Bellator Betting Sites for 2021

While the UFC may be the biggest, it’s certainly not the only act in town. Sports bettors looking to get more action on combat sports should be excited about what Bellator MMA has to offer. The smaller betting market means more competitive lines, more opportunities to find value, and great positions to cash in. If you’re looking for the best Bellator betting sites the industry has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

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What Makes a Good Bellator Betting Site?

  • Great Bellator Betting Bonuses
  • Fast Real Money Payouts
  • Banking Options
  • Customer Support
  • System Compatibility
  • Other Betting Options

Bellator betting sites may be slightly rarer than locations offering UFC betting online. However, this certainly doesn’t mean anyone should have to settle for a lower-quality wagering experience. We’d much rather recommend no options than pushing anything that doesn’t bring extensive value to the table.

Thankfully, we don’t have to do that. This is because there are plenty of incredible Bellator MMA betting sites offering action on all fights, cards, and championship events year-round. Here are a few of the reasons we love the online betting sites and Bellator betting apps we’ve chosen to recommend.

Best Bellator Betting Site Bonuses

The fighters get bonuses for a great performance in the ring. Shouldn’t we get a big bonus for just being awesome? While that logic makes no sense, the Bellator betting sites are onboard! When you sign up and wager with certain Bellator online sportsbooks, you become eligible to cash in on big bonuses. Some of the most popular options you’ll see include things like deposit bonuses, reduced juice wagers, loyalty perks, VIP tiers, and reload bonuses. The biggest and best bonuses the industry has to offer are available through the links provided above.

Fast Payout Bellator Betting Sites

Bellator Bitcoin LogoFighters with the most speed and the fastest knockouts are what fans search for. And we think the need for speed should carry over into the banking side of real money Bellator betting online! All of the best Bellator betting sites get winners paid quickly. Fight bets are paid within a few minutes after each fight, and your cashouts don’t take any longer than a week max.

Generally, cashouts take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Where you fall within that range will depend on the cashout method you choose, the amount you’re withdrawing, if you do your part quickly (fill out any paperwork), and the quality of the Bellator betting websites you are using.

With cryptocurrency at the best Bellator betting sites, you can expect to see your money in a few hours to a few days. With more traditional forms of banking like bank transfers and e-wallets, you’re looking more in the 3-5 business days realm, which is still plenty fast. If you need to go old-school and get a paper check, you’re looking more at the one- to two-week range. It’s not super-fast, but it’s still quite reliable.

Banking Options

Continuing on with the last point, anywhere you are betting on Bellator or betting on the UFC should have extensive banking options that work for you. No, you don’t theoretically need more than one way to get money on and off the sportsbook. However, it’s good to know that there are flexible options in case your financial situation changes. All of the MMA betting sites we recommend deliver nicely in this realm.

Customer Support

It is inevitable that you will need some assistance at some point during your online sports betting career. That time of need may come during setting up an account, depositing, understanding a promotion, making a bet, fixing an error, or during the cashout process. No matter when, it’s important to know that the right support system is in place to assist you.

All of the best real money Bellator betting sites have extensive customer service options that are available 24/7/365. These options can (and should) include things like live chat, phone, email, social media, and FAQ support. Additionally, all of these options should quickly link you to a competent agent that can actually help you solve your problem.

System Compatibility

Placing Bellator bets online (or through a Bellator betting app) has changed fairly significantly over the years. In the early days, system compatibility was a huge concern. If your operating system or device didn’t match the offerings, then you weren’t able to place bets, or you ran into major technical errors.

Thankfully, MMA betting sites and sites with Bellator odds have stayed on the cutting edge of technology.

Most online Bellator sportsbooks work well with just about every popular device and operating system. But that still is not 100%. So, before you see us throw our name behind an option, we make sure it works. We look forward to the day that system compatibility is no longer on our list of checks. Until then, though, rest assured we have you covered.

Other Betting Options

Generally, people who are betting on Bellator fights aren’t just betting on that single promotion. Most of these bettors like to wager on all mixed martial arts or combat sports events. This can include things like the UFC, boxing, K1, and the One Championship.

