Top-Rated Badminton Betting Sites for 2021

Badminton betting sites are giving fans from all around the world their first
opportunities to wager on the sport. In the past, finding brick-and-mortar
bookmakers with badminton lines was virtually impossible. Besides the occasional
underground bookies in countries where the game is most popular, wagering on the
matches simply wasn’t an option.

Similar to tennis, badminton is played with rackets on a court that’s divided
by a net. Instead of a ball, the competitors hit a “shuttlecock” or “birdie,”
trying to land the projectile within the boundaries of their opponent’s side of
the court to score. However, while a player may hit a ball off the bounce in
tennis, once a shuttlecock touches the ground, the set is over.

The internet is a potent tool for uniting people from distant geographic
locations based on similar interests, which applies to badminton betting
websites as well. It doesn’t matter where the premier championship events are
held or how few followers of the game exist in your area, because there are
enough fans online to support web-based sportsbooks continuing to post odds for
this niche market.

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About Our Recommendations

An incredible amount of energy and effort is spent developing our lists of
betting site recommendations. We employ a team of experts who, collectively,
have decades of experience in gaming, either through working in the industry or
as professional gamblers. This team spends countless hours combing through every
online sportsbook and casino the internet has to offer in search of the very

The top badminton betting sites are hosted in offshore locations such as the
Caribbean Islands, Malta, or the Isle of Man, jurisdictions with online gaming
regulations and licensing regimes. While this arrangement works perfectly when
the operator is honest, it also leaves players vulnerable to scammers. That’s
why we are so dedicated to ranking and reviewing internet gaming providers. If
our readers always have a list of the top recommendations, they won’t risk
possibly falling for a fraudulent website.

Coverage of Badminton Betting

There are high-level badminton events taking place all year long. In addition
to the prestigious international championships, many regions host games and
national tournaments. When deciding upon our recommendations, we look for the
websites with the most thorough coverage of badminton. We’re not just looking
for badminton betting sites that set lines for a variety of competitions; having
an expansive selection of betting markets for each individual contest is preferable as well.

Ease of Use

Our search for the best badminton betting sites considers that most of our
readers are relatively new to online gaming. We choose providers that will be
comfortable for them to use right away without any ramp-up process or learning
curve. Whether the reader is using an online sportsbook’s website or mobile app,
everything from signing up to submitting a wager and cashing out should be
straight forward and effortless. We want you to be able to dive into the fun
right away; internet betting doesn’t need to be complicated.

Safety and Security

When betting real money online, it’s essential that you trust the provider,
as you’ll be depositing money into an account on their site and sharing your
personal information. If you are tricked by a fraudulent website, you will lose
all of the cash and could be vulnerable to having your identity stolen. We want
to avoid this entire worry for our readers by supplying lists of the best
badminton betting sites on the internet. Our team of experts prioritizes the
legitimacy and trustworthiness of gaming operators above all else, so any
location you choose from our list of recommendations will be safe and secure.

Competitive Lines

Successful betting is all about playing the odds. To win long-term,
it’s crucial to always shop for the most advantageous lines, no matter how
slight the improvements. While these minimal differences in price may not seem
like much for any single wager, over time, they add up to make a drastic impact
on your profits. We don’t want badminton betting sites merely that cover the
sport. Their lines must be competitively-priced also. Our goal is for
readers to win as much money as possible wagering on badminton, so the odds from
which they’re choosing should be equal to, or better than, other prominent

Banking Options

Having a wide range of banking options at your disposal makes funding your
online betting account much more convenient. In the United States, players may
use offshore providers without breaking the law, but banks are prohibited from
allowing transactions between their account holders and known gaming websites.
Having a wealth of credit cards, currencies, and other payment
processors makes navigating around this minor roadblock
significantly easier. If you must take extra precautions to keep your badminton
betting anonymous, cryptocurrencies make moving money quickly and quietly as
reliable as ever.

Reputation and History

The next stage of our review involves an intensive analysis of a badminton
betting site’s background. We study the comments, complaints, and reviews from
customers, search industry blacklists and articles, and research the website
owners as well as any other gaming businesses they have operated. Before
recommending a badminton betting site, we must be confident in how they’ve
provided wagering services in the past. It’s also crucial that these sites have a
positive reputation throughout the industry and are well-respected by
professionals before we even consider recommending them.

