The Top Tennis Betting Sites of 2021

If you’re searching for an online sportsbook to do all of you tennis betting,
then you’ve ended up in the right place! We’ve dedicated this page to all things
related to the best tennis betting sites. You’ll be able to use this page to
learn as little or as much as you’d like on the subject.

In our in-depth guide to tennis betting sites, we’re going to bring you all
of the information that you need to find the perfect place for all of your
online tennis betting. In the sections below, you’ll find suggested sites,
search criteria, frequently asked questions, and more.

If you’re itching to get started now with online betting on tennis, then be
sure to check out the list of recommended sites below. Here, We’ve gathered up
our top picks of the best tennis betting sites. We’ve spent tons of hours
analyzing these sites and many others with a goal of bringing you only the best
of the best. If you’d like to learn more about our search criteria, be sure to
view the next section below.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site

For those of you not ready to pick out a site yet, we’re still here to help.
As you continue down this page, you’ll be able to gain knowledge on many more
things related to tennis betting sites. When you’re ready to proceed with
picking out a website, you can circle back to this section with our top picks.
For now, let’s get you rocking with more knowledge!

About Our Recommended Tennis Betting Websites

We wanted to give you some more color about why We’ve handpicked the
suggested websites above as our top tennis betting sites. Here, we don’t accept
money for sites to appear in our top picks list. The only way that a website can
make one of our top picks is by being one of the best in the industry. Here, top
spots are earned, not bought.

Whenever we analyze sports betting sites, we use ten different criteria that
are very important to us. In the infographic below, you’ll find all ten of the
criteria that we assess whenever we review an online sportsbook. By clicking on
one of the criteria in the infographic, you can learn more specifics on what
exactly we search for relating to that topic.

Security & Safety
We’ll only ever recommend sites that we know can be trusted.
Every website that we recommended is a trusted space for you to do your wagering.

Ease of Use
Sites that are well designed and easy to use provide a much better experience.
Our suggested sites are all easy for you to navigate and utilize.

Mobile Compatibility
It’s The Future. Sites, and their associated software, should really be mobile compatible.
Take advantage of the convenience of playing from your phone on these sites.

Reputation & History
A good track record says alot about the quality of a site.
We spot-check the track record and history for each one of our suggested sites.

Banking Options
There should be a number of methods for getting your funds online.
We only recommend sites with broad deposit and withdrawal banking options.

Fast Payouts
If we win some money, we shouldn’t have to wait long for our cashout.
You won’t have to wait forever to get your money from our top picks.

Quality Customer Service
Good customer support enhances user experience.
Receive top-notch customer service from some of the best in the industry.

Bonuses and Promotions
We all appreciate getting some extra value, so these are a must.
Our suggested sites all offer you the opportunity to earn loads of bonus cash.

Coverage of Tennis Wagers
Having choices in wagers allows for more excting betting options.
It’s critical
that our recommended sites have a broad coverage of tennis wagers.

Competitive Lines
Everyone wants an increase in profits, so we suggest sites with the most competitive lines.
Our suggested sites
all offer some of the most competitive lines in the industry to help you
increase your profits.

Coverage of Tennis Wagers

If you want to bet on tennis, then you’ll need an online sportsbook that has
a solid lineup of tennis wagers. For each of our top picks above, We’ve made
sure that they provide excellent coverage of tennis wagers. By this, we mean
that you’ll have access to tennis events from around the globe with a multitude
of different bet type options. While nearly all sportsbooks offer some tennis
wagers, these top picks have some of the best overall collections of them in the

Competitive Lines

Another important aspect when it comes to our top tennis betting sites is
that they need to provide competitive lines. Unfortunately, not all online
sportsbooks have the best track record when it comes to this. However, we made
sure that the websites on our list of recommendations have competitive lines on
their tennis action. We’ve stacked these sites up against hundreds of others to
make sure that they offer some of the best lines in the industry.

