Best Europa League Betting Sites for 2020

Europa League is the second biggest European club competition right behind the grandiose Champions League. Even though it packs a plethora of tier-two teams from European soccer, it’s fiery fans and hectic stadium atmospheres make up for the slight lack of top-quality teams.

However, every now and then, there are top tier teams that fail to qualify for the Champions League and have to battle their way to Europa League glory. More often than not, these top tier teams end up having a series of difficult away legs, some of which result in total catastrophes for the big guns. Predicting these upsets is the bread and butter of betting on Europa League. In fact, the popularity of Europa League betting sites came as a result of hectic, surprising contests and a few pinches of top tier teams.

If you want to jump on the Europa League online betting sites bandwagon, here are the most relevant names that are known for providing the ultimate Europa League betting experience:

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Yes, Europa League is one of the most popular soccer competitions to bet on. Even though there are no concrete numbers out there, we believe it comes right after the Champions League and the Mundial. After all, it’s a prestigious competition followed by millions of people around the world. It’s only logical to see a major online betting presence within its community.

As you can see, there’s a good variety of real money Europa League betting sites to choose from. However, that doesn’t mean each of them are equally good for your specific set of needs. Betting variety, customer service quality, and supported payment options should be on top of your checklist when choosing which bookie with Europa League betting odds to join.

What Makes Great Europa League Betting Sites?

Now, here’s the million-dollar question, what makes great online Europa League sportsbooks? Well, there’s a ton of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some sites for betting on the Europa League excel at one thing and suck at all others; some do a couple of them well and miss a ton of stuff elsewhere… Others do everything half-cocked without a single excellent department. That’s just how things work in the online betting industry.

If you want to know more about the criteria we used while putting this list together, here are the key figures:

Obviously, there’s more to it than these six factors, but these ones cover the basics of what makes proper online Europa League betting sites.

Now, we’ll go through each of them, emphasize their key aspects, and try to explain the industry standards.

Fast Payout Europa League Betting Sites

When it comes to getting your winnings from Europa League sportsbooks online, the process usually takes a while. It can take a few days before the money shows up in your bank account. Even though the waiting period greatly depends on the bookie you use, the amount of money you’ve won, and your preferred method of choice, 24 to 72 hours are the average numbers.

As far as our picks for the best Europa League betting sites are concerned, each and every single one of them does a great job in terms of payout speed. Their internal processes are fast, they don’t take a lot of time to initialize the withdrawal and, most importantly, they have no hidden fees.

Best Europa League Betting Site Bonuses

Starting off with the bonuses, did you guys know that the majority of top Europa League betting sites features at least one bonus? Generous online gambling bonuses (some more so than others) have become a standard in the industry and we don’t mind them at all. After all, they’re a great way of spicing up fixtures and ensuring your standard bankroll doesn’t get immediately in the red after losing a few promising tickets.

But how do these bonuses work? Well, most of the time you’ll be looking at either a welcome bonus, a free bet, or other forms of awards based on your bet types, accumulators, stakes, and more.

The welcome bonus is definitely the most interesting type offered by sites with the best Europa League odds. It’s based on users’ initial deposits and poses as a great way to experiment with specials and keep your standard bankroll for traditional singles.

Banking Options

Let’s face it, none of us have access to numerous means of online payments. Most of the time, we just stick to one or two primary options that we end up using for all of our online purchases. As far as placing Europa League bets, we ought to stumble on the same practice. Even though all major Europa League online sportsbooks feature a solid number of banking options, there’s always room for improvement.

Talking about improvements, the biggest one in the world of online betting is the arrival of cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. Dubbed as the online betting payment method of the future, cryptocurrencies have already found their way into numerous Europa League betting sites. Thanks to fast, secure, and anonymous transactions, they could prove to be a vital part of the future online soccer betting ecosystem.

System Compatibility

These days, most of us aren’t just using our personal computers for online betting purposes. Instead, we’re using our smartphones just like we do for the majority of our daily internet and media consumption. That said, betting real money on soccer on the fly is just another trend that seems to be picking up the pace.

All major Europa League betting online sites support betting on the go. Whether we’re talking about mobile-friendly betting platforms or dedicated apps, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the online betting industry has made the technological jump and now offers an effortless method of sports betting!

