High Stakes Sports Betting Sites

In the world of sports betting, there are your regular bets that most folks
make, and then there are large wagers coming from people betting sums of $10,000
or more at a time. We’ve crafted this page for the latter of those sports
bettors that are betting high stakes of cash on their sports wagers. If you’re
already a high stakes bettor, then this page can help you elevate your
high stakes game. For the rest of you, this page can assist you with
understanding what you can expect if you’re able to raise your stakes to a
higher level down the road.

In our guide to high stakes betting sites, we’ll be filling you in on
all of the details that you’ll need to know. Below, we’ll bring you our
suggested sites, talk about what you should look for in these sites, provide
frequently asked questions, and much more. By the time you finish reviewing this
page, you’ll leave much more well-versed on the topic. Now, let’s get into the
good stuff!

If you already know that you need a high stakes betting site based on
the size of your bankroll and bets, then this section is for you. We’re here to
help you locate your high stakes sports betting website home so that you can
place all of your wagers from the convenience of your phone or computer. We’ve
gathered up the absolute best of the best high stakes betting websites in
the chart below. If you’re ready to get started right this moment, you can get
the ball rolling with any one of these quality operations.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site

We’ve done the research and handpicked these sites so that you can save
yourself the time. Every one of these suggested sites has high betting limits
available, excellent customer service, and are very trustworthy. In addition,
they also offer their clients large deposit and withdrawal limits. In short,
these are the perfect sites for anyone looking to wager high stakes.

One thing that we should point out is that we’re completely independent of
these suggested websites. These sites earned their place on our list by being
trustworthy websites that are the cream of the crop. We never let websites pay
us to receive excellent rankings or reviews. Here, what you see is what you get
since we’re able to give you our honest thoughts and feelings.

For those of you not quite ready to sign up yet with a high stakes sports
betting site, we’ve got plenty more just for you. If you’re looking to gain a
better understanding of these sites, keep reading below. You’ll find tons of
great information to help you understand if these high-stakes betting websites
might be a good fit for you and your sports betting needs.

What Makes a Sports Bet High Stakes?

There is no set standard definition of what makes a high stakes sports bet.
That being said, most folks often refer to a high stakes wager as one that is
five figures or more. In that case, that means that a high stakes wager would
involve at least $10,000 or more.

However, $10,000 is the low end of high stakes wagers. Many high stakes
bettors make six-figure wagers on a regular basis, which means that they’re
betting over $100,000 on a single wager. Even more extreme, it’s not uncommon to
hear about an occasional seven-figure (over $1,000,000) wager on major sporting
events like the Super Bowl or a significant boxing match.

If you’re like the majority of the population, your typical sports wager
isn’t even close to what most people would define as high stakes. If you’re not
there at this time, you’ll at least be better informed of what is required if
you’d like to eventually work your way up to being a high stakes sports bettor.

What to Look for in a High Stakes Betting Website

If you’re planning to do your own search for a high stakes sports betting
site, we’d got some things that we suggest you look for in your quest. When
seeking your high stakes betting home, you’ll want to check as many of the
following boxes as possible. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to find
yourself a top-notch website that’s going to provide you with an excellent
experience. Don’t forget that if you don’t want to do your own research, you can
quickly get going now with one of our suggested sites at the top of this page.


First and foremost, you’ll want to find yourself a betting site that can be
trusted. This is important anytime that you’re betting with real money. However,
it’s even more critical for folks looking to wager big dollars with high-stakes

The goal here is to avoid putting your money on a site that might be untrustworthy.

There are several different ways for you to go about locating a trusted site.
For one, you can turn to any friends of yours that are currently doing their
sports betting online. Some of them might highly recommend the websites that
they wager on. Another route is to use Google to locate sites like ours that
help give you honest feedback about these online sportsbooks. Finally, you can
check out other general blogs out there to see what kind of reputation the
website has. Ultimately, you only want to place your funds on sites that have
quality reputations when it comes to trustworthiness.

Banking Methods

Next up, you need to find one of these websites that gives you the ability to
bank in one of your preferred methods. The reason that this is important is that
you’ll have to utilize these banking options to get your money onto and off of
the websites. You will find that banking methods do vary between sites.

Visa Logo
Mastercard Logo
Maestro Logo
American Express Logo
PayPal Logo
Debit Cards
Apple Pay Logo

Often, websites will offer a variety of banking methods for you to select
from. Typically, we see banking options such as bank wire, Bitcoin, and credit
cards. If you prefer to bank in Bitcoin, then seek an online sportsbook that
lets you deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin. With so many different online
sportsbooks out there, you should be able to locate one with high-stakes limits
that also has your preferred banking options.