Safety and Security

Something else that is a critical aspect of these recommended tennis betting
sites is that they are safe and secure. Whenever real money is on the line, we
always make sure that we’re comfortable with suggesting these sites to you. If
we wouldn’t use the site ourselves to place sports wagers, then it would not
make our list of recommendations. You can bet with real money using our
suggested sites above, as We’ve done the homework to make sure that you’re able
to trust the site.

Reputation and History

With so many online sportsbooks out there, it’s vital that you work with one
that has a good track record when looking at their reputation and history.
Without doing hours of research on your own, it can be hard to analyze this
yourself. Once again, We’ve done the research for you to make sure that they’ve
got a clean current record and that any past speed bumps have been properly
addressed and corrected.

Banking Options

In the online sportsbook realm, some sites offer their clients an
insufficient set of banking methods to make deposits and withdrawals from their
website. We’re not fans of sites with constrained banking options, as that
limits flexibility for the client. On our list of recommended websites, you’ll
locate loads of banking options that should help just about anyone be able to
quickly move their funds both on and off of these tennis betting sites.

Ease of Use

When it comes to sports betting, time is often money. If you’ve got a hot tip
or hunch, you don’t want to waste your time bumbling around a site trying to
find and place the wager that you’re ready to make. To help in this area, We’ve
tested each one of our recommended sites to make sure that they have a quality
user interface which allows clients to move about the website quickly. As you
check out our top tennis betting sites, you’ll see just how easy they are to

Bonuses and Promotions

All of our top picks above have some high-quality bonus-earning potential.
This is especially true if you’re a new client to the sites. As you scan these
sites to find your tennis betting home, make sure to consider their welcome
bonuses along with any other promotions that they have to offer. We’ve picked
these sites due to their massive bonus potential compared to the average in the
online sportsbook industry.

Withdrawal Speeds

Hopefully, you’ll have some success in your sports betting adventures on your
pick for a tennis betting site. When that happens, you’ll need to withdraw some
of your funds. For all of our top picks above, you’ll receive your withdrawals
quickly thanks to these sites having some of the fastest speeds in the industry.
It’s no fun waiting forever to get your money back into your bank account, and
luckily, you won’t have to wait a long time using one of our top picks from

Quality Customer Service

Often overlooked by many folks is a quality customer service experience. We
can’t say enough about how important it is to have a site that provides
excellent customer service. Without this, you might find yourself in a jam later
on if you have an issue with something on their website. In this industry, We’ve
come across loads of operations that have terrible customer support. However,
each of our top picks has an excellent track record of customer service. We’ve
tested it ourselves to make sure that we’re confident you’ll be in good hands
should you need support.

Mobile Compatibility

While this may not be important to you at the moment, it’s something that’s
essential to us. In today’s age, more people are placing sports wagers using
their phones than ever before. For this reason, we test our recommended sites to
make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly. Because of this, you’ll be
able to place your sports wagers using your mobile device of choice should you
decide that this is how you’d like to place your bets.

Common Tennis Bets

In tennis betting, there are tons of different types of wagers that you can
place. However, we’re going to focus in this section on the most common tennis
wagers. You can use this as a place to sort out which types of bets might be
right for you and your betting style.

Outright Winner Bets

One of the most popular tennis wagers is the outright winner bet. Here,
you’ll pick out which player you think will rise to the top and win a tennis
tournament. You’ll need to place your wager before the competition gets
underway, and you’ll be able to select from any player in the tournament. For
you to win this bet, the player that you pick will have to win the championship.

Match Winner Bets

A bet very similar to the outright winner bet is the match winner wager. Also
known as match wagering, here, you’ll pick the winner of a select match as
opposed to an overall tournament. What’s nice about this wager is that you only
have two players to choose from, which makes this a straightforward bet. This is
nice, as the outright winner has many more player variables than that. Just
select which player you think will win the match of your choice, and then hope
that you’re correct!

