Best NBA Betting Sites for 2021

In the following article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of NBA betting sites. We’ll tell you how you can choose the best sites, and we’ll explain what kind of bets you can make on NBA games. On top of that, we’ll identify what we feel are the best sites for NBA betting so that you can have a head start on your real money wagering.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

NBA betting sites provide the fans of the sport with the easiest and most convenient way to bet on their favorite sport. Each year, millions hang on every last game and shot of the best professional league in the world. And having the perfect outlet in these sports betting sites to bet on the action can make a big difference in your overall enjoyment of the NBA.

In the past, basketball fans didn’t have any legal options to wager on their favorite games. Legal sportsbooks were few and far between, leaving them with the unfavorable option of betting illegally with bookmakers. Luckily, the rise of sports betting websites gives you a legal and convenient way of betting on the action, which is why you should know everything you can about NBA betting sites so that you choose them wisely.

Best Sites for Online NBA Betting

  • BetUS – Our #1 rated site for real money NBA betting online.
  • MyBookie – The best mobile NBA betting app for 2021.
  • Bovada – The most trusted brand in online NBA betting.
  • BetOnline – Widest variety of NBA betting odds and NBA prop bets.

This is our list of the top NBA betting sites for 2021. We’ve spent years reviewing and rating online sportsbooks to be able to come up with this list of the absolute best NBA betting sites online. Below we’ll dive into details on our top-rated site for NBA betting as well as provide details on the best real money NBA betting app for those who want to bet on the go.


BetUS – The Best Real Money NBA Betting Site

BetUS stands as a versatile, reliable option in a world of NBA online sportsbooks where those qualities can sometimes be in short supply. There really isn’t an area of the site that’s lacking. And many of its characteristics help BetUS to stand out among real money NBA betting sites.

The coverage that they provide in terms of the world of sports betting, including the NBA, is unparalleled. BetUS gives a boost to cryptocurrency users with an extra bonus if you deposit with the digital coins. And you also get a full-service online casino so that all your betting needs will be satisfied in one place.

  • Year Established: 1994
  • Welcome Bonus: 100% Up To $2,500
  • Bonus Code: JOIN125
  • Rollover Requirement: 10x
  • Banking Methods: Credit Cards, Cash Transfer, Cryptocurrency, Bank Wire
  • Allowed in All 50 US States

MyBookie – The Best NBA Betting App for 2021

You’ll learn more as we get into the section about what makes these the best NBA betting sites and the importance of mobile gambling. And in terms of the top NBA betting apps that let you wager on the go for money, MyBookie is the one to beat. The options for wagering on their app are second to none.

This is another sports betting site that gives you a casino to make it a well-rounded gambling experience. Their 24/7 customer support will also give you peace of mind that your problems will be solved if any should arise. MyBookie is the NBA betting app that will give you the most complete and satisfying experience.

  • Year Established: 2014
  • Welcome Bonus: 50% Up To $1,000
  • Bonus Code: MYB50
  • Rollover Requirement: 10x
  • Banking Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency, Ripple, Person 2 Person
  • Restricted US States: PA, NJ, NV, NY

How We Rank and Review NBA Betting Sites

When it comes to listing the top online NBA betting sites, we aim to provide an unbiased, objective look at the options that you have. This means that we take the time to go through these sites with a fine-toothed comb to see how well they handle their customers and the bets that they make. And we also rely heavily on the feedback of those customers.

You can take our word for it if you choose. Or if you have the time, you can look up these sites for yourself and see how they rank. To that end, here are the characteristics that we look at when we make our rankings.

Safe and Secure Online NBA Betting Experience

When you’re wagering at NBA online betting sites, you’re relying on them for a lot. You’ll be trusting them with your betting account and the money that’s in it. And you’ll also be trusting that they can protect your financial data from those who would try to get at it somehow.

It’s for those reasons that you should be focusing right off the bat on the safest NBA betting sites on the internet.

These are the sites that you don’t have to worry about because you know that your betting money will be in good hands. And without having to worry, you can concentrate more on making your bets.

Reputation and History of Excellence

Ideally, you’ll be able to use an NBA betting site that’s been around for a long time and has an excellent reputation in the industry. But it’s important to realize that those two traits don’t always go together. There are sites that have been around a while that don’t quite have the reputation, and there are younger sites that have quickly build a solid rep.

