Best Tour de France Betting Sites for 2021

The Tour de France is the most popular professional cycling race in the
world. It’s also the most popular race to bet on. And, as you can guess, there’s
a peloton full of cycling betting sites to choose from. If you are looking for
the best Tour de France betting sites, then you have come to the right place.
Just like the “domestique” does for the team leader during the Tour de France,
we’ve done all of the work to bring you the best Tour de France betting

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What Makes a Good Tour de France Betting Site?

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For those of you betting on cycling, it’s important to understand what
actually makes an online betting site a good one. After putting numerous sports
betting sites through a rigorous examination, we’ve compiled the best Tour de
France betting sites based on the following criteria.

Customer Support

It can’t be overstated how important customer support is in making a good
online betting site one of the top Tour de France betting sites. When competing
in the world’s biggest and most popular cycling race, it takes an entire team to
help a rider win the yellow jersey. This includes fellow cyclists, a team
manager, and the support staff that rushes to fix a flat tire when a cyclist is
on the side of the road.

Tour de France betting websites with top-of-the-line customer support will be
there to help you during your time of need when using their online betting site.
For example, if you are running into issues with making deposits or withdrawing
your funds, customer support can fix the issue and ease your anxiety.

In the Tour de France, there are teams and riders from all over the world, so
many of the race officials speak multiple languages. That’s another aspect of
customer support that is a must for any great sports betting site. On our list
of the best Tour de France gambling sites, customer support not only communicates
in different languages, but they’re also:

  • Available 24/7
  • Can be reached via different modes of communication
  • Friendly, patient, and professional

Lastly, the best Tour de France betting websites also have FAQs and tutorials
for bettors of all experience levels to reference when needed.

Industry Leading Security

The Tour de France is the second of three Grand Tours of the year for the UCI
World Tour which is the premier professional cycling “league” in the world. It
is easily the most popular race of them all; in fact, the TDF is so popular that
it often becomes a platform for protests, threats, attacks, and other devious
activities. It’s why there are so many security guards and police officers in
every city or small town that the TDF passes through on its 3-week journey.

In general, sports betting sites are highly attractive to thieves and hackers
looking to steal your money or personal information. Just like with law
enforcement blanketing the actual bike race, safe Tour de France betting
sites will have the greatest security measures and antivirus software available.
If you are using a sports betting site that has a reputation for being lazy with
security or has been hacked multiple times, quickly move on from that online
betting site to one of the options on our list.

System Compatibility

Professional cycling is more than just a test of an athlete’s physical
limitations. It’s also a very intricate endeavor with the latest technology,
helping cycling teams determine the required physical output on any given Tour
de France stage: measure a rider’s vitals, plan out a stage, get the right
aerodynamics for a time trial, and more. The best Tour de France betting sites
will also implement the latest technology to make the betting site up to date,
safe, secure, and accessible no matter what platform a gambler betting on
is using.

Tour de France online betting sites must have a desktop version, a mobile
version, and should probably also have an app. These platforms cover all bases
for betting on Tour de France at home or on the go. Furthermore, sports betting
sites with the latest technology ensure that an online sportsbook won’t be
vulnerable to hackers exploiting outdated software.

Just like cycling technology from the ’80s and ’90s couldn’t excel in today’s
sport, outdated sports betting sites aren’t safe and won’t appeal to the modern
users betting on Tour de France.

Banking Options

The best cycling teams in the world have large budgets and big-time sponsors
to make sure that the team has every available advantage allowed in the
rulebook. Legit Tour de France betting sites have every available banking
option at their disposal so that anyone betting on cycling can use the most
convenient method possible.

With so many different banking options available these days, there’s no need
to settle for the traditional payment methods of credit cards, checks, and bank
accounts. Nowadays, you can also use online wallets and cryptocurrency. In fact,
both of these options make it easier to maintain anonymity if you don’t want
people knowing that you are betting on cycling.

In addition to having multiple banking options to choose from, it’s important
that you aren’t stuck having to withdraw your money from the same source that
you used to fund your account. It might be easier and more convenient to
withdraw money to an online wallet rather than having the online betting site
send your funds to a credit card that you used for deposits.

Bonuses That Make You Pop a Wheelie

The best Tour de France betting websites offer fantastic bonuses and
promotions for new and returning users. So, if you are placing Tour de France
bets this year, then it’s important to take advantage of the bonuses offered.

