Top Bundesliga Betting Sites (2020)

When someone mentions the German Bundesliga, people automatically think about
Bayern and Borussia. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Those two teams have
been the greatest names in Bundesliga for many years now, featuring some of the
world’s hottest talents, clinching Europe’s top club competition trophies, and
sporting an action-packed season filled with competitive teams on all fronts.
That’s the charm of the top level of German club soccer.

Bundesliga betting sites, however, are an important factor behind the success of the
league’s success. Not only are they promoting some of the teams but they’re also
upping fans’ viewing experience with generous bonuses and a variety of betting
options to explore and bet on.

If you’ve come to this page looking for the best Bundesliga betting websites in
2020, you’ve come to the right place. That’s what this page is all about!

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That said, it’s no surprise to see Bundesliga betting sites
flourishing at the moment. Their expertise is breaking the boundaries of betting
on soccer, rightfully placing them at the top of the

online soccer betting

Despite that, some people (newcomers, to be more specific) still have
difficulties finding reliable places to bet on Bundesliga matches online. This is nothing
surprising, considering the current state of affairs in the online betting
niche. Allow us to bring you up to speed. The market is currently oversaturated
with online sportsbooks, many of which aren’t exactly good options to go

We’re not trying to scare you. There are plenty of great Bundesliga online betting
sites that’ll provide you with the optimal online sports betting experience. The
thing is, it can be tricky to find them.

No worries, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this article!

Options for Online Bundesliga Betting Sites

Bundesliga Soccer Ball, Bundesliga Logo, Goalie Missing Save

As explained above, there is a wide variety of sports betting sites
currently available online. A wide variety of options but, unfortunately, not
that many good ones. It’s kind of an oxymoron, but that doesn’t make it any less

Luckily, the list at the top of this page portrays the best websites for betting on Bundesliga ranked by several factors. These include banking option variety,
reputation, customer support efficiency, quality Bundesliga betting odds, and of course,
fast payouts.

Long story short, our list of the best sites for Bundesliga betting online features only websites that excel across ALL those departments. We’re talking about well-known soccer betting sites here, sites that ought to provide
you with the ultimate sports betting enjoyment.

No worries, there’s a more detailed approach to the ranking factors right
down below.

What Makes Great Bundesliga Betting Sites?

  • Great Bonuses
  • Fast Payouts
  • Banking Options
  • Customer Support
  • System Compatibility
  • Other Betting Options

Best Online Bundesliga Betting Bonuses

Let’s start off with the bonuses. There are many types of bonuses offered by
Bundesliga betting sites. There are welcome bonuses,
accumulator boosts, free bets, event-based bonuses, and all that’s just to name a few of the more popular ones. Of course,
all Bundesliga betting bonuses are made with one simple goal in mind, luring new players in.

Most bookies offer generous bonuses, promising fast payouts and easy rollover
terms. However, things are usually not like they seem. Reading through the fine
print (which is often available to read only after you’ve already deposited your
money) will reveal maleficent rollover rules that basically prevent you from
getting your money back. It’s basically a legit scam if such a thing exists.

However, things aren’t as bleak as they seem. While most online betting sites
do practice such vile schemes, there are those which still keep their users’
satisfaction at the top of their priority list. These are what we like to call
the ultimate sites for betting on Bundesliga online. Their fine print won’t sport overly
complicated payout rules, allowing you to fully control your bonus after you’ve
made the required number of rollovers.

Welcome Bonus 101

The most popular type of soccer betting bonus is the
so-called Welcome Bonus. They amount to a percentage of your initial deposit,
usually up to a fixed cap. So, for instance, a bookie offers a 100% initial
deposit bonus up to $200. That means you’ll be awarded an extra $200 in your
bonus bankroll after your initial $200 deposit. It’s pretty straightforward, and
all new users are eligible.

Welcome bonuses are basically the main reason why we recommend joining a few
different betting sites instead of just one. Not only will you be eligible for
more welcome bonuses but you’ll also get a chance to compare their odds.
Something that’s really useful if you’re big on accumulator betting.