As far as reputation, you can usually tell what it is by the way that the site is viewed in the industry. For example, if you hear real money NBA betting sites that are getting quoted on game broadcasts, it’s a good indication that they’re making solid progress in the industry. But most of all, reputation comes from the customers that use the sites, which is why you should be aware of the standing of NBA betting sites before signing up.

Large NBA Betting Bonuses

When you research NBA sportsbooks online, you’re likely to find that the vast majority of them offer you bonuses just for signing up. Those bonuses will keep coming during the time that you’re at the site. But not all sites can boast the value of the bonuses and promotions offered by the top NBA betting sites.

BetUS Bonus

The value comes from a variety of factors: size of the bonus, length of time you have to meet the rollover, size of the rollover, and limits on how much you can collect, among others. When you put all these together in researching NBA betting bonuses, you’ll see how some stack up much better than others. Always read the terms and conditions to get a true feeling for the value of these bonuses.

Variety of NBA Betting Odds and Lines

There are a couple of different ways with which you can measure the variety at an NBA betting site. First of all, you can look to the variety within the NBA games. Does the site provide the full coverage of the league and offer you the widest variety of bets that you can make on those games?

Beyond that, variety comes from the chances you have to bet outside the NBA. For example, does the site give you the chance to bet on all kinds of sports other than NBA basketball? And does it also give you an online casino option, which will let you do all of your wagering at a single site?

Extensive Selection of Banking Methods

Banking at real money NBA betting sites refers to the fact that the site will be accepting your deposits and doling out your withdrawals. And the key to what makes certain sites better than others in this department is flexibility. If the site can give you a lot of options for how you deposit and withdraw, there is a better chance that you’ll be able to use your preferred method.

Most online betting sites and mobile NBA betting apps will give you the chance to deposit with the top credit card brands. But not all NBA basketball betting sites will go beyond that to offer other methods, such as cryptocurrency, which is ideal for online gambling purposes. Check out the banking page when you’re considering an NBA betting site so that you can see if that flexibility is evident.

Check out some of the banking options offered at our top-rated online NBA betting sites below:

NBA Betting Site BetUS Logo MyBookie Logo Bovada Logo BetOnline Logo
Visa/MasterCard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ethereum Yes Yes No Yes
Bitcoin Cash Yes Yes Yes Yes
Litcoin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bank Wire Yes No No Yes
eWallets No Ripple Zelle Stellar, Ripple

Mobile NBA Betting App or Mobile Site

MyBookie AppMobile betting is important in any circumstance, but it takes on extra importance when you’re talking about sports betting. The convenience that online NBA betting apps provide is something that you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to betting real money on the NBA.

That’s because you might want to make a last-minute wager on an NBA game. This could be because you just found out a crucial piece of information about one of the teams or because you were waiting for the NBA betting odds to swing a certain way.

If this is the case, you might have only moments to make your wager. And you might not have the opportunity to get to a computer to place the bet. With NBA betting sites that give you either an app or a mobile version of their site, you don’t have to worry about getting shut out.

Fast Payouts of Real Money Winnings

As you bet on the NBA with money, you’ll occasionally want to withdraw some of it from your account. Maybe you were lucky enough to score a big win on a bet and want to collect the excess. Ideally, this process should take as little time as possible so that you can realize your NBA betting success.

The best NBA betting sites streamline the process. They do this by responding quickly to requests and preparing your withdrawal for transfer as soon as they can. This is another area where the banking versatility helps because you can choose the method that creates the fastest withdrawal time to help speed up the whole process.

Easy-to-Use NBA Betting Interface

This is another area where the need to make quick wagers on the spur of the moment puts a premium on a site being effective here. If you can’t find your way to the bets you want to make on the site, you might miss out if you’re in a hurry. And sadly, a lot of lesser sites are guilty of having a confusing interface.

But the NBA betting sites make it easy to find the links you need, while the interface moves smoothly so that there’s no lag from page to page. All of the other functions on the site, such as getting to your account or activating bonuses, should also be easily handled.