Over/Under Bets

In tennis, you’re also able to bet on the over/under. With this type of
wager, sportsbooks will issue the number of sets that they think the match will
take to be finished. Here, you need to select if you think that the actual
number of sets will be over or under that amount.

Here’s an example for you: If a sportsbook issues an over/under of 2.5 sets,
you have two different options. You can bet the over, which means that it would
need to take three sets or more for the match to finish. Or you could bet the
under. Here, the match would need to finish in just two sets for you to win the

Along with betting on total sets, you’re also able to place over/under wagers
on the total number of games to be played in a particular match. Once again, the
sportsbook will issue a number that they think will be correct, and then it’s up
to you to decide if you think it will be over or under that amount.

Handicap Bets (Spread Betting)

If you’re already a sports bettor, then you’re probably used to the concept
of spread betting. Handicap betting in tennis is the same thing as spread
betting; it just uses a different name. Here, the sportsbooks will issue a
number of sets that they think the favored player should win by. Your job is to
determine which player you think will cover the spread.

Here’s an example for you: let’s say that a sportsbook puts out that Federer
is favored to beat Nadal by 1.5. If you bet on Federer to cover that spread,
he’ll need to win by at least two sets. However, you could also bet on Nadal to
cover the spread. In that case, you’d be betting that Nadal would either win the
match or lose by 1 set.

Correct Score Bets

If you’re searching for a harder tennis bet to get right, then consider
making a correct score wager. Here, you’ll need to pick the correct final score
of a match or set. Instead of just picking who you think will win, you’ll also
need to choose the exact score. As an example, you might select that Nadal will
beat Federer by a final match score of 2-1. For you to win this bet, that will
need to be the exact score. Anything other than that, and you’ll be out of your

In-Play Bets

Another great thing about tennis is that there are some excellent live
betting options available. Instead of only being stuck with bets that have to be
made before the playing action begins, you can also bet while the action is
happening. We’ve listed out some sample in-play wagers below to help you
visualize the types of bets that you can place while the competition is

  • Which player will score
    the next point?
  • Will there be an ace
    scored during this match?
  • Which player will win
    the game?

In-play betting is extremely popular, as it allows folks to bet even more as
the action is underway. it’s worth giving this a shot if you’ve never tried it
to see if it appeals to you.

Prop Bets

As is typical with most sports, the sport of tennis usually has some
excellent prop bets available. Prop bets are fun, as they tend to be a bit
different than the other standard bets that We’ve discussed above. What’s
incredible about prop bets is that they can be related to just about anything.

Below, we’ve listed out a handful of sample prop bets to give you an idea of
what you might expect to see:

  • In which round will a
    specific player be eliminated?
  • Player matchups: who
    will last longer in a tournament?
  • How many games will be
    played in a select match?
  • Will a select match
    contain a tie-break?

As the samples above demonstrate, prop bets can cover a wide variety of
things related to tennis. If you’ve never tried prop betting before, it’s one to
check out to see if something jumps out at you as a fun wager to place.

Parlay Bets

If you really want to get fancy with your tennis betting, then consider
making a parlay bet. In sports betting, parlay bets are some of the hardest
wagers to get right. This is because a parlay bet is made up of a string of
guesses. For you to win this wager, then you’dneed to have all of your guesses
be correct. If just one of them is wrong, you’ll lose the bet and your stake.

Here’s an example: for the Wimbledon tournament, you could pick the match
winners for four consecutive matches. Instead of betting on each of the matches
individually, you’dplace one wager where you select which competitor you think
will come out on top. you’ll win this wager if all four of your guesses are

One thing that’s great about parlay wagers is that they can pay extremely
well. This is because they are so hard to get correct. As you add more guesses
to your parlay wager, the potential payouts will climb higher. If you are going
to dabble in parlay wagers, make sure that you start slowly with very small
wagers due to the high likelihood that you’ll lose the bet.

