Best Women’s World Cup Betting Sites

The Women’s World Cup is a quadrennial international soccer championship featuring the world’s best women’s soccer teams. The last iteration was held in France in 2019 and showed off impressive numbers all across the board. Popularity-wise, the eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup was by far the most successful one. The best Women’s World Cup betting sites went out of their way to present their users with deep WWC coverage and we’re sure the numbers accurately reflect those efforts.

Speaking of the best Women’s World Cup betting sites, here’s a short list covering the most notable ones:

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Women’s soccer competitions are finally getting the attention they deserve. And, who knows, with a bit of luck and more lucrative sponsorship deals, perhaps they’ll end up reaching the heights of men’s soccer competitions.

As stated earlier, betting on Women’s World Cup is slowly but surely becoming a proper craze. This isn’t surprising, especially with the 2019 event in France that set a couple of new records. The estimated total viewership of the event amounted to over a billion viewers across all platforms, both television and digital. It’s an astonishing number that’s bound to attract even more exposure and lucrative sponsorship deals in the foreseeable future.

Most importantly, a good portion of those viewers opted for placing Women’s World Cup bets. The competition was heavily marketed in the betting sphere, accumulating a lot of exposure which resulted in great all-around numbers on the best real money Women’s World Cup betting sites.

What Makes Great Women’s World Cup Betting Sites?

Now that you’ve seen the most prominent Women’s World Cup betting sites out there, here’s a short bullet list containing their key virtues. Hint: You can click on the links to skip to each section.

These key factors were basically the guidelines we used for ranking Women’s World Cup online sportsbooks. It was a comprehensive and time-consuming process, but we’re confident our picks really are the crème de la crème of online Women’s World Cup sportsbooks. So, let’s not waste any more time and take a closer look at the factors we used!

Fast Payout Women’s World Cup Betting Sites

How long does it take for most Women’s World Cup betting sites to transfer funds to your account or e-wallet? Most of the time, payouts take two to three days to be completed. Any more than 72 hours is considered slow payout speed in comparison.

The payout speed depends on two main factors, the speed of your real money online Women’s World Cup sportsbooks internal processes and the transaction processing power of your preferred payment method. If you want the fastest possible experience, we strongly advise you to check out cryptocurrencies. They’re useful for online betting, featuring insanely fast transaction speeds and sophisticated protection. Oh, and we almost forgot, cryptocurrency transactions are also anonymous, meaning no one can track your betting habits.

Bigger Payouts Take More Time

If you’re betting on Women’s World Cup and it ends up securing a pretty hefty payout, you’ll probably have to wait a lot more than 72 hours. From our experience, payouts of more than $20,000 can take up to two weeks to arrive with your payment solution of choice. But there’s no need to worry. That extra time is for security measures and identity confirmation. You can never be too secure when it comes to the internet!

Best Women’s World Cup Betting Sites Bonuses

Let’s discuss the bonuses. Nowadays, all Women’s World Cup betting sites feature at least one type of betting bonus available. These can range from the typical welcome bonuses, which are the most popular ones, all the way to free bets on certain events/matches, as well as generous accumulator extras.

Welcome Bonuses

Gift Box with 50% Bonus Tag, Welcome BannerWelcome bonuses are aimed at newly registered users who haven’t yet made a deposit. They are based on the amount of the initial deposit. More precisely, they amount to a certain percentage of the initial bonus, with the amount being capped at a fixed amount. The most popular welcome bonuses on Women’s World Cup sportsbooks online these days seem to be 50% up to $400 and 100% up to $200.

Accumulator Bonuses

These bonuses are based on the number of wagers placed in a single accumulator. The more wagers there are, the bigger the bonus. For example, a 10% bonus return on four wagers, 20% bonus on six wagers, 30% on eight, and so on. These numbers aren’t 100% accurate, they’re a mere representation of what accumulator bonuses represent. However, make sure you don’t invest too much money on lengthier accumulators as that’s a sure way of wasting a ton of your betting funds at Women’s World Cup betting sites.

Free Soccer Bets

On certain events, sites that offer Women’s World Cup betting online might also offer free bets. Usually, match-winner bets are the main attraction, although some bookies are known for featuring free specials as well. But how can a bet be free? Well, technically, you have to deposit some money and place the actual bet with the stake being as high as you’d like. However, Women’s World Cup online sportsbooks almost always put a cap on the free bet, so you’ll only be getting a portion of your money back if you bet above the cap. Other bookies strictly forbid going over the cap and deem such wagers ineligible for the freebie bonus. That said, make sure you always read the fine print before you bet too much money.

Banking Options

So, you found where to bet on the Women’s World Cup online, you created an account, and you’re ready to place your first wager. The only thing separating you from your first online bet is the initial deposit. That should be a piece of cake, right? Well, it is, in most cases.

If you didn’t pay attention to the featured banking options at your chosen soccer betting site, you might run into an issue. If your bookie doesn’t feature your preferred payment method, you’ll either have to find a new one or set up a brand-new payment method. The latter is obviously much more of a hassle. It’s always easier to just find another bookie to join. Plus, having accounts on multiple Women’s World Cup betting sites will allow you to compare odds and markets, potentially leading to higher overall values.