High Deposit Limits

While you’re investigating deposit banking methods, also pay attention to the
deposit limits offered by any high stakes site that you’re
considering. The goal here is to locate a site that has deposit limits high
enough for your betting needs. If you’re planning to wager big bets, you’ll have
a tough time doing that if you can only load a couple of hundred dollars at a

In most cases, websites will spell out their deposit limits on the cashier
page of their website.

Often, the amount that you can deposit depends on the
banking method that you select. If the published deposit limit is too low for
you, then we’d suggest that you reach out to their customer service team. In
many cases, these sites will manually increase deposit limits for clients on a
case-by-case basis. It never hurts to ask, so give it a shot if you’re looking
to deposit more than what the website says you can.

High Betting Limits

While this one should seem obvious, we figured that we’d still state it here
just to make sure that you don’t accidentally overlook this one. For those of
you looking to place high stakes wagers, you’ll need to end up on a sports
betting website that allows you to place those large sports bets. Unfortunately,
many of the online sportsbooks out there have lower maximum betting limits,
which is why you’ll need to search specifically for ones with higher limits.

If you find a site that you really like, but their betting limits seem too
low for your needs, you can always contact them to see if they’ll work with you
to increase the betting limit. We’ve heard plenty of success stories from
readers that have been able to have their betting limits increased after working
with the support team on different sites. In many cases, if you’re willing to
deposit large amounts or if you’re a VIP for their site, they’ll help you get
your betting limits up from the standard website default.

High Payout Limits

Another important thing to investigate is the payout limit on any sportsbook
that you’re considering. While this isn’t ever a concern for your typical sports
bettor, it does come into play for high stakes bettors. We wanted to make sure
to cover this one, as some high stakes folks are not even aware of the
implications of payout limits.

It’s important to understand that there is a critical difference between the
maximum bet limit and the maximum payout limit. The bet limit is how much you’re
allowed to wager on a single bet. It’s not uncommon to see maximum bets of
$10,000 or more on some online sportsbooks. In contrast, the maximum payout is
the most significant amount that a sportsbook will pay out on a single bet.

To help illustrate this a bit better:


Let’s say that you place a $10,000 wager on an underdog for the Kentucky Derby race with 12:1 odds.
If you end up picking the winning horse, you’re expecting a payout of $120,000,

Well, maybe. In many cases, these online sportsbooks have single bet
payout limits ranging between $50,000 and $100,000. Unfortunately, no matter how
much you think you should make, you’ll be capped by the maximum payout limit of
the site. This is why you’ll want to find yourself a high stakes betting site
that gives you the highest possible payout limits.

Ultimately, there is no point in you making certain bets if the payout limits
will stop you from getting the most money possible. By doing this, you’re only
increasing your risk while the casino limits theirs. To combat this, you may
need to split your wagers up between two different online sportsbooks to get
yourself the largest potential payout.

High Withdrawal Limits

Along with being able to move large sums of cash onto the site, you’ll also
need the ability to move large amounts of money off of the website. Here, you’ll
want to check out the withdrawal betting limits offered by any site that you’re
investigating. Your goal should be to locate one that gives you high withdrawal
limits so that you can quickly remove large sums of money when needed.

Unfortunately, many online sportsbooks have some pretty limiting withdrawal
limits. For most of the Average Joes out there betting ordinary sums, it doesn’t
really impact them. But if you’re wagering higher stakes, it can put a dent in
your plans. In some cases, we see websites that only allow their clients to
withdraw a maximum of $1,000 a week. On top of that, it can just be done in
increments of $500 at a time. In short, it’s a complete pain, and it’s a waste
of time.

If the posted limits on the website are too low for your needs, you can
always contact their team to see if they’d be willing to work with you. We’ve
definitely seen plenty of times where websites have adjusted things for
higher stakes clients in an attempt to help keep them betting on their website.

Competitive Lines

Up until this point, we’ve covered lots of things about the policies and
settings specific to high-stakes sports betting sites. However, we also wanted
to make sure that we included a handful of basics that apply no matter if you’re
betting high stakes or not. Up first, we wanted to discuss the competitiveness
of betting lines briefly.

Before you sign up for a site and deposit large sums to kick off your
high stakes betting adventures, take a few moments to make sure that the site
offers you lines that are competitive. Since you’ll be betting massive sums of
cash, it’s essential that you squeeze every drop of potential profit out of the
sportsbooks to help you increase your bottom line.

