Best Dog Racing Betting Sites

Handicappers have been betting on dog races for as long as gambling has existed. However, it hasn't always been easy to put money on the canine competitors, as greyhound tracks can be challenging to find in some regions. Now, dog racing betting sites make it possible for bettors all around the globe to get in on the action regardless of geography.

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The most significant events for dog race betting are traditionally found in the British Isles, where the sport began. The English, Scottish, and Irish Greyhound Derbies are all massive events with significant prize money at stake, as are the Melbourne Cup and Sandown Cup in Australia.

In this guide, we'll introduce you to the best dog racing betting sites, share some tips for winning wagers, and cover some of the most prestigious contests in the field. We'll also define some basic greyhound handicapping terms you may encounter online and take a look at some other forms of dog racing.

Types of Dog Racing

Greyhound Races

Greyhound Dog with Blue Vest on

When we discuss dog racing betting sites, we're primarily talking about greyhound racing. These are the events carried by most online sports betting sites and found at local tracks throughout the world.

Most races feature six runners on a dirt track, competing for roughly 500 to 700 meters. The dogs are enticed to run by a mechanical lure called the "hare." The hare moves around the perimeter of the track before the action begins. When it reaches the starting gates, the doors automatically open, prompting the dogs to take off running.

The hare then stops at the finish line where the winner of the race is declared.

Sled Dog Races

Despite being dominated by greyhounds on tracks, other forms of dog racing do exist. In cold-weather regions such as Alaska, sled dog racing is king. Events like the Iditarod see teams of sled dogs pulling a single passenger, called a "musher," through impossible conditions for over 1,000 miles.

Some sled dog racing betting sites have set lines for the Iditarod in the past, but they're relatively rare. Nevertheless, sled dog races are enormous, big-money events, so it's entirely possible that they'll become a regular fixture at the books in the future.

About Our Recommendations

You may have noticed that most of our recommended dog racing betting sites are operating out of offshore gaming jurisdictions. These countries, many of which are in the Caribbean, license and regulate online gambling, allowing providers to host their servers within their borders while serving foreign players.

The offshore status of these operators is a benefit to gamblers who live in regions without internet gaming, but there's also a downside. Some jurisdictions sell licenses without much oversight, making it easy for scammers to present themselves as legitimate businesses. Many novice players have lost significant sums of money to these frauds.

That's why our team of experts has done the hard work finding the best dog race betting sites for you, ensuring that you'll never be scammed. All of our recommendations have been thoroughly vetted for the following qualities.

Dog Paw PrintCoverage of Dog Racing Betting

Before we can dig into the more significant aspects of our review process, we must first make sure all of our recommendations cover dog races. After all, that's what you're on this page to find, right? Still, merely setting a few lines for the most prominent events isn't enough. We prefer to introduce our readers to dog racing betting sites that offer a wide range of wagers, similar to-if not better than-what you'd find at the actual track window on race day.

Magnifying GlassCompetitive Lines

If an online sportsbook isn't setting competitive lines (consistent with the prices set by other top oddsmakers), it's not worth betting. All forms of gambling are numbers games, and we readily accept that the house always has an advantage. Nevertheless, it's possible to be a successful handicapper through hard work and finding value. But value can only be found when the odds are competitive and realistic. In the same way, we encourage readers to shop for the best lines when wagering, we do the same when finding the dog race betting providers to recommend.

LockSafety and Security

Our fundamental goal is to stop fraudulent online operations by helping new players avoid their schemes. Nothing that we do here is more crucial than finding safe, reliable, and trustworthy betting sites to share with our readers. Before dog racing betting websites can be included in our recommendations, it must be intensely researched and found to be legitimate and well-run, offering players a safe and secure place to wager. We want to help focus your energy on winning bets, not worrying about internet scammers and thieves. Let us take care of that part.

Thumbs UpEase of Use

Our review process also takes into account how easy dog racing sites are to use. Wagering doesn't need to feel like rocket science. We look for websites that are professionally made and organized in a logical way that's straightforward to navigate. Many of our readers are new to online betting, so we'd like the entire experience from signing up to depositing cash, and placing a bet to be as stress-free and natural as possible.

Piggy Bank and CoinsBanking Options

With so many dog race betting sites being located offshore, having a wealth of banking options to choose from is vital. In some regions, specific payment methods are blocked, while in others, online wagering is illegal and requires anonymous transactions to stay under the radar. Accepting a variety of banking types gives players the flexibility to work around their issues. Most challenges can be overcome by simply depositing cash into an e-wallet, cryptocurrency, or other third-party payment processors, and then using that account to fund your betting.

Gold StarReputation and History

Beyond verifying that dog racing betting sites are currently safe and secure, we also dig into their history to make sure they've always been a top-notch provider. In addition to the background check done on the website being reviewed, we also look into the ownership and any other domains they may have held. To pass our test, we must find a history of satisfied customers and a positive reputation among players and industry insiders as a whole. We want to introduce our readers to established dog race betting sites that have shown consistent excellence.

Gift BoxBonuses and Promotions

The best betting sites for dog racing compete for your attention with generous bonuses and promotions. Deposit bonuses can be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars thanks to providers that offer a 100% match on your initial payment. In addition to the entry-level gifts, online gaming websites will enroll members in loyalty rewards plans that earn points for each time you wager. You may then exchange the loyalty points for cash back on your losses, merchandise, and more.

SpeedometerWithdrawal Speeds

One of our top priorities when selecting the top dog racing sites is verifying that they quickly process withdrawals. While unethical websites delay these requests and hope you'll grow impatient and bet the money instead, the best providers respond to your desire to cash out with urgency. Our recommendations know it's your money and won't make you chase down your payout.

