Best English Premier League Betting Sites for 2019

When it comes to watching (and betting on) soccer, there is no league better than the English Premier League. Broadcast in 212 territories and an estimated 643 million homes, the top tier of English football is the most popular sports league in the entire world. No matter where you live, if you care about soccer, you care about the EPL.

With viewership numbers through the roof and the attention of most the globe, it's understandable why gambling on Premier League matches is widespread, as well. As a result, most online bookmakers offer a wide range of odds on every EPL game. This includes everything from live betting to handicap betting and even futures bets.

There are twenty teams in the English Premier League, and each plays thirty-eight matches each season. That means we have 760 opportunities to place our bets and win some money. But to do that, you'll need to understand the basics of EPL gambling and choose the right online sportsbook. Finding the right bookmaker can be a daunting task, especially with the number of scam operations out there.

With online sports betting raking in hundreds of billions of dollars per year, it only makes sense that scam sportsbooks are out there trying to steal as much of it as possible. That's why you must be diligent when choosing a betting site. What we've done for you here is vet thousands of online betting sites and select the very best for gambling on the English Premier League.

We take ranking gambling websites very seriously and base our results on a multitude of different factors. Sites are graded on everything from their history and reputation to their payout speeds and even their bonus programs. Rather than having to trust shady sites and hope that your money is safe, choose one of the places we've already determined is safe, reliable, and trustworthy to maximize your sports betting experience. Then all you have to focus on is making the right bets!

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A Brief History of the English Premier League

For most of history, the top level of English soccer was the Football League First Division (now called the Football League Championship). But after several years of threatening to break away and renegotiating voting power and revenue shares, the top twenty-two English soccer teams finally left in 1992 and created the English Premier League. This new league would be the new top tier of the sport in England.

In 1995, the number of teams occupying the top-flight league was dropped to twenty in response to a request for fewer club matches made by FIFA, soccer's international governing body. That year, four EPL teams were demoted at the conclusion of the season, while only two were promoted up from the First Division. Now, three teams are relegated and promoted following each annual campaign.

The team that has enjoyed the most success since the foundation of the Premier League is Manchester United. Not only did the Red Devils win the inaugural season in the new league, but they've won an additional twelve times since! Following their success are the clubs Chelsea and Arsenal, who have five and three championship wins, respectively.

The enormous television-rights revenue provided to EPL teams has caused a widening gap between the top tier and the rest of English soccer. With the increased revenue, clubs that obtain promotion to the Premiership are more capable of bidding for the best talent and facilities. A total of forty-nine clubs have competed in the Premier League since 1992. Many of the more significant clubs have enjoyed long tenures in the top tier, while the same clubs tend to be relegated before bouncing back year after year.

English Premier League Basics

The Top Flight

The way soccer is organized in England resembles a pyramid. The bottom level of professional football is called League Two. Teams that are relegated from League Two land in the Conference, which is a semi-professional organization. Above League Two is League One, which is actually the third tier of English soccer.

Teams that are promoted up from League One find themselves in the Football League Championship. This is the highest level that is operated by the English Football League, although it is only the second tier of English soccer. At the very top of the pyramid is the English Premier League. Made up of the top twenty clubs in the region, there is no higher level of professional soccer than the EPL.

It's All About Points

Unlike many other sports leagues, the EPL season does not end in playoffs and a championship. Instead, the league standings are based on a points system. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the season is declared the champion.

Each EPL team plays every other team twice per season. Every time they win, they are rewarded with three points. A draw, or tie, is worth one point, and a loss is worth none. Teams will occasionally finish the campaign with equal amounts of points, at which point things like goal differential are used as a tie-breaker.

Champions League Implications

Although Ricky Bobby's motto "If you're not first, you're last" may apply to most sports leagues across the world, it doesn't quite work with EPL standings. While there can only be one champion, the top four teams in the standings qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

The Champions League is a tournament involving the very best club teams from all across the many leagues in Europe. Entry into the Champions League comes with a hefty financial reward, so teams fight mightily for the top four spots in the standings, all the way through the end of the season.

