Top College Lacrosse Betting Sites for 2021

If you’ve been waiting for your opportunity to wager on the “fastest sport on
two feet,” then college lacrosse betting sites finally have you covered! While
lacrosse may be the oldest sport created in North America, it’s a late bloomer
when it comes to the availability of lines at land-based and online sportsbooks

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In 2009, the Wynn Race and Sportsbook made news by posting odds on the NCAA
Men’s Lacrosse Final Four and attracted enough betting action to continue the
practice going forward. Over time, other oddsmakers, including web-based
providers, began covering the event as well. It wasn’t until 2015 that Bovada
became the first college lacrosse betting site.

With more of our readers developing an interest in wagering on the NCAA game,
we’ve gone ahead and identified the best college lacrosse betting sites on the
web. The following providers are the most trustworthy and offer the most
coverage for the high-scoring collegiate competition. If you’d like to learn
more about the sport, including betting tips, keep reading!

About Our Recommendations

There are numerous factors considered when deciding which college lacrosse
betting sites to recommend to our readers. First and foremost, we want to
provide a safe, legitimate online gaming experience, avoiding the many internet
scammers and fake website operators who prey on novice players. Still, our
ranking and review process doesn’t end there, not by a long shot.

All of our recommended college lacrosse betting sites have proven themselves
worthy of our readers by excelling in the following areas (in the subsections
below). While these variables are only a small piece of our overall vetting
process, they will give you an idea of the amount of time and effort spent
ensuring that our recommended websites are the very best online.

Coverage of College Lacrosse Betting

Clearly, coverage of the sport is a fundamental factor in determining the
best college lacrosse betting sites. Our experts set out to find the locations
offering the largest selection of odds and wager types to guarantee the readers
an entertaining online gaming experience. We look for places with more than the
basic moneyline wagers on the eventual winner; we want providers that set lines
for a variety of possibilities, including totals, point spreads, and props. The
more options at your disposal, the easier it is to find an edge and profit from betting on college lacrosse.

Reputation and History

We also spend time combing through a college lacrosse betting site’s past,
looking for any potential red flags. Before recommending a website, we need to
know that they’ve been operating well for the entirety of their existence.
Additionally, customers need to have been treated well. We read the reviews and
complaints of former and present users alike and do a detailed analysis of the
ownership behind the business. The only college lacrosse betting sites that make
our list have a proven track record of satisfied customers and a positive
reputation among both the public and the professionals in the industry.

Competitive Lines

Of course, merely covering the sport isn’t enough. We also require providers
to set reasonable lines before considering them a top college lacrosse betting
site. The odds found at our recommended locations are consistently competitive
with all of the premier online bookmakers, giving you the best chance to profit
long term. In addition to vetting our favorite college lacrosse betting sites
for well-priced odds, we also encourage readers to shop around for the most
advantageous lines to maximize your chances of increasing your bankroll.

Safety and Security

Our highest priority is finding college lacrosse betting sites that are safe
for our readers to use. This website exists because online scammers were getting
out of hand and our team of industry experts wanted to put a stop to them. We
spend countless hours analyzing and reviewing domains to bring you a list of
quality providers that you can trust with your hard-earned money. Not only do we
verify their legitimacy as a business, but we research their software and make
sure any financial transactions will be adequately encrypted and secure.

Banking Options

College lacrosse betting sites that provide an extensive list of banking
methods are highly valued by our reviewers, especially since the majority of the
operators are located in offshore locations. Whether you’re hesitant to transfer
money from your bank accounts internationally or are prohibited from doing so
due to the law, alternative methods of payment are vital. Having access to a
deep selection of payment processors, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and
e-wallets from which to choose makes the process of funding your betting account
safer, quieter, and less stressful. If you still have more questions on banking options, check out our banking options page.