New Age of Betting

The 21st century paved the way for online betting thanks to the modernization of PCs and internet infrastructure. And betting on the go is on the rise thanks to huge advancements in smartphone technology. It’s safe to say we are living in a new age of online betting, where we are not limited by our internet connection at home. Now, we can bet safely and securely no matter where we are.

As mentioned earlier, Europa League online betting sites realized what a huge opportunity mobile betting is. They reacted in a proper fashion, delivering fluid and highly optimized mobile betting platforms, like soccer betting apps, with the same features as their desktop counterparts.

Other Betting Options

Europa League Official Match BallEuropa League is a lengthy competition that stretches out through a big part of the year. However, there’s lots of space in between matchdays so you’ll have plenty of time to explore other sports betting options.

There’s no need to panic if you’ve already put a ring on a bookie. Chances are, it allows users to bet on a number of options alongside placing Europa League bets. If, however, you aren’t satisfied with your current choice, you can always scroll to the top of this page and pick a few online Europa League sportsbooks from our list.

And we are not just referring to additional sports and leagues, but also other types of bets. Live betting and a ton of specials are of crucial importance here. They help spice up the game and pave the way for high-value props. After all, betting on Europa League is supposed to be fun, right?!

Customer Support

Customer support is far more important than most people think. It’s the only way to communicate with your bookie’s staff members and, needless to say, its effectiveness is of crucial importance. A high-quality customer support team is the only weapon in bookies’ arsenals that keep user satisfaction levels at bay.

Quality Over Quantity

These days, all major real money Europa League betting sites have solid customer support efficiency. However, you need to understand that everything here is about quality, not quantity. Some sites with odds on the Europa League might have numerous customer support channels but they’re unresponsive. Some feature unskilled staff members or bots on the other end. The top guns do a much better job with just one or two CS channels. Like we said, quality over quantity.

The most efficient customer support channels used by the top Europa League betting websites are 24/7 live chat and telephone lines. With direct peer-to-peer communication and 24/7 availability, these channels are miles ahead of their traditional counterparts such as emails and/or contact forms.

Bets You Can Place on Europa League Matches

High-value wagers can often be found in special markets. That’s the main reason why experts emphasize prop betting strategies as one of the most valuable assets of a successful soccer betting enthusiast.

But not all of them are equally suitable for long-term success. Some of them are purely there for entertainment purposes, to cater to the casual bettors and people who are just looking to spice up their game. For professional bettors, they’re usually a no-go.

But how do you recognize suitable from unsuitable special bets on various Europa League betting sites? Well, let’s divide them into three categories and see just how different they are.

Player-Based Specials

UEFA Europa League TrophyThe variety of player-based specials on real money Europa League online sportsbooks is huge. There’s a ton of wagers to choose from and things can easily get too complicated for beginners. If you don’t know which player-based specials are viable and yield great value, there’s a simple rule of thumb you need to follow.

Basically, make sure the high-yielding outcome isn’t a relatively common occurrence in the game so that it can pose as a long-term solution. For instance, you can’t expect that betting on Messi to score outside the box on every match will yield future-proof results.

The best options that can be decided by informed judgment are player to score, player to score and match outcome, and player to get booked. These three options are great for both singles and accumulators. If you don’t like the Europa League betting odds, you can always combine them with additional wagers such as first goal, last goal, outside the box, and so forth. But, once again, those aren’t exactly good in the long-run.

Team-Based Specials

Team-based specials are, in nature, pretty similar to their player-based counterparts. That said, follow the same rule of thumb, and you’ll be alright. Team to score first, team to score in both halves, and team total goals over/under are the brightest stars on this show. If you take enough time to do proper research and stats-crawling, you’d be surprised at just how potent these team-based specials are, especially on Europa League betting sites due to the hectic and unpredictable nature of the competition.

Long-Term Specials

Lastly, all of the best Europa League betting sites offer a ton of long-term specials. However, they’re mostly available during the offseason. These long-term specials are based on the final Europa League standings, the winning team, the runners-up, etc. The most popular long-term specials are as follows:

  1. Outright Europa League Winner
  2. To Reach the Finals
  3. Group Winner
  4. League of the Winner

Europa League Betting FAQ

The last thing on our bucket list is the FAQ section about online Europa League betting. It basically features a ton of useful info regarding where to bet on the Europa League online and soccer betting online in general. That said, if you’re a beginner and you still don’t understand how the industry works, make sure you take a few moments to read through the following questions about betting on soccer.

