The Best Vuelta a Espana Betting Sites for 2019

The Vuelta a Espana, also known as the Tour of Spain, is the last of cycling's three Grand Tours each season. Along with the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, the Vuelta is also a three-week long grueling bike race that usually takes place in late August to mid-September. In addition to exciting cycling action, betting on Vuelta a Espana provides plenty of opportunities to make money on a daily basis. As these professional cyclists navigate their way throughout Spain, we've navigated our way through the Andorran mountains of online betting sites to bring you the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites below.

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What Makes a Good Vuelta a Espana Betting Site?

Vuelta a Espana Cyclists Racing, Vuelta a Espana Logo

For those bettors interested in betting on cycling, it's best to understand what makes a sports betting site a great one before placing any cycling wagers. You can be sure that we're bringing you the best Vuelta a Espana online betting sites based on the following criteria:

  • Customer Support
  • Security and Safety
  • System Compatibility
  • Fast Payouts
  • Banking Options
  • Great Bonuses
  • Other Betting Options

If you're looking to get the most out of our website, keep reading! Our list of the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites is a compilation of online betting sites that have gone through our version of cycling's post-race inspection and doping process. And our expert team ensures that the information we've provided here is essential in choosing the best sites for betting on Vuelta a Espana by looking into the most important qualities.

A Great Team of Customer Support

In a Grand Tour race like the Vuelta a Espana, cyclists rely heavily on their team to help them complete a stage or win a race. If there's ever any issues like a flat tire or a mechanical problem, team staff will hop out of a trailing car to fix the issue. The same thing can be said about customer support with the best Vuelta a Espana betting websites.

These fantastic cycling betting sites have world class customer support technicians that help users with just about any issue arising from using the online betting site. From log-in problems to technical glitches, the customer support reps make you feel like you're competing for a Grand Tour victory. Additionally, the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites feature customer support with the following qualities:

  • Available 24/7
  • Speaks different languages
  • Thorough and Professional
  • Patient and Friendly
  • Communicates via different modes like phone, live chat, email

Ultimately, if you have gone through a poor customer support experience, then stop dealing with inferior sports betting sites and sign up for one of the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites on our list.

The Leaders in Security

The top professional teams and cycling circuits in the world only allow the best equipment in the industry today. This equipment undergoes rigorous testing to protect cyclists. That's the same approach that the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites take with your safety and security. These superior cycling betting sites only use top of the line, industry-leading security measures to protect against hacks and viruses. Furthermore, our list of online betting sites also take every precaution to protect your personal information and funds from being stolen.

Inferior Vuelta a Espana betting online sites have outdated security measures and are careless when it comes to your personal information. Why put your identity and funds at risk when betting on cycling? Instead, choose one of the websites on our list of the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites. Take confidence in knowing that your information and money will be safe.

Compatibility Is Key

Photo of Vuelta a Espana Cyclists on iPhone X

As mentioned above, outdated technology can be a huge risk for viral attacks and hackers. However, it's not just a matter of having current anti-virus software and world class encryption. The best Vuelta a Espana betting sites also have updated website software to not only prevent against backdoor intrusions, but to also provide the best user experience for cycling betting online. For example, the leading sports betting sites have responsive technology for their web design, which is perfect for mobile and desktop users.

Think of a responsive web layout like the versatility of a cycling team. In the Vuelta, and other Grand Tour races, there are normal flat stages and team time trials. However, these stages require different types of bikes. The normal stages allow cyclists to use their preferred bike of choice, while the team time trial requires cyclists to use time trial bikes which are more aerodynamic. Responsive web layouts are like this because they allow users to perfectly view the online betting site from any screen size like a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Outdated web designs at Vuelta a Espana betting sites are not only more vulnerable to attacks, but they don't fit the various screen sizes and they are harder to navigate. A web site's speed and design are crucial for users placing cycling bets. It ensures that there will be no "road traffic" in the way of making some money.

"Sprint Finish" Payouts

One of the most exciting aspects of any bike race, especially Grand Tour stage racing, is the sprint finish. This is when the teams with the fastest cyclists ramp up their speed, begin the lead-out train, jockey for position, and launch their sprinter with the hopes of winning a stage. Sprint finishes are not for the faint of heart because they can often lead to dangerously high speeds and serious crashes.

Just like the need for speed in a sprint stage, bettors have a need for speed when it comes to payouts. For starters, when betting on cycling, the last thing you want is for your winning wager to take several hours before you get paid. Not only is that an inconvenience, it can also prevent you from placing Vuelta a Espana bets.