Fast Payouts

Let’s face it, payouts are sort of like spoils of war for us sports betting
enthusiasts. There really is nothing quite like winning a ticket, cashing out
the money, and spoiling yourself (and your family) with a nice restaurant

Unfortunately, this process is often plagued with unoptimized internal
systems or slow payment transactions. The process depends on two things.

  1. It depends on your bookie’s ability to process withdrawal requests in a
    timely fashion.
  2. It depends on the average transaction speed of your
    payment method of choice.

Typically, online sportsbooks take around 24 to 72 hours to process
your withdrawal requests and pay you out using your preferred banking option.
However, if we’re talking about huge amounts of money, it can take up to two
weeks due to the verifications and identity confirmations required for winnings
above $10,000.

Banking Options

Bitcoin Logo on Top of Bundesliga Ball

Talking about banking options, it’s important to join a bookie that features
your preferred payment method. In this day and age, there are numerous online payment methods readily available.

There is, however, one relatively new payment method we’d like to emphasize
here-cryptocurrencies! With the never-ending expansion of the IT sector, the
need for new and innovative online payments is real. Even though
cryptocurrencies were in the mainstream media for all the wrong reasons (value
explosions, pump and dump systems, and cryptocurrency scams), they’re finally
starting to show their real potential.

In the world of online soccer betting, cryptocurrencies are
already on the rise. Thanks to their low fees, fast transactions, and complete
anonymity, they’ve taken the market by storm. Many Bundesliga betting websites
already support them on their platforms, with others doing everything they can
to speed up the process.

With all that in mind, if you’re still looking for the best way to deposit
and withdraw money for sports betting purposes, cryptocurrencies seem like the
ideal solution. Best of all, they’re pretty simple to set up and don’t require
any previous knowledge about their blockchain system. You can learn everything
along the way, something that ought to take them further up the food chain.

Customer Support

Customer support will be your go-to option should you stumble upon any issues
at your Bundesliga betting site. There are various customer
support channels that sport different levels of efficiency. Most commonly,
online sportsbooks feature contact forms, support emails, and FAQ
sections. Some, however, have live chat and telephone channels as well. What’s
so special about these?

Well, for starters, live chat and telephone customer options allow
you to get in direct contact with a customer support expert at your betting site. Either through
voice or via text, the person on the other end will be able to react much
quicker to your inquiries which will help him/her solve the issue
much faster than what would be the case with conventional emails and contact

That said, joining a Bundesliga online sportsbook that features live chat and
telephone support is a great idea. Even though customer
support isn’t exactly the top priority when picking out a bookie, it’s
certainly nice to have the luxury of directly communicating with staff members
and actively working with them on resolving any problems you may experience.

System Compatibility

Bayern Munich Winning the Bundesliga

Betting on the go is a flourishing trend these days. It seems as
though all notable Bundesliga betting sites are making a push towards fully
optimized mobile pages or sophisticated smartphone apps delivering all features
of their betting platforms for both iOS and Android devices.

Soccer betting websites are well-aware of the migration from desktop-based betting to betting on the go.
It’s the logical course of action. That said, if you are looking for a bookie
that allows betting on the go, make sure you check out the names on our featured list above.

Other Betting Options

And finally, we’ve reached the last factor that we used while making our
list of the best Bundesliga sportsbooks for 2020. As the heading implies, we’re
talking about other sports betting options. We are
referring to other sports and leagues supported by your bookie of choice.

Of course, additional sports and leagues aren’t everything, but for a sportsbook to
truly have an abundance of betting options, it needs to have solid depth in the majority of its betting markets. This “depth” is often characterized
by the number of available specials.

Haven’t heard about specials yet? They are basically different types of bets
based on various in-game occurrences. You can learn more about them right down

Popular Types of Bundesliga Bets

Yes, Bundesliga betting sites featuring a plethora of betting
options are all the craze these days. But, in addition to a vast number of
additional sports and leagues available for betting, the best sites for betting on Bundesliga will obviously feature a deep pool of different types of Bundesliga bets.