Considering that many people using NBA online sportsbooks might not be tech experts, simple interfaces take on added importance in this context.

Quality Customer Service and Support

You might roll your eyes at this one since this is something that’s mentioned for any business as being an important quality. But NBA betting sites have to provide you with customer service that won’t let you down. And that’s because betting online is fraught with potential pitfalls, especially if you’re at a low-quality site.

You could say that the best NBA betting sites are so airtight that there won’t ever be a need for customer service. But the truth is that problems can arise, even at the best sites. The key then is how quickly those sites reach out to fix those issues and leave you feeling like they’ve been properly addressed.

Check out the customer support options offered by our top-rated basketball betting sites:

  • BetUS – Live Chat, Phone, Email Support
  • MyBookie – Live Chat and Phone Support
  • Bovada – Live Chat and Phone Support
  • BetOnline – Phone and Email Support

Live NBA Betting Odds Offered

Live betting, sometimes known as in-game betting, is the hottest area of the sports betting market these days. In the past, your last chance to make a wager on a game came right before the tipoff. But with live betting, you can keep making wagers, both on teams and individual players, even as the game is underway.

In that respect, the best real money NBA betting sites give you the widest variety of in-game options. And they do so with odds that will make it worth your while. If you really want to stay modern with your NBA wagering, live betting sites are the way to go. Logo – The Best Live NBA Betting Site would stand out as a top NBA betting site even without taking into consideration its live betting options. The bonuses are varied and tied specifically into your favorite sports. And you’ll get excellent customer service when you need it from the site’s representatives.

When it comes to live betting on NBA games, really steps to the front of the line. You’ll be impressed when you see the sheer number of live bets you can make, and the list keeps updating throughout the action. A savvy bettor can really utilize the live betting at to maximize their NBA wagering impact.

  • Year Established: 2003
  • Welcome Bonus: 100% Up To $3,000
  • Bonus Code: SB100
  • Banking Methods: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Person 2 Person
  • Restricted US States: DE, HI, PA, NJ, NV, NY

Types of Bets You Can Place on NBA Betting Sites

If you’re new to basketball betting, you might not be aware of all of the different types of wagers that you can make. Each bet brings with it its own set of odds and a different feel in terms of risk and potential payback. Here are some of the most popular wagers to be found at NBA betting sites.

Moneyline NBA Bets

The moneyline is the method that you’ll be using at betting sites and on NBA betting apps when you just want to wager on the outcome of a game in terms of who wins or loses. Oddsmakers create the moneyline as a way to distinguish between the favorite and the long shot. Their goal is to create, as much as possible, equal betting on each side in the game so that the house won’t be hurt too much by one result or the other.

When you see the moneyline, you’ll see a number over 100 that is preceded by a plus or a minus. The plus indicates the underdog, while the minus indicates the favorites. As far as the numbers, it works like this:

  • A minus indicates you must bet that amount to win $100
  • A plus indicates that you must bet $100 to win that amount

In other words, everything is based around a $100 bet. But as you’ll see, that doesn’t mean you must bet that amount all the time. Let’s take a look at a sample moneyline that you might find at an NBA betting site:

New Orleans Pelicans
New Orleans Pelicans
Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks

In the case of this game, the Mavericks are the favorites (and pretty heavy favorites at that). To win $100 in profit by betting on the Mavs, you must put $350 at stake. By contrast, a $100 bet on the Pelicans will bring you $280 in return should they win.

If you want to change up the size of your bet, simply think of the moneyline in terms of a ratio that sets the odds for any amount of money wagered. For example, if you wanted to bet $50 on New Orleans, that would bring your profit down to $140, since $50 is half of $100 and $140 is half of $280. Just a little bit of math will clear everything up for you.

The moneyline is one of the most popular bets at NBA betting sites because it all boils down to who will win the game. That also makes it one of the easiest bets to win. But your profit margin will be relatively low compared to some of the other wagers you can make.

Betting the Spread on NBA Games

The point spread is another way that oddsmakers even out two teams that might not be evenly matched in terms of their chances to win the game. In this case, they offer points to one team and take points away from another. By doing this, they try as much as possible to make it a 50/50 bet, where either side has about an equal chance of betting.