Quality Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is a requirement of all our recommended
websites. While the locations listed above are undoubtedly the top college
lacrosse betting sites in the world, they may still occasionally encounter
issues or make errors. When this happens, it’s crucial that you’re able to
receive a helpful response swiftly. When deciding which providers to recommend,
we pay close attention to their customer service: how easy it is to get someone
on the phone, how quickly they respond to emails, and the general respect and
courtesy they show customers in their communications.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best things about gambling online is the free money you receive
when you’re getting started. All of the top college lacrosse betting sites are
generous with their bonuses, rewarding players for merely signing up or
depositing money into their account. The deposit bonuses have become so
valuable; many players double the size of their bankroll! Then, once you’ve been
playing for a while, the loyalty programs kick in. The next thing you know,
you’ve compiled a ton of credits which can be exchanged for cashback,
merchandise, vacation packages, and more.

Withdrawal Speeds

Withdrawal speeds are one of our top priorities when reviewing an online
gaming provider. Websites that are consistently slow to process payouts for
their customers are often the least reputable. Not only is it frustrating for
players to have to hound a site for their money, but many of the slowest
operators are downright fraudulent. On the opposite side of the spectrum,
college lacrosse betting sites with quick turnaround times on withdrawal
requests have almost always proven to be the most trustworthy and smoothly run
operations around.

Mobile Compatibility

For a college lacrosse betting site to be considered one of the best, it’s
essential that their services are available on a wide range of devices. Today,
mobile compatibility is more crucial than ever. Players have shown that they
appreciate the convenience of online betting, which is only improved by the use
of smartphones and tablets. You never know when you’ll get the urge to place a
college lacrosse wager whether you’re at home or on the run, it should be
equally easy to find and use all of the same functionalities regardless of the

Ease of Use

We also pay close attention to an operator’s website and/or app quality. We
only recommend the best college lacrosse betting sites, so it’s critical that
their services are presented in an organized and visually pleasing way.
Navigating the various sections and finding the betting lines you want should
feel natural, without any confusion or frustration. Our favorite providers’
domains are easy to use, no matter how many wagers and services they offer. The
majority of our readers are new to betting on lacrosse the internet, so we prefer to make
the entire processes as straightforward and comfortable as possible.

Betting on College Lacrosse

Have a Plan Going In

While some college lacrosse betting lines can be found earlier in the season,
the majority of the action is on the NCAA championship tournament. If you’re
planning to wager on the seventeen-team playoffs, you’ll first want to take some
time to analyze the bracket and get an idea of how things should play out.

Fill out a tournament bracket and predict which school you see going all the
way this year. The top-seeded team will have the easiest path, and it’s worth
noting that programs in that position have won the title on seventeen occasions.
This is worth remembering during your handicapping of the action.

Come up with a plan for when tournament play begins for making college lacrosse bets. Perhaps you’ll
decide to wager on particular matchups, should they happen, due to how two
squads’ styles of play mesh. The four-round championship moves quickly, so if
you wait too long, you may not have time to handicap the contests properly.

Focus on the Schools With a Chance

Since the establishment of the modern NCAA college lacrosse championships,
national titles have been won by only a handful of teams. While those longshot
odds on the small-conference unseeded automatic bid might look appealing at
first, there’s no historical evidence that would suggest they stand a chance.

Seeded Teams Dominate

Syracuse Lacrosse Logo

Only the top-eight teams are seeded in the NCAA post-season. Since 1971, only
a single national champion came into the tournament unseeded – the University of
North Carolina in 2016. For the most part, your finals winner will be coming
from those eight seeded schools, which cuts the field you have to handicap for
futures odds in half.

The number-one seed has taken home the Wingate Memorial Trophy 17 times.
Thirteen of those eventual champions came into the tournament undefeated, only
to keep their unbeaten streak intact through all four rounds.

Where a team starts the annual competition is immensely important. The lower
the seed, the more difficult the road to the finals. Since 1971, only eight
schools that were slotted outside of the top-three went on to win a national

Coaches with Pedigree

Similarly, only a handful of coaches have experienced the thrill of winning a
Division I College Lacrosse Championship.

The field is limited to just eighteen men: Richie Moran, Glenn Thiel, Dave
Klarmann, Bud Beardmore, Henry Ciccarone, Willie Scroggs Jr., Roy Simmons Jr.,
Don Zimmerman, Bill Tierney, Dom Starsia, Dave Pietramala, John Danowski, Bob
Scott, Charley Toomey, John Tillman, Joe Breschi, John Desko, and Andy Shay.