Let’s check them out!


This is your typical soccer betting option. However, there are two variations most
of you probably came across already. Two-way match-winners allow you to bet on
two outcomes, team A to win or team B to win. A draw, as far as two-way
match-winner bets are concerned, does not exist. Three-way, however,
incorporates both of the previously explained options alongside draws. Even
though match winner bets are the most popular betting options, they don’t
necessarily have to possess the greatest value.

Bundesliga Handicap Betting

If there’s a heavy favorite in a match, conventional match-winner bets won’t
be able to cut it. The odds-on heavy favorites will be way too low for anyone’s
taste. However, there’s a nice little special that ought to be interesting in
these sorts of scenarios. Meet handicap betting! It’s a special
type of Bundesliga betting that gives a slight advantage to the underdogs just to make the
betting odds a bit more fair.

For instance, handicap bets can give one, two or even three goals advantage
to the underdogs. These goals will obviously push the odds-on favorites up a
notch. However, they’ll have to win by a greater goal margin for your handicap
bet to yield some profit.

Total Goals – Over/Under Bets

If there’s a tightly contested matchup, perhaps total
goals over/under can be a great alternative to conventional match-winner bets.
Over/under bets specify a certain number of goals (e.g. 2.5) and you
have to guess whether the end-match score will be over or under those 2.5 goals.
The bet is pretty straightforward but can be a life savior for lengthier


If you’re more of a risk-taker, then halftime/fulltime bets will be more up
your alley. Instead of guessing the end-match result, this bet type requires you
to correctly guess the halftime result as well. Needless to say, nailing these
bets down is a tricky task. However, the odds are absolutely bonkers, especially
if you guess comebacks. Long story short, halftime/fulltime bets offer great
odds and make for fine match-winner alternatives for singles.

Mistakes to Avoid When Placing Bundesliga Bets

No matter your online betting experience, things can easily
go downhill in this hobby. A few surprising outcomes and a couple of lost
tickets is enough to dishearten aspiring sports betting enthusiasts. We’re
humans, it’s in our nature to make mistakes. However, it’s also in our nature to
learn from our mistakes and evolve past them.

The same ideas can be translated to the world of soccer betting online. It’s
easy to make mistakes, especially in this day in age. But that doesn’t mean we
can’t learn anything from them. It’s quite the contrary, come to think of it.

In fact, here are the most common mistakes when betting on Bundesliga and the things we
can learn from them:

Betting With Emotion

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. Crying on Soccer Field

Let’s start off with the obvious one. This here is, by far, the most common
mistake in the world of online sports betting. And it’s nothing surprising.
After all, most people who are placing Bundesliga bets on a regular basis are
fans of the league. That said, it’s only logical that their decision-making is
sometimes affected by their love for the game. By their love for their favorite
team, to be more precise.

Obviously, if you want to be a successful soccer betting expert,
you need to divide your passion for the sport and your betting endeavors. The
passion brings forth emotions, and we all know emotions and betting don’t go in
the same basket.

Emotion can make you do silly things. Most frequently, it will make you bet
on your favorite team even though, deep down, you know you shouldn’t bet on
them. Emotion can also trick your bankroll assessment and “force” you to bet
more than you should.

Yep, emotion is a huge no-no in the world of online betting!

Not Doing Enough Research

The second most common soccer betting mistake is being outright lazy, not
digging deep enough, not taking your time with assessing the value, and not
being thorough in your research. Today’s soccer betting requires more
stats-crawling than ever before. The level of competitiveness is increasing with
each passing season and top-tier teams are becoming better and better, with
nothing more than mere nuances deciding the outcomes.

With that in mind, it is of crucial importance to do your research. Don’t
just skim through recent forms, head-to-head matches and stuff like that. That
sort of information just won’t be able to cut it. If you’re already keen on
betting on soccer, you have to take your time and do it correctly. After all,
it’s your hard-earned money on the line…

Ignoring Specials

Another common mistake we see a lot of people make is only placing
match-winner bets. Sure, these bets are the most popular betting options out
there, but they aren’t the only ones. In other words, there can easily be much
better value in other betting options, value that can further boost your
potential winning in a lesser-risk environment.

