FIFA World Cup Betting Sites for 2021

If you’re thinking of joining the World Cup betting craze, the first thing
you’ll have to do is find a proper bookie. As you’d come to expect, all notable
bookies feature World Cup bets. However, some of them have greater depth than
others. Needless to say, that should be among the top priorities when you choose
which one to go for. There are other factors contributing to the overall quality
of a given bookie. You can learn more about them throughout this article. Hint:
There’s a short bullet list right down below containing all of them.

Here’s a shortcut featuring the best FIFA World Cup betting sites
out there. Feel free to compare them with others. We’re sure you’ll find them to
be superior in almost every quantifiable department.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site

When people talk about the FIFA World Cup, they’re talking about the most
prestigious and lucrative international soccer competition. It’s the ultimate
soccer event for any player, fan, or bettor. It’s the grandest of stages in the
soccer sphere, for sure! As such, the betting aspect is enormous, too.
FIFA World Cup betting sites
are racking in massive activity during the
event. Since the demand is that high, the best FIFA World Cup betting sites go
out of their way to create the deepest WC coverage possible.

Of course, we are not just talking about the grandiose World Cup knockout
stage. We’re talking about the group stage, too. It has its fair share of
spectacular matches and even more spectacular upsets. The entire event is one
big soccer
playground, and as such, you should definitely come and
join it.

What Makes Great FIFA World Cup Betting Sites?

  • Great Bonuses
  • Fast Payouts
  • Banking Options
  • Customer Support
  • System Compatibility
  • Other Betting Options

Best FIFA World Cup Betting Site Bonuses


Let’s start off with bonuses. Believe it or not, pretty much all FIFA World
Cup betting sites offer them these days. Unfortunately, some are doing so for
all the wrong reasons. You see, there are bookies that incorporate (overly)
generous bonuses, but place a ridiculous set of rules. Rules that will basically
prevent you from cashing that bonus out even after you’ve successfully rolled it
over a dozen times. If a bonus is too good to be true, it’s probably best to
avoid it.

Typically, the most common bonus type at FIFA World Cup betting sites
is the so-called Welcome Bonus. It comes in the following form, X% of your
initial deposit, up to $X cap. So, for example, if your bookie sports a 50%
welcome bonus on your initial deposit, up to $100 cap, that means you’ll get
$100 in your bonus bankroll if your initial deposit amounts to $200.

Don’t let these welcome bonuses fool you. After getting that sweet money in
your bonus bankroll, you will not be able to immediately cash it out. Instead,
you’ll have to use it for betting for quite a while. If your tickets are
successful, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll eventually be able to make a
hefty withdrawal… If you don’t lose it all, that is.

Fast Payout FIFA World Cup Betting Sites


Speaking of cashing out, did you guys know that it usually takes between 24
and 72 hours to get your winnings into your account? Yep, all the way from your
withdrawal request to the funds appearing in your account, it takes about 24 to
72 hours.

However, you might have to wait a bit longer than that if you got an
exceptionally big win or your preferred banking option isn’t that quick. While
credit/debit cards and most e-wallets usually do a good job as far as
transaction speed is concerned, there are those which tend to take a bit slower.

If you want the very best experience as far as payout speed is concerned,
your best option ought to be cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and
Ethereum. These three cryptocurrencies are highly popular with people who love
betting on soccer at FIFA World Cup betting sites. If you want more information
about cryptocurrencies, please check out the banking options section right down

Banking Options


Many people tend to overlook bookies’ banking options when choosing their
go-to platform. Obviously, this is considered bad practice since you can’t know
whether or not your preferred payment method will be supported.

As far as the typical means of online payment are concerned (the likes of
cards, e-wallets, and most popular online payment services), they’re pretty much
covered across the board. However, if your preferred banking option isn’t a
conventional one, make sure you do your research before you end up with a FIFA
World Cup betting site that doesn’t support it.

If you’re willing to switch to a brand-new method of online payment and
you’re looking for something reliable, fast, and anonymous, your best bet is to
go with a cryptocurrency. At the moment, the most popular choices when it comes to betting on the FIFA World Cup are are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. More and more FIFA
World Cup betting sites are using them, so it’s definitely worth checking them
out. If you want fast, secure, and completely anonymous betting transactions,
cryptocurrency might be for you.

Customer Support

Message Bubbles

If everything works as it should, chances are you’ll never have to deal with
customer support. In fact, most people never contact customer support during
their stay at a certain bookie. However, if you do stumble upon a problem and
you’re forced to contact customer support, you better hope your bookie has a
professional staff on the other end.

Nowadays, more and more FIFA World Cup betting sites are opting for the most
effective customer support channels. By that, we’re mainly referring to
telephone and live chat. These two options are exceptional as far as speed and
effectiveness are concerned. You, as a customer, have a direct communication
channel with the CS expert on the other end, which greatly helps as far as
problem solving goes.

