Best Handball Betting Sites in 2021

When it comes to online sports wagering, handball markets are somewhat unique. While the game would be considered relatively minor worldwide—compared to soccer, basketball, and football—handball betting sites attract massive amounts of attention and action.

This is due primarily to the sport’s easy-to-digest ruleset, speed of play, and the considerable amounts of value out there for handicappers. With both domestic and international leagues and competitions from which to choose, handball bettors can be patient, waiting for ideal matchups before risking any of their precious bankrolls.

Handball is a fast-paced, high-scoring, thrilling sport that mixes elements of basketball, rugby, and hockey or lacrosse to create an excellent opportunity for handicappers and casual bettors alike. If you’ve been looking for new betting markets—off the beaten path—where you can apply your knowledge without too much sharp money ruining the fun, handball betting sites are precisely what you’re looking for!

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About Our Handball Betting Sites Recommendations

Because of real money handball betting’s “niche” status, it’s nearly unheard of to find the sport’s markets at any brick-and-mortar establishment. International offshore web-based sportsbooks are the way to go instead. However, you must find the right provider. Using foreign domains can be quite risky if you don’t know where to go.

That’s one of the primary reasons we’ve created this guide: to connect our readers with the finest handball betting sites the internet has to offer. Each of our recommendations endured a grueling vetting process, including a detailed analysis of their history and background. In fact, every website found on our pages has proven to excel in all of the following categories.

Coverage of Handball Betting

Handball is still considered a relatively insignificant betting market, compared to the more prominent international sports. As a result, it’s not always covered by your average online gaming operators. But you’re here to find out where you can bet on handball, so our priority is to find locations with the most options for your wagers. Not only do we look for handball online sportsbooks that offer handball odds, but the range of markets and opportunities are considered as well. The handball betting sites found above set the most lines you’ll find on the internet.

Competitive Lines

Sports Betting Lines - Green Thumb UpWhen looking for where to bet on handball online, it’s equally important that a handball betting site provides handicappers with decent lines with which to work. Covering the sport is part of the equation, but wagering is pointless unless you have a fair shot at winning as well. And that can only be done when there’s value to be found in the odds. The handball sportsbooks online we’ve shared are some of the top international bookmakers in the world. They compete for bettors from every corner of the globe and must set favorable lines, otherwise, the business will go elsewhere. Our recommendations work the same way, so we’ve shopped around for the sites that give you the best chances to profit.

Safety and Security

The reason we create these betting guides for sports like handball is that the world of offshore gaming can be quite scary. In addition to the handful of reliable providers, there are swarms of scammers, they use their fraudulent handball online sportsbooks to steal players’ money and personal information. Our mission is to put an end to these crooked operations by ensuring that none of our readers ever fall for their tricks. Every recommended handball betting site found here has proven themselves to be a legitimate, trustworthy business with excellent security, so you can deposit money and place your bets without worry.

Bonuses and Promotions

The real money handball betting sites on our list of recommendations welcome new members with generous gifts in the form of free-play credits, cash, and more. Often, the most substantial bonuses are awarded after making your first deposit, with many providers agreeing to match 100% of the initial transfer. Doubling your bankroll before making a single bet gives you some wiggle room to try new handball wager types and develop some handicapping strategies.

Also, the freebies don’t end after you’ve signed up and grown familiar with your handball betting site. These online handball sportsbooks automatically enter players into loyalty rewards programs that keep you feeling appreciated. Every wager carries a value in rewards points, which may eventually be exchanged for cashback on your losses, site merchandise, contest entries, and much, much, more.

Reputation and History

Part of the vetting process includes a detailed and thorough review of a handball betting site’s ownership and history in the gaming industry. Beyond verifying the legitimacy of their gaming licenses and regulatory jurisdictions, we research business dealings of the website’s owners and their reputation amongst other handicappers and oddsmakers online. What we discover during this phase of the review further helps us narrow our recommendations, eliminating any handball betting sites that don’t pass as one of the “best.”

Banking Options

The top handball betting sites are hosted in offshore gambling jurisdictions, usually located on islands in the Caribbean or the British Isles. In order to bet, you’ll need to transfer money internationally to fund your account. Depending on where you reside, this can either be as simple as entering your debit card information or require a few additional steps, which is the case more often than not. We recommend handball betting sites that provide an array of banking options, allowing bettors to choose from a variety of e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and payment processors to finance their wagers as conveniently as possible.