In a point spread wager, the favorite has points deducted from its total at the end of the game, in terms of the wager anyway. Or if you want to look at it from the other perspective, the underdog has points added to their total. That’s why the favorite is said to be “getting” points, and the underdog is said to be “giving” them.

Let’s take a look at a point spread from a typical NBA game:

Washington Wizards
Washington Wizards
+6 (-105)
Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks
-6 (-115)

You’ll note that the moneyline is still involved, as that will dictate the payout for the bets ($105 on Washington returns $100, while $115 on Atlanta will return $100). In this case, Washington is a 6-point underdog, and Atlanta is the favorite. Let’s take a look at some possible outcomes and explain who would win the wager:

  • Washington wins 112-104. Bets on Washington win, since they won the game and were getting points anyway.
  • Atlanta wins 108-106. Bets on Washington win, since they lost but by less than six points. When you add six points to their score, their total becomes 112, which puts them ahead of Atlanta for the purpose of the wager.
  • Atlanta wins 120-94. Bets on Atlanta win, since Atlanta won by more than six. Even when you add six points to Washington (or take six points away from Atlanta), Atlanta still comes out ahead.
  • Atlanta wins 113-107. This is a push, because when you put the spread into the mix, the scores end up tied. Usually, NBA betting sites return the money bet when a push occurs. In many cases, half-points are used in the spreads so that pushes can be avoided.

Point spread wagering is very popular because it’s a relatively simple concept to understand. In addition, you’re always getting close to even money on your return. Those looking for higher return on their wagers might consider checking out other bets at NBA betting sites.

Over/Under or Totals

Over/under wagers at NBA sportsbooks online are sometimes known as “totals” or “points” bets. These bets don’t require you to know which team is going to win or even what the margin might be between the two might be in a game. Instead, you’ll just be concentrating on how many points the two teams will combine to score in the game.

The oddsmakers on NBA betting apps and at online basketball betting sites will set a line by choosing a number that should balance out the betting. In other words, if they do their job right, they’ll encourage roughly an even number of wagers on each side. You have to choose whether the final score will go over or under the final total.

As an example, here is what an over/under number might look like at an NBA betting site:

Los Angeles Lakers
Over 234.5
Boston Celtics
Under 234.5

Let’s look at how this might work in terms of the final score:

  • 114-110. The total score is 224, which is under 234 ½, so under bets win.
  • 136-124. Final score is 260, which is over 234 ½, so over bets win.

Most NBA betting websites will also give you the chance to bet over/unders on each individual team in the game. These individual over/unders, when added up, will roughly equal the total over/under.

For example, imagine an over/under for a game between Boston and the Lakers has an over/under of 219 ½. The individual over/unders might come in at the following:

  • Boston Celtics – 113.5
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 106.5

While that technically adds up to 220, the oddsmakers will keep the odds on the half-point so as to discourage pushes. In addition, the over/under, when you compare them, should equal the point spread. For this example, Boston is a 7-point favorite (113 ½ – 106 ½).

Over/under betting is a good way to speculate on a contest based on team styles.

You can estimate what kind of pace will be played between the two teams, and that should give you a good idea of where the over/under might stand. Just keep in mind that oddsmakers are very savvy in setting the over/under lines on a pretty accurate level, which will make your choice difficult at times.

NBA Prop Bets

Prop bets at NBA online betting sites are a bit hard to define, but that doesn’t mean you should be ignoring them. One way to label them would be to say that they don’t quite fit into any of the other categories that we’ve listed. They have moneyline odds attached to them and can take many different forms.

The name prop bet comes from the word “proposition,” because that’s essentially what the oddsmakers are doing with them at NBA online sportsbooks. They are proposing the terms of a bet, and you have to decide whether to accept or reject it. It’s kind of like if you and your buddy were watching a game and just deciding to bet on random aspects of the game.

Some prop bets include:

  • Which team will score more points in the third quarter?
  • Which player in the game will score the more points?
  • Will a certain player go over or under a certain number of assists?
  • Will one team go over or under a certain amount of three-pointers made?

As you might imagine, prop bets are a bit more popular when there are important games that invite a lot of speculation from fans and experts. For example, playoff games or the NBA All-Star games are often attached to many prop bets. Depending on which real money NBA betting sites you’re using, however, you can often find prop bets for even normal regular-season contests.