Bonuses and Promotions

A considerable benefit that using badminton betting sites has over
brick-and-mortar alternatives is the significantly better bonus plans given to
online players. Most of the premier offshore operators offer to match new users’
initial deposit by 100%, doubling their money right from the start! Others give
free-play credits to first-time signees, allowing them to try some wagering
without risking their own money. Unlike land-based sportsbooks, online handicappers are automatically enrolled
in loyalty rewards programs upon opening an account. Every bet made carries a
specific value in credits or points, so you’re always compiling more while going
through your regular wagering activities. These badminton betting sites then
allow you to exchange the points for real cashback on a percentage of your
losses, merchandise, entries in more lucrative contests and raffles, and so much

Withdrawal Speeds

Whenever we see a badminton betting site’s withdrawal speeds beginning to slow, we know that they’re
probably turning to the dark side, employing little tricks to hold players’
money longer in hopes that they’ll grow bored with waiting and wager it instead.
On the other hand, providers with consistently above-average payout speeds
have always proven to be the most reliable and trustworthy site-owners. In order
to process payments swiftly, the account for whichever banking method is chosen
must already be funded; otherwise, the website would lose a few days
transferring money to itself. Having the financial stability to keep numerous
payment methods supported is a positive sign that they’re legitimate and here to
stay. We want to maximize your online badminton betting
experience, so we recommend providers that will process your withdrawals as soon
as you ask.

Quality Customer Service

Chances are, you’ll never need to contact the customer service help desk when
using one of our top badminton betting sites. With that being said, in the event
that some unforeseen issue occurs, we want our readers treated with courtesy and
respect and their problems met with urgency. All of our recommended websites
have “Help” areas with contact methods and answers to frequently asked
questions. We test each line of communication to ensure the provider is
consistently responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable, so we may rest assured our
readers will be in good hands.

Mobile Compatibility

Online betting has long been celebrated for the convenience and flexibility
it’s given to players. The first step was allowing bettors to shop for the best
odds and wager on almost any race, sport, or casino game from the comfort of
their home. Now, we may all enjoy even greater freedoms with the ability to submit our
picks at any time, from anywhere, on our mobile devices. Since many of us use
our smartphones and tablets as our primary source of getting online, mobile
compatibility is weighed heavily in our rankings. With our favorite badminton
betting sites, you’ll always get that last-minute bet right from your phone!

Tips for Badminton Betting

Have a Betting Plan

This tip mostly pertains to badminton tournaments and live betting. It’s a
mistake to wait for the action to kick off and wager based on “the eye test” and
your emotions. Instead, take the time to handicap the event before the day of
the competition.

If it’s a tournament, make notes of how each participant matches up against
the opponents on their side of the bracket. You want to handicap more than their
first contest, because you may not have much time as the event progresses.

Some competitions have the athletes play more than one match in a single day;
if you’ve already developed a plan, you won’t be caught off guard wagering
without crucial information. Even if there are days between contests, the best
prices may be posted immediately after the previous round, leaving you with a
slim window of opportunity to get an excellent price.

If you’re planning to use the in-game wagering features of your badminton
betting site, it’s equally critical that you have a clear plan and set bankroll.
Live betting is incredibly exciting and fun, and the action moves quickly.

If you aren’t organized in your approach, it’s easy to lose lots of money in
a short amount of time. Give yourself a specific amount to stake throughout the
match; once it’s gone, you’re done betting.

Research the Matchup

Badminton is still a niche sports betting market that doesn’t get a fraction
of the attention soccer, basketball, football, and baseball all receive from
oddsmakers or the public. Most bettors will make their picks based on
surface-level data such as the athletes’ Badminton World Federation (BWF)
rankings or their country of origin.

Take some time to give each matchup a closer look. Yes, visiting the BWF
website to study their international rankings and records is worth your time,
but it’s not enough. Analyze their last six to twelve months of competition and
look for patterns. See if there are similarities between the opponents they lose
to, or if they always triumph over players of a given style.

Find out how they’ve performed in the past at the same competition you’ll be
wagering on. Some athletes play better in specific settings; others choke on the
biggest stages. These are all details you can learn by spending a little extra
time researching publicly available information.

Consider Fatigue

In badminton, many of the competitors in the most prestigious tournaments
will participate in more than one event. They’ll play a doubles match earlier in
the day, then have a second singles or mixed doubles contest later on. During
the first few stages of a world-class competition, the top players will probably
perform up to their usual standard.

However, fatigue will begin setting in when you get to the later rounds. Once
you’re into the quarter-or-semi-finals, a player’s fitness should be a key
variable in your handicapping. An athlete can only be on double-duty for so long
before their performance declines.

