Best Serie A Betting Sites for 2020

The Italian Serie A is the highest level of professional club football on the Apennine Peninsula. We are talking about a 20-team league competition featuring some of the most recognized soccer teams in Europe. Needless to say, its popularity goes well beyond the peninsula. In fact, Serie A is considered a part of the “big five” of European soccer leagues. That said, it’s no surprise to see Serie A betting sites in popular demand these days.

Yep, where to bet on Serie A is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here. It almost comes on a daily basis. So, to answer this question once and for all, here’s our very own list of the best Serie A betting sites out there!

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The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus was just the icing on top of an already extremely popular league. Known for its fiery rivalries and great defensive-minded plays, Italian Serie A’s popularity will definitely keep growing.

If you’re thinking of betting on Serie A matches, there are a few things you should know. Things that can and will make a difference between winning and losing wagers. The first thing we’ll discuss today are the best Serie A sportsbooks online. After all, choosing the right Serie A betting sites is the first part to becoming a successful soccer betting online enthusiast.

There are numerous factors you need to take into consideration when choosing your go-to soccer betting online platform. If you keep them in mind and choose your option wisely, chances are, you’ll end up with a much better all-around betting experience. Yep, before you can choose your next go-to bookie you need to learn how to recognize the crucial factors that make great Serie A betting sites. More on that right down below.

What Makes Great Serie A Betting Sites?

Now that you’ve seen the most prominent Serie A betting sites out there, here’s a short bullet list containing their key virtues:

Best Online Serie A Betting Site Bonuses

For everyone wanting to spice up their online sports betting experience, joining Serie A betting sites that offer generous bonuses is the way to go. And, believe it or not, bonuses have become a vital part of pretty much every reputable site with soccer betting online, especially welcome bonuses that some bookies use to lure more players in.

These welcome bonuses work in a relatively similar fashion as all major Serie A betting sites. They basically give a certain amount of money to users’ bonus bankrolls based on their initial deposit. Typically, we are talking about 50% bonus up to $300, 100% bonus up to $200, and other similar numbers.

However, these generous bonuses often have a rigorous set of requirements you need to complete before you can withdraw your bonus bankroll. Think of them as soccer betting challenges and try to approach the process in a step-by-step manner. If you take things gradually, you’ll have much higher chances of actually cashing out that bonus.

Fast Payout Serie A Betting Sites

Talking about cashing out, lots of beginners seem to be interested in the average time it takes between them starting the withdraw process and the money showing up in their bank accounts. Well, to be completely honest here, that period greatly depends on two factors. First, your bookie of choice; second, your payment method of choice.

On average, it takes roughly 48 to 72 hours to get your spoils of war into your bank account. For bigger returns, this can extend to roughly a week, but that’s only because pots exceeding $10,000 often pass additional security checks ensuring the money goes to the rightful owner.

When it comes to our list of the best Serie A betting sites, they’re all known for fast payouts, meaning you won’t have to wait too long after winning big.

Banking Options

If you’re not an experienced sports betting enthusiast and/or you don’t frequently buy stuff online, chances are, you won’t have a large number of online banking options at your disposal. If that’s the case, you’re most likely limited to only a few options, some of which might not be viable betting-wise.

That said, you need to pay a lot of attention to the supported banking options when choosing which real money Serie A betting sites to join. It’s the little details that can make or break your soccer betting experience.

As far as the most popular banking options are concerned, credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are leading the charge. The latter seems to be the most popular choice with experienced bettors. The perfect mixture of speed, reliability, and anonymity is probably the basis of what makes cryptocurrencies such attractive solutions for sports betting online.

What we’re basically trying to say here is that you need to ensure the Serie A online sportsbooks you’re thinking of joining has your preferred payment method. If not, you’ll be forced to look for another one or sign up for a new online payment method. In that case, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are the quickest solutions. It only takes a few minutes to set up cryptocurrency and it’s basically the epitome of a modern-day online betting payment solution.

Customer Support

Female Customer Service RepresentativeDon’t take customer support for granted! In fact, that’s one of the biggest bits of advice we can give you in this article. Customer support, even though many people deem it irrelevant, is often the difference between an unacceptable and outright amazing betting experience at Serie A betting sites.

But how can you measure the quality of customer support service at a given bookie? Well, it’s a step-by-step process that involves a fair bit of research. For starters, navigate to the website and see if there are clearly visible buttons leading to customer support such as Contact Us or Customer Support Chat. There, you can assess the available customer support channels (e.g. contact form, email address, live chat, or telephone number) and see just how much the bookie cares about the satisfaction of their users.

Furthermore, let Google be your friend and search for online customer support reviews. While these are often packed with paid ads, if you want a good general opinion, you can always refer to our betting sites reviews section. But don’t just take our word for it. Compare several reviews and assess the situation from a couple of perspectives before deciding whether or not the customer support quality of a given bookie is at a decent level.