Prop bets are excellent bets as long as you take them seriously. Because they are attached to some of the more trivial aspects of an NBA game at times, some bettors might make the mistake of taking them seriously. But they can be quite lucrative if you do your research with the same intensity you might reserve picking a team to win or to cover the point spread.

Futures Betting on the NBA

Futures wagers at NBA betting sites give you the chance to make a little more money on your wagers than you can get from betting games as they occur. The idea behind a futures wager is that you make it well in advance of the event, which will decide the outcome of the wager. Because anything can happen to alter the situation in the time between when you make the bet and when the event happens, the odds you get on futures bets can often be quite lucrative.

For Example:

A typical futures bet might be to wager on who is going to win the NBA Championship. Futures betting for an NBA season champ typically begins right after the previous season ends. And it will stay open pretty much until the finals are set.

Let’s say that you want to bet on the Los Angeles Lakers to win it all, and you want to do it early in the preseason. You get odds of +1500, which basically means you’re getting $15 for every dollar you bet, or 15 to 1. Here are some scenarios that could occur:

  • The team’s best player gets injured and is knocked out for the season in the opening game. Their chances of winning it all fall dramatically.
  • Two months into the season, they trade for one of the best players in the league. Their chances of winning it all go up drastically.

No matter what happens once the season begins, the odds that you locked in when you made your futures bet will not change. In the case of the first scenario, that’s not a good thing because their actual odds of winning it all are now much worse. But in the case of the second scenario, you have a bargain at 15 to 1.

Again, futures bets can take place at any time during the course of the season. You might want to wait until a week or two of games to see how each team looks and make your assessment then. Or you might want to wait longer than that, in which case, your odds won’t be as lucrative, but you might have a better chance of picking the champ.

There are many types of futures bets that can be made at NBA betting sites. For example:

  • Which teams will win their respective divisions or championships?
  • Which individual players will win the awards handed out by the league?
  • Which individual players will lead the league in specific statistical categories?

Another reason that futures bets tend to be more lucrative is because you have more options than you can possibly bet. When you’re betting on an individual game, you only have one of two options. But with futures options, you might be picking from dozens of possibilities, which naturally raises the potential payback.

Live NBA Betting

We mentioned the importance of betting sites including live bets as a part of online betting on the NBA. Live bets have rapidly become among the most popular of all NBA wagers. You can choose from a wide variety of them during most NBA contests.

Most live bets in NBA games are just versions of the ones we’ve already mentioned. But the lines are adjusted to reflect the fact that a portion of the game has already been played. In addition, the oddsmakers are also watching what’s going on in the game to see if pre-game assessments need to be adjusted.

For example, let’s say that a player has scored 12 points in the first half. You might think that the oddsmakers would automatically set the over/under for that player at 12 points, or close to it, for the second half. But there could be factors that might affect the line, such as:

  • The player has picked up three fouls and might be limited in the second half by foul trouble.
  • The player’s team is winning by a lot, which means the player, if he is a key performer, might sit out in the second half rather than risk getting hurt
  • The player is being guarded by a player who was injured in the first half, meaning he could have a more favorable matchup in the second half.

Oddsmakers at NBA betting apps do an amazing job of keeping up with all of these developments and adjusting all of the different lines on the fly. Just don’t make the mistake of betting blindly. For live bets at NBA betting sites, it’s always good to have an eye on the game so you can understand why the oddsmakers might be creating the live lines that they are.

Best NBA Betting Bonuses

NBA Betting Site Bonus Bonus Code Rollover Claim Bonus
BetUS Logo

BetUS Welcome Bonus
100% Up To$2,500 JOIN125 10X Visit BetUS
MyBookie Logo

MyBookie Welcome Bonus
50% Up To$1,000 MYB50 10X Visit MyBookie
Bovada Logo

Bovada Welcome Bonus
50% Up To$250 No Code Needed 5x Visit Bovada
BetOnline Logo

BetOnline Welcome Bonus
100% Up To$1,000 BOL1000 10X Visit BetOnline

As we mentioned above, not all bonuses are created equal when it comes to NBA betting sites. If you’re going to be a basketball bettor, you need to know which bonuses are tailored specifically to you and give you the biggest financial boost. Here are the bonuses we think make the most sense for bettors at real money NBA betting sites.