Relegation and Promotion

A refreshing quality of the EPL that you frequently see throughout most soccer associations globally is the system of relegation and promotion. Every year, the bottom three Premiership teams are relegated to the Football League Championship. Conversely, the top three teams from the second tier are promoted and given a shot in the EPL.

This system completely removes the concept of tanking from the sport. Even the worst teams in the league are playing their hearts out at the end of the year to avoid being relegated. It also keeps the best teams on their toes, as even a single loathsome campaign can land a club in the relegation zone.

Most Successful Teams in EPL History

Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most popular clubs in the world. Since 1992, they have won the EPL championship more than any other side, notching thirteen championship seasons. The team is nicknamed the "Red Devils" and plays their matches at Old Trafford, their stadium in Manchester that seats nearly 75,000 supporters.

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC was created in 1892 to fill the suddenly-unoccupied Anfield football grounds, which has remained the team's home ever since. The Reds, which they are also called, have been members of the EPL since its inception, having never been relegated. Despite spending 26 years in the top flight, they have yet to win an English Premier League title. Regardless, they earned 18 championships over the course of their history and are almost always competitive, near the top of the standings and threatening to win it all.


Arsenal is a club based in London, where they play in front of 60,432 fans at Emirates Stadium. The Gunners have won the English Premier League championship three times, in 1997-98, 2001-02, and 2003-04. The 2000s was the team's most celebrated decade, which saw Arsenal finish in the top four all eleven seasons between 2000 and 2010-11. They are estimated to be the second-most-valuable club in England with a value of $2 billion.


Chelsea is another London club, which has seen the majority of its success come in the past two decades. Including the club's five EPL championships, Chelsea has won twenty-seven major trophies, twenty-one of which were earned since 1997. The squad has been owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich since 2003, who is consistently willing to purchase the best talent from around the world and uses his considerable wealth to ensure his team is always in the hunt for more glory.

Types of Bets

Live Betting

Live betting, or in-game betting, is a type of gambling that is quickly gaining popularity in the sports betting world. This form of gambling allows a bettor to place bets on a litany of possibilities while a match is in play. The odds change in response to the action in real time, making for an exciting and immersive experience for sports bettors.

People approach live betting in numerous different ways. Some choose to place bets before the contest begins, and then hedge their bets or double down in response to the action on the pitch. Others try to predict upcoming events such as "who will receive the next corner kick?" or "which player will be the first to get a yellow card?" Whichever approach you prefer, live betting has both the wide variety of odds and all the interactivity you could ever hope for to create a fun, interactive, and hopefully profitable gambling experience.


Moneyline (or American) odds are expressed in positive and negative three-digit numbers that imply whether a team is an underdog or favorite, and to what degree. The gambler merely picks the winning team, and their payout is determined by the three-digit number, which is the moneyline odds. A positive number represents how much money will be won on a $100 bet, while a negative value represents how much money must be staked to win $100.

For Example

Let's say Manchester United is a -300 favorite over Everton, which is being offered at +275. This means that Man U is a heavy favorite and you must bet $300 just to win $100. That makes Everton the underdog. For every $100 you bet on them, you will receive $275 if they win.

Point Spread

Point spread betting is a method of handicapping the competition so that you may bet on either side with near-even odds. Rather than altering the payouts for the favorite and underdog, this type of wager gives the underdog some additional goals or takes goals away from the favorite, depending on the degree to which the teams are uneven. In soccer, you can often find point spreads ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 goals.

Once again, let's say Manchester United is going up against Everton. This time you decide to bet the point spread, which is Man U -2. This means that whatever the final score is, you will deduct two goals from United. If you bet Everton, you will add two goals to their final score. In our example, the game ends with a score of 2-1 with Manchester beating Everton.

Even though Man U won the game in real life, they lost the bet against the spread. After adjusting the points, the final score is either 0-1 or 2-3, depending on which side you bet. Either way, Manchester United did not cover the two-point spread.