System Compatibility

Let’s face it, we are living in 2019 and there’s no such thing as system compatibility issues anymore. These days, we all have powerful processors in our pockets which are becoming our main method of browsing the internet. That said, it’s only logical to see Serie A betting sites forcing superb smartphone optimization, allowing their users to enjoy betting on the go.

Obviously, all of the choices in our best Serie A online sportsbooks list possess responsive betting platforms optimized for smartphone use. There are even those which sport dedicated smartphone apps that make betting on the fly even more fluid.

Other Betting Options

Finally, there is one more noteworthy factor you need to take into consideration before you choose your go-to real money soccer betting online sites. As the title of this section implies, we are referring to other betting options featured on the platform. By that, we are not just referring to various specials (more on that right below) but to numerous additional sports and leagues.

In other words, betting variety and the so-called coverage depth is what separates good bookies from bad ones. The ability to provide their users with a big enough variety of betting options on every single match is a trait possessed by only the best Serie A betting sites. Even if you’re just starting out, having the luxury of numerous wagering options for each match can provide the necessary boost to your chances of winning tickets. More often than not, that extra bit of variety can guide you in your value hunting, allowing you to pinpoint the best value after comparing numerous options.

Betting on Serie A Matches

As far as the best Serie A betting sites are concerned, you ought to find them featuring a whole heap of prop bets. These are usually great for entertainment purposes but can often yield pretty big winnings if based on proper statistical data.

However, newcomers to the world of soccer betting online often consider prop bets as frightening and uncharted territory. Their huge variety, seemingly confusing premises, and too-good-to-be-true betting odds tend to scare off beginners. Needless to say, this is not a good practice. While certain props are either overly complicated to make informed decisions on, or their premise is based solely on luck, most of them make for fine alternatives to the typical match-winner wagers.

That said, let’s take a moment to assess the most common specials available at the best Serie A betting sites out there!

Total Goals

Serie A LogoIf you’re a beginner to betting on Serie A online, then you’re most likely going to fall in love with this soccer betting prop. How come? Well, we can think of three reasons right off the bat. First, if you’re new to betting on soccer, it’s the most simple soccer bet you can make. Second, it’s entertaining to follow. Third, it doesn’t take a lot of time to research the stats, yet it can yield hefty returns pretty consistently when betting online at Serie A sportsbooks online.

In addition to total goals scored in the game, there are several variations based on other quantifiable in-game occurrences. We’re talking yellow cards, red cards, corners, throw-ins, free kicks, and much more. While they’re not nearly as popular and easy to research as total goals, they can still be solid alternatives in tricky fixtures or if you’re just looking for something to fun to bet on while watching a game of soccer.

These bets are pretty simple and pose as a great starting point for beginners who want to give prop bets a go. Serie A betting sites specify a number after the wager line and give you two options to choose from, over and under. The premise is as straightforward as it can be. You need to guess whether the total number of goals (or yellow/red cards, corners, etc.) will be higher or lower than the number specified by the bookie.


Handicap bets are among the most interesting soccer betting specials out there. They can easily be exploited and experienced bettors often use them to their advantage. For those of you who don’t know anything about handicap wagers, we’ll bring you up to speed ASAP.

Let’s take Juventus vs Chievo as an example fixture. Obviously, superstar-packed Juventus is going to be the heavy favorite with odds reflecting that. Chievo, on the other hand, will have huge odds but without any real chance of taking points away from the Old Lady. So, yeah, we have a rather tricky situation here. On one end, we have Juventus that’s almost certain to win, but the odds are not worth your while. On the other end, we have Chievo that has good odds but is a huge long shot.

When it comes to these scenarios, experienced Serie A betting enthusiasts use handicap wagers to balance out the odds. For instance, -2.5 on Juventus to win will have much higher odds than a normal match winner bet. However, the Old Lady has to win with three goals to spare for you to win your ticket.


If you’re focusing on the big boys, you’ll love this soccer betting online special. There are a few variations but, no worries, we’ll explain the most notable ones. The basic goalscorer bet is, you’ve guessed it, based on players who score at least one goal in a given match. The first goal scorer variation requires your player pick to score the first goal of the match. Some Serie A betting sites also feature last goal scorer wagers.

Additionally, there are several goal scorer combos you should know about. The most popular one is goal scorer and match result. Basically, you’re picking the player you think will score as well as the final outcome of the match (home win, draw, or away win).

Lastly, if you’re feeling lucky, some online betting sites even support two-goal scorer combos. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo and Miralem Pjanic both to score.

There is also player to score a hat trick bet, but it’s usually not worth your while since the odds aren’t the greatest, yet there were only five hat tricks back in Serie A 2018/2019 season.

Halftime and Fulltime Bets

When it comes to betting on soccer, there are two widely popular types of halftime and fulltime bets. While they are based on the same in-game aspects, they work in completely different ways and feature vastly different odds at Serie A betting sites. Let’s start off with the simpler of the two, halftime or fulltime.

This soccer betting special is great for newcomers who aren’t ready to jump into the action and bet on riskier wagers. It’s actually quite similar to standard match-winner bets, but it offers a bit more breathing space. Of course, this results in generally lower odds. On the bright side, the probabilities of winning tickets are much bigger.

