Top Websites for Betting on Boat Racing

Any form of travel through the air, on the ground, or by sea will inevitably
lead to a competition to see who can do it the fastest. Boat racing
betting sites give sports gamblers a way to wager on several different
variations of these events, with rowing, yachting (or sailing), and powerboat
races all listed at online sportsbooks.

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In the UK, The Boat Race is their most popular event to bet on. It’s a rowing
competition that sees Oxford and Cambridge-elite universities-compete over
four-and-a-half miles of the River Thames, with only eight rowers apiece. Japan
prefers hydroplane or powerboat racing called “kyotei.” These contests involve
six one-person crafts racing around a set course.

Australia is home to one of the most prestigious annual yacht races, the
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The 630 nautical-mile journey by sail is
tremendously popular in the country’s sportsbooks as well as online. There’s a
boat racing betting site for whichever major event you love; you just have to
know where to look!

Types of Boat Racing You Can Bet On

Boat racing comes in many different shapes and sizes. In some competitions,
athletes power the vessels while others are all about a single driver and a
high-octane engine. Then, you have the long-distance voyages that see crews rely
on teamwork and the wind to carry their yachts to victory. Boat racing betting
sites have something for everyone!

Hydroplane Racing

Hydroplane powerboat racing involves high-speed boats with a single operator
handling the controls. Think of these contests as NASCAR or Formula-1 on a pond
or lake. These vessels use their incredible horsepower to force water towards
the bottom of the boat hull, which lifts the front of the craft out of the water

Many competitions have been built around these machines, featuring
hydroplanes of various classes and engine size. There are Grand Prix boats with
their supercharged V8 engines, pro-class powerboats like what the American Power
Boat Association uses, and even “unlimited hydroplanes” which are capable of
straightaway speeds of 200+ MPH.

You can find powerboat circuits all around the world, including the US, Asia,
and Europe, where they’re extremely popular. In Japan, boat race betting is one
of only four legalized forms of sports wagering due to its cultural importance.


Rowing is a style of boat racing in which the vessels are powered by oars,
human strength and endurance, and teamwork. Crews of varying sizes row in unison
to propel their crafts towards the finish line, where the winner is crowned.

One of the most significant boat race betting events of the year is the
annual Boat Race, the collegiate rowing showdown between Cambridge and Oxford
which takes place on the River Thames.

However, dragon boat races are gaining steam internationally and could become
the next major boat race betting market to emerge. These events first gained
prominence in China but have since spread to other continents as well. As dragon
boat competitions continue to grow, it only makes sense that real money wagering
will follow.

Yachting and Sailing

Sailing is a way of propelling a boat by harnessing the power of the wind.

In racing, the crews coordinate the movements of the rudder, the rigging of
the sails, and the keel to force wind into the foils and move the vessel in the
desired direction. A sailor must master the conditions of both the winds and the
seas to maneuver their boats to the finish line successfully.

Yachts are merely the largest class of sailboat. Smaller dinghies may also be
wagered on in some cases, but the significant boat race betting events using
sails mostly involve yachts.

Boat racing betting sites will often set lines on several of the biggest
annual yacht races. The America’s Cup, Sydney to Hobart, and Cowes Week are all
sailing competitions that can be wagered online.

About Our Recommendations

Many of the top boat racing betting sites are hosted in offshore
jurisdictions that cater to the online gaming industry. Unfortunately, some of
these regions take their licensing and regulatory duties more seriously than
others. For a newcomer, it can be a nightmare deciding which websites are
reputable and safe, and which sites are scams.

We employ a team of experts whose core mission is to rate and review online
gaming domains for every category and wager type so that we can share the
legitimate providers with our readers. The recommended boat racing betting sites
above have been thoroughly researched and found to meet our high standards which
include the following requirements.