Asian Handicap

An Asian handicap is a common form of point spread that is used when gambling on soccer. Asian handicapping removes the possibility of a draw by offering a split handicap with two numbers - a whole number and a half-number. This way it is possible for one half of your bet to draw, but this will make the other side lose.

If we look at the same example from above, under Asian handicap betting, Manchester United would be offered at -1.5 goals. The odds would look like this for both teams:

Manchester United (-1, -1.5) versus Everton FC (+1, +1.5)

Man U will need to win by two goals or more to win this bet outright. But let's say the result is still 2-1 in favor of Manchester United. In this case, the bet would draw with the first part of the split, resulting in the League receiving 50% of the amount staked back, but they would lose the second half.

An Everton bet, on the other hand, would also tie the first number, but they would win the second. This would be handled by the bookmakers by returning 50% of the amount staked back as a push, but the winning 50% would be paid out in accordance with whatever odds at which the bet was taken.


Futures bets are wagers based on criteria that will be determined in the future.

For Example

You can bet on which team will win the English Premier League championship before the season even begins. Futures odds are typically released shortly after the conclusion of a campaign. In most cases, the earlier you make your wager, the better the odds you will receive.

The lines for futures bets are generally expressed with fractional odds since you are dealing with a large pool of competitors. The best teams in the league will have odds like 1/2 or 2/1, while the longshot teams will see values up to 50/1, meaning they pay out $50 for every $1 staked.

When Leicester won their unfathomable League Championship in 2015-16, forty-seven people cashed in winning tickets that were purchased at 5,000/1 odds. That's $5,000 for every dollar wagered!

Totals - Over/Unders

Sometimes choosing the winning side is more difficult than determining the type of game it will be. When this is the case, totals betting is the right wager for you. Totals betting is when you bet on the total numbers of goals scored in a match. The bookmaker sets a total value and the betting public places "over" or "under" bets based on that number.

Let's say Arsenal and Chelsea are set to meet in a match that's predicted to be a high-scoring affair. The sportsbook may set the line at 3.5 goals. If you bet the over, you are betting that there will be a minimum of four total goals scored in the contest by both teams combined. An under bet would win if three goals or less were scored.

Prop Bets

Short for proposition bets, props are wagers that can be on anything. When gambling on the English Premier League, you will notice many odds being offered for things such as "which team will score first?" "will either team score a penalty?" and "will a team win from behind?" There are no limits to what can be offered through prop betting. Due to the popularity of English Premier League soccer, most online sportsbooks offer a wide range of interesting proposition bets to their customers.

Important Factors When Choosing a Betting Site

For Sports BetsEase of Use

If you are going to be depositing your hard-earned money into an account on a gambling site, you want to know that they are a legitimate, professional operation. While it's not the only important factor, presentation can tell you a great deal about a gambling site. Any betting site that you choose should both look professionally made and be easy to navigate and locate the wagers for which you are searching.

This is one of the most straightforward attributes to investigate for yourself. Before depositing any money, explore the website and familiarize yourself with the many options. Check that there are no broken links or red flags with respects to the site quality.

For Sports BetsVariety of Banking Options

The gambling sites that we recommend tend to offer a wide range of banking options for your deposits and withdrawals. There are laws in the United States that make it illegal for banking institutions to process transactions with known gambling sites, making easy deposits from a US bettor's checking account impossible. In these situations, a smart betting site will offer multiple other options such as Bitcoin or various e-wallets.

Additionally, different payment methods require different amounts of processing time. You may prefer to receive a paper check in the mail when withdrawing your winnings, which can take weeks. For quicker turnaround times, other gamblers will utilize Bitcoin or PayPal, which in some cases may be instant or only take a few hours. The most important thing is that you have options and can specify your financial dealings with your new site to meet your needs.