BetUS – 100% Up To $2,500

At BetUS, you can get a great start on your basketball bets with their welcome bonus. We like both the percentage of their bonus (100%) and the limit ($2,500). Match bonuses rarely go that high, which is why this is one bonus that you should be ready to utilize for your NBA wagers.

MyBookie – 50% Up To $1,000

We’ve already told you about MyBookie’s standings as one of the top NBA betting sites around. And one of the reasons is the outstanding sign-up bonus that they offer to customers. You can get 50% of your initial deposit credited to you, all the way up to $1,000.

MyBookie Bonus – 100% Up To $3,000

At, you’ll be able to enjoy a 100% bonus, also known as a match bonus, for up to $3,000 on your first deposit. It’s known as a match bonus because you’re essentially getting dollar for dollar from the site. That gives you double the betting power for all your NBA action.

Bovada – 50$ Up To $250

Bovada’s sign-on bonus might not seem as imposing as some of the others listed here. But that can actually be a good thing, especially if you don’t plan on betting quite as often as others. You can use the 50% bonus on deposits up to $250 as a way of getting your feet wet and seeing if you want to bet even more at the site.

Bovada Bonus

BetOnline – 100% Up To $1,000

BetOnline starts you off with a 50% bonus up to $1,000. But like all the sites listed here, they don’t stop there, instead offering promotions all through the time you have an account with them for your NBA online betting. Those promotions are sometimes tied into specific sporting events to give you a chance to cash in on the big games.

NBA Betting Tips and Strategy

If you’re a regular watcher of basketball and have always thought about real money NBA betting, you probably think that you can step right in and be successful. But you also have to remember that the oddsmakers setting the lines are extremely informed about every aspect of the league. You have to really be sound in terms of the information you have and the preparation that you do before you commit to betting on the NBA.

With that in mind, there are some simple tips that should be at the foundation of everything you do at NBA betting sites. If you use these strategies, you’re guaranteed to give yourself a shot. From there, it will all come down to your research, your intuition, and, well, a little bit of luck never hurt.

Avoid Betting on Your Favorite NBA Team

NBA LogoIt can be tempting to always bet on your favorite team, because then you’ll be able to root for your bets without feeling bad about it. But it’s not always a good idea to bet with your heart instead of your head. This is especially true if you like a team that’s especially popular because the oddsmakers at NBA betting sites will skew the odds in a way that you almost have to pay a tax to wager on them.

What we suggest is that you make a fair assessment of each game your favorite team plays, and, if they seem like a good pick based on that, go with it. But if they’re a poor choice in your estimation, maybe just sit that game out and don’t bet it. Going with your favorite squad every time is a recipe for heartbreak.

Keep Up to Date With The Latest NBA News

As we mentioned, oddsmakers at NBA betting sites make it their business to keep abreast of every possible angle with the teams playing in a particular game. If you don’t make that same effort, you could really struggle with your bets. The good news is that it’s not too hard these days to get your own information.

The social media feeds of NBA reporters do an outstanding job of reporting on who is playing and who might be sitting out for injury or load management. They will also let you know if certain players might be playing restricted minutes for some reason.

When you’re making a bet on a game, you should know who will be in the lineups for each team, so make sure to take the time and take these measures.

Team vs Team Matchup Matter

You have probably heard the following phrase uttered by an NBA broadcaster: “They have that team’s number.” It’s a shorthand way of saying that one team, for whatever reason, has a great deal of success against another. Information like that can be really crucial to you when you make your wagers at real money NBA betting sites.

All it takes is looking back at previous games between two teams to see who won, who covered, and what about the matchup stood out. Make sure to use that information in context; a matchup between two teams in November might not be as relevant if they play in April. But an overview of how each team matches up against the other can be really helpful when you’re making your wagers.

NBA Betting Trends Take Precedence

In the modern NBA, it’s pretty easy to find information regarding how each team is trending, in terms of wins and losses and in terms of covering spreads. When you see a streak of results that seems like more than a coincidence, it could be evidence of a trend that you can utilize. And that can allow you to find nice value bets at NBA betting sites.