All of the Bellator online betting sites we recommend offer extensive action across the board on all combat sports. If you’re a fan of making money betting on people punching and kicking each other, these online Bellator sportsbooks have you covered.

In addition to this, we do make sure you’re able to bet the most popular and most desired types of bets on all of these fights. Picking a winner is great for strictly recreational bettors, but that’s not the only option you should have if you’re trying to turn a profit. Additionally, in fights that are too lop-sided, it limits you in what you can intelligently bet.

Some of the bets we look for include:

Tips for Choosing the Best Bellator Betting Sites

Bellator Logo

  • Join multiple Bellator MMA betting sites. Since Bellator has a smaller betting market than the UFC, Bellator betting lines will vary much more from sportsbook to sportsbook. This means that shopping for the best line for each bet becomes that much more important to your success when real money betting on Bellator online.
  • Make a list of what is important to you. Once you found where to bet on Bellator online, it’s important to make sure the site has everything you need. Take a few minutes and make a list of what you want and what you don’t want in your online betting experience. Having this list on paper can help you decide which online sportsbooks are the right fit.
  • Don’t get tunnel vision. Yes, it is super important to know what your wants and needs are. However, make sure that you are taking a look at the whole site and not just one or two factors. If a betting site has great bonuses but terrible banking options, is it really a good fit? Know what you need, but don’t get tunnel vision.
  • Remember that you aren’t signing a contract. What happens if you join a Bellator betting website and end up not liking it? Nothing! You are always free to cash out your money and move it to a new site if you’re not happy with your experience. This is important to note for two reasons. First, make sure you check the banking integrations and cash out times at the site, so you know you have this flexibility. Second, don’t overthink your decision today. If you make a few bets or bet one card and aren’t happy, you can always bounce around.

Bellator Betting Sites FAQ

Is Betting on Bellator Like Betting on the UFC?

Yes, betting on Bellator is quite similar to what you’re used to betting on the UFC. The types of bets, the way bets pay out, and the ways in which winners are determined are nearly identical. The only difference is that the fights are taking place under a different fighting promotion’s banner.

Is Bellator the Same as the UFC?

Bellator and the UFC are two separate organizations. UFC is its own independent company, while Bellator is owned by ViacomCBS. Both fighting organizations hold mixed martial arts competitions with similar rule sets. The best way to view the relationship between the two organizations is to view them as competitors.

Can I Bet on Bellator Online for Real Money?

Yes, you can bet on Bellator fights for real money both online or at a local casino or sportsbook. Much like any other professional sport, Bellator offers MMA wagering for real money on things like fight winners, length of the fight, method of victory, and other unique props.

What Makes a Great Bellator Betting Site?

The things that make a great Bellator betting website include trust, a safe experience, a user-friendly layout, plenty of betting options, competitive lines, properly integrated banking, great bonuses, and an overall positive history when it comes to the customer experience. If you’re looking for the best Bellator betting sites, check out the curated list we have at the top of this page. Our experts spend a lot of time making sure that list is up to date with the cream of the crop.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid When You Bet on Bellator Online?

When you wager with a quality Bellator online sportsbook, your fight bets get paid to your betting account within a few minutes at the latest (usually instantly). Regarding cashouts, generally, you should expect to get your money from a quality site within a few days to about a week.

The exact time it will take depends on what time of the day you submit your cashout, the method of cashout you choose, the amount you are withdrawing, and if it is your first withdrawal. In general, though, expect about a few days to a week.

Is Real Money Bellator Betting Online Safe?

Betting on Bellator is safe under certain conditions. As with anything in life, it’s important that you take common sense steps to ensure your safety. If you are betting with a trusted Bellator betting site, protecting your password and account, and never wagering when you are upset or intoxicated, then things should be completely safe. If you aren’t practicing good discipline and following these simple steps, though, you may be setting yourself up for a bad experience, no matter how trusted the betting site is.

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