Coverage of Boat Racing Betting

You’re looking for the best boat racing betting sites, so we’ve found the
oddsmakers providing the most coverage of the sport. Gone are the days when you
could only wager on the winner of the more prominent races, now you can
routinely find ten or more markets for a single event. For the Boat Race in
England, you can see lines on the margin of victory, the possibilities of a dead
heat (tie), and the odds on either boat sinking, for example.

Competitive Lines

Whether you’re betting on boat racing or playing blackjack, gambling is all
about the numbers. To experience real long-term success as a bettor, it’s
crucial that you always wager with value in mind. This requires regularly
betting lines at the best possible price. We always teach readers to shop for
the most favorable odds, and we do the same when recommending online
sportsbooks. The boat race betting sites found on this page set competitive,
fair lines that are consistent with oddsmakers throughout the bookmaking

Safety and Security

The trouble with using offshore betting sites is that they aren’t all created
equal. While some are owned and operated by honest businesspeople, others are
designed specifically for the purposes of stealing players’ money. That’s why
our team of experts is always researching and reviewing boat racing betting sites.
We rank the safe and secure locations and include them in our recommendations,
while the fraudulent websites are blacklisted.

Ease of Use

If a boat race betting site wants to be seen as legitimate and trustworthy,
they need a professional, well-designed domain and/or application. Many of our
readers are new to online wagering and don’t want to use platforms that are
difficult to learn and use. We recommend the boat race oddsmakers with
organized, easy-to-use, websites and apps so that anybody can sign up and start
betting, regardless of how new to online gaming they may be.

Quality Customer Service

Providing quality customer service is essential for any great online gaming
site, whether they specialize in boat race betting or something else. We look
for the websites with clear “Help” sections and easy-to-find contact
information. The communication methods listed are then all tested to ensure
they’re still in service and actively monitored. The customer service
departments at our recommended boat racing sites will be available and
responsive when you need them, with helpful resolutions to any issues you

Reputation and History

Part of our vetting process involves looking into an online sportsbook’s
history and background. We seek to recommend boat racing betting sites that have
consistently provided top-notch services to customers and developed a positive
reputation amongst handicappers and industry insiders. This stage of the review
involves analyzing other websites and businesses with the same owners and
verifying that they’ve never taken part in scamming players or other unethical
red flags. The boat racing betting sites on this page have clean backgrounds and
a reputation for treating customers well.

Bonuses and Promotions

The best boat racing betting sites are extraordinarily generous with their
bonus plans. You’ll notice that online operators compete for new players’
business by using deposit bonuses and other prizes to sweeten the deal. Today, a
first-time signee can expect hundreds if not thousands of dollars for free upon
making an initial deposit, since many providers agree to match it 100%. They
also enroll members in loyalty programs that reward points for each wager made.
These credits can then be exchanged for more free cash, gift cards, and anything
else the website wants to offer.

Withdrawal Speeds

We pick the boat race betting sites with the fastest payout speeds for
our recommendations. The amount of time it takes a website operator to process
and complete your payout tells you everything you need to know about their
legitimacy. Many unethical locations purposely delay payments by ignoring
requests or setting unreasonably low transfer limits, hoping to hold your money
as long as possible. We prefer the boat racing sites that act quickly to
complete customer withdrawals and don’t need to resort to cheap tricks to keep
their cash.

Banking Options

Everyone’s financial situation is unique. Some people don’t use credit cards;
others use e-wallets like PayPal instead of bank accounts these days. There are some regions
with legalized online betting, while others attempt to block players from
offshore domains. In the US, individual bettors may use foreign providers, but a
federal law prevents direct deposits from the country’s banks to known gaming
sites. Having a wide range of flexible banking options solves all of these problems.
With an assortment of e-wallets, third-party payment processors, and
cryptocurrencies at your disposal, you can find a way to quickly and quietly
fund your betting account, working around any pesky obstructions without getting
the attention of any authorities.