Bill Tierney won the title with both Princeton and Denver, making him the
only coach to win at two different universities.

If you’re handicapping the finals tournament either to wager on futures odds
or individual contests, be on the lookout for the above list of names. A
top-notch coach at one of the nation’s best programs is nearly a requirement to
win it all.

It’s an Eastern Time Zone Game

College lacrosse is primarily played in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
states. Almost every top team can be found between North Carolina and New
England. In fact, no school from outside the Eastern Time Zone has ever won a
national title, with the lone exception being Denver in 2015. This is another
fact worth keeping in mind when making bracket predictions.

Focus on Schools and Conferences You Know

There are 73 NCAA Division I men’s lacrosse teams and over 110 on the women’s
side. Nobody could keep up with that much of the sport, especially not at the
level required to beat the sportsbooks consistently. When visiting a college
lacrosse betting site, don’t waste time with the schools that you don’t
typically follow.

Whether you’re placing college lacrosse bets or any other sport, familiarity is
key. Professional oddsmakers are phenomenal at setting lines, but they’re spread
thin across all varieties of events and leagues. The way you can beat them is by
developing an intimate knowledge of a few programs or a single conference.

The bookies can never follow your local school as closely as you can,
especially if you love their college lacrosse program. Use that in-depth
information as an edge when handicapping an upcoming matchup. If you see
something wrong with the sportsbook’s line based on what you’ve seen, that’s
when it’s best to capitalize!

College Athletes’ Performance Fluctuations

One of the fun things about betting on college sports and betting on college lacrosse is how inconsistent the
athletes can be at times. Due to the younger age of the competitors, they’re
more prone to letdown games, looking past weaker opponents, and letting the
pressure of big events get the best of them.

While this may seem confusing, you can actually wager with these performance
fluctuations in mind. You just have to identify the situations in which a
college team either has an extremely important matchup following a lesser
competitor or after they’re coming off of a massive win. Basically, any
situation in which they’re likely to be mentally fatigued or not entirely

Rivalry games are particularly useful spots for upsets. When one of the two
rivals is significantly better than the other, there’s nothing the underdog
enjoys more than spoiling the post-season for their hated opponent. You
frequently see the better school dropping these games, regardless of how
one-sided the contest looks on paper.

Bet on Value

The most crucial advice we can give you about college lacrosse betting sites
is to always keep your mind on value. A common mistake that bettors make is
wagering on the side of a contest they expect to win. They don’t put any thought
into the odds and how their implied probability compares to their handicapping
prediction. To help avoid common mistakes when betting online, refer to our sports betting essentials page.

Before even looking at the lines, analyze both squads and how their styles
will mesh on the field. Take into account any hot or cold streaks currently
going on, the best players on either side, and what their schedule looks like
immediately before and after the upcoming contest.

Then, set your own lines as if you’re the sportsbook. Next, compare the odds
that you decided upon against the college lacrosse betting sites’. If the
likelihood of either school winning is higher than the implied probability
suggests, that wager has value. As long as you’re always making picks with this
philosophy in mind, you have a chance of being a profitable bettor long term.

The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

College lacrosse’s most exciting time of year comes in May, during the NCAA
Lacrosse Championship tournaments. These are held for Divisions I, II, and III
for both men and women’s teams. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be
focusing on the Division I tournament, as it’s likely the only championship play
covered by major sportsbooks.

The first NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship was held in 1971, after
years of the season ending with the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse
Association handing out the Wingate Memorial Trophy to the program with the best
regular-season record.

The country’s best 17 schools qualify for the post-season tournament, with
the two lowest-ranked teams competing in a play-in game to determine who opens
the first round against the number-one seed.

Through 48-years of competing in the championship tournament, with 41
different schools participating over that span. only eleven teams have won
titles. Syracuse has been the most successful, taking home ten national
championships, although one was vacated by the NCAA.

Nine schools receive automatic bids into the tournament bracket for winning
their conference championships, while at-large bids are granted to the eight
best programs remaining. With so much of the NCAA’s lacrosse talent concentrated
in a few conferences, many of the at-large teams are the highest-seeded.