Customer Service Rep With HeadsetQuality Customer Service

Quality customer service is a fundamental requirement for all of our recommended dog racing betting sites. The best gaming websites feature clearly-labeled support pages that are easy to find and they answer frequently asked questions in addition to sharing several contact methods. A telephone number and email address are always listed, along with an instant messaging option, in most cases. We test each form of communication to verify that they're all working and being managed by helpful, responsive, and courteous customer service employees.

Mobile PhoneMobile Compatibility

Who knows when you'll get the itch to put some action on the dog races; the best betting sites for dog racing need to be available from anywhere! The majority of our time spent on the internet these days is done through smartphones and tablets rather than computers or laptops, so online gaming operators have had to adjust. Our top recommendations make their websites compatible with mobile devices either through their internet browsers or via their own applications. Now, you can place your dog racing bets on-the-go without any loss of functionality.

Biggest Dog Racing Betting Events

English Greyhound Derby

The English Greyhound Derby is the world's most prestigious greyhound race. The 500m event was first held in 1927 in Wimbledon but is now held in Towcester. It takes place in June or July every year with an outrageous top prize of 175,000 pounds going to the champion. If you want to see the most celebrated canine athletes the sport has to offer, this is the competition to watch.

The Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Dog Race Logo

The Melbourne Cup takes place in November at Sandow Park in Australia. With a prize pot totaling $350,000 AUD, the event attracts all of the best runners from the region, making it one of the premier competitions of the year. The greyhounds run for 515m to declare the winner. Many dog racing betting online sites will take action on this cup, especially in Australia.

Greyhound Night of Stars

The Greyhound Night of Stars is an annual event that brings the best dogs from around the globe to compete. Organizers hold races of various distances and generally celebrate the sport and its competitors. The Night of Stars is held at Shelbourne Park in Dublin, Ireland, and is covered by many European dog racing betting sites.

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

The Iditarod Trail is the most elite sled dog race in the world. Since 1973, it's been held on the first Saturday in March every year and pits the mushers and their team of dogs against both their competitors and the harsh Alaskan elements.

The race begins in Anchorage and continues for 1,100 miles through rugged terrain before reaching the finish line in Nome on the state's western coast. Mushers must sign in at checkpoints along the route with three mandatory rests required: a 24-hour stop and two individual eight-hour breaks along the Yukon River and White Mountain, respectively.

The finish line is the Red "Fox" Olson Trail Monument in Nome. The Iditarod is officially complete once the last musher arrives.

While dog racing betting sites have set lines for the Iditarod Trail in the past, it hasn't been consistently covered by oddsmakers. The most recent betting odds we could find for the race were from 2013. However, it's worth keeping an eye out for sled dog race betting in the future, as this event is perfect for prop bets and live wagering.

Sandown Cup

The Sandown Cup was established in 1964 and has been an annual event in Australia ever since. The winner takes home $250,000 AUD, making it an exceptionally sought-after and competitive cup that attracts the top talents in the country and abroad. The runners compete on a 595m track throughout the three-week event which concludes in Sandown Park. This is another competition that the majority of dog racing betting sites will cover.

Dog Racing Betting Tips
  • Take weather conditions into consideration. A wetter track often favors frontrunners and dogs that run wide.
  • Don't take any wager that pays less than even money.
  • Favor up-and-coming young dogs over heavily-run competitors with lots of miles.
  • Don't bet on races with too many runners-six or fewer is ideal.
  • Positioning is everything. If the dog in Trap 2 tends to run wide around corners, this is advantageous for the runner in Trap 1. If the greyhound in Trap 5 goes inside around the bend, this helps the dog in Trap 6. Look for opportunities for clean runs.
  • Do your research. Look at the runners' last handful of races. Are they improving in form or beginning to decline?
  • That being said, sometimes a bad loss can shorten the odds on a legit contender. Analyze why they lost most recently. Were they crowded out by a competitor? There may be significant value here.
  • In most cases, dogs positioned closest to the rail have the advantage except when it's wet.
  • Specialize in a specific track or two. The more familiar you are with a particular location, the easier it is to visualize how a race will play out and where to find value.

Dog Racing Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Forms of Dog Race Betting?

Wagering on dog races is similar to horse track betting. You will primarily find pari-mutuel bets, which often combine their stakes with the racetrack to provide accurate odds and a larger pot to share amongst winners. There are two basic categories: straight bets and exotics. Straight bets include your picks to win, place, or show. Exotics consist of trifectas, superfectas, and quinella bets.

Is Betting on Dog Racing Allowed?

Yes, in areas where online betting is legal. In the United States, for example, most regions have not yet legalized internet gaming but it's not outlawed either. So, if you can find licensed greyhound racing betting sites to take your bets online, you can use them without breaking any laws.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore Dog Racing Betting Sites?

It hasn't formally been made legal, but yes, you can use offshore dog racing betting sites without breaking any laws. In the US, online gaming is only regulated in a few states, and federal gambling laws only pertain to operators and banking institutions not individual bettors. So, you may use offshore providers without doing anything illegal.

Where Can I Find the Best Dog Racing Sites?

That's easy; they're all at the top of this page! The dog racing betting sites shared here have been vetted and were found to be the best betting sites online. Not only do they offer the most coverage of dog races, but they provide a safe and secure place to wager online.

Can You Make Real Money Betting on Dog Racing?

Yes, dog race betting can be quite lucrative once you get good at it. Similar to horse racing, there are tips and tricks which can improve your picks, many of which are shared above.

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