Temperature Impacts the Game

Despite being an indoor sport, heat can be a significant factor determining
how a match is played. Shuttlecocks are exceptionally light and influenced by
the slightest external forces. The warmer the air is, the faster the feathered
projectile flies.

Regional tournaments in countries like Indonesia or India are often played in
small, tightly-packed auditoriums with little to no climate control. As the
temperature in the building gets warmer, the speed of the games will get faster.

This change benefits attacking players while punishing those with a more
defensive style of play. Badminton betting sites that cover these regional
tournaments and national championships are perfect for using this knowledge to
benefit your wagers.

The Drift

You should consider waiting to place a badminton bet until after the opening
game of a given tournament or event. The shuttlecock’s light, feathered design
means that even a slight gust from the arena’s air conditioner can alter its
flight paths. The larger the building in which the competition is being played,
the more likely it is that the massive AC systems will play a role in the

Drift benefits the athlete hitting into or against the flow and hurts the one
with the wind to their back. Serving into the air stream allows the player to
swing harder without as much risk of the birdie flying out of bounds. For their
opponent, they’ll have to be much more cautious with their power, as the air
will be carrying shots further than anticipated.

Tournament Draw

Naturally, where participants are seeded in a tournament bracket has an
immense impact on the outcome. Some players will have an easier path with
several favorable stylistic matchups scheduled along the way. Others will be
forced to grind out every round to advance.

When you’re making a futures bet, the draw is especially important. You have
to consider, during your handicapping, if a potential winner has everything it
takes to overcome the slate of opponents laid before them. How have they
performed against each possible matchup in the past?

The difficulty of a player’s earliest tournament rounds may also play a role
in their fitness levels during the quarterfinals and beyond. If they’ve had to
fight to advance past several earlier opponents, perhaps having to play extra
games in order to win by two, they may not have the emotional or physical
endurance to continue their high levels of play against the top competitors in
the final stages.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

There are times in every handicapper’s life when they’ve done everything
right-researched the competitors, broke down the stylistic matchups, and found
considerable betting value-only to lose regardless. The math may be on your
side, but the improbable happens in sports; it’s what makes them worth watching.

Maybe you’ve had a string of bad luck, with pick after pick going against you
over a short span. When this happens, it’s a mistake to believe that you’re now
statistically “due” for a win. Every wager is completely and entirely separate
from every other; it’s a fallacy to think an earlier bet has any influence over
the next one.

With this in mind, don’t fall into the trap of gradually raising the stakes
while placing more wagers, hoping to recoup some of your losses while turning
your fortunes around. That’s called “chasing your losses,” and results in
bettors losing massive sums of money far more often than they bounce back.

All About Badminton

The Badminton World Federation (BWF)

The central governing body for international badminton competition is the
Badminton World Federation. Founded in 1934, this group is recognized by the
International Olympic Committee and consists of 176 member nations.

The BWF organizes seven of badminton’s most prestigious “Grade 1” events: the
Olympic Games, World Championships, World Junior Championships, Thomas Cup, Uber
Cup, Sudirman Cup, World Senior Championships, and Para-Badminton World

They also manage the world rankings and work with regional federations to
standardize rule sets and determine which players qualify for different events.

Top Badminton Betting Events

Here’s a list of the top badminton events.

Summer Olympic Games

Badminton was initially included in the 1972 Summer Olympics when it was
examined as a demonstration sport. Two decades later, it debuted as an official
Olympic event during the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona. That inaugural summer
saw four badminton events added to the festivities; singles and doubles
competitions for both men and women.

With the addition of mixed doubles play, badminton now offers five
opportunities for athletes to medal. The winners’ podium has largely been
occupied by Chinese players, who have collected 41 total medals, 18 of which
were gold. South Korea and Indonesia are tied for distant second and third place
honors, with 19 top-three finishes apiece.

BWF World Championships

The BWF World Badminton Championships will be covered by most badminton
betting sites. The tournament is an annual event, except for in years with the
Summer Olympics. When that happens, the games act as the highest honor in the
sport instead.

The World Championships are organized similarly to the Olympics, awarding
gold, silver, and bronze medals to the top three participants in each of the
five events: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and
mixed doubles.

As is the case with all international competitions, China’s national team has
experienced the most World Championship success. Since 1977, the Chinese
side has taken home 65 gold medals. In 1987, 2010, and 2011, they swept every
medal available, a feat no other country has ever accomplished.

