Best Darlington Betting Sites for 2019

Few race tracks symbolize the rich history of NASCAR like Darlington Raceway. Established in 1949, the first race was officially held in 1950, and the love affair for stock car racing in South Carolina exploded almost immediately. The popularity of this race exceeded all expectations and Darlington Raceway soon took on a life of its own. Nicknamed "The Lady in Black" and "The Track Too Tough to Tame," Darlington is a NASCAR tradition unlike any other race on the circuit.

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In addition to the fans and drivers, racing at Darlington has also become a popular event with NASCAR bettors. In fact, betting on Darlington has never been easier than when you use one of our best Darlington betting sites.

What Makes These Sites the Best Darlington Betting Websites?

Darlington 1950 Race and Darlington 2018 Race with Darlington Raceway Logo

For generations, racing at Darlington was synonymous with Labor Day weekend. NASCAR has held the Southern 500, or some form of it, on the holiday weekend since the 1950's. For stock car fans, this Labor Day weekend race became an annual holiday tradition of spending time with loved ones, eating amazing BBQ food, and watching some exciting racing. Is there anything better than good food, loved ones, and some high-speed action at the Lady in Black?

Our list of the best Darlington betting sites might not be better than food, family, and live racing at the Track Too Tough to Tame, but it definitely comes close. When betting on NASCAR, don't just place wagers at sites with Darlington odds, choose one of the best Darlington betting sites and enjoy an online betting experience unlike any other.

Bonuses That Even the Lady in Black Would Love

We all love free money, and our list of Darlington betting websites will give you free money and free bets through the best bonuses in the industry. For new users, when you sign up and make your first deposit, these Darlington sports betting sites offer bonuses that match your initial deposit. The amount of money matched depends on each individual sports betting site. Many of them offer a 100% match up to a few thousand dollars.

Another mind-blowing bonus that our list of online betting sites offer is the reload bonus. This is for all users who are making another deposit. However, it typically requires a deposit through a non-traditional banking method like cryptocurrency. The sports betting sites typically match up to 50% of your deposit depending on the amount.

Brad Keselowski #2 NASCAR Miller Lite Car

In addition to matching deposits, our list of the best Darlington betting sites provide free sports bets to users. These free wagers are handed out during various promotional times of the year and during the initial deposit. Furthermore, some of our online betting sites reward customers with free wagers if they're very active. Can you imagine winning money from placing Darlington bets for free? Now, that's something that even the Lady in Black would love.

Lightning-Fast Payouts

There was a time when NASCAR drivers like Speedy Thompson and Fireball Roberts were the first to eclipse an average speed of 100 mph during their victories at Darlington in the Southern 500 race. Nowadays, drivers like Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, and Jimmie Johnson are averaging over 130 mph in their victories at the same track. The difference in the average speed is due to the technology with the race cars. Just like the advancements with stock cars, our list of the best Darlington betting online sites have also seen a dramatic improvement with speed of payouts due to the latest industry technology.

Instead of having to wait a day to receive the payout from betting on NASCAR, our betting sites for Darlington will credit your account with the appropriate winnings faster than you can grill a burger at a holiday weekend BBQ. Additionally, instead of having to wait a week to get a withdrawal, our list of the best Darlington sports betting sites will approve your withdrawal the same day. Imagine winning money from betting on Darlington that Sunday, then withdrawing those winnings and getting them in time to spoil the family on Labor Day.

The Most Banking Options Available

When betting on Darlington, or betting on NASCAR in general, it's imperative that Darlington betting sites you use have a variety of banking options available. These options include:

One major reason for wanting numerous banking options is convenience. Being able to choose which options works best for you based on convenience is like winning the pole for a race. It's a good feeling, but there's still work to do.

Privacy is another reason for choosing a sports betting site with numerous banking options. For example, if you don't want friends or family to see the deposits and withdrawals that you make with an online betting site, then using cryptocurrency can keep things anonymous and private. Privacy is key for those that like to keep things close to the vest.

We have already discussed the reload bonuses above. However, if you are using a sports betting site that doesn't have a wide variety of banking options then you are most likely using an online betting site that doesn't even offer reload bonuses.

Some countries and regions do not allow bank accounts or credit cards to approve financial transactions from online betting sites. Nevertheless, having many different banking methods will allow users from these countries to participate in betting on Darlington through options like money orders and cryptocurrency.

Lastly, and perhaps the most beneficial for the sports betting site itself, having multiple banking options can cut down on the transaction fees. When using options like credit cards, the companies charge the gambling sites a fee. However, with options like cryptocurrency, the sports betting sites don't have to pay any fees. That's also why they use crypto as a way to offer more bonuses.