For Sports BetsQuality Customer Service

An enormous contributing factor to a customer's overall satisfaction with an online betting site is the quality of their customer service. The first thing you should do when exploring a new gambling website is visit their customer service page. Make sure there are multiple contact methods such as email, telephone, and instant messaging, as well as a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

You may also want to test some of the customer service options to verify that they are monitored and that issues are replied to promptly. You don't want to find out a site's customer service only answers emails every two weeks when you already have a problem that needs resolving. It's worth your time to call the phone number and send an email just to be safe.

For Sports BetsLicensed and Regulated

Online sports gambling is an activity with different legal statuses all over the world. In the United States, it's illegal to operate an online betting site, but not technically illegal for individual gamblers to bet. This leads to US players being forced to use offshore operations. Depending on where these foreign websites are located, they may be licensed and heavily regulated or may have no oversight at all.

Sometimes, a betting site will appear to be licensed by some regulatory authority, when in reality the license means nothing at all. The value a gaming license provides is determined by the jurisdiction regulating the permits. Some jurisdictions like Antigua and Barbuda take their duties seriously and monitor the sites under their authority with integrity. Others, from Costa Rica for example, are merely purchased and offer no consumer protections at all.

For more information regarding online gambling regulation and jurisdictions, click here:

For Sports BetsHistory and Reputation

If you want a good predictor of how a gambling site will behave in the future, research their past. We take a website's history and reputation with former clients very seriously when compiling our list of recommendations. The betting sites provided here will not be found on blacklists and will not have a history of unreasonably slow payouts or other shady practices.

The world of online sports betting can be a scary place when attempting to navigate it as a novice. There are no shortages of scams and unethical business people vying for your patronage so that they may later take your money. That's why our experts have scoured the internet for countless hours to ensure we only pass along the best options to our readers.

For Sports BetsReasonable Payout Times

The faster an online sportsbook can process your withdrawal request and deliver the money to you, the better. We take withdrawal speed extremely seriously, as this is one of the main differences between quality sites and scams.

Some unethical gambling websites will set unreasonably low withdrawal limits, meaning customers can only take out a certain amount of money per week or month, which can vastly limit one's options depending on the size of their bankroll. There have also been instances of sites that make it a part of their business plan to slowly process payouts. These operations assume that the longer they take to withdraw your money, the more likely you are to place another bet in the meantime.

Fast payout speeds are not only more convenient for the customer, but they also give insight into how the company is run. A gambling site that can process financial requests quickly requires an extensive customer service department to handle the demand. The fast turnaround for payouts also indicates fiscal health, since the site must have significant sums of money sitting in an account for each payout method in order to send the funds quickly. A company with the staffing and capital to service their customers swiftly is the company with whom you want to make your wagers.

For Sports BetsBonuses and Loyalty Rewards

The online betting sites you'll use for English Premier League gambling will have unique bonuses and rewards programs for their customers. The most common bonuses that you will find are for opening an account and/or depositing money. The sites will usually match a portion of your deposit for these gifts.

Be advised that the gifts provided for merely signing up or making a deposit always come with many strings attached. They will include a rollover amount, expressed by a number such as 25X. This means that if you were rewarded with $100, you would need to make twenty-five times that amount worth of bets before you're able to cash out. In this case, it would be $2,500 in bets. Also, be sure to check what kinds of bets count toward your rollover requirement, as not all bets are treated equally.

Loyalty rewards tend to be more valuable to customers than regular bonuses. Most gambling operations have a loyalty program that tracks the players' gambling habits and rewards their patronage accordingly. Depending on how much money you bet and how frequently, these prizes can be extremely valuable. Common rewards include cash back on losses, free plays, merchandise, vacations, and even vehicles for the high rollers!

Tips for Betting on the English Premier League

TipsResearch Home and Away Records

When betting on the English Premier League, you will find that where the match is held matters a great deal. Home field advantage has proven to be a reliable indicator of which team will win, which means you'll want to research each team's record at home and on the road before placing your bets. An outgunned squad that plays abnormally well at home may provide an excellent opportunity to grab underdog odds before enjoying a surprise upset.