The Sudirman Cup

The Sudirman Cup only takes place in odd-numbered years. Named after Dick
Sudirman-an Indonesian badminton star who has been influential in spreading the
game-the cup is the highest-level world championship event for mixed doubles

Twelve mixed teams from BWF member-states are invited to participate in the
international championship. Each round consists of five matches., one in each of
the following categories: men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.
While no prize money is awarded to the winners, they do receive a 22-carat
gold-plated silver trophy, and the honor of being the best mixed badminton team
in the world.

In 15 Sudirman Cups, only China, South Korea, and Indonesia have ever won.
China leads with ten, while South Korea’s four, and Indonesia’s single win makes
them a distant second and third place respectively.

The Thomas and Uber Cups

The Thomas and Uber Cups are world championship tournaments for men’s and
women’s team badminton events, respectively. The Thomas Cup was founded in 1948,
while the women’s equivalent wasn’t established until 1956. Before 1982,
both of these competitions were held every three years.

In 1984, the BWF restructured the formats to be held at the same time, every
two years instead of three. In the Thomas Cups’ thirty iterations, only five
countries have ever been champions: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and

The Uber Cup has a similarly shallow pool of winners. Per usual, China leads
all nations with 14 championships, with second-place Japan trailing with six
wins. Indonesia and the United States each have three Uber Cups, and South Korea
has one. No other country has won the tournament.

Super Series

The BWF Super Series is a favorite of badminton betting sites. The most elite
players participate in twelve individual tournaments held in different countries
around the world. Five of the events are classified as Super Series Premier,
with a more significant impact on world rankings and bigger prize money at

At the end of the twelve Series events, the top eight performers-either
individuals or pairs-advance to the Super Series Finals. They then compete in a
final tournament with $500,000 awarded in prizes. Only two players or couples
from each BWF member nation may participate in the championship event, allowing
countries other than China to stand on each medal’s podium.

Still, Chinese badminton players have won 328 Super Series titles, while
Indonesia’s 73 are enough to occupy second place.

An Overview of the Rules

  • Badminton is played
    indoors on a rectangular court divided by a 5-ft.1-inch net.
  • Who serves first is
    decided by a coin toss or by throwing the shuttlecock. Whichever side it’s
    pointing towards when it lands, serves.
  • On the serve, the
    shuttlecock must go past the opponent’s short service line. It must be hit
    below waist height, and the shaft of the racquet must be angled downwards.
  • When the server’s
    score is even, they serve from the right service court. When their score is
    odd, they serve from the left.
  • Once a rally begins,
    you may hit the shuttlecock to either side of the opponent’s court. If it
    hits the ground, you score.
  • Each game is played to
    21 points. Players can score whether they’re the server or the receiver.
  • You must win by two or
    more points. If both sides are tied at 20 apiece, the contest continues
    until a two-point lead is achieved or the game is tied at 29. At this point,
    the next score wins.
  • A match consists of
    three 21-point games; the first to win two games takes the match.
  • The winner of the
    previous game serves first.
  • Players switch sides
    prior to the second game. They switch again once 11 points have been scored
    in the third.

Badminton Betting FAQs

Can You Wager Real Money on Badminton Matches?

Yes, our recommended badminton betting sites allow bettors to wager real
money on the most prestigious tournaments and events. If you see it at the top
of this page, then you can place real money bets there.

What Are Some Common Forms of Badminton Betting?

Bettors wager on the moneyline when they want to pick the winner of an
upcoming matchup between two athletes. Futures odds allow you to wager on the
eventual tournament champion before an event even begins. Totals lines are also
available, letting handicappers wager on the number of points or games required
to settle a match.

Is Badminton Betting Legal?

Yes, it’s legal to wager on badminton. In regions with online gaming
regulations, you may be required to use a locally licensed provider. Otherwise,
you may access offshore operators without breaking any laws.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore Badminton Betting Sites?

Yes, an individual may use offshore badminton betting sites legally. Federal
laws only pertain to banking institutions and corporate gaming operators. Anyone
else can access foreign websites and bet real money without breaking any rules.

Where Are the Best Places to Bet on Badminton?

Our experts have determined that the list of recommended badminton betting
sites shared at the top of this page are the very best places to wager on the
sport online.

How Can I Make Money Betting on Badminton?

To make money through badminton betting, you’ll need to do your research and
familiarize yourself with the top international competitors. Learn their
tendencies and styles and who they match-up best against. Then, handicap the
action and continue to tweak your system to make your predictions more accurate.
Compare your betting lines to the sportsbook odds and their implied probability.
Only wager when there’s positive value in it.