Best Betting Sites with Live Streaming

We live in an incredible time. There was once a period of time, not so long
ago, that you had to watch sports on television. Not only that, but if you
wanted to watch a game that wasn’t being broadcast by your local cable supplier,
then you had to go to your local bar and hope that they had a satellite feed
that probably cost them a fortune.

Now, that’s fine and all for sports local to your country, but what if you
wanted to watch your favorite soccer team playing in Portugal from somewhere in
Canada? Well, in most cases, you either had to know someone who knew someone who
had an illegal cable box, or you were just out of luck.

Today, we are able to watch almost every sport via live stream. This is great
for sports fans who don’t want to be tethered to their TV, but it is even better
for sports gamblers. With access to sites that are live streaming games from all
over the world, not only can you bet on that Portuguese soccer team, but you can
live stream the game courtesy of the same sports betting site.

Let’s have a look at the live-streaming world and how it has affected the
sports betting world. We will start with a compilation of some of the best
betting sites with live streaming below:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site
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50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site

Why These Are the Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

We have reviewed hundreds of sites, and these sites stood out to us for a few

They Have the Most Sports Streaming

This, of course, would be the first thing we would look for if we were to
rank the best live streaming betting sites. While we perform our sportsbook
reviews, we check first to see if there is a live stream section. Should we find
one, we then have a look to see not only what streams are currently showing, but
also what is coming up. Finally, we check to see how many sports are being live
streamed on the site (some sites limit their streaming to one or two sports or
leagues). For our money, these sites offer the best selection of sports via
their streaming service.

They Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

This is of particular importance to people who are betting on sports that
don’t take place in the same time zone as where they live. For these bettors,
being able to watch the game on their mobile phone or tablet is advantageous, as
it is usually at a time when they wouldn’t necessarily be in front of their PC,
let alone their television. For some of you, that may mean watching on mute
during a visit with the in-laws, while we know some people in particular that
find live streaming sports a good way to get through another children’s ballet

These Sites Have the Best Promotions

Why are we talking about promotions here? Isn’t this a review of the best
betting sites with live streaming? Well, great bonuses and offers are what help
gamblers gain more of an edge against the house. So, when we were compiling this
list, we wanted to not only highlight the streaming section but also which sites
offered you the most value to visit (regardless of if your game is being

Sports You Can Watch Live

The short answer to this is pretty much every sport you can think of; many
betting sites live stream everything from Major League North American sports to
the lowest-division European soccer. However, let’s look at a few sports that
you are probably more likely to find on a betting site than on your television.


Many tennis tournaments are running concurrently every week. Did you realize
that? Well, if you like to bet on sports, then you probably already know what we
are going to say here. Maybe your sports channel covers the major events during
the year, but with hundreds of events and thousands of matches to wager on,
finding a betting site that allows you to watch the second-round match of a
Challenger event from Korea is a huge bonus.


The same that we said about tennis applies to the golf tour. There are
multiple professional golf tournaments each week that fall under the
jurisdiction of several tours. A live streaming site will not only allow you to
find a tournament that isn’t in your time zone, but you will also be able to
toggle between different events with a click of a button, meaning you can be
betting and watching multiple events at once!

Horse Racing

This is a sport that definitely benefits from betting sites live streaming
their feeds. In fact, without the gambling industry, we aren’t sure how much
horse racing would still exist around the world. Once the “Sport of Kings,”
racing has been reduced greatly in stature, and outside of the Triple Crown
races and a couple other major events during the year, there is no place to
watch these smaller tracks. However, there are many active horse racing bettors,
and they gravitate to the sites that allow them to watch the races via the live


We mentioned it earlier in one of our examples, but until you look at a list
of matches available for betting, you many not realize just how many
professional soccer leagues exist. The world’s most popular sport is also one of
the most live streamed, as fans and bettors who no longer live in their home
country follow their teams from all over the world. Finding a betting site that
live streams some of these lower-division soccer leagues can be a goldmine for
players, which in turn can be a goldmine for the site itself.

Benefits of Using Live-Streaming Betting Sites

We now know that you can watch almost any sport via live stream, but why
would you want to do this via a betting site? Here are the top three reasons as
far as we are concerned.

In-Game Betting

Many of the sports that betting sites live stream also offer the bettor the
opportunity to bet on during the gameplay. In-game betting typically involves
betting on the next goal, or on a moving set of odds of either team or player
winning. By watching a match via live stream at the site where you also can make
a bet, you can easily find the in-game betting. This speed of getting a bet in
can mean the difference in getting the odds you want or not, which can obviously
have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the wager.

Cost Effective

These days, we are all looking for ways to save money, and the traditional
cable company is taking a hit. Most people are finding ways to cut the cord by
subscribing to channels via live stream, and this is definitely true in the
sports world. However, the costs can add up when you start to look at live
streaming football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, etc. With betting
sites that live stream sports, you can cut out most of those costs, as the site
has all the streams under one umbrella.


For us, what may be the most important benefit of all is the fact that we can
use these sites to live stream our favorite sports from anywhere. This means
having the game on in a window in the corner of your PC while you are at the
office working, or while you are traveling and away from your subscribed sports
service at home. Whatever the case, the fact that all the games you could want
are housed in one location has to be a benefit to anyone who loves sports or
gambling on them.


Live streaming is definitely the way of the future when it comes to consuming
content. As television becomes a thing of the past, sports lovers will be
looking for ways to consolidate the streams for viewing their favorite teams.
Our little secret in the online gaming world is that this already exists in the
form of these great betting sites with live streaming. Now is the time for you
to find a site that caters to your betting and viewing needs and create an
account so you can stop paying for sports and start gambling on them!


Can I live stream sports from a betting site if I don’t gamble?

This depends on the betting site you are working with. Some sites only
require you to have an account with them to access the live stream, while others
require you to have a minimum balance in your account.

What is the quality of the live stream?

Again, that depends on the site you choose. For the most part, the top
sportsbooks offer high-definition streams. It wouldn’t be too pleasant to have
to watch a game on a crappy feed….that is what the 80s were for.

Isn’t this illegal?

Well…technically, no, it isn’t illegal for you to view these live streams.
However, there is still some clarity needed about how these sites are able to
broadcast major sporting events without clearance from the leagues and the
government communication agencies. We suggest that you refrain from broadcasting
your stream for public consumption.

I can’t find the match I am looking for. What do I do?

It’s possible that your betting site doesn’t have that game available for
streaming, or maybe there is a problem with the feed. Your best course of action
if this occurs is to contact the site directly and ask. Maybe someone just
forgot to turn on the feed!

Why do betting sites offer live streams?

This one is easy to answer – money! Having players sitting on their sites
watching sports, only one click away from their next bet, is one of the easiest
and most effective ways to create loyalty. Also, the more that you are betting,
the more likely you are to lose…