Based on our experience, many online sportsbooks tend to average out all
around the same for the most part. However, we’ll occasionally come across some
with better odds than other websites. You’ll want to find this type of
sportsbook in your search. It’s easy to compare lines between different websites
by merely picking a few wagers and then shopping them at various sites. If one
website tends to have worse lines than the others, take that one off of your
list of potential sites.

Bonuses and Promotions

Something else to shop around for is a high stakes sports betting site that
offers some great bonuses and promotions. Once again, you have a ton to gain
here thanks to the large number of dollars that you’ll be betting. If you work
with the right online sportsbook, you could earn thousands of dollars in free
bonus cash over your time betting there.

One of the most lucrative ways for you to score bonus cash is through sign-up
welcome bonuses.

Due to the super competitiveness of the online sportsbook
world, websites use these welcome bonuses as a way to stand out from one
another. Most often, these bonuses are structured as dollar-for-dollar matches
based on your initial deposit. It’s not uncommon to find sites willing to match
upwards of $5,000 just on the welcome deposit alone!

Another way for you to pick up some bonus cash is through reload deposits.
Whenever you need to top off or reload your betting account, many of these
websites will offer you another deposit match on your reloads. This is another
way that you could earn several thousands of dollars for your betting account.

As you shop around for your online sports betting home, make sure to
investigate their bonus options. Your goal should be to locate the site that
gives you the most significant bonus cash potential so that you can make as much
as possible while doing your sports betting.

Quality Customer Service

Finally, the last thing that you should seek in your sports betting website
is quality customer service. This is something that many folks mistakenly
overlook before they get the ball rolling with a site. However, we caution you
not to rush into things until you get a feel for how well they take care of
their customers.

In the beginning part of working with a new online sportsbook, you often
don’t need to interact too much with the site’s customer service unless you have
a question pop up. That being said, quality customer service really comes in
clutch down the road if you ever have a more substantial issue arise. By finding
a site with excellent customer service now, you’re ensuring yourself that you’ll
be in good hands when you need it later.

The best and fastest way to judge a website’s customer service is to try it
for yourself. It’s as simple as calling, emailing, or live chatting with their
team. Once you reach them, see how quickly they connect with you and how good
their answers are to your questions or concerns. Ultimately, these are the folks
that will be helping you down the road if you have a problem, so you’ll want to
flush out now if they are offering you quality service or not. If you’re not
sure what to ask, you can ask them about deposit methods, bonus options, or
their games offered.

How to Set Up a High Stakes Sports Betting Account

If you don’t yet have a high stakes sports betting account, we’ve developed a
simple how-to guide to help you get things rolling as soon as possible. The tips
below have been gathered from some of most prominent sports bettors that we are
connected with.


As you’ve seen above, we’re huge fans of you doing some research before you
sign up and deposit on a sports betting site. If you have not checked out our
detailed section above on what to look for, be sure to circle back and read
that, as it’s got all of the details that you need to find your perfect online
sports betting home.

Notify Your Bank

Next up, you’ll want to call your bank to let them know that you’ll be making
some deposits onto your website of choice. By doing this, you’ll avoid the
possibility of your bank holding things up due to concerns relating to potential
account fraud, especially since you will be using high dollar amounts. Giving
them this simple heads-up should save you some time and headache.

Set Your Terms

Before you make your initial deposit on the site, we’d suggest that you give
their support team a call to set the terms of your account. Your goal with this
call should be to establish your deposit, payout, bet, and withdrawal limits. In
many cases, if you’re prepared to make a significant deposit, anything is up for
discussion. By getting this out of the way upfront, you’ll ensure that you don’t
hit any limits or snags later on.

Establish VIP Status

While you’re on the call with them setting the terms of your account, you’ll
also want to work with their team to establish your VIP status on their website.
Often, those players coming in with massive deposits can work their way
immediately into the higher tiers of VIP status. The higher up you get in VIP
tiers, the more perks such as cash back and insurance you will receive.

Establish a Direct Line of Communication

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to do is make sure that you
establish a direct line of communication with the website. Your goal here is to
get a dedicated phone line to a dedicated account rep. Consider this your own
personal betting Bat Phone. What you don’t want is to use the primary 800 phone
number. With a direct line of communication, you’ll receive better service than
you would by just calling into the main support line.

The Potential Downside of High Stakes Betting

Before we close things out, we wanted to make sure to briefly touch on the
potential downside of high stakes sports betting. While we understand the thrill
and excitement that comes along with making five-figure or higher wagers on
sporting events, it’s also vital that you have a balanced view. As quickly as
you can make money from that wager, you can also lose it all.

