Top Websites for Betting on La Liga

If you’ve come to this page looking for the best sites to bet on La Liga in 2020, you’re at the right place. On this page, we’ll explain how you can find safe and reliable La Liga betting sites that are perfect for your needs!

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The Spanish La Liga is one of the most lucrative and prestigious club
competitions in Europe. It features some of the world’s most recognized teams,
proper household names like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. The player base
is at an admirable level too. Until very recently, La Liga was home
to both GOAT-potential players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Spanish La
Liga teams have also won five consecutive Champions League titles in the last
six years, with the exception of the 2018/2019 season which featured two Premier
League teams. That alone goes to show you what a powerhouse this league is.
Considering all this, the popularity of La Liga betting sites comes as no

Spanish people love all sorts of betting. Horse racing,
basketball, slot machines, casino games, and lotteries, just to name a few… But, above
all, they seem to adore betting on La Liga. The numbers are
quite astonishing. It’s estimated that the Spanish bet roughly €2 billion a
year. That’s roughly €480 per capita! While we don’t know the exact portion that
goes to betting on soccer online, we can assume it’s a hefty one.

Betting on La Liga Online

La Ligo Logo

There are a ton of newcomers in this hobby and, believe it or not,
things can get quite messy for them. Finding the right La Liga online
betting site
is the first hurdle they come up against. And more often
than not, they make a poor choice. A choice that will not give a poor
online betting experience and could potentially hurt their personal finance.

Inadequate security, unoptimized platforms, slow payouts, and high profit
margins are the most common downsides these days. Poor customer support and lack of
betting options are up there as well. All of these problems can and will hurt
your ability to enjoy betting on soccer online. Or even worse, they can be the gateway
for cybercriminals stealing your personal information.

We’re not trying to scare you here. But it’s crucial to understand the weight of picking a trusted La Liga Betting Site.

Luckily, there’s a couple of things you can do to prevent these risks. The
hard way involves taking a few days and extensively researching the most
reputable La Liga betting websites. You’ll have to go through them one by one,
check out their online reviews, test their responsiveness, and see if they’re
simple to use. Depending on your tech-savviness, this process can take anywhere from
a few days to a week.

The easy way is to just check our list of the best La Liga
betting sites
. We’ve already put in the hard work researching these sportsbooks and risking our money so you don’t have to! Signing up with these sites will allow you the freedom to worry about winning your bets rather than the security of your personal information.
They have the latest and greatest in security
and encryption, while also checking off all the marks required for the optimal
online La Liga betting experience.

What Makes a Great La Liga Betting Site?

  • Great Bonuses
  • Fast Payouts
  • Customer Support
  • Banking Options
  • System Compatibility
  • Other Betting Options

Best Bonuses

Only the best La Liga betting sites feature generous bonuses that aren’t
plagued by ridiculous rollover amounts. And, quite frankly, there’s only a
handful of such sites. Here’s a hint: Most of them are featured in the list

As for the actual bonuses, they come in various shapes and sizes! There are
free bets, accumulator bonus multipliers, jackpot bonuses, sports betting
boosts, and so on. However, the most popular (and often the most generous) type
of bonus is the so-called “Welcome Bonus.”

Welcome bonuses reward players with a percentage
of their initial bonus up to a fixed amount. So, for example, a bookie may offer
a 50% welcome bonus on your initial deposit up to $200. That means, if you deposit
$300, you’ll get an additional $150 in your bonus bankroll.

However, most bookies incorporate welcome bonuses on their platforms to lure
players in. These bonuses do work. You’ll get your money into your bonus
bankroll but, more often than not, bookies will place rigorous rules regarding
their welcome bonuses. And these rules will basically render the bonus bankroll
impossible to withdraw. In fact, some people report that their accounts got
suspended after they managed to roll over the bonus and initiated the payout

As far as our recommendations for the top online betting sites are concerned, their
welcome bonus rules are rather lenient. Yes, you will still need to roll over
the amount a couple of times, but you will always get your money once you complete the
required amount.

Fast Payout Sites

Speaking of getting your hard-earned money, did you know it takes 24 to 72
hours on average to get your winnings from typical La Liga online betting sites?
Yes, it depends on the amount and the chosen payment method, but that’s what the
average waiting periods are.

Unfortunately, once again, there are bookies that go above and beyond to keep
your hard-earned money for as long as possible. Whether it’s intentional or
simply due to inefficient internal processes, we don’t know. What we do know is
that there are bookies which take more than ten days just to initialize the
payout transaction.

You deserve better than that! And our list of the best La Liga betting sites
can provide you with much better options to use for betting on soccer online. Go ahead and compare the average payout times on our picks.
You’ll like the results, we promise!