The typical customer support channels such as contact forms and emails just
can’t cut it anymore. It takes ages to get a response and, most of the time,
you’ll either communicate with a bot or an unskilled customer support staff
member. Either way, you’ll get the same awful results.

No worries, customer support quality was at the top of our list of priorities
when we were ranking the best FIFA World Cup betting websites.
Most of them have the premium support channels (telephone and live chat), while
others have experts in charge of the email section. They respond quickly and are
well-trained to take care of anything the users might stumble upon.

System Compatibility


As far as system compatibility is concerned, these days, it’s all about
betting on the go. Yep, not a lot of people use desktops and laptops for betting
on soccer. For betting on any sport, come to think of it. Since we all have
extremely powerful web browsing devices in our pockets, it’s only logical that
we frequently use them for sports betting.

The thing is, even in this day in age, there are bookies which don’t support
mobile platforms. Most of the time, they have outright unoptimized and
non-mobile-friendly websites that ruin the experience of handheld betting on the

As far as our list of the ultimate FIFA World Cup betting websites is
concerned, you’ll be alright. All of our picks either possess mobile-friendly
platforms or dedicated apps that work on both iOS and Android devices. Sorry,
Windows smartphone users… Meh, who are we kidding? There’s no one using Windows
smartphones in this day and age, right?

Other Betting Options

Gold Ribbon

At last, we’ve reached the final factor that was used while ranking the best
FIFA World Cup betting sites. As the title implies, this one has everything to
do with the variety of betting options. You know, the usual stuff-plenty of
leagues, plenty of sports, heck, even casino, and slot games are common in this
day in age.

Yes, we are aware that the majority of FIFA World Cup betting websites offer
this, but we’d like to point out that there are still some that don’t have a
good enough depth to their betting markets. Luckily, our list of the
best FIFA World Cup betting websites
features only the best of the
bunch as far as soccer bets variety is concerned.

Additionally, sites with FIFA World Cup odds should also have a ton of
special bets available, as well as the option to bet on live matches. If your
current bookie doesn’t sport all that, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make the
switch to another site. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference right away!

Betting on FIFA World Cup Matches – Interesting Facts

  • FIFA World Cup events are taking place every four years. The last iteration
    was in 2018. Russia was the nation host and the WC saw France lift the trophy
    after defeating the fierce underdogs, Croatia, in the grand finals.
  • FIFA World Cups feature two phases, the group stage and the playoffs. The
    group stage features eight groups with four teams in each. After three group
    stage match days, the top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs. And
    finally, the playoffs are set as a single-elimination bracket with overtimes and
    penalties scheduled for matches that end in draws.
  • Placing FIFA World Cup bets on “to reach the finals” betting options can
    often yield solid wins. The odds are relatively high, yet judging by the
    unpredictable nature of the game, the underdog nations often surprise the
  • Typically, World Cup events last for roughly a month. Thus far, they’ve been
    scheduled for summers, although this tradition will change with the next World
    Cup iteration. Yup, Qatar 2022 will be the first-ever FIFA World cup held during
    the winter. But that’s if the bid remains in Qatar… With everything we’ve seen
    thus far, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the bid going to the USA.

Most Popular World Cup Specials

Constantly betting on the same types of bets can be boring. Always going for
those match-winner slips and not exploring other options is a good way to get
sick and tired of placing FIFA World Cup bets. If you’re
already close to the edge, we advise you to start exploring various special
betting options at FIFA World Cup betting sites. A plethora of options are
available during World Cups.

Needless to say, these specials can spice up your betting experience and
potentially yield awesome profits. Let’s check out the most interesting bunch,
featuring both long-term and short-term specials.

Short-Term Specials

Qatar Fifa Logo 2022

Short term specials feature a wide variety of options to choose from. They’re
great during the entire WC events, from the first group stage matches all the
way to the grand finals. The variety of short-term specials is bound to sweep
you off your feet.

The most popular special bet, in my book, is the “total goals” bet. This bet
gives you a specific number of goals to happen in a single match, and you have
to guess whether the end result will be higher or lower than that number. Yes,
we know it sounds kind of complicated, but it becomes pretty straightforward
after the first try.

Furthermore, feel free to experiment with goal scorer and match result
specials. You pick a player you believe will score a goal, and you select your
preferred match-winner option. Odds on these bets are rather high so it’s a good
idea to do plenty of research to increase the chance of hefty returns.

However, if you want the best experience with specials, you have to make sure
you opt for a FIFA World Cup betting website that has a
splendid depth of betting options.

For more information on this topic, stop by our
popular types of soccer bets
page. It ought to answer all your burning

Long-Term Specials

As far as long-term betting on soccer is concerned, there
are several great options that are available during World Cup events. The most
important one is, of course, outright winner betting. As the name implies, this
bet allows you to bet on the team you think will end up winning the World Cup.
If that’s too risky for your taste, to reach the finals is another potent
long-term World Cup special. The premise is the same, you get to bet on the team
you believe will reach the grand finals. Your team doesn’t have to win the final
match, they just have to reach it.