For example, you might be betting a game where one team has a record that’s far worse than the other.

But maybe the team with the worse record has covered nine games in a row as a home underdog, and that’s the scenario in which they find themselves. You can use that information to zig while the other bettors zag, which could pay off in a major way.

Set Goals When NBA Betting for Money

Part of the equation for being a successful NBA bettor is figuring out what you’re trying to get out of the practice. Are you in it for the long haul, trying to grind out consistent winnings game by game? Or are you more about trying to strike quickly, earning big profits on relatively small wagers?

Knowing what type of bettor you are will help you define which types of bets you should be making. It will also help you decide if you should be focused on sure-thing favorites or long-shot underdogs. By narrowing all that down, you have a much better chance of your results from basketball betting sites matching your expectations.

For more information on NBA basketball betting strategy, check out our page linked below dedicated to strategy for NBA betting.

NBA Betting Blogs

Even if you’re one of the biggest NBA fans, it can still be tricky to keep up with everything going on, what with 30 different teams playing several times a week. You might find it overwhelming to get all the information you need, but not if you have a good resource. Our NBA blogs are just such a resource, as they’ll aggregate all the relevant information you need to make the most informed bets.

Free NBA Betting Picks

We understand that, even with help, you might not feel overly confident trying to make the right wagers at NBA online sportsbooks or on your favorite NBA betting app. But you can get assistance in this department as well. Our NBA picks offer you the selections of experts who write about NBA betting for a living, meaning that you can piggyback on their knowledge for a nice profit.

How to Get Started NBA Betting Online

You might have all the NBA knowledge you need, but you aren’t quite in the know on how to bet on the NBA online. Luckily, it’s a fairly simple process to get started. Follow along with the steps below, and you should have no problem getting up and running with NBA betting sites.

Choose an NBA Betting Site or NBA Betting App and Sign Up
Once you’ve found where to bet on NBA games online, simply click on the link that says “Join” or “Sign Up.” You’ll be directed to fill out some basic information, and you might have to confirm the account via e-mail or text. In addition, you’ll pick out a username and password so that you can always access your account in a hurry.
Deposit Money Into Your Account
In order to wager for real money, you have to enter your information on whatever financial deposit method you choose. It could mean credit card numbers, routing numbers, or cryptocurrency data. You’ll have to decide how much you want to deposit to get started, keeping in mind that some sites might have limits on how much or how little you put in to start.
Claim NBA Betting Bonuses
This is the point in the process where you’ll claim any bonuses that might be available to you. In some cases, you might have to enter a promo code so that you can get access to the promotion. The dashboard of your account should make clear which bonuses you can claim right off the bat.
Place Real Money Bets on the NBA
Find your bets in the basketball section of the websites. If you’ve chosen one of the top NBA betting sites, this process should be easy, as the games and bets will be easy to find. Choose what type of bet you want to make, on whom, and for how much.
Cash Out Your Winnings
To collect any winnings you might have amassed, you have to make a request to the website. There should be clear guidelines listed for how this takes place and if there are any restrictions. Once you make this request, you should expect to be able to get your hands on your money in a relatively short time.

NBA Betting Sites FAQ

Is It Safe to Bet Real Money at NBA Betting Sites?

It’s completely safe to bet on the NBA online, but only if you choose your sites wisely. The world of online gambling is largely unregulated, which means there isn’t much you can do if you somehow get cheated. And there are bad actors who set up sites with no other purpose than to scam their customers.

On the other hand, the best NBA betting sites tend to be the safest. The only way they want to profit from you is through your bets, and they also protect your finances from anyone who might try to get their hands on the money in your account. If you simply take the time to choose your NBA betting site with care, you should end up at one that is safe and secure for your bets.

Can I Legally Bet on the NBA Online?

The key to understanding the legality of betting on the NBA online for real money is to think of it as a two-part process. There’s the issue of you making the bets and an online organization taking them. The entity taking the bets is the one that has to deal with legal scrutiny.

The top NBA online betting sites are located in areas where online gambling is legal, so betting with them won’t give you any legal issues. But even if you did bet at an illegal site, you wouldn’t be the one facing prosecution. Cases of legal bodies going after individual bettors for online gambling are pretty much nonexistent.