TipsUnderstand the Context of the Match

Before betting on a match, consider all of the factors surrounding the contest. If it's a League Cup match in the early rounds, the top teams in the EPL tend to rest their top players, seeing the Cup as more of a distraction on the road to more critical competitions. Does the match mean more to one team than the other? If one side is comfortably in the middle of the standings, while the other is playing to avoid relegation, you may want to choose the more inspired team.

TipsConsider Each Team's Recent Schedule

Check out a club's most recent performances to help determine how to wager. Have they played several games in a short period of time? That fatigue is worth considering in your assessment. Is the club on a hot winning streak, or going through a slump? These trends are also valuable information when predicting the next performance. Also, check to see if there are any upcoming rivalry games or more significant events; it's possible a club can overlook an immediate opponent as they plan for the future.

TipsExercise Responsible Bankroll Management

Betting on English Premier League matchups can be an entertaining pastime, but if you want to win long-term, you'll need to have a disciplined approach to your bankroll. Bankroll management includes calculating an amount you can comfortably lose up front, and then setting that amount aside for your gambling. You should then determine the frequency with which you'll bet and design a staking plan to organize the amount you will bet on each contest.

By organizing the amount of money at your disposal and what amount you will wager per bet, you can avoid damaging behaviors like problem gambling. You can also prevent wagering more heavily on picks that you lose, which can lead to overall monetary losses despite winning a majority of your picks.

TipsNever Chase Your Losses

This tip is related to bankroll management, but it deserved its own section. We cannot stress this enough: never chase your losses! There are times when we all experience losing streaks. It can be incredibly tempting to make bigger and bigger follow-up bets in an attempt to turn one's luck around. This is usually done by gamblers that assume they must be "due" for a win, given the string of bad picks.

Avoid this temptation; it is the thought process that gets bettors into the most trouble. Stick to your staking plan and be patient. Eventually, the odds will even themselves out, and you'll be back to your winning ways. But do not attempt to chase your losses; you will only dig a deeper hole.

TipsBet Based on Value

The most significant difference between professional bettors and the casual public is the mindset used to make picks. The casual gambler will merely look at the teams, consider whatever factors they deem necessary, and pick the team they predict will win. Successful bettors only care about value.

Rather than picking who you think will win, you make bets where the probability of that team winning is higher than the implied probability based on the odds. For example, imagine that you are betting on the result of a coin toss. There are only two possible outcomes, meaning both heads and tails have a 50% probability of landing. But what if the bookmaker offered +200 odds on heads and -150 for tails?

It doesn't matter how strongly you feel the next toss will land on tails; you have to choose heads. At +200, that's the bet with all of the positive value. The best handicappers create elaborate models that help them accurately predict the most likely outcomes and the probability each team has of winning a contest. They then compare that percentage to the implied probability from the odds and only place wagers that have a positive value.

The Wrap-Up

If you're looking to start betting on the English Premier League, you've come to the right place. The EPL includes some of the most talent-rich rosters in all of soccer, belonging to many of the most valuable clubs in the world. Driven by superstar players and historically great clubs, it's no wonder why this top-flight coalition is the most popular sports league in the world.

There are twenty Premiership teams, each of which plays thirty-eight matches per season. With so many contests, there is an abundance of data to collect and analyze to help an aspiring gambler predict outcomes. Things like home and away records, team fatigue, and the importance of a given match are all factors that may influence the final score, and thus are worth your attention.

But finding success in sports gambling isn't just about predicting winners. First, you'll need to find a reliable, honest betting site that you can trust with your money. Once you're satisfied with a gambling website, it's time to set aside your bankroll and create a staking plan. From there, your focus should be on predicting the outcomes of games and comparing your predictions to the implied probability in the odds to find value.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and developing your system for fun, profitable gambling on Premier League fixtures will take some trial and error as well. For additional help, continue exploring our website for more winning concepts and advice.

The more time you spend doing research up front, the more time you'll have to enjoy your winnings later on!
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