Basically, halftime or fulltime props take into account both halftime and fulltime results. In other words, you have to correctly guess either the halftime or fulltime result. The second bet we’d like to address here is the so-called halftime/fulltime. This one requires you to correctly guess both scores. It’s a lot more difficult to make an informed judgment with this one and, as such, it’s not the ideal choice for keeping your betting bankroll in the green. However, with comebacks scoring in impressive returns (we’re talking upwards of +3000 here), small stake betting on Serie A halftime/fulltime can be an entertaining pastime.

Long-Term Prop Bets

Finally, let’s talk about long-term prop bets. All top-rated Serie A betting sites will have an abundance of long-term betting options available right before the start of the season. Typically, these are based on end-season standings but, more often than not, are decided several matchdays before the season’s end. Of course, if you want to be even remotely successful at long-term prop bets, your pre-season strategy has to be on point!

As far as long-term specials are concerned, the quantity is absolutely incredible, so there’s no point in thoroughly explaining each and every single one of them. Instead, let’s just list out the most notable names. After all, these long-term props are pretty straightforward.

  • League winner
  • Top 3 finish
  • Ballon d’Or winner
  • Top goalscorer
  • Manager of the year
  • Player of the year
  • Treble winner

For a more in-depth approach at prop bets, make sure you check out our comprehensive soccer bet types guide.

Serie A Betting Sites FAQ

As we come closer to the end of this best Serie A betting sites guide, there’s just one more thing we need to go through. As the title implies, we are referring to the frequently asked questions section. It’s basically a list of the most common questions related to either betting on Serie A. There’s also a bunch of useful links which you can use to learn more about betting on soccer. If you’re looking to improve your soccer betting online track record, this section (and their linked pages) ought to help you out!

What is Serie A?

As stated above, Serie A is the pinnacle of Italian club soccer. In other words, it is their equivalent of the English Premier League or Spanish Liga BBVA. Italian Serie A gathers the best teams, 20 of them to be exact, and some of the world’s greatest players.

Why is Serie A Popular?

There’s a number of reasons behind Serie A’s popularity. Of course, the league is led by The Old Lady, Juventus, which is a force to be reckoned with. Just recently, the league was boosted by the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo, further upping its popularity both fan-wise and betting-wise.

Of course, there’s more to Serie A than just Juventus and the golden boy himself, Cristiano Ronaldo. The likes of Napoli, Roma, and Inter Milan are always incredibly tough teams to play against. Lastly, even though the top of the league might not be as competitive as it used to be (due to Juventus’ superiority in recent years), but the rest of the table is always chaotic. A true heaven for experienced soccer betting online enthusiasts who love the flair and rivalries of the Apennines.

Can Serie a Betting Be Profitable?

Of course, it can! Betting on Serie A matches, just like betting on any other league out there, can be profitable if approached with enough seriousness and proper know-how. First of all, you need to join one of the best Serie A betting sites to maximize your potential returns, know the ins and outs of various betting systems, and adopt a foolproof soccer betting online strategy that’ll help you accumulate and maintain a constant flow of profit.

A list of the best real money Serie A betting sites can be found at the top of this article. As for the remaining two factors, we have comprehensive articles dedicated to both topics.

Where Can I Find Valuable Serie a Betting Tips?

The next thing you’ll likely be looking for are research-driven Serie A betting tips. However, this is sort of a tricky matter these days. While there are websites that possess valuable tips for betting on Serie A, they can be pretty tricky to find. How come? Well, it’s the usual case of an abundance of competition, most of which don’t do a decent job as far as the actual tips are concerned.

They’re either written by inexperienced bettors or absolute beginners who can’t tell the difference between singles and accumulators. That said, if you’re on the lookout for proper Serie A betting online tips, make sure you fact-check them before you invest a whole heap of money on questionable-quality wagers.

We hate to brag but, if you want a shortcut to valuable online betting tips, our betting predictions page ought to help you out. It’s written by our experienced team of sports betting veterans, so you’re in good hands.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes in Terms of Betting on Serie A?

We’re sure the majority of people reading this have already heard about the most common soccer betting mistakes. It’s quite a popular topic in the online sports betting community with a ton of content available on the internet.

They can range from silly overlooks all the way to huge mistakes that can easily cripple one’s betting bankroll. That said, if you’re pursuing sports betting excellence (profit-wise, of course), you’ll need to understand the most common mistakes and learn how to tackle them before making wagers at Serie A betting websites.

In our books, the most common soccer betting mistakes are the following:

  • Misunderstanding value
  • Emotion-driven wagers
  • Lack of research
  • Ignoring red flags
  • Using bad sports betting sites
  • Sticking with losing strategies
  • Focusing on major teams
  • Betting more than you can afford

What Are the Best Serie a Betting Sites at the Moment?

And finally, the question that this entire page is based on. Yep, you can think of this page as one gigantic answer to this question. However, if you’re too lazy to go through all of it, simply click here and you’ll be taken to our short list of the best Serie A betting sites.