Customer Support

A lot of people pay little to no attention to customer support, not realizing what a huge impact they can have on the overall quality of a real money sports betting site. At the moment, the best Women’s World Cup betting sites offer a ton of variety as far as customer support channels are concerned. After all, these Women’s World Cup online sportsbooks pay great attention to their reputation, so it’s no wonder they’re detail-oriented.

Most second-tier soccer betting sites offer the cheapest CS solutions such as emails, contact forms, and a comprehensive FAQ section. To be honest, the latter can’t be considered a proper customer support channel. The best ones, on the other hand, incorporate 24/7 availability and use direct communication methods such as telephone lines and live chats. Needless to say, these direct channels are not only available all the time, but their speed and efficiency greatly outperform the traditional options.

If you happen to stumble upon any issue, you’ll be thrilled you opted for one of our picks, since they’re known for having efficient customer support teams.

System Compatibility

Gone are the days of soccer betting online sites not supporting certain platforms. Nowadays, we all have powerful computers in our pockets and it would be a shame if we couldn’t use them for sports betting. Luckily, technological advancements have nicely reflected on the online betting world. All major Women’s World Cup betting sites offer fluid and fully optimized platforms for smartphone users. Others do an even better job by providing their users with dedicated apps. This improves security, makes navigation even easier, and brings sports betting just one tap away at any time.

The ease of use and overall presentation of a betting platform either confirms it’s 100% legit (if it’s fluid, responsive, and easy to navigate) or isn’t (if it’s packed with ads, loads slow, and doesn’t have a clearly indicated betting license).

Make sure you always opt for 100% legit Women’s World Cup betting sites. One way of ensuring that is by picking one of the soccer betting sites with Women’s World Cup odds featured at the top of the page.

Other Betting Options

As mentioned in the beginning, the Women’s World Cup is a quadrennial event, meaning it’s held every four years. It also only lasts for a month, so you won’t get to bet on it that often. That said, there are other women’s soccer competitions available. For example, FIFA’s continental competitions are scheduled in between World Cups and are great for testing out the waters and assessing teams’ performances. Women’s Champions League and the NWSL shouldn’t be taken for granted either, as they sport some of the hottest talents in women’s soccer.

However, not all online soccer betting sites feature these competitions. Even though the WWC had a blast in 2019, other women’s soccer competitions aren’t nearly as popular. That said, make sure you double-check that the bookie you’re thinking of joining features these competitions. If you want a shortlist that features bookies known for going out of their way during women’s soccer events, scroll to the top of the article and check out our list!

Live Betting

Furthermore, live betting is another awesome feature to have at your disposal. Thanks to dynamic odds, per-minute wager changes, and the pure thrill it brings, live betting is definitely among the hottest trends on Women’s World Cup betting sites. With that in mind, make sure your bookie of choice features live betting markets, otherwise, you’ll end up missing out on all the fun.

Bets You Can Place on Women’s World Cup Matches

Now that we’re done with all the factors we used for creating our list of the best sites for Women’s World Cup betting online, it’s time to shed some light on the types of bets you can place.

In addition to standard match-winner and handicap bets, there’s a ton of additional options for advanced soccer betting online enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular ones!

Totals Over/Under

Women's World Cup TrophyAs far as betting on soccer is concerned, totals over/under specials are the most popular bunch. They are based on numerous quantifiable in-game events such as total goals, yellow cards, corners, free kicks, etc. The premise is quite simple. Women’s World Cup online sportsbooks specify a number and you have to guess whether or not the final count of goals, yellow cards, corners, or free kicks will be higher or lower. As far as long-term specials go, this one is right up there with the best of them. It does take a bit of time to master, but it can prove to be an invaluable asset of your soccer betting strategy.

Double Chance

If you don’t want to take huge risks at Women’s World Cup betting sites, double chance is the perfect special for your needs! As you all know, there are three possible outcomes in a soccer match, and this wager allows you to bet on two of them. For instance, the USA vs England is on and you bet X2, meaning either England wins or the match ends as a draw. Typical match-winner bets only allow you to bet on a single outcome. Double chance = double the outcomes! In other words, you’ve won your bet if you correctly guess either of them.

Correct Score

Now, this is a particularly tricky wager to correctly predict. In fact, it’s one of those wagers that can’t really be based on knowledge, stats, and any sort of informed, logical decision. But how is it so popular then? Well, it’s popular because it yields great profits, especially in two-bet accumulators which multiply the odds. The odds stack up nicely, and we all know beginners are real suckers for high returns.

Both Teams to Score

Lastly, we have both teams to score. This is another interesting bet type found at real money Women’s World Cup betting sites that’s often used by sports betting experts. It can yield solid returns if approached with enough knowledge and patience. The premise is simple. If you bet “yes,” all you need is both teams to score at least a single goal, and that’s it.

Women’s World Cup Betting Sites FAQ

Who Are the Most Successful Women’s World Cup Teams?

The USA is by far the most successful Women’s World Cup team of all time and they’re usually a favorite at Women