Top Table Tennis Betting Sites for 2021

Table tennis, or ping pong, is one of the world’s most played indoor sports.
The epicenter of competitive play is in Asia-China especially-which is apparent,
based on the historical results for all major international tournaments. Visit
any table tennis betting sites during the Olympics or World Championships, and
it’s highly likely that Chinese athletes will be the favorites to win.

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In fact, the Olympic Committee had to change the rules on qualification for
the Summer Games just to stop a single country from continuing to sweep every
medal and occupying all three spots on the podium.

While it may have been perfected in Asia, table tennis was created in England
in the 1880s. The International Table Tennis Federation was later founded in
1926, and by 1988, the game became a permanent fixture of the Summer Olympics.
Now, there are several high-profile tournaments and events that make betting on
table tennis an appealing niche market for handicappers.

About Our Recommendations

Believe it or not, we don’t just draw our recommendations out of a hat.
There’s a team of experts tasked with continually researching, rating, and
reviewing all of the newest table tennis betting sites as they tirelessly search
for the very best online providers.

Every website included in the above list has undergone an extensive vetting
process which takes a close look at many significant variables as well as a
thorough background check. Because the majority of bettors require offshore
sportsbooks to bet on table tennis online, it’s more critical than ever to
ensure the quality of the site operators.

Here are some of the qualities required from our recommended table tennis
betting sites.

Coverage of Table Tennis Betting
You can’t have a list of the best table tennis betting sites if they don’t
provide adequate coverage of the game! While ping pong may not receive the same
amount of attention from oddsmakers as the more prominent sports like soccer,
football, and basketball, there are still online sportsbooks that offer a decent
selection of lines. We’ve located the websites that provide the most
opportunities to wager on table tennis while maintaining an honest and reliable
platform for casual bettors and handicappers alike.

Competitive Lines
How an online betting site sets their lines is equally as crucial as their
coverage. We teach our readers of the importance of shopping for the best odds
and only wagering if there’s value in it so, naturally, we do the same when
compiling our recommendations. When you’re handicapping a somewhat niche sport
like table tennis, there’s an excellent opportunity to gain an edge by
specializing in something the bookmakers don’t focus many of their resources on.
However, you can only appreciate any advantage you work for if the odds are
competitive and fair.

Safety and Security
The internet can be a scary place, especially if you’re executing financial
transactions-international transactions, no less. That’s why our lists of
recommendations are such a critical part of what we do. It can be
extraordinarily difficult to tell a fraudulent betting website from a legitimate
one for someone new to the pastime. Our team of experts has decades of experience in the gaming industry and can
spot scammers from a mile away. We dedicate countless hours to finding the best
table tennis betting websites for our readers while blacklisting the fakes so that
you never have to worry about the online safety and security of your bankroll
and personal information.

Reputation and History
They say, “history repeats itself,” which is why a detailed background check
is included in our review process. It’s not enough for a website to get their
licensing and domain security straightened out, we need to see positive business
practices that have been sustained over long periods of time. The table tennis betting sites that we recommend have a reputation for being
the internet’s best and respected by professional handicappers and members of
the gaming industry. Our experts even look at the ownership behind the website
and any other domains or establishments they may operate. Any major red flags
found with any of their business practices may disqualify them from

Banking Options
The top table tennis betting sites accept a wide variety of banking methods,
which makes funding one’s online bankroll convenient for users of all regions
and financial situations. Whether you’re in the US and working around banking
laws or in a country with stricter rules (which requires greater discrepancy),
having a large selection of options from which to choose can make life much more
comfortable. Players can use e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and other payment
processors-all with different transaction speeds and anonymity-to move money
into their accounts, while avoiding raising any red flags.

Ease of Use
Another factor that’s considered in our review process is how easy a table
tennis betting site is to use. Many of our readers are new to online gaming, so
we prefer providers with an intelligent website (or app) design that makes
signing up, depositing money, and submitting wagers simple and straightforward.
Our recommended locations organize and present their odds in logical categories
so that you can find and execute your table tennis bets swiftly and with ease.

Bonuses and Promotions
Our favorite table tennis betting sites offer generous bonuses to players,
especially early on. As you can see from our list, the top
websites compete by giving away significant sums of cash to new signees. Many
providers agree to match 100% of your initial deposit, doubling your money
before you place a single bet. Online gaming operators enroll customers in loyalty rewards programs
automatically, which begin to offer serious benefits once you’ve established a
playing history with the website. Ping pong betting sites will award tokens
or credits for each wager placed, which may then be traded-in for a variety of
gift cards, cash back options, merchandise, and anything else the owners

Withdrawal Speeds
A website’s average withdrawal speeds are a key factor in determining
quality. We’ve noticed that operators on the decline will start delaying and
ignoring payout requests, making customers consistently follow up just to get
their money. Meanwhile, the table tennis betting online sites with the fastest
processing speeds have proven themselves to be superior in all categories, time
and time again. They’re more financially stable, which shows in their ability to
fund accounts for multiple banking methods and employ more efficient customer
service departments.

