Online College Football Betting Sites for 2021

With each passing year, the annual betting handle for college football increases, so much to the point where it has shortened the gap with the NFL far more than many industry professionals expected. The rise in betting interest, paired with a boost in mainstream coverage this past decade, has made college football gambling the biggest it has ever been. Because of this, various ways to bet on college football have surfaced, with the use of online gambling sites being one of them. To kick things off we have the best sites recommended for you here:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
#1 BetUS Logo
100% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
#2 MyBookie Logo
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
#3 Bovada Sports Logo
Bovada Sports
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BetOnline Sports
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NCAA football betting online has become a major attraction, and the best college football betting sites are reflecting that. With football betting as a whole proving to be its own category in the gaming world, understanding the college game and how to bet on it using online websites will only be to the customer’s benefit.

To help future patrons, we have provided this guide for college football betting sites. It will help readers gain a better understanding of online sports betting in this field. Below, we have included some of the top college football betting websites that we have tested and recommend to our readers. You will also find step-by-step information of how to start your college betting career and some key reminders of what to do when wagering on football at the collegiate level.

Best College Football Betting Sites

  • Bovada: Known for its consistency and trustworthiness, while also showcasing great variety with their prop bets, this site is a must for big events like the Super Bowl or a prize fight.
  • MyBookie: A site that will benefit disciplined line shoppers, this site is known for its wide variety of sports and competitive spreads and totals.
  • BetNow: Known for its fast payout and modern but simple web design, this is a new site that has surged in popularity.
  • Xbet: A site that has seen a boost in usage in just the past few years, XBet is known for its easy user interface and speed in posting line changes.
  • BetOnline: BetOnline remains effective due to its smooth navigation and simple-to-read approach paired with a wide selection of futures that are posted early.
  • Known for its visually-appealing layout and easy usage, this has long been a consistent site for hardcore and casual bettors alike.

Choosing a College Football Betting Site in 5 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Search Through a Test-Proven, Trustworthy Site
  • Step 2: Examine Its Layout and Accessibility
  • Step 3: Look at the Consistency in the Lines
  • Step 4: Check Point Spreads, Totals, Moneylines, Futures, and Props
  • Step 5: See If Small Schools Are Represented

What to Look for in a College Football Betting Site

For betting college football on a gambling website that you’ve never used before, we have provided this checklist for the player to ensure they’re using a legitimate site before making their bets:

  • Does the site accept real money deposits?
  • Are there deposit bonuses, reduced vig, or rewards packages available after signing up?
  • Do they have a proven track record of trustworthiness?
  • Are there regularly offered promotions throughout the calendar year?
  • Are there consistent customer-satisfaction rates?
  • Is in-game wagering (live betting) offered at the site?
  • Are there variations in offered plays, props, and futures?
  • Is there two-way action on the games?
  • Does the sportsbook have smooth mobile compatibility and navigation?

What Do You Need to Know About College Football to Bet on It?

Football is a complex, layered sport that has many levels of skill and difficulty; none of them are the exact same. But, when it comes to betting the game of football, there are certain guidelines that cover all the bases regardless of what kind of football it is. These are related to understanding point spreads, betting value, line changes, market variation, future prices, and propositions. There are also certain aspects that experienced bettors know how to flag.

For example, lines in college football are often not as tight, as they don’t see the same kind of rapid-fire line movement as lines in the professional game. Also, mismatches in college football are a lot more common than they are in the NFL, so the broader point spreads and lofty odds often make it easier to jump on a side.

This is where knowing the key differences between the college and pro game are useful as it will allow potential bettors to find strong value across the board. Whether it’s knowing how to bet on a dog who is getting double-digit points, or finding value with a team most of the country doesn’t know much about, sharp college football gamblers often know where and what to look at.

The use of NCAA football betting sites has made this that much easier for dedicated college bettors, but it’s also been useful in educating those unaware about the differences in how NFL and college football betting operate.

You don’t have to be a college football expert by any means, but knowing how and why it differs from pro football betting puts you ahead of the game.

Blacklisted College Football Sites – Sites to Avoid

12 Bet


  • Scams bonus winners out of earned profits
  • Poor customer service


  • Slow payouts
  • Faulty website maintenance


  • Offers practically no rewards/bonuses
  • Frequent no-pay complaints from customers

Using Bonsuses at College Football Betting Sites

One of online wagering’s biggest perks are the promoted bonuses associated with the top online sportsbooks and casinos. These bonuses and sign-up rewards vary depending on the site, but all of our recommended sites have bonus packages as any safe, reputable, and trustworthy gambling site should.

Bonuses vary on the time of year and what sports are relevant at the time. But our recommended college football betting sites all offer bonuses for newcomers and tenured customers.

Here are a few rewards offerings that some of our NCAAF betting sites offer:

  • BetOnline has a $25 free play available for live betting. It can be used on a person’s first ever in-game wager on the site.
  • BetNow offers a 50% welcome bonus where patrons can receive a 50% increase to their bankroll on their first deposit at the site.
  • MyBookie is offering a 200% referral bonus to all of its existing customers who suggest the site to a friend. You can collect a 200% bonus up to $200 based on your friend’s initial deposit.