Superior Customer Support

Darlington Southern 500 Old Poster Advertisement

Darlington is one of NASCAR's racetracks where the pit crew is just as important as the driver. It's often said that drivers aren't just racing against each other at Darlington, but they're also racing against the track itself. That's how Darlington Raceway earned the moniker "The Track Too Tough to Tame." Out of nowhere, it would appear that the racetrack would send a car into the wall and end the driver's night. In order to deal with whatever the Lady in Black throws at them, drivers have to heavily rely on their pit crew to make adjustments all race long and to repair damages.

Just like a pit crew, the best Darlington betting sites have an industry leading customer support team to help bettors with whatever issues arise. Instead of flat tires or damaged fenders and quarter panels, the customer support team aids in online betting site difficulties.

If you forget a password, run into a glitch, see the website lagging, can't find a listed betting line, or anything else, the best Darlington racebooks have a customer support department available 24/7 via several different methods of communication like email, chat, and phone. Just like a NASCAR driver can't win at Darlington without a great pit crew, a NASCAR betting online website does not qualify as being one of the best unless it has a fantastic customer support team to help a bettor with all website needs.

Safety and Security

NASCAR takes numerous safety precautions to ensure a driver's safety from seatbelts and helmets to a fireproof suit and a HANS device. That same commitment to a driver's safety and security can be seen in the best NASCAR betting online sites. For example, our list of the best Darlington betting sites feature top of the line antivirus software and industry-leading encryption to protect your personal information and money. Never trust an online betting site that is still in the dark ages when it comes to safety and security.

Another reason not to trust those outdated and archaic NASCAR betting online websites is that they're software and technology is incompatible and unsafe for the modern sports bettor. Outdated software is highly susceptible to being hacked. Furthermore, an archaic website design means that it's most likely not mobile-friendly or responsive. Both issues would make it more difficult for Darlington bettors to find the updated odds and to view the online betting site clearly on anything other than a desktop web browser.

Other NASCAR Betting Options

There are three dozen Monster Energy Cup Series races each year in NASCAR. And the best Darlington betting sites offer gambling opportunities for all of these races each and every week. Additionally, you can also place wagers on NASCAR's Xfinity Series and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series as well. So, whether you are just placing Darlington bets or you are committed to betting on any of NASCAR's three different series all season long, our list of the best Darlington websites at the top of this page have you covered.

Darlington Betting FAQ

Are These Darlington Online Betting Sites Mobile-Friendly?

Our list of the best Darlington betting sites are designed with mobile sports bettors in mind. They are not only responsive and automatically adjust to the screen size of a smartphone or tablet, but they also offer apps for iOS and Android devices. As mobile sports betting continues to grow into a major niche within the gambling industry, our list of betting sites for Darlington will ensure that you get the best mobile betting on Darlington experience.

Do These NASCAR Betting Online Sites Offer Live Betting?

Yes, these betting sites for Darlington offer live betting. If you are using an online betting site that doesn't, then you need to quickly choose one from our list. Live betting is an exciting experience, and one that you can enjoy through our list of the best Darlington betting sites.

Can I Sign up for More Than One of the Best Darlington Betting Sites?

We highly encourage that you sign up for more than one of the Darlington online betting sites on our list. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the bonuses and various promotions, but you will also be able to shop for the best NASCAR betting lines and get the most current betting odds.

What Are the Different Types of Darlington Bets Offered?

The best Darlington betting websites offer the following NASCAR wagers:

Outright Winners - This type of NASCAR wager is the most common betting option available. To win on this bet, you must pick the correct driver to win the race. Each driver will be listed with betting odds. For example, Kyle Busch is listed at +450 to win at Darlington. If you believe he will win, then you will risk $100 to win $450. Driver betting odds are the same as moneylines for teams and fighters.

Head-to-Head Matchups - When placing Darlington bets, you can choose to wager on head-to-head matchups if you're really confident in a specific driver. This NASCAR bet can be in addition to picking an outright winner or it can be a lucrative alternative. All you have to do in order to win this bet is to pick which driver will have the higher finish. For example, the Darlington racebooks have a driver matchup with Kevin Harvick (-120) vs Joey Logano (+100). If you think Harvick will have a better result than Logano at Darlington, then you risk $120 to win $100.

NASCAR Prop Bets - NASCAR prop bets encompass a wide range of aspects for a Darlington race. These betting aspects can include things like the number of caution flags, the number of lead changes, where a driver will finish and more. If you aren't feeling confident in any particular driver to conquer the Track Too Tough to Tame, then prop bets could be the best option for those of you betting on Darlington.

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