We’re talking about specials here. In fact, we’ve explained the most popular
options right above this section. Their variety depends on the soccer
betting sites you opt for, but you can expect to see the most popular ones no
matter which bookie you opt for.

Typically, Bundesliga betting sites incorporate specials
based on various in-game factors like goals scored, yellow cards, corners,
halftime/fulltime results and so forth. There are many options you can choose
from, so make them count!

If you want to know more about this topic, make sure you check out our
common mistakes in soccer betting
page! It features all
three of these mistakes as well as several additional ones, alongside detailed
explanations and tips on how to avoid them. It’s a must read!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bundesliga Betting

Where Can I Find a Good Soccer Betting Guide?

Not being in-the-know can be frustrating for up and coming soccer betting
enthusiasts. Worst of all, the information on soccer betting guides are
difficult to find. Sure, when you Google for the term there, will be a bunch of
relevant pages. However, Google won’t exactly do you a world of good here.

Instead, we advise you to check out our take on
soccer betting
page. It is comprehensive, well-structured and easy to read.
It’s perfect for beginners and those who feel that way. Reading the guide won’t
take a lot of time but can change the way you perceive Bundesliga online betting sites.

Which Bundesliga Betting Websites Do We Recommend?

There are a handful of good sites where you can bet on Bundesliga online. As
we’ve explained above, the market is overcrowded with bookies of questionable
quality, so it is of crucial importance to ONLY bet with reliable online sportsbooks.

If you’ve missed it, there is a list at the top of this page that guides you
through the best Bundesliga betting sites currently available. All names
featured on the list are 100% legit, well-known, and respected in the soccer
betting community.

Furthermore, these sites with Bundesliga odds have excellent
betting coverage. There’s a ton of bets to choose from, a great variety of
specials, and solid odds all across the board. In other words, don’t settle for
anything else than the options on that list.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Bets on Soccer Betting Online Sites?

We already went through this above so there’s no point in going into too much
depth. Instead, here’s a list of the most popular bet types available that we’ve
explained earlier in the article.

  • Match-Winner
  • Outright Winner
  • Total Goals Over/Under
  • Handicap
  • Yellow Cards Over/Under
  • Player to Score a Goal
  • Missed Penalty
  • Corners Over/Under
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Halftime/Fulltime

Can Betting on Bundesliga Matches Online Be Profitable?

As is the case with every other type of online betting, soccer
betting can be profitable as well. It does take a lot of work, mind
you. You can’t rely on luck alone. Your betting slips will need to be
research-driven. You’ll have to come up with a proper

betting strategy
and learn to

predict upsets
. Those two skills are crucial for your
profitability as an aspiring sports betting expert.

Where Can I Find Bundesliga Betting Predictions?

One way of approaching your soccer online betting endeavors is doing all the
hard work yourself. This means going through pages and pages of betting options,
extensively researching stats, and analyzing recent head-to-head matches between
the teams. All this takes a lot of time but, in all honesty, it yields the
greatest results.

However, there’s another method. A method that can be equally good if based
on research-driven predictions. If you don’t have a lot of free time on your
hands, you can always try to find proper betting predictions online. Know your
sources, though. Only trust well-known websites that have betting experts in
charge of the predictions. Our
betting picks
page ought to help you out. It frequently
has betting predictions for Bundesliga and other popular soccer leagues that can help in your betting endeavors.

Why Are Bundesliga Betting Sites so Popular?

Well, to put it simply, the Bundesliga itself has a hefty dose of charm that
goes well with the online betting community. Even though it’s basically a
two-team league (Bayern and Borussia), there’s a ton of competition for the
spots leading to European competition. And with the rise of lesser-known teams
such as RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt, betting on Bundesliga matches online should get even more popular.