Additional Resources

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Odds Converter

One of the things that we hate the most is when we end up on a sports betting
site that doesn’t display odds in the format that we prefer. Luckily, this
doesn’t happen too often, as most online sportsbooks have enabled the ability
for clients to toggle how they view their odds. However, some sportsbooks have
been slow to adopt this practice. To help, We’ve developed our own odds
converter page. Here, you can input the odds in any format and have it converted
to the odds format that you prefer to see it in. Using this tool, you’ll be able
to make sure that you firmly understand the odds of a wager before you place
your bet.

Alternative Sports Betting Sites

While this page is dedicated to tennis sports betting sites, we know that
many of you may also be interested in betting on many other sports along with

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We hope that We’ve been able to help you find all of the answers and
information that you were searching for relating to tennis betting sites. Since
this page is packed with so much helpful material, consider bookmarking this
page so that you can come back to learn more when you’re ready. The rest of our
site is also packed with loads of helpful information for folks looking to learn
more about online gambling. Be sure to check it out to help elevate your betting
game to the next level. Best of luck, and thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, We’ve gathered up some questions that we hear frequently related to
tennis betting sites. For those of you still searching for answers, hopefully,
these will help you wrap up any remaining unknowns.

What are the advantages to betting online as opposed to in a traditional

There are many advantages to betting online as opposed to using a traditional
brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Our main favorites are the convenience aspect, the
bonuses, and the broad selection of sports that we can bet on.

When it comes to online casinos, it’s tough to beat the convenience factor.
Instead of having to get into your car to head to your local brick-and-mortar
sportsbook, you can instead just pull out your phone and place wagers in a
matter of seconds. If you’ve never tried it, we’re sure that you’ll become a fan
the instant you give it a go.

Bonuses from online betting sites are another reason that they have a leg up
over their brick-and-mortar counterparts. While some traditional casinos have
bonus programs occasionally, they pale in comparison to the types of bonus
programs found online. In many cases, you’ll have the chance to earn thousands
of dollars in bonus funds by placing your sports wagers online.

Finally, online sportsbooks tend to have a much broader selection of sports
that you can bet on. Even if you’re not currently casting a wide net in the
sports you’re betting on, these online betting sites allow you room to grow when
you’re ready. Instead of having to find another sportsbook to accommodate your
needs, you can do everything in one single spot.

How will I know if a tennis betting site is the right fit for me and my
betting needs?

The best tip that we have for you is to make a list of what is important to
you when it comes to an online betting site. Obviously, tennis wager
availability should be one thing on that checklist. For other ideas, check out
the section above where we talked about the criteria that we use to rank sites.
Determine which of these items matter most to you, and then seek a website that
checks as many of the boxes as possible. For us, the most important thing is
finding a trusted place where you know that your funds will be safe.

Should I use more than one tennis betting site for placing wagers?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if this is something that you’d like to
do. For intermediate and more advanced sports bettors, we always suggest
considering the use of more than one sports betting site. Through the use of
this strategy, you can shop the lines on your wagers to make sure that you’re
getting yourself the best line possible. Over time, doing this will help you
increase your gambling profits by adding more to your bottom line when you pick

Here’s how it works: you’ll start by making sure that you have an open and
funded account on at least two different sports betting sites. Once you’ve
determined a wager that you want to place, you then shop that bet on all sites
where you have an account. Once you identify the website with the best lines in
your favor, you just place your bet there. It’s that simple!

If you decide that you’d like to only bet on one tennis betting site, that’s
fine, too. It really becomes a matter of preference. For some folks, using more
than one place becomes too much of a hassle. If you’ve never tried it, you can
give it a test run and see how you like it.

Will I be able to wager on tennis action from around the globe using these

Absolutely! One of the nice things about using tennis betting sites is that
you’ll have broader access to tennis wagers from around the world than you would
at your typical brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Assuming you find a good online
sportsbook with lots of tennis wagers, you should be able to bet on tennis to
your heart’s content regardless of the match location. If you don’t have a
current tennis betting website home, consider trying out one from our
recommended list of trusted tennis betting sites at the top of this page.