Is Wagering on College Football With an Online Betting Site Legal in the US?

Yes, but as we have mentioned before, the legality of gambling is based off a person’s location. For this very reason, knowing the us gambling laws on a state-by-state basis is the only way to fully determine which states allow the use of betting sites and which do not.

Ultimately, it comes down to the location of the book, and any professional market with a proven track record of ethical business is going to be in good standing against the regulations and restrictions posed by any state government.

Additionally, with more and more states lifting their ban on sports gaming and online gaming, more people are now allowed to bet with full legalization and regulation. But, again, any red flags with this issue are from the place of business itself, rarely the customer.

If a college football betting site exists and is recommended by us, its likely a bettor will run into very little issues. Any illegal activity would be putting the shop in jeopardy more than its customers.

NCAAF Betting Sites vs. Other Football Betting Sites

While every sport is bet relative to its rules and ramifications, comparing other entities is useful in understanding the variation of the online sports betting industry.

When looking at college football betting sites in comparison to the top NFL betting sites, one will find plenty of similarities and differences. But the only glaring changes will be the odds seen on the screen. The ability to detect that is only when diversity becomes apparent.

The key is being able to know why the differences exist, as betting both sports goes back to one’s knowledge and understanding of the game. A sharp bettor can shuffle back and forth between college football and the NFL and still be able to place bets without skipping a beat.

For this reason, somebody with some betting experience will be able to look at a college football gambling site and a Canadian Football League gambling site and not get caught up in the shuffle, as their minds will make the connection that an entirely different sport is now the focus.

Ultimately, how you bet using these sites won’t be dependent on the function of the site itself, but on the sport that is being wagered. This is the factor that determines the strategy and finances that go into making a play.

College Football Betting Site FAQs

What Are the Major Differences Between Betting on College Football and Betting on the NFL With Online Sportsbooks?

As far as the practice, nothing. The actual physical action of it is very much the same with both requiring sign-ups, deposits, and the use of an online sportsbook. The differences come in the theory of betting college football, as the handicapping process is different along with the odds-making process. This is where taking some of our aforementioned advice to heart will be beneficial.

That way, a patron will be informed of the gambling logic associated with NCAAF betting. Aside from that, however, the actual use of college football betting sites runs parallel with football wagering in terms of how they’re used and how customers handle their finances.

Is There More Profit in Regularly Betting College Football Games Than There Is for Professional Football?

The profit will ultimately be dependent on the bets, but yes, there are opportunities to be more profitable betting on college football. Due to much larger game slates every week (there are 130 Division I FBS teams to only 32 NFL teams) and greater talent gaps and mismatches, there are always more options to play with easier lines to beat in the world of NCAA football betting.

This is not to say one can be more profitable betting on the NFL, as handicapping and betting are processes that are specific to the individual. But there are certainly more opportunities to win in college football, and if one familiarizes themselves with the specifics of the game compared to the professional level, then they could find success in wagering with less resistance from the markets themselves. While beating the book from top to bottom is essentially an impossible task, successfully betting college football on a regular basis will allow a player to get their fair share of shots in.

If I Have Never Bet Football Before and Want to Try It Out, Should My First Attempt Be a College Football Wager or an NFL Wager?

Both. That seems like the easy answer, but it is the most true. Making an individual straight bet on both a college and NFL play is the simplest, quickest, and most efficient way to understand how both function in the gambling world. Getting action on the two simultaneously will allow a patron to view them comparatively and better gauge how they operate on their own and in similarity to one another.

In turn, that customer will also gain a better understanding of what they prefer to bet and may even make the realization (as many do) that playing both in the right spots is key to profitable football gambling.

Is College Football Betting Viewed in the Same Light as Other Popular Type of Sports Gambling?

College football has seen the biggest gambling explosion of any sport in the past decade. The betting handle that NCAAF websites bring in each week is second only to the NFL. In fact, wagering interest on college football has helped shorten the gap between professional and amateur sports in terms of market revenue. With college football having an advantage on the NFL (in terms of the number of games), NCAAF bettors often find themselves with more opportunity that’s commonly found in the NFL betting realm.

Furthermore, many successful college football gamblers bet on nothing else, because there’s enough week-by-week availability in the college slate’s matchups, odds, props, and futures to make a consistent and healthy profit without having to go bet on other sports.

What Is the Most Important Thing to Remember About Betting College Football for a Newcomer Using an Online Sports Gambling Site?

Just because it has football in the name doesn’t mean it’s the same as the NFL. Gambling on college football instantly becomes easier and more fun when a patron can make this distinction. As mentioned earlier, the point spreads in college football are often quite loftier and allow for more comfort than their NFL counterparts, giving customers a larger window for beating the spread. This is not a one-way ticket to a cashed bet, however, as the individual person’s knowledge and handicapping skills will still have to hold their weight.

Nonetheless, it’s important to know that, while the point spread is the most important factor in football wagering at any level, it’s a lot easier to side with a team if a bettor feels comfortable with them. This differs greatly from the NFL, where no matter who the teams involved are, they always play second fiddle to the number. With that number being looser at the collegiate level, more focus can then be placed on the teams themselves. Talent gaps and on-the-field mismatches happen in college football at a far more frequent level than they do at the professional level.