Quality Customer Service
These are real-money, table tennis sportsbooks, so it’s only natural that
you’d expect top-notch customer service. While we don’t anticipate you having
any problems, it’s critical that all of our recommended providers answer your
questions and resolve your issues promptly and professionally. We even test our
review subjects by calling, sending emails, and using chat windows to note how
quickly they answer and how helpful they are through the various communications.

Mobile Compatibility
The table tennis betting sites that are fully compatible with mobile devices,
without losing any features or functionality, are ranked the highest in our
recommendations. The best providers create websites and apps that are accessible
from anywhere, and work on most mobile browsers and operating systems since the
bulk of people’s internet time is spent on tablets and smartphones these days.
Online gaming has always been the most convenient way to wager; mobile
compatibility takes the flexibility and accessibility of internet betting to the
next level.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

Table tennis betting sites will primarily focus on the most prestigious
tournaments and biggest matches when they set their lines. Rather than wagering
from week to week, as is usually the case with other sports, you’ll be wagering
on several matchups in a relatively short period of time. The following tips and
strategies are meant to help form the foundation of your handicapping and
improve your odds of winning until you’ve developed more complicated betting
systems of your own.

Have a Plan

Whether you’re wagering on an entire tournament or utilizing in-game betting
options, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. Winning bettors do their
research ahead of time and analyze how the different players matchup with each
other. Look into which athletes have been moving up or down the ITFF rankings
recently and who is anticipated to be a finalist in the competition.

If you’re engaging in live table tennis betting, the same concept applies to
the match. Enter the online table tennis betting sites with an idea of who you believe will win.
If they fall behind, avoid being overly reactionary. Instead, use those moments
to place wagers at more favorable prices.

In table tennis, athletes may participate in more than one contest in a
single day. By doing your research and handicapping ahead of time, you’ll be
able to adjust your betting strategies as the tournament progresses, regardless
of who advances.

Grips Matter

One variable that may have a significant effect on the outcome of a match is
the grip each player uses to hold the paddle. The traditional grip, or
“shake-hand grip,” involves grasping the handle with the paddle-side up by the
thumb and pointer finger.

A player using a shallow shake-hand will rest their thumb on the blade,
giving the player more wrist flexibility which allows them to generate more spin
on the ball. This balanced hold allows for powerful backhand and forehand shots
from either side of the table. But this can result in indecision, with an
athlete getting stuck between which side of the paddle to use and losing the

A deep shake-hand grip is similar where only the thumb rests on the rubber of
the paddle instead of the blade. What you lose in power and flexibility, you
gain in finesse and control. This is the grasp that is used when a player needs
to place a ball accurately, either on the edge of the table or just over the

The penhold grip, which gives some highly-ranked players significant
problems, is a reverse of the traditional hold. The flat hitting surface
faces downwards, towards the pinky finger, with the thumb and forefinger wrapped
around the handle and the other three fingers folded behind the head of the

Before betting on a table tennis match, study which grip each competitor uses
and how they perform against different styles of play. Some athletes struggle
mightily against the penhold, which allows for massive spin and makes countering
to the backhand side of the opponent’s half much easier.

Style of Play

On that same note, a player’s overall style or approach to playing table
tennis will have an immense impact on the final outcome. Every athlete has
strengths and weaknesses, and how they match-up against each other will
determine who ultimately wins.

Some penholders will be challenged by opponents that are able to attack their
backhand with powerful shots and force them to chase balls away from the table.
These competitors prefer to stay close and crowd the surface, attacking the
shake-hand player’s crossover point by dropping balls with lots of spin near the
middle line, near their body.

Wager Based on Value

Whether you’re betting on table tennis or any other race or sport, you should
always stay focused on the concept of “value.” Casual bettors often mistakenly
believe that “picking winners” is the most crucial aspect of wagering. Actually,
all that matters is that the likelihood of an outcome happening is higher than
what the odds imply.

You can determine the implied probability by converting the betting line into
percentage form. A simple calculation tells you that a -150 favorite has a 60%
chance of winning. Once you’ve solved for this number, finding value is as easy
as comparing it to your handicapping prediction.

Before even looking at the lines, you should analyze the matchups and set
your own odds based on your own predictions. Then, compare your percentages to
the implied probability. If your percentile is higher than the table tennis betting sites,
there’s positive value in that wager.