What Are the Most Successful Europa League Teams?

When someone mentions the Europa League, the first team that should come to mind is Sevilla. Ever since UEFA Cup became Europa League, one of the best La Liga clubs, Sevilla, has won the trophy three times. In total, Sevilla has five Europa League/UEFA Cup titles, with the first one dating back to the 2005/2006 season. The most decorated Andalusian club won two titles with Juande Ramos and three titles with Unai Emery. The latter is the most successful Europa League manager with three titles to his name, almost snatching the fourth one with Arsenal during the 2018/2019 season.

Why Is Europa League So Popular?

Despite not being as prestigious and lucrative as the Champions League, Europa League still has a huge following. It’s almost as if these second-tier European clubs have more enthusiastic fans than the top dogs.

The quality of the competition is at a surprisingly high level. Yes, the majority of qualification matches are miles apart from good football, but once the bracket does its job, we’re left with 48 best ones. In later stages, Champions League dropouts come into the competition to spice things up.

Teams like Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, and Chelsea are among the best teams in the business and yet they often get their dose of European competitions via the Europa League. With Thursday night soccer, Europa League popularity ought to continue rising in the foreseeable future. Betting-wise, we can expect the more of the same as well.

What Are the Betting Sites With the Best Europa League Odds?

Here comes the big question this whole article is based around, what are the best Europa League betting websites? Well, the easiest way to see the answer is to click here and be taken to our short list at the top of the page. It features the crème de la crème of Europa League online sportsbooks and will definitely show you a few great options.

Where to Find Advice for Betting on Europa League?

Even though we don’t recommend it, finding expert advice on Europa League betting online can yield solid results. But not always. However, you shouldn’t blindly follow everything so-called experts tell you. Do your own research, stat-crawling, and more. Don’t let other people control your stake with their opinions. Use your own!

In other words, finding advice for betting on the Europa League is a good idea as long as you’ll make the final decision according to your personal insight. Seeing what other people think is good for supporting your own predictions but should in no way replace in-depth research.

As for the best places to find proper advice for betting on Europa League, our soccer betting tips section ought to be of service.

Can I Use the Same Online Sportsbook I Use for Champions League Betting?

Once again, all soccer betting sites out there have their strengths and weaknesses. They all have a certain set of virtues and things they’re good at. Some have hefty bonuses, some have great customer support, and some prefer certain leagues/sports over others.

Generally speaking, you can use the same bookie you use for Champions League betting, but it’s always best if you explore other options and find one featuring the highest odds. Another solution is to join several online soccer betting sites so you can enjoy all of their virtues and go for the highest returns.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make on Europa League Betting Sites?

Remaining in the green while being a frequent bettor might be tricky at first. However, once you figure out all the basics and learn how to bet the right way, things should start looking better. You may need to assess your past bets and examine the things that went wrong. You’ve obviously made some mistakes with your past betting systems and need to change that. Analyze your mistakes and learn how to stop making them.

Making mistakes, in and of itself, is nothing bad. What is bad is continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again without trying to avoid them or improve your soccer betting strategy.

That said, here are the most common soccer betting mistakes alongside a few tips on how to avoid them:

  • Betting too much – This goes for betting too much ticket-wise and money-wise. Never bet the money you can’t afford. Keep your ticket history clean and only have up to three active tickets at any given time.
  • Betting while intoxicated – With marijuana being legalized all across many states, many bettors experiment with betting while under the influence. Obviously, this is a bad idea. You’ll most likely end up betting on teams whose names sound funny. Betting while drunk is a big no-no, too. Alcohol messes up your judgment and that’s an obvious dead-end for your Europa League betting profits.
  • Chasing losses – Don’t push your betting bankroll after suffering a disheartening loss. Just call it a night and be done with it. Save your money on high-value bets instead of vesting it on a half-cocked ticket that’ll disappoint you and sucker punch your personal finances.
  • Chasing big moneyAccumulators are fun and can yield hefty returns. However, they’re not the best long-term strategy. That’s the reason why experts stay away from them. If you want to be a successful soccer betting online enthusiast, stick with singles and keep yourself up to speed with the latest news. That’ll help shape you up into a proper expert for wagering at the best Europa League betting sites!