Ease of Use

Our reviews also take into account website and app quality when ranking a handball betting site. The majority of our readers are novice bettors who may not be familiar with online wagering and how most domains are designed. As a result, we search for internet sportsbooks that make signing up, depositing money, and submitting wagers a straightforward process that anybody can figure out. We want you feeling comfortable and enjoying your foray into online gaming!

Withdrawal Speeds

The top handball betting sites are known to process customer payouts as soon as a request is made. Many online operators use dirty tactics and rules to delay or ignore attempts to withdraw funds.

We’ve found that the longer it takes for customers to cash out, on average, the more likely it is that a site is unethical.

The sites that are able to process payments quickly tend to employ a large enough staff to respond to requests as they’re made and must have the means to maintain sizable balances for each banking method they accept. So, beyond being much more convenient for the customer, swift withdrawal speeds supply our experts with valuable insight into a real money handball betting site’s operating practice.

Mobile Compatibility

Today, an online betting site needs to be compatible with mobile devices (sports betting apps) to be considered among the best. Our time interacting with the internet is being increasingly done through smartphones and tablets, with fewer people using more traditional options like computers and laptops.

Being able to bet on handball from anywhere is hugely advantageous for bettors. The sportsbook travels with you in your bag or pocket, allowing you to wager whenever inspiration strikes! Plus, mobile compatibility means you’ll never miss your chance to bet, since you can submit your picks from anywhere no matter how soon the contest starts.

Quality Customer Service

Before sending our readers to a handball betting site, we must be confident that they provide exceptional customer service. The best sites with handball betting odds dedicate an entire section to solving customer issues. The “Help” page(s) usually answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) while sharing several contact methods for users in need of additional assistance.

We verify that every form of communication is in service and actively monitored and that their customer service agents are responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Handball Basics

Handball Female Players - Basic Word - Round Icon

  • Variations of handball have been played outdoors and, on the beach, but the majority of the meaningful competitions are held indoors.
  • Games are played on a 131 by 66-foot (40 x 20 meters) court, with a goal on either end. The goal is three meters wide and two meters high, situated in the center of the boundary where it’s bolted to the floor.
  • Contests are 60 minutes long, divided into two 30-minute halves, with 10 to 15 minutes of halftime separating them.
  • Teams consist of seven players per side—one goalkeeper and six field players. The object of the game is to outscore your opponent by throwing the ball into their net.
  • Field players may touch the ball with any part of their bodies from the knees up. Goalkeepers, while located within the crease, may use their entire body, including their feet.
  • When a player possesses the ball, they must dribble as they advance, similar to basketball. However, handball allows athletes to take three steps or to stand still for up to three seconds at a time before they must dribble, shoot, or pass the ball.
  • Around each goal is a shaded semi-circle called the “crease” or the “zone.” Only the goalkeeper may touch these areas of the floor. A player may, however, jump into the zone and execute a shot or pass before they land. Additionally, a goalkeeper may leave the crease, but they must first get rid of the ball.
  • An additional semi-circle is drawn on the floor, three meters beyond the boundaries of the crease. At nine meters out from the goal, this dashed line is where free throws are taken.
  • In regular season games, it’s possible for a contest to end in a draw, but overtime rules apply in tournaments or championships. If, after two overtime periods, a winner cannot be determined, the opposing teams face off in a best-of-five penalty shootout.

Tips for Betting on Handball

The Goalkeeper Is Key

Handball is a high-scoring sport, with the average professional side averaging between 20 and 35 points per game. This makes the skill of the goalkeeper particularly material to a team’s success. Think of them as on the same level as pitchers in baseball or goalies in hockey. If you have a hot player guarding the net, it’s a massive advantage.

It’s not easy to prevent goals in handball. There’s lots of real estate to defend, and attacking players are throwing the ball from relatively close range. If the goalkeeper is able to get in front of a few decent shots, it can significantly impact the momentum of the game.

Often after a surprising save, the opposing team will struggle with accuracy on their next several attempts. That’s all it takes for the other team to capitalize and pull away with the victory.

Never Back a Draw

Just because draws are one of the potential outcomes, doesn’t mean you should take handball betting sites up on their offers to pick them. Due to the hectic pace of the action and the high scoring output, games rarely end in a tie. They happen far too infrequently to be wagered at the prices typically offered by the bookmakers. Think of them like a sucker’s bet.