Trends Are More Important Than Rankings

Rankings are incredibly significant in table tennis betting, as the best
players typically win their matches. However, there are situations in which they
no longer apply. There’s a window of opportunity when a higher-ranked athlete
that’s been inactive or is on the decline meets an opponent that’s rising in the
standings. This is especially true when the lower-ranked player that’s improving
is the younger of the two.

Table tennis betting sites will likely factor the ITTF rankings strongly into
their odds so this may be a chance to win an underdog bet.

When you’re handicapping the contest, look back at each competitor’s last
three to six months in the standings and which direction their career is
trending. It’s much more favorable to take an athlete on the rise that may be a
few spots lower than on an older table tennis star whose rank is being propped
up by prior accomplishments.

Fade China for Value

China’s dominance in international table tennis competitions is unparalleled.
They’ve historically been so unbeatable that the Olympic Committee changed the
rules to allow only two competitors from each country instead of three. This was
done to allow athletes from other nations onto the podium since China was
consistently occupying all three places and taking home all of the medals.

Additionally, bettors from table tennis powerhouse are known to use VPNs to
avoid government censors and wager heavily on their countrymen and women online.
Start watching the lines a few hours before the contest, and you’ll see them
move when all of the Chinese money starts flowing in.

This presents an opportunity to bet the other side at much-improved odds. It
may not happen often, but when a non-Chinese athlete scores an upset, the payout
will be phenomenal. That’s what finding value is all about!

China Usually Wins

That being said, we wouldn’t advise you to continually wager against China in
international table tennis competitions. Their players win at a remarkable rate,
so you’ll end up losing far too often for the occasional upset victories to
cover. Make sure several other variables are suggesting a potential upset as
well, don’t just fade every Chinese opponent.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

It’s always worth reminding our readers not to chase your losses. Set aside a
specific amount of cash for a given event or stretch of time, and only wager
with that portion of your bankroll. Even expert handicappers go through unlucky
streaks where they aren’t winning bets despite doing every right.

When this happens, a natural reaction that many novices experience is this
feeling of being “due.” They assume that, statistically, their luck is bound to
change any wager now and keep raising the stakes in an effort to make up their
losses. This never works out well for the bettor; you’ll only dig a deeper
financial hole

Stay disciplined with your table tennis betting, trust your handicapping, and
the numbers will work themselves out over time.

Major Table Tennis Events

Summer Olympic Games

Summer Olympics Rings Logo

Table tennis has been a standard part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1988
when the inaugural four events were established: men’s singles and doubles, and
women’s singles and doubles. Held every four years, the global tournament is the
pinnacle of the indoor sport and its most heavily-wagered competition.

Since becoming an Olympic sport, China has completely dominated the medals
race with South Korea coming in a distant second place. Chinese players have
earned 28 gold, 17 silver, and eight bronze for a total of 53 medals. South
Korea only has 18 total medals, with three golds and silvers apiece; the
remaining 12 are all bronze.

Today, table tennis betting sites have five individual tournaments to cover
during the Summer Games: men’s and women’s singles and team events, plus mixed
doubles. In 2008, officials replaced the doubles with team competitions instead,
though the mixed doubles matches are still played.

World Table Tennis Championships

Founded in 1926, the ITTF World Championships take place every odd-numbered
year in April or May.

The championship tournament consists of men’s and women’s singles, doubles,
and mixed doubles events, with a total of five prestigious trophies on the line.
While countries like Australia and Mexico enjoyed periods of immense success in
the championships in earlier years, China has been an overwhelming force in
table tennis and on the medals’ presentation podium since the 1980s.

Chinese athletes have won the most medals by a wide margin with a total of
407. That includes 145 gold medals and 103 silver medals. Second place in the
historical rankings is Hungary, which has less than half of China’s total with
their 202 medals, 68 of which are gold.

World Team Championships

In April or May of even-numbered years, when the World Table Tennis
Championships aren’t scheduled, the ITTF World Team Championships take place
instead. During these alternate years, the Swaythling Cup (for men’s teams) and
Corbillon Cup (for women’s teams) are competed for instead.

Before 2000, all seven events were part of the World Table Tennis
Championships. Now, team championships are held separately, allowing for a major
tournament to be held every spring. The medal counts for the team events are
included in the figures above.

Men and Women’s World Cups

Established in 1980, the Table Tennis World Cup is one of ITTF’s most
significant annual tournaments. Only the most elite talent from around the globe
is invited to participate, with massive implications to their international

The field of participants consists of: the reigning World Cup winner, the
ITTF World Champion, the national champion or best player from each of the six
habitable continents, one competitor from the host nation, the top eight players
in the world rankings, and two wild card picks.