Banking Options

La Liga Soccer Ball

Finding a good betting site but realizing they don’t support your
preferred payment method, now that’s a real tragedy, right? Well,
it doesn’t have to be that way. You see, if you go for one of the soccer
betting sites listed on this page, you can rest assured their variety of banking
options will meet your expectations.

All of them do a great job of providing their users with an abundance of
payment methods to choose from. Unless you’re into collectible chips, tarot
cards, and stuff like that, the top La Liga betting sites are likely to support your
payment method of choice as well.

Jokes aside, having a healthy variety of banking options can make or break
online soccer betting sites. In fact, all reputable La Liga
betting websites are quick to make jumps on trending online payment methods. A
perfect example of this is cryptocurrencies.

Since they emerged onto the mainstream stage, bettors realized their
potential for online betting. The demand was high, and bookies started
developing the required software solutions to support cryptocurrencies on their
platforms. These days,
online betting with cryptocurrencies
is flourishing and, if you’re still without
a proper online deposit method, we suggest you check it out.

Customer Support

Customer support is an invaluable asset of every good La Liga betting site.
It’s basically the only way bookies’ connect with their users. Customer
support is in charge of receiving, understanding, and resolving any potential
issues that users might stumble upon. Its efficiency depends on the training,
complexity of the platform, and the freedom they get when communicating with

As far as the most popular customer support channels are concerned, there’s
always a bit of a mix and match present. Contact forms, emails, and FAQ sections
are the most common. However, they’re not exactly ideal. These channels
lack speed and can take quite a while to yield positive results.

That’s why the top La Liga betting sites opt for additional
customer support channels. Channels that can make the lives of their users a lot
easier. We’re mainly referring to live chat and phone options. They’re a bit
more expensive to maintain but do wonders for users in terms of speed and efficiency. If
you’re worried you might stumble upon any issues, you definitely need to look
for bookies that offer live customer support.

System Compatibility

La Liga iPhone

At first, you might think that it’s 2020, and system compatibility shouldn’t
be an issue with online betting sites anymore. However, you’d be surprised to
know just how many sports betting sites don’t work well on mobile devices. That
said, if betting on the go is a must, then you need to choose a bookie that
either has a dedicated smartphone app or is known for having a mobile-friendly La Liga
betting platform.

As far as our list of the best La Liga betting sites goes, all featured
websites work well across all platforms. Some of them offer dedicated apps that
make navigating betting markets on your phone a breeze. Others have mastered the art of smartphone-friendly UI, something that lots of
you will greatly appreciate.

Other Betting Options

In addition to competitive lines for La Liga betting online, proper sports betting sites need to
feature a ton of additional leagues and sports. We’re not just talking about
Premier League, Bundesliga, and Champions League matches, but also many lesser-known leagues. Having other sports to bet on, like American
football, basketball, boxing, MMA, baseball, and so on would make any site an

In this day in age, pretty much all online bookmakers feature a vast number
of leagues and sports. It has become a sort of a standard in the industry.
However, what you need to look for is betting depth. You can’t rely
solely on match-winner bets. There are other betting options which could greatly
help your future betting slips. Let’s check them out real fast!

Most Popular La Liga Bets Available Online


This is the standard two-way or three-way bet type in the world of soccer
betting online. For three-way match-winner bets, you can bet on team A to win,
draw, or team B to win. It’s pretty straightforward. The same goes for two-way
match-winners, but without the draw. Most La Liga online betting sites will at the
least have this type of bet.

La Liga


If there’s a proper mismatch between two competing teams and a fixture with a
clear winner written all over it, the standard match-winner bets ought to be low
on the heavy favorites. However, handicap bets make things a bit fairer, giving
the underdogs a specified advantage in the form of “imaginary” goals. Say you
bet on Barcelona -2.5 to win against Villarreal. In this scenario, Barcelona has
to win with three goals to spare.

Total Goals Over/Under

Now we’ve come to my favorite bet type in all of online soccer
betting. This type of bet gives you a specified number
of goals, e.g. 3, and you have to guess whether the end result will be higher
and lower than that. It doesn’t matter which teams scores the goals, only the
goal quantity counts.


If you’re looking for riskier bets yielding awesome odds, then
halftime/fulltime should be a no-brainer. You can choose between all possible
scenarios based on both halftime and fulltime results. We’re talking 1/X, X/2,
X/X, where the first number represents halftime and the second number represents
fulltime scores. The odds are, once again, pretty generous, but there’s a fair
bit of risk here as well.