Betting any form of real money involves risk. Because of this, it’s critical
that you never bet more than you can afford to lose. If you’re tight on cash and
you’re having a tough time keeping food on the table or making rent, then sports
betting should take a back seat. You’ll never want to use any form of gambling
as a way to try and make ends meet.

If you’d like to
learn more about gambling responsibly
, you can check out our
page dedicated to the topic. This is worth a scan if you’re ever worried that
you’re perhaps getting a little too loose with your betting.


High-stakes betting can be a complete blast if you’ve got the stomach and the
bankroll for it. Hopefully, our detailed guide on high stakes sports betting
websites has helped you gather up all of the details that you needed to either
get things started or improved. Thanks for reading our guide, and best of luck
in all of your further high stakes sports betting adventures!
To help close things out, we’ve gathered up some frequently asked questions
related to high stakes sports betting sites. You can check these out if you’ve
still got some unanswered questions at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible that online sportsbooks will reduce my betting limits?

Unfortunately, this is always a possibility. While we always hate it when we
hear of someone’s betting limits being reduced, it’s the right of the sportsbook
to do so since it is their platform and operation. Whenever a sportsbook lowers
the limits of a client, they are often working to reduce their exposure of
losing big.

If you’d like to avoid having your betting limits reduced, there are a few
steps that you can take. First, if you have an account manager, be sure to touch
base with them regularly so that they have a relationship with you and know what
you’re up to. By staying in touch with them, you’ll be less likely to have your
account limited.

Next, make sure that you’re not just betting on obscure sports and wagers. If
you’re only placing wagers on oddball sports like handball and Gaelic sports,
then your account might get flagged as a potential handicapper. Instead, make
sure that you’re betting on some of the popular sports like football and
basketball along with any other sports of your choice.

Finally, we’d suggest that you bet in whole figures such as $750 as opposed
to ones like $746.19. Specific wagers like this tend to flag bettors as
potential handicappers looking to hedge their bets.

Am I safe betting high stakes wagers online?

Luckily, the vast majority of online sportsbooks out there are safe places
for you to do your sports betting. That being said, there are some websites out
there that are not trustworthy and therefore should be avoided. To help you
avoid some of these potential problem casinos,
we’ve developed a blacklist page
Each of these sites has a track record of untrustworthiness that makes them
qualify for the naughty list.

While we do our best to update that as often as possible, our blacklist might
not be all-encompassing since new online sportsbooks pop up regularly. If you’re
considering a new online sportsbook, we’d urge you to do some research on the
site before you deposit any funds onto the website. Often, just a short amount
of time reviewing things on trusted websites like ours can aid you in
determining if the site that you’re considering is legit or not. Also, don’t
forget that we’ve included a list of our hand-picked best sites for high-stakes
sports betting at the top of this page. You can trust any one of these sites to
become your high stakes betting home.

Should I use multiple high stakes betting sites?

It’s ultimately a matter of personal preference if you’d like to use more
than one website to place your high stakes wagers. If you don’t mind doing it,
we highly suggest it since it will help you shop your betting lines to make sure
that you’re getting the most bang for your dollar. With the amount of cash that
you’re betting, finding the most beneficial line in your favor can add up to
some significant additional profit over the long haul.

If I place high stakes wagers on these sports betting websites, will I
become a VIP?

Unfortunately, we can’t predict this with 100% certainty. The reason for this
is that every online sportsbook has different criteria when it comes to who
makes the cut for their VIP list. In many cases, the details are not even
published, which makes it even harder for us to give you an absolute answer.

What we can tell you is that in many cases, high stakes bettors are often
quickly swept into a site’s VIP program if one exists. If you’re spending large
amounts of cash doing sports betting on their website, they should want to take
the best care of you possible. Also, if you’ve been betting on a website for a
while and they have not ushered you into their VIP program, try contacting their
team. Ultimately, if a site isn’t willing to offer you VIP membership, another
online sportsbook most likely will if you’re spending a large chunk of money on
sports wagers.

What kind of perks will I get if I become a VIP on one of these sites?

If you’re cool enough to make the cut to become a VIP on one of these sites,
you usually can expect some excellent perks. It’s tough to tell you exactly what
to expect as the perks do vary significantly between online sportsbooks.
However, in general, we tend to see cool things such as account managers, extra
bonus opportunities, free withdrawals, and even VIP-only trips and parties. From
everything that we’ve seen and experienced, if you’re able to become a VIP of
one of these websites, you should not be disappointed in the perks that you’ll