For more information on online betting laws, check out the page linked below.

What Is the Best NBA Betting Site?

We’ve listed a lot of excellent sites throughout this article. And you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them. But we feel pretty strongly that BetUS is the best betting site for NBA real money wagering available to you as we write this.

With BetUS, you’re getting a site that is well-versed in taking bets from online gamblers. Over a quarter-century of top reviews from sports bettors should tell you that you’re in good hands. And they’re always innovating, including with live betting, to ensure that you have an experience that’s up to date and beneficial.

Can I Bet on Any NBA Game Online?

If you have chosen a top NBA betting site, you should have access to any NBA game that is official. That means preseason games, regular season games, postseason games and All-Star games, to name the most obvious. Even if it’s a matchup pitting two teams with lousy records, it should still be listed on the site.

On top of that, there should be specialty bets available to you, such as props and futures. These bets take the individual NBA games and come at them from a different angle. If you choose a top NBA betting site, you won’t ever feel like you’re missing out on a potential NBA bet because they’ll give you access to all of them.

What Is NBA Live Betting?

Live betting is an area of sports betting that is becoming increasingly popular. It’s easy to understand if you think of it by its other name: in-game betting. That’s right. With live betting, you can make wagers on a game even after it starts.

Oddsmakers will offer a series of wagers tied to the teams and the players in a game. As the game progresses and circumstances change, the odds of these bets will change to reflect that. Live betting allows you to get in on the action even if you didn’t bet on the game from the start.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted At NBA Betting Sites?

You’ll find that the best NBA betting sites give you a wide variety of payment methods. That’s important because you’ll want to use the method that’s both the most cost-effective and the most efficient based on your circumstances. Credit cards are the most popular method of depositing into online NBA sportsbook accounts.

But other sites allow e-payment systems, wire transfers, and other methods. Most top NBA betting sites also allow you to pay in cryptocurrency, which is an ideal method to use for online gambling. It provides speed, privacy, and transparency all at once.

Can I Join More Than One NBA Betting Site?

You can join more than one NBA betting site if you wish, and there are several advantages to this practice. First of all, you can increase the bonuses you get if you use multiple sites. In addition, you can take advantage of line shopping.

Line shopping just means that you’re looking at several different real money NBA betting sites in search of the odds that make the most sense to you. For example, if you like a team as an underdog on the point spread, and Site A has that team at +7 and Site B has them at +8, it makes more sense to use Site B since you’re getting one more point. The only word of caution we would give on line shopping is to make sure that the sites you use are all safe and reliable. It’s important that you know where to bet on the NBA online.

Can I Bet on the NBA From My Phone?

When looking for where to bet on the NBA online, mobile betting is a must. But it comes with extra importance at NBA betting sites. Quite simply, there will be times when the only device you have is your phone, and you might need to make a bet in a hurry.

Many NBA basketball betting sites feature a special, scaled-down version of their offerings so that you can access it via the internet browser on your phone. Then, there are the NBA betting apps that can be downloaded right onto your device. In either case, you can place your wagers right from your phone or other connected device, and that’s what matters most.

What Is the Best NBA Betting App?

There are many sites which feature excellent betting apps that will allow you to bet on NBA games at any time or any place. In our view, MyBookie is the best of those. It combines the convenience of the mobile app with the overall excellence of its gambling site.

MyBookie has risen quickly to enjoy one of the best reputations among NBA betting sites. And what you’ll notice is that you don’t miss anything by using the app instead of the full site. This ensures that there won’t be any letdowns when you decide to so some mobile NBA betting.

How Long Does It Take to Cash Out My Winnings at NBA Betting Sites?

Fast payback at betting sites depends on a few things. First of all, it depends on the response time, which is entirely in the control of the real money NBA betting sites in question. Second, it depends on the method of withdrawal you’re using, as some can be almost instantaneous while others will require some time for you to access your funds.

At worst, you shouldn’t expect a delay of more than a week or so from when you make your request to when you see your money back in your personal account. If it takes longer than that, it could be that you haven’t chosen your NBA betting site wisely. You shouldn’t have to wait forever to get ahold of money that is rightfully yours.