Mobile Compatibility

A boat racing betting site’s compatibility with mobile devices is another
significant factor considered in our recommendations. Sports wagering is
primarily done on the run these days, with handicappers entering their bets
through smartphone and tablet browsers as well as apps in increasing numbers
every year. In many cases, betting on boat racing calls for the smart handicapper to wait
until the last moment to enter their pick, like after the coin toss prior to the
Boat Race. That will decide the two boats’ starting positions, which impacts the
outcome. By only using betting sites that work well on mobile devices, you can
place your bets from anywhere at any time, allowing you to wait and gather all
of the vital information.

Boat Racing’s Biggest Betting Events

The Boat Race

The Boat Race is a rowing contest between Cambridge and Oxford Universities
that takes place in London, England. It has been a yearly event since 1856
except during both World Wars. Cambridge is currently leading in the all-time
record, winning 84 times, compared to Oxfords’ 80 triumphs.

Both the men’s and women’s teams compete in the annual 4.2-mile affair, each
selecting crews of eight rowers to power their boat down the River Thames. With
over 250,000 spectators watching live and another 15 million tuned in on
television, it’s no wonder that boat racing betting sites have made this amateur
showdown a staple of their rowing markets.

America’s Cup

Americas Cup Boat Racing Logo

Another massive event for boat racing betting sites is the America’s Cup.
It’s a championship match race between two sailing yachts. Before it can begin,
an agreement must first be made between the holder of the Cup, known as the
“defender”, and the yacht club challenging to take it from them.

The America’s Cup is one of the most prestigious boat races in the world and
the oldest international sporting trophy in existence. The competing yacht clubs
attract the best ship makers and sailors, as well as a plethora of wealthy
donors and sponsorships.

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Each year, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia hosts one of the most
challenging sailing races in the world. The event takes roughly a
day-and-a-half, with the record finishing time coming in one day, nine hours,
and 15 minutes.

The field of competitors grows by the year, with 102 entries in 2017.
However, the contests are handicapped by length, weight, shape, and sail
dimensions of the vessels. Despite the various handicaps and categories, crews
still compete for “line honors,” which go to the first boat to cross the finish.
This almost always goes to the largest and newest yacht in the race.

Boat racing betting sites typically cover this event, offering a wide variety
of wagers. You can pick the winner, top three finishers, the margin of victory,
and a myriad of other markets.

Kyotei Grand Prix

“Kyotei” means “boat racing” in Japanese and is one of only four sports
legally wagered in Japan. The powerboat races take place around 600-meter
courses arranged on man-made lakes. Six competitors take part in each contest,
attempting to be the first to complete three laps for a total of 1,800 meters.

The highest level of kyotei is given the SG designation. The best racers
compete in the Grand Prix, the final tournament of the year, for the most
lucrative prize purses.

Betting on the kyotei races is extremely popular among the Japanese. There
are 24 stadiums hosting the powerboats around the country, and even more boat
race betting sites taking action on them.

Boat Racing Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Boat Racing Bets?

The majority of boat race betting sites take moneyline bets on contest
winners or set up pari-mutuel wagers in which the final payout is determined by
the number of entrants into the action. They also set a range of prop bets on
anything from the margin of victory to boats sinking.

Is Betting on Boat Racing Allowed?

Yes, in regions with legalized sports betting. In states with a lack of
online gaming regulations, you may use offshore boat race betting sites without
breaking any laws for individual gamblers.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore Boat Racing Betting Sites?

While using offshore boat racing betting sites may not be legalized formally,
there are no federal laws in the United States prohibiting you from doing so.
The only gaming laws that may affect your wagers prevents banks from allowing
transactions with gambling operators. This can be easily avoided through the use
of alternative payment methods.

Where Can I Find the Best Boat Racing Sites?

The boat racing betting sites listed at the top of this page are the best on
the internet. They’ve all been proven to offer the most coverage for the sport’s
markets in addition to being safe, professional gaming providers.

Can You Make Real Money Betting on Boat Racing?

Yes, fans of handicapping are showing greater interest in boat race betting
every year. With useful data accessible online and plenty of events, veteran
bettors are beginning to wager on the boats with growing frequency.