The representatives from North America, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania
compete in the preliminary stage, with each member of the group playing the
three other opponents. Whichever player finishes with the best record is given
the sixteenth spot in the World Cup tournament.

The remaining sixteen competitors are divided into four groups of four. All
the members of each group play against one another and the top-two from each
advance. Once the field is reduced to eight, the knockout stage begins. A
single-elimination tournament proceeds until a winner is determined.

While the singles World Cups are held annually, the World Team Cups only
occur on odd-numbered years. They’re arranged the same way, except only eight
teams are invited. Team matches consist of four singles matches and one doubles,
with each match shortened to the best-of-five games.

ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

The ITTF World Tour Grand Finals offers table tennis’ richest prize purse
with $1,000,000 (in total) awarded in winnings each year. The ITTF Grand Finals
is the last major competition of the table tennis season and features seven
different events: men’s and women’s singles, under-21 men’s and women’s singles,
men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

The World Tour Grand Finals was founded in 1996 and should be covered by most
table tennis betting sites. The field of competitors is determined by ITTF World
Tour points, accumulated by competing in sanctioned Tour events throughout the
year. Singles athletes must have participated in at least five World Tour events
and be ranked in the top-fifteen.

Only seven doubles pairings-the top seven couples, as determined by the
rankings-are invited, plus an eighth representing the association of the host
nation. To qualify, groups must have performed in a minimum of four World Tour

Once the field is decided and the brackets are set, competitors embark on
single-elimination tournaments in each of the events. Finals champions are then

The All-Time Greatest Table Tennis Players

Deng Yaping

Career Honors:

4x Olympic Champion (2 Singles, 2 Doubles)

9x World Champion (3 Singles, 3 Doubles, 3 Team)

5x World Cup winner (1 Singles, 1 Doubles, 3 Team)

Deng Yaping Inside A Paddle

Jan-Ove Waldner

Career Honors:

1x Olympic Champion (1 Singles)

6x World Champion (2 Singles, 4 Team)

2x World Cup winner (1 Singles, 1 Team)

11x European Championships winner (1 Singles, 3 Doubles, 7 Team)

Waldner Inside A Paddle

Liu Guoliang

Career Honors:

2x Olympic Champion (1 Singles, 1 Doubles)

7x World Champion (1 Singles, 2 Doubles, 3 Team, 1 Mixed Doubles)

1x World Cup winner (1 Singles)

Liu Guoliang Inside A Paddle

Wang Hao

Career Honors:

2x Olympic Champion (2 Team)

9x World Champion (1 Singles, 2 Doubles, 6 Team)

7x World Cup winner (3 Singles, 4 Team)

5x Asian Championships winner (2 Singles, 3 Team)

2x Asian Cup winner (2 Singles)

Wang Hao Inside A Paddle

Ma Long

Career Honors:

3x Olympic Champion (1 Singles, 2 Team)

12x World Champion (3 Singles, 2 Doubles, 7 Team)

8x World Cup winner (2 Singles, 6 Team)

49x ITTF World Tour winner (27 Singles, 22 Doubles)

6x ITTF World Tour Grand Finals Champion (5 Singles, 1 Doubles)

5x Asian Games winner (1 Singles, 1 Doubles, 3 Team)

12x Asian Champion (3 Singles, 2 Doubles, 1 Mixed Doubles, 6 Team)

4x Asian Cup winner (4 Singles)

Ma Long Inside A Paddle

Table Tennis Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Table Tennis Bets?

  • Moneyline – You can wager on either side to win a single match
    “straight up.”
  • Spread – Some table tennis betting sites allow handicap wagers in
    which one side is either “laying” or “receiving” games. Most matches are
    best-of-seven games, so favorites are frequently laying 1.5 – 2.5 games to
    the underdogs.
  • Totals – You may bet on the total number of games required to settle
    a match.
  • Futures – Before a major tournament or event begins, some table
    tennis betting sites will accept futures odds on the eventual winner or

Is Table Tennis Betting Allowed?

Yes, in states or countries with regulated online betting. In regions without
adequate gaming laws, a bettor may use table tennis betting sites without any
risk of being punished, as long as the operators are offshore.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore Table Tennis Betting Sites?

Yes, you may legally bet on offshore ping pong betting sites. The use of
foreign gaming websites isn’t officially legal, but individuals may do so
without breaking any federal laws. Current legislation regarding betting only
applies to website operators and banking institutions.

What Are the Benefits of Betting on Table Tennis Online?

Table tennis betting adds more excitement to all of the most prominent
tournaments of the year. Your handicapping will give you greater knowledge and
understanding of what’s at stake for the different participants, making their
storylines more interesting and relatable. Also, wagering gives you a method of
showing support for your favorite table tennis athletes.