Most college lacrosse betting sites will cover all four rounds of the NCAA
championship tournament. Each year, the final four play their two semi-finals
matchups on Memorial Day weekend, with the final played on Monday.

School National Championships Finals Appearances Years Won
Syracuse 10 16 1983, 1988, 1989, 1993, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009
Johns Hopkins 9 18 1974, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1987, 2005, 2007
Princeton 6 8 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001
North Carolina 5 6 1981, 1982, 1986, 1991, 2016
Virginia 5 9 1972, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2011
Maryland 3 14 1973, 1975, 2017
Cornell 3 7 1971, 1976, 1977
Duke 3 6 2010, 2013, 2014

The Greatest College Lacrosse Teams of All-Time

Syracuse – 1990

When the 1990 Syracuse team successfully completed their undefeated season,
it resulted in their third consecutive national title, which hadn’t been done
since Johns Hopkins a decade earlier. Led by the Paul and Gary Gait as well as
future Hall of Famer Tom Marechek, the Orangemen could not be stopped,
culminating in their 21-9 victory over Loyola to take the finals win.

However, this title leaves a bitter taste in many Syracuse fans’ mouths.
After it was discovered that coach Roy Simmons Jr.’s wife co-signed a car loan
for Paul Gait, the NCAA decided to vacate the 1990 championship. Still, it
doesn’t erase the dominance of this Orangemen team on the field.

College Lacrosse Logo

Cornell – 1976

Cornell’s lacrosse teams dominated the 1970s, appearing in the finals on four
separate occasions and winning three. Their 1976 squad is considered one of the
best of all-time. After all, the Big Red’s roster that year featured six future
lacrosse Hall of Famers along with two Hall of Fame coaches.

What made the 1976 finals so special is that both opponents came into the
title game undefeated. Cornell took on the Maryland Terps at Brown University.
The game was a historic back-and-forth affair. Maryland took an early lead, but
with only three minutes to play in the fourth, Cornell had built a 12-10 lead.

Maryland shocked Cornell by scoring back-to-back goals late in the contest to
tie things up and send them to overtime. The Terps scored first in extra time,
but Cornell responded with a four-goal rally that saw them win the national
championship by a score of 16-13, cementing their place in history.

Maryland – 1973

The 1973 Maryland Terps were one of college lacrosse’s handful of undefeated
national champions. The team was led by future Hall of Famer Frank Urso and Bud
Beardmore, who was that season’s coach of the year.

After defeating Brown University and Washington and Lee, Maryland was matched
up with Johns Hopkins in the final. Hopkins took a commanding 5-2 lead by
halftime, but Maryland had more answers for them in the second. It took two
overtime periods before the game could be decided as the clash of styles kept
things knotted up. Finally, in the second overtime, Urso drilled a 15-yard
bounce shot before Maryland hung on for three minutes to win the national title.

College Lacrosse Men’s and Women’s Conferences

Men’s Division I

  • American East Conference
  • Atlantic Coast Conference
  • Northeast Conference
  • Big East Conference
  • Big Ten Conference
  • Patriot League
  • Colonial Athletic Association
  • Independent
  • Southern Conference
  • Ivy League
  • Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference

Women’s Division I

  • America East Conference
  • American Athletic Conference
  • Atlantic Sun Conference
  • Atlantic 10 Conference
  • Atlantic Coast Conference
  • Big East Conference
  • Big South Conference
  • Big Ten Conference
  • Colonial Athletic Association
  • Ivy League
  • Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
  • Mountain Pacific Sports Federation
  • Northeast Conference
  • Pac-12 Conference
  • Patriot League
  • Southern Conference

Men’s Division II

  • Conference Carolinas
  • East Coast Conference
  • Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
  • Great Lakes Valley Conference
  • Great Midwest Athletic Conference
  • South Atlantic Conference
  • Sunshine State Conference
  • Independent
  • Northeast-10 Conference