First Half – Take the Under

Something worth focusing on when you begin betting on handball is the first-half totals lines, especially in the Asian Handicap markets. These wagers will often pay out half of what is staked if it ends in a draw with the spread applied—depending on the value of the goal handicaps—which adds value for the bettor.

Due to the sport’s reputation as being high scoring, much of the money staked on totals lines favor “overs,” regardless of the participants involved or where the line is set. Plus, it’s only natural that bettors prefer having the possibility of seeing their bets won early, so they can relax.

When you take the under, you can’t be sure of your victory until the period of play is completed. You never know when the goalie will be pulled and an offensive explosion will send the totals line over!


Looking over the results from several prominent European leagues, it’s clear that the under for the first half hits frequently enough to be profitable. Teams don’t feel the desperation to turn up the offense or pull the goalie until the end of the second half.

During the first, there’s a feeling-out period. Combined with the inflated overs from public money and less attention being focused on these handball betting site markets, the early unders are a quick way to grow your bankroll!

Bet What/Who You Know

Many of our readers are merely searching for new, exciting markets on which to wager, and we’d never want to discourage developing a specialty, especially in a niche like with handball betting sites. That being said, it’s always a smart idea to maximize your chances of accurately predicting a result by focusing on the leagues, teams, and players you know best.

Handball betting lines don’t receive the same amount of attention as soccer and other massive global games and events, creating an excellent opportunity for bettors with a decent knowledge base. Maybe you are a fan of a local professional team or enjoy watching the qualifiers leading up to the Olympic games. If that sounds like you, chances are you’ll find many lines to exploit when it’s time to place your bets.

The sports that oddsmakers dedicate most of their time to, and that the public sends the majority of their action, have by-far the sharpest lines. It can be challenging to find value without spending all of your time building statistical models and studying line movement.

With handball, you can develop a significant advantage that doesn’t require you to treat betting like a full-time job just by being a fan!

So, if you create such a scenario for yourself, don’t take it for granted. Don’t get cocky and start wagering on German Bundesliga matches just because you’re winning money on Spanish ASOBAL games involving your favorite squad. Use that money to press your advantage further instead!

Handball’s Biggest Betting Events to Bet On

Summer Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics are a crucial time for handball, as it’s one of the most prestigious and the most watched event the sport has. Every four years, the eyes of the world are focused upon the game—which has existed as part of the Olympics in some shape or form since Germany’s infamous 1936 Summer Games in Berlin.

In its inaugural year as an Olympic sport, handball was played outdoors, on a field—something that would only occur the one time. After Nazi Germany took home the first gold, the game was dropped entirely (though, those two facts are not exactly related). Field handball made one more brief emergence as a demonstration sport in 1952, but never developed into more.

20 years later, the indoor variation was introduced as an Olympic sport at the 1972 Summer Games, also in Germany. The women’s competition came four years later, and handball has been a feature of the international event ever since.

  • Olympic men’s handball has been generally competitive, with no country separating themselves from the pack in the medal count. France has been the most successful with two gold, one silver, and one bronze. Although, there are four other countries with either three or four total medals and another three that equal France’s two golds.
  • On the women’s side, Denmark is considered the top performers due to their three gold medals—the only medals of any color they’ve won. Countries like South Korea and Norway have better totals with six apiece, but they only each have two golds to go along with a handful of silver and bronze.

IHF World Handball Championship

The International Handball Federation is the sport’s governing body for both indoor and beach versions of the game. The IHF was established in 1946 to control and organize large international tournaments, of which the World Handball Championship is the most prominent. However, the first two championships took place before the IHF was founded, starting in 1938.

The IHF organizes the World Championships every two years, though this wasn’t always the case. After the inaugural event in 1938, WWII resulted in the tournament’s cancellation until 1954, when Sweden won the title. The world’s best handball teams came together again in 1958, before deciding to change the competition to being held every three years instead.

The inaugural Handball Federation went back to every four years in 1970, which lasted through 1990. After another three-year wait, the championship was played again in 1993. Ever since then, it’s been held every other year.

The World Handball Championships have been dominated by European countries throughout their history, which makes sense considering it was created in England. Still, it’s somewhat remarkable that the tournament was never won by a non-European team from its founding until 2015, where Qatar broke the decades-old winning streak.