Finally, the group stage winner is the last WC special we’ll be discussing
here. Instead of the grand finals, this long-term bet focuses on the group stage
standings after all three matchdays. If your team (or teams, depending on your
particular ticket) ends up as the group winner, get ready to cash that money

Mind you, the odds are relatively high on all three of these options, so
they’re definitely worth the hassle.

FIFA World Cup Betting FAQ

At last, we’ve come to the final section of our FIFA World Cup
betting sites
page. Here, we’ll answer the most frequently asked
questions regarding FIFA World Cup betting sites. We know most of these
questions have already been answered earlier in this article, but just in case
you missed them, here they are once again.

How Do I Become a Successful Soccer Betting Enthusiast?

Obviously, this is not a simple question to answer. There’s no
one-size-fits-all kind of answer here. Everyone is different, has different
betting habits, and a different level of knowledge regarding the soccer betting
online industry. Additionally, becoming successful (or profitable) in the
betting world is not an easy task. If it was, everyone would be betting all the
time and the industry would end up collapsing.

Yep, it’s a pretty difficult task. It’s not impossible, but it’s extremely
difficult. The first advice we can give you is to research
betting strategies
since they’re basically the first step towards
excellence. That page will teach you all about the best soccer betting online
strategies and tips for betting on the FIFA World Cup. As well as give you advice on how to create one that perfectly suits
your betting habits.

Furthermore, you need to dedicate a ton of time for research. You know, the
usual digging through stats, head-to-head matches, and forms of the teams you
wish to bet on. Stats-crawling is a time-consuming process but, if you want to
be successful, you’ll have to do it.

What Makes the Best Fifa World Cup Betting Sites?

If you can’t comprehend the factors that make for a proper betting site,
we’re here to fill you in. For starters, there are several important areas you
need to keep tabs on when choosing your go-to bookie. These areas include
customer support, variety of betting markets, the quantity of specials, and
their average payout speed. Depending on your needs and betting habits, you’ll
value certain aspects more than others. But, generally speaking, those are the
key areas you need to pay close attention to.

If, on the other hand, you want to check out the best FIFA World Cup betting
sites, scroll all the way up and you’ll see a short table featuring the most
prominent names.

What Are Some Common Sports Betting Mistakes and How Do I Avoid Them?

If you want to stop making silly mistakes and potentially get some money out
of your hobby, you’ve come to the right page. The most common mistakes in the
sports betting sphere are rather obvious. The first mistake is betting with your
emotions. Many people end up betting on their favorite teams, which is the
typical result of not properly dealing with emotions. We’re not saying you
should never bet on your favorite team (which, come to think of it, isn’t that
bad of advice), but you shouldn’t do it if you notice such tickets often end up
on the losing end of the field.

Second up, anger-driven bets are a huge no-no. And by that, we’re referring
to those bets people make right after losing a promising ticket. Most of the
time, these bets are influenced by people’s anger, and we all know that’s a huge
NO in the online soccer betting sphere.

Finally, the last thing we’d like to emphasize here is not doing enough
research and experimenting with all sorts of betting options. Obviously,
stats-crawling is a vital part of being a successful bettor. Yes, it takes a lot
of time but the lack thereof definitely shows in the bankrolls. Additionally, if
you’re just starting out, don’t mix and match your betting options too much.
Stick to match and outright winners, and pick a few simple specials for special

If you don’t know much about specials, the next question ought to fill you
in. However, if you want to know how to avoid making silly mistakes, make sure
you go through our

most common soccer betting mistakes

Are Specials Too Difficult for Beginners?

Not at all! Even though it might seem complex at the first glance, FIFA World Cup specials are pretty straightforward, Well, the majority of
specials are straightforward, to be more precise. In fact, here’s a short list
of the most beginner-friendly specials available on most FIFA World Cup betting

  • Double Chance
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Halftime or Fulltime
  • Total Goals
  • Goalscorers

If you want even more information on this topic, there’s a short section
dedicated to specials and it’s located slightly above.

Is FIFA World Cup Worth Betting On?

Short answer-yes, yes, it is!

Long answer-as mentioned in the introductory section, FIFA World Cup is the
most prestigious and lucrative soccer event in the world. It’s held every four
years and features 32 best nations in the world, although it seems that number
will go up for future tournaments.

As far as the betting side of things is concerned, the FIFA World Cup is one
of the most recognized soccer betting events. The entire event is just one big
Super Bowl for soccer betting online enthusiasts. The demand is
insanely high, so it’s only logical to see bookies going out of their way to
present the best World Cup betting coverage.

So, yeah, the Mundial is definitely worth betting on!