Both Teams to Score

Lastly, this is another highly popular bet offered at many La Liga betting sites that relies on the number of scored goals.
This one, however, doesn’t give you a specified number of goals and has you
guessing higher or lower. Instead, both teams need to score at least one goal
and the bet is won. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re looking for more information on this topic, make sure you check out
our comprehensive
bet types
page. It will shed a lot of light on the topic, that’s
for sure!

Placing La Liga Bets Online – Things to Keep in Mind

Starting off your betting journey can be a tricky task. Especially if you
don’t know where to begin. If you already have your mind set on placing
bets, we have a few pieces of advice we’d like to emphasize. Even though they’re
reflecting on sites with La Liga odds, they can be translated
to all other sports and leagues as well.

So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Explore Various La Liga Betting Websites

We can’t stress this enough. Exploring various betting sites with La Liga Odds will
allow you to see the greater picture of the online sports betting market. By
assessing several bookies, you’ll get a sense of the standards and what exactly
you can expect from them.

One last thing, there’s really no need to settle with just one bookie. If
you’re keen on placing La Liga bets, feel free to join several betting sites.
Not only will this allow you to “exploit” greater total welcome bonuses, but it
also allows you to compare odds. Learn more about that right down below!

Always Compare Odds

Yep, comparing odds is a vital part of being a successful soccer betting
enthusiast, especially if you’re thinking of pursuing high-fold accumulators.
With these types of betting slips, all odds count-a lot, mind you!

Additionally, you can also compare welcome bonuses and payment method variety
while you’re at it. In fact, that’s probably your main course of action. By
comparing all this data, you’ll be able to decide which bookie to use for a
specific betting slip. This way, you’ll always have the upper hand when it comes
to value. And, as we all know, online sports betting is all
about finding that extra bit of value.

Dig Deeper

As far as stats-digging is concerned, it’s the most time-consuming task of
all successful sports bettors. And the golden rule is, you can never get enough
of it! Head-to-head matches, scored goals, home and away comparisons, starting
lineup changes, corners, and yellow card quantities… All of these betting
factors can be useful in understanding a matchup. And once you think you’re
finally done with stats-digging, dig some more. Dig deeper, and try to analyze
every last bit of available data. Often enough, matches are decided by nuances
that can easily be predicted through research.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting on La Liga

Where Can I Find a Good Soccer Betting Guide?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced soccer bettor looking to brush up
with knowledge, finding a good source of learning materials can be of crucial
importance. No worries, we got you covered with an in-depth
soccer betting guide aimed at both beginners and more experienced bettors. It’s a
must-read if you want to make a name for yourself out there.

Which La Liga Betting Websites Do We Recommend?

There are several places to bet on La Liga online that tick all boxes: betting sites
with competitive La Liga odds that have viable customer support,
generous bonuses, and a wide variety of additional betting options.

If you’re looking for exactly that, make sure you check out the list at the
top of this page.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Bets Available on Soccer Betting Sites?

We already went through this above, so there’s no point in going into too
much depth. Instead, we’ll just list out the most popular bet types available on
various La Liga betting sites.

  • Match-Winner
  • Outright Winner
  • Total Goals Over/Under
  • Handicap
  • Yellow Cards Over/Under
  • Player to Score a Goal
  • Missed Penalty
  • Corners Over/Under
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Halftime/Fulltime

Can Betting on Soccer Be Profitable?

Now, this is a question we get almost on a daily basis. The answer is
actually simpler than most people think. Yes, betting on soccer
can be profitable if you invest a lot of time in doing research, digging through
stats, going over teams’ recent matches, and so on.

Additionally, you also need to come up with your own online soccer betting
strategy, set up clear goals, and be prepared to invest a lot of effort and
money. Online betting is tough work. After all, if it was simple, profitable,
and easy, everyone would be into it.

That said, roll up your sleeves, find reliable sources, and dig through those
stats. Grind your way to those winning slips!

Where Can I Find La Liga Betting Predictions?

Our betting picks section is handled by experienced sports
bettors. The coverage goes into a fair bit of depth, both sports and
league-wise. You’ll find everything from soccer, football, NBA, and even esports

If you’re still struggling with doing extensive team analysis, our experts’
picks ought to help you out. They’re easy to read (even for beginners), yet
offer a plethora of useful information that can help you make the right

Why is Betting on La Liga Online So Popular

Obviously, a major factor contributing to the popularity lies in the fact the league itself
is so highly admired. It’s popular all over the world and features the
world’s greatest teams, players, and coaches. They’ve got some great fans, too,
come to think of it. Their week-to-week
performances are splendid, and betting on La Liga gives people
that extra bit of spice ahead of the matches.

Additionally, La Liga betting sites are known for having generous bonuses.
That’s another big factor contributing to their popularity.