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The convenience factor is a big part of the success behind online sports betting in general. It's nice not having to run down to the nearest casino and place bets in person before every game. For most of us, it was physically impossible to get very involved with sports betting 20 years ago simply because it was so time consuming to even place a bet.

We solved the convenience problem a long time ago with online betting and now we have the next big innovation: mobile sports betting sites. Whether you're on the go now or are just looking for later, here's a quick look at the sites with the best mobile platforms:

Our List of the Best Mobile Betting Sites for 2018

Each of the above sportsbooks has either a mobile-friendly version of its website, an app you can download or both. To be fair, pretty much every gambling site now has a mobile website at the bare minimum. It's no longer all that novel for a site to work on your phone. What makes these sites especially noteworthy is how slick their mobile betting interfaces are.

We don't know if some sites just have better web developers or what, but there's a huge range in quality in the industry. If you plan on doing a significant portion of your betting from your mobile device, it's worth spending a little time to find something that functions well. There are few things more annoying than visiting a poorly formatted mobile website and waiting 10 minutes for a bunch of bloated code to load. This can be especially damaging for any in-play wagering you have going on.

How It Works

Mobile sports betting is easy from your point of view. You can point your device's browser to any sportsbook website and it'll automatically format the page to fit your screen. From there, you can sign up for an account, bet on sports, and sometimes even bet on games in real time via in-play betting. It's not even necessary to download an app these days.

Gambling sites that accept players from the United States use the mobile website approach, because they aren't allowed to sell apps in the Android or Apple stores. Actual apps do make some things easier, but modern mobile-friendly websites are better than ever. We're even seeing animations and live odds updated in real time when we visit with our iPhone or iPad.

Sportsbooks that operate outside the United States usually have apps in the Google and Apple stores. You can download them for free and use the apps to manage your account, place bets, and watch live streaming events.

Here are a screenshot that we took with our iPhone just now:

Bet365 Mobile
Bet365 Mobile Betting

Is Mobile Sports Betting the Next Big Thing?

Sports betting technology has come a long ways over the past couple decades. It wasn't all that long ago that the only way to bet on sports was to visit your local bookie or catch a plane to Vegas. The internet came along and changed all that, making it possible to place a bet on any event in the world from the comfort of home.

Online betting was a revolution in its own right, but the industry took that a step further by introducing mobile sports betting sites. Now, you don't even have to be at home to put a little money on tonight's big game. If you have a phone or tablet and are connected to the internet, you can wager real money whether you're riding shotgun in the car or relaxing on your porcelain throne in the bathroom.

We weren't so sure mobile betting would ever be anything more than a novelty, but we've had to eat crow since then. We recently got to peek at the financial statements of two big name gambling sites and both of them reported that more than half of all sports bets at their sites were placed via mobile devices. In other words, there are more people betting on their mobile devices than not.

So going back to the original question; is mobile sports betting the next big thing? That's no longer a valid question. Mobile betting IS the big thing now.

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