and research when making MMA wagers online. Sometimes, this can even mean betting against your favorite fighters.

Always Betting on the Favorites

MMA odds are notoriously difficult to set. Oddsmakers do their best, yet it’s not uncommon to see favorites lose during major MMA events. Some fail to recognize that fact and always make bets on betting favorites.

Don’t make this mistake. Look for solid underdog opportunities, as they are available on UFC events every single week. With that in mind, it’s generally smart to wager on the betting favorites set by oddsmakers.

Making Bets Based Solely Off a Fighter’s Record

One of the most common forms of research that sports bettors make is looking at a fighter’s record. This can be helpful at times. A record will not tell you everything, though, and it’s always recommended to look at different aspects of a fighter when making your wagers.

Our experts recommend looking at fighters’ physical attributes, skill set, and training camp situation. Taking all of these things into account will help you to choose winning bets.

MMA Betting Strategies for Different Odds

Yellow MMA GlovesThere are a million different online MMA betting strategies out there right now. Some have proven to be more successful than others over the past few years. There are many individual strategies out there for various MMA betting options.

The majority of online sportsbooks with MMA odds that provide their members with a wide range of bets. Below are some quick strategies available for different types.

Betting Strategies for MMA Moneyline Odds

Moneyline betting is the most common form of MMA betting online. This is simply betting on which fighter will win in a matchup. Moneyline odds tend to be less lucrative than others, yet they can occasionally offer bettors some real opportunities to cash out.

Make sure to always keep an eye out for underdogs when taking moneyline odds. These are always available but finding them takes some serious research.

It’s also a great idea to make moneyline bets as early as possible. Odds tend to change over time, and early moneyline odds are almost always the most lucrative. If you see odds become available on a fight months before it takes place, feel free to take advantage of them!

Best Strategies for MMA Prop Odds

Mixed martial arts fights can play out in a variety of different ways. This has allowed a variety of different prop bets to become available online lately. The majority of online sportsbooks operating today provide their members a range of different prop wagering options.

It’s a great idea to focus on a fighter’s style when coming up with your prop bets. The most common prop bets are on whether a fight will end via knockout, submission, or prop bet. Knowing how a fighter competes will significantly increase your odds of winning one of these prop bets.

Many experts also recommend looking for the real novelty prop bets available from different MMA betting sites. That includes bets such as whether or not two fighters touch gloves and whether or not a fighter will bleed. This is one of the most popular MMA betting strategies that can lead to major payouts.

Best Strategies for MMA Over/Under Odds

Most sports bettors are familiar with over/under betting. In MMA, this form of wagering works a little differently than with other sports. This type of betting revolves around whether or not a fight will go past a certain amount of time.

Perhaps the best MMA betting strategy for over/under odds is looking at the number of finishes that fighters have on their record. If you notice that two fighters tend to beat their opponents before the final bell, it may be worth taking the under. If you see a fight involving two fighters known for going to the judge’s scorecards, you may want to take the over.

It can also be a great idea to incorporate these over/under odds into a parlay. On their own, these types of odds do not offer bettors huge opportunities to cash out. When joined into a parlay, however, over/under odds can provide some major payouts.

Expert Tips for Online MMA Betting

Green MMA GlovesA guide to MMA betting strategy would not be complete without listing some expert tips! Our experts have come up with several tips directly related to MMA wagering strategies. Feel free to check them out below!

Join a Site that Provides a Wide Range of MMA Odds

There are more online MMA betting sites operating today than ever before. Some may be tempted to join the first site they see that offers a great welcome bonus. Don’t make that mistake! Take some time finding a great online sportsbook providing a huge range of different MMA wagering odds.

Stay Up to Date on MMA News

Mixed martial arts has steadily grown into one of the most popular sports around the world. There is a massive amount of media attention placed on this sport, as a result. Stay up-to-date on MMA news and utilize this news in your own online MMA betting strategies. That includes any news on a fighter’s injury!

Look at Every Aspect of a Fight Before Betting on It

MMA is likely the most complex combat sport in the world. It features a combination of different martial arts, meaning there are a huge number of ways that fighters can win. Make sure to spend some serious time researching every aspect of a fight before deciding to wager any money on it.

Take Advantage of Underdog Opportunities

In case this page has not made it clear enough, it’s always smart to take advantage of underdog opportunities. These are not always easy to spot. Oftentimes, they can be spotted with fighters first making their UFC debuts. Keep an eye out for great underdog odds, as they offer the best chances to really win big betting on MMA online.

Stay Away From Heavyweight MMA Betting

This is not a blanket statement. There may be times when it can be smart to bet on a heavyweight MMA fight offering great odds. Heavyweight fights are notoriously unpredictable, however, and can end in an instant. Generally speaking, a smart MMA betting strategy is to avoid betting on the heavyweights.

Online MMA Betting Strategies FAQ

Is MMA Betting Online Difficult for Beginners?

Betting on the MMA is very similar to most other forms of sports betting. The more research that bettors do, the better their chances are to win big. There is nothing that indicates that it is any more difficult than placing bets on other sports like football or basketball.

How Do I Come up With the Perfect MMA Betting Strategy?

There is no single strategy for betting on MMA that rules supreme. In fact, individual bettors seem to have their own strategies for betting on the sport. Make sure to understand all aspects of MMA before formulating your strategy to bet on this popular combat sport

What is the best online sportsbook for new MMA bettors right now?

This is very subjective. Bettors around the world have their preferences when it comes to a site’s design and betting options. Our team is quick to recommend BetOnline and Bovada. They are known for being safe, easy to use, and provide great odds on major MMA events taking place around the world.

Do MMA Betting Sites Offer Odds on Bellator and the PFL?

The UFC is not the only major MMA promotion operating today. Leagues such as Bellator MMA and the PFL now boast world-class rosters and have huge fan bases. Nowadays, the vast majority of online sportsbooks provide odds on Bellator and other smaller MMA leagues.

Is MMA Betting Legal in 2021?

Sports betting has become much more widely accepted around the world over the past few years. Specific regulations toward this form of gambling vary from region to region, though. It’s always a good idea to look at your own jurisdiction’s legal stance toward sports betting before you decide to start formulating your own MMA betting strategy online.

What Is the Best Time to Bet on MMA?

Mixed martial arts isn’t limited to a particular season. Fights are taking place on a regular basis, giving bettors the opportunities to wager on fights throughout the year. Many experts feel that the best MMA betting strategy online is to either bet on a fight as soon as it is announced or just hours before the fight takes place.

Can I Get Rich Betting on Mixed Martial Arts Online?

Sports betting is typically not the safest strategy for those looking to get rich quick. Many experienced sports gamblers are able to consistently win money, though. Start out betting small and build up your experience to ensure you have the best experience making wagers on the fights online.