Women’s Division II

  • Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference
  • Conference Carolinas
  • East Coast Conference
  • Independents
  • Mountain East Conference
  • Northeast-10 Conference
  • Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
  • Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
  • South Atlantic Conference
  • Sunshine State Conference

Men’s Division III

  • Capital Athletic Conference
  • Centennial Conference
  • College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Colonial States Athletic Conference
  • Commonwealth Coast Conference
  • Empire 8
  • Great Northeast Athletic Conference
  • Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference
  • State University of New York Athletic Conference
  • Landmark Conference
  • Liberty League
  • Little East Conference
  • Middle Atlantic Conference
  • Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
  • Midwest Lacrosse Conference
  • New England Collegiate Conference
  • New England Small College Athletic Conference
  • New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference
  • North Atlantic Conference
  • North Coast Athletic Conference
  • North Eastern Athletic Conference
  • Ohio Athletic Conference
  • Old Dominion Athletic Conference
  • Presidents’ Athletic Conference
  • Skyline Conference
  • Southern Athletic Association
  • Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
  • Independents

Women’s Division III

  • Capital Athletic Conference
  • Centennial Conference
  • College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Colonial States Athletic Conference
  • Commonwealth Coast Conference
  • Empire 8
  • Great Northeast Athletic Conference
  • Independents
  • Landmark Conference
  • Liberty League
  • Little East Conference
  • Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference
  • Middle Atlantic Conference
  • Midwest Women’s Lacrosse Conference
  • New England Collegiate Conference
  • New England Small College Athletic Conference
  • New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference
  • New Jersey Athletic Conference
  • North Atlantic Conference
  • North Coast Athletic Conference
  • North Eastern Athletic Conference
  • Ohio Athletic Conference
  • Ohio River Lacrosse Conference
  • Old Dominion Athletic Conference
  • Skyline Conference
  • Southern Athletic Association
  • Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  • Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
  • State University of New York Athletic Conference
  • USA South Athletic Conference

College Lacrosse Betting FAQ

What Are Some Common Forms of College Lacrosse Betting?

Moneyline Bets – Whenever you’re wagering on a single
contest between two schools, moneyline bets are the standard. The sportsbook
sets a three-digit line on each side, which can be a positive or negative
number. The positive value is the underdog and represents how much profit you
will win from a $100 bet. The negative number is the favorite and tells you how
many dollars you must risk to win $100.

Point Spreads / Handicap Wagers – Point spreads are also
available on college lacrosse betting sites. The oddsmakers will assign a handicap,
usually between two and four goals. If there’s a 2.5-point spread for the
favorite, they must win by three or more points to win the bet. On the other
hand, the underdog can either win or lose by less than three goals and still be
a winning wager.

Totals / Over/Unders – College lacrosse totals lines are
wagers on how many goals will be scored. The sportsbooks set a line, and you
decided if the total number of goals scored by both universities combined will
go over or under that value.

Futures – For tournaments like the NCAA Lacrosse
Championship, you may be able to wager on futures. These are simply bets on some
event that won’t be decided until a later date. For example, you can put action
on the eventual title winner before the tournament even begins.

Is Betting on Lacrosse Allowed?

Yes, wherever sports betting is legal. However, even if your region hasn’t
regulated online gaming, you can wager on college lacrosse betting sites without
breaking any laws.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore College Lacrosse Betting Sites?

Yes, you may use offshore college lacrosse betting sites. There are no laws
against individual bettors accessing operators in foreign jurisdictions. While
it hasn’t explicitly been legalized, all of the federal gaming statutes only
pertain to companies operating betting sites and banking institutions. There’s
nothing that outlaws online wagering for individuals.

How Can I Win Money Betting on College Lacrosse?

Winning money at sports betting, through college lacrosse or another game, is
all about doing your homework and finding value. The more research you do on the
teams, the more accurate your predictions will be. The better they are, the more
reliable the odds you set will be. Then, you can rely on these figures when
comparing them to the implied probability determined by the bookmakers.

Once you have that ability, winning is as easy as comparing the house’s line
with your own. Anytime you believe an outcome is more likely than the
oddsmakers, that line possesses positive value and is worth betting. If you
always search for value, you can win money long term.