In addition to payouts on a winning wager, it's important to be able to withdraw your money from Vuelta a Espana betting sites in a timely manner. The faster you can get it, the better. With inferior online betting sites, it could take anywhere from a few days up to a week before your withdrawal is processed. With the best Vuelta a Espana betting websites, it can take a few hours up to a day before your money has been processed.

You Can Bank on It

Gone are the days where you can compete in a professional bike race without a helmet, and gone are the days where you have to settle for just a few traditional banking options with an online betting site. Now, the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites offer users a wide range of banking options.

In addition to traditional methods like checks, money orders, and credit cards, the best Vuelta online betting sites also allow users to deposit or withdraw via cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and wire transfers. Each banking method has its own unique set of benefits. Whether it's privacy, speed, or convenience, the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites offer banking options to meet any demand. If the online betting sites you are using limit you to just a few banking methods, then it's time to change sports betting sites like a pro cyclist changes a flat tire.

Free Money Through Industry Leading Bonuses

Just imagine placing cycling bets with free money. Even better, imagine winning a lot of money without risking your own funds because you earned free wagers just by signing up with one of our premier Vuelta a Espana betting websites.

That's right! The best Vuelta a Espana betting sites offer free money and free plays when new users sign up with their site. In fact, you can score big by signing up for multiple Vuelta a Espana online betting sites on our list. As long as you are a new user with any of these sites, then you will be able to enjoy their welcome bonuses. Typically, these bonuses match a percentage of your first deposit. Make sure to read the promotional details when signing up. Below we've included links to our reviews on some of the top Vuelta a Espana betting sites with great bonus offers.

If you are a returning user to any of the Vuelta sports betting sites on our list, then you can also be eligible for some free money via their exclusive promotions. Some cycling betting online sites give their members a reload bonus when they make another deposit. Typically, you must use a specific method of deposit like cryptocurrency to earn this bonus. Another way to earn a reload bonus is by making a deposit during a major sporting event during the year.

In addition to matching a percentage of your deposits, many of our best Vuelta a Espana betting sites offer free plays with their welcome, reload, or promotional bonuses. A free play is a free bet. So, if you are interested in placing Vuelta a Espana bets, then take advantages of these promotional free plays and win some cash just by using house money.

Other Cycling Betting Online Options

As mentioned above, the Vuelta a Espana is one of three Grand Tour races along with the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. However, not only can you place wagers on these major events, you can also place wagers on a wide range of cycling races. This includes one-day races, the classics, and smaller stage races. The best Vuelta a Espana betting websites allow you to wager on just about any professional cycling race throughout the year.

Vuelta a Espana Betting Sites Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Wagers Do the Best Vuelta a Espana Betting Sites Offer?

  • Race Winner (Red Jersey) - For the Vuelta, the race leader wears a red jersey unlike the famous yellow jersey of the Tour de France. Betting on the race winner requires you to pick a cyclist you think will win the entire Grand Tour.

  • Points Classification - The green jersey represents the amount of points each cyclist earns based on their finish on each stage. In the end, the person with the most points will win this classification.

  • Mountains Classification - Bettors can wager on which cyclists will win the white jersey with blue polka dots as they prove to be the best rider in the mountains.

  • Best Young Rider - This white jersey is for the best rider under the age of 26 years old. It's based on the cyclists that meets this age limit and has the lowest accumulated time.

  • Team Classification - This competition is for the best team in the Vuelta. It's based on how well a team performs throughout the entire Vuelta.

  • Daily Stage Winners - With 21 stages over a 23-day period, the Vuelta provides bettors with plenty of opportunities to wager on daily or race-long options. This cycling wager allows users to bet on which cyclist will win the stage.

  • Vuelta Prop Bets - These bets are fun because they allow users to wager on various aspects of the race like who will finish in the Top 3 or Top 10. Some Vuelta a Espana betting websites also allow bettors to wager on head-to-head cycling matchups.

Can I Use More Than One Vuelta a Espana Betting Website?

As touched on above, it's highly recommended to use more than one of the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites from our list. Not only can you take advantage of the fantastic bonuses, but you can also shop for the best odds and find some unique Vuelta prop bets.

What If the Vuelta a Espana Betting Site Doesn't Have American Odds?

The best Vuelta a Espana betting sites allow users to toggle between international (English) and American betting odds. It all comes down to your preference. If for some reason you can't find where to toggle between odds, and you aren't ready to contact their excellent customer support department just yet, then check out our odds converter tool.

This excellent tool will ensure you can convert odds from factions or decimal points to the standard American system at any of the best Vuelta a Espana betting sites. Additionally, you will always know how much money you are risking and your return on investment from placing Vuelta a Espana bets.

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