France has been handball’s best champion with six titles, including four of the past six. They’re trailed by Sweden with an equal number of total medals (11), but only four of which are gold.

EHF Champions League

As we’ve established, Europe is the seat of power in the world of international handball. The EHF Champions League is the continent’s most prestigious club tournament. The best professional teams from Europe’s best leagues all compete to determine who is the top squad in the region and, really, the world.

You can expect real money handball betting sites to cover the EHF Champions League thoroughly. The tournament begins in the group stages, with each squad playing every other member in their field twice. Once the pool of participants has been reduced to 16, the knockout stage begins. The remaining teams play two legs, with the winner of the aggregate score advancing to the next opponent.

The club team with the most Champions League titles is Barcelona with nine. Two German franchises, VfL Gummersbach and THW Kiel, are in second and third-place all-time, respectively.

Domestic Leagues

In addition to the premier international competitions, there are numerous domestic leagues that may be covered by online oddsmakers serving your region. The following list consists of the highest-level handball associations in each of these countries, so you know exactly which betting markets you’re searching for when it’s time to wager!

  • Angola: Angola Men’s Handball League, Angola Women’s Handball League
  • Argentina: Confederación Argentina de Handball
  • Australia: Handball League Australia
  • Austria: Handball Liga Austria – Bundesliga Männer, Bundesliga Frauen
  • Belgium and Netherlands: Bene League Handball
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Handball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia: Croatian First League of Handball
  • Czech Republic: Zubr Extraliga
  • Denmark: Damehåndboldligaen Jack and Jones Ligaen
  • England: England Handball Association
  • France: Ligue Nationale de Handball
  • Germany: Handball-Bundesliga
  • Greece: Greek Men’s Handball Championship
  • Hungary: Nemzeti Bajnokság I
  • Iceland: Olís deildin
  • Israel: Ligat Ha’Al
  • Japan: Japan Handball League
  • Macedonia: Macedonian Handball Super League
  • Montenegro: First League (men and women)
  • Norway: Eliteserien
  • Poland: Polish Ekstraklasa Men’s/Women’s Handball League
  • Portugal: Andebol 1 (men)/1ª Divisão Feminino (women)
  • Romania: Liga Națională
  • Scotland: Scottish Handball League
  • Serbia: Serbian First League of Handball
  • Slovakia: Slovenská Hadzanárska Extraliga
  • Slovenia: Slovenian First League of Handball
  • Spain: Liga ASOBAL
  • Sweden: Handbollsligan (men) / Svensk handbollselit (women)
  • Tahiti (French Polynesia): Tahitian Handball League
  • Turkey: Turkish Handball Super League
  • United States: USA Team Handball Nationals

IHF Continental Championships

The IHF organizes several continental championships in the different regions of the world. These tournaments then play a role in which national teams qualify for the World Championships. Most handball betting sites will cover the following competitions, providing another opportunity to wager on the sport.

However, these tournaments are more useful in preparing you for the World Championships. Learn the team’s tendencies, playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses during these lesser events so that you have an advantage when the most significant games are played.

  • Pan American Games
  • Asian Games
  • All-Africa Games
  • Mediterranean Games

Handball Betting FAQ

What Are Some Common Forms of Handball Betting?

Moneyline wagers, totals, point spreads, futures, and prop bets are all commonplace at handball betting sites. You can pick a team to win straight up, attempt to predict the level of scoring, or apply a handicap of a few goals to the favorite. Bettors will also wager on the eventual winner of a tournament before the festivities begin. The best real money handball betting sites will even set lines for propositions, which can cover anything from individual player performances to the number of free throws in a game.

Is Betting on Handball Legal?

Yes, it is legal to wager on handball online in regions without anti-gaming laws. This includes states and countries with regulated betting, as well as jurisdictions without any legislation on the books. In the absence of concrete prohibition, it’s legal for bettors to use offshore handball betting sites.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore Handball Betting Sites?

Yes, unless local laws specifically say otherwise. In the United States, there are no restrictions outlawing individual bettors from using the services of offshore handball betting sites.

How Do I Find Value Betting on Handball?

It’s easier to find value betting on handball than most other sports. Pick a league to begin watching or even a favorite team. Once you’ve grown familiar with how they play and perform, it’s time to start looking for value. Focus on the wagers with a proven track record, like taking the “under” in the first half of contests.