For newbies betting on cycling, these online betting sites offer first-time
deposit bonuses that will match up to 100% of your initial deposit. Make sure
you read the fine details that outline how much money the sports betting site
will match up to. Most cycling betting sites match up to $1,000 with this type
of bonus.

For returning users betting on Tour de France this year, keep an eye out for
any reload bonuses available. These types of bonuses are based on users making
another deposit usually through a different banking method. For example, you use
a credit card to make deposits, but a sports betting site might offer a reload
bonus that matches up to 50% of a deposit using a different banking method like

Occasionally, the best Tour de France betting sites will offer free sports
bets during major sporting events of the year. What better way for placing Tour
de France bets than to wager on the biggest cycling race in the world with house
money? Betting on Tour de France with free promotional wagers is like wearing
the TDF’s yellow jersey for a day.

Fast Payouts

Depending on the particular Tour de France stage, speed is the key to winning
instead of endurance or team tactics. When it comes to collecting your winnings
or withdrawing your money from online betting sites, speed is also the key to a
successful betting experience.

The best Tour de France gambling sites are all about speed when it comes to
payouts. In fact, you can say that they’re like the sprinters in the peloton
when it comes to paying out winning bets. Unlike the pure mountain climbers that
sit at the back of the longest line in a bunch sprint, our list of TDF betting
sites will pay out winnings in a matter of minutes rather than several hours
like inferior sites with Tour de France odds.

Furthermore, this list of Tour de France betting websites will also approve
your withdrawals in a matter of hours instead of days. For the many that are
betting on cycling, collecting winnings is a very enjoyable and anxious process.
The quicker you can get your money, the more likely you are to endorse the
online betting site of choice.

Other Cycling Betting Options Available

As mentioned, the Tour de France is one of three Grand Tours each year.
Additionally, the UCI World Tour has another three dozen races that are
officially sanctioned and count toward point totals at the end of each cycling
season. The best Tour de France betting sites will list odds for most, if not
all, of these cycling races. That’s great for those individuals placing bets on
cycling all season long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Wagers Do the Best Tour de France Betting Sites Offer?

If you are new to betting on cycling or just need a refresher for placing
Tour de France bets, only the top Tour de France betting sites offer the
following cycling wagers.

Race Winner (Yellow Jersey) – like with most types of sports bets,
gamblers can place wagers on who will win the overall Tour de France. This
betting option is typically labeled as the “race winner,” but it can also be
labeled as the “Yellow Jersey winner” since that’s the color of the jersey that
the race leader wears throughout the entire three weeks.

Betting on Classifications – in addition to betting on the Yellow
Jersey, which is also known as the GC or General Classification, bettors can
also wager on the following Tour de France race classifications:

  • Polka Dot Jersey – This represents the rider who leads the King
    of the Mountains points classification. Typically, most Tour de France
    online betting sites will offer odds on a handful of riders that are pegged to
    compete for this jersey. The same process is also applied to the other
    jerseys mentioned below.
  • Green Jersey – This is the points jersey, also known as the
    sprinter’s jersey, which is often won by sprinters or riders who win
    multiple stages and/or finish near the front of the pack on numerous stages.
    Points are given out for intermediate sprints along stages and for the
    finish of each stage.
  • White Jersey – This goes out to the best overall rider under
    the age of 25. It’s based on the total finishing time of a rider after each
    stage and overall throughout the race.

Stage Winners – in addition to the overall race winner and the
various classifications, those of you interested in betting on Tour de France
can also wager on the rider that you think will win each stage. With an average
of 21 stages for each TDF, those of you betting on cycling will have plenty of
opportunities to win some money.

Prop Bets – typically, the most common prop bet listed on betting sites for the Tour de France is for future races. Occasionally, some Tour de
France betting websites will list Team Winners as a prop bet. This is where a
bettor wagers on which team will finish with the best overall standing at the
end of the three-week race.

What Should I Do If the Online Betting Site Doesn’t List American Odds?

A large percentage of sports bettors are American and used to the standard
odds listed on sports betting sites. However, the majority of professional
cycling races are international, and many online betting sites list the cycling
odds in decimal point form or fractions.

The best Tour de France betting sites
will give you the option to toggle between American and English (international)
betting odds depending on your preference. If you are unable to find the
toggling function or still need assistance with understanding the odds in either
format, then check out our
Converter tool
which will make sure that you always know how much you are
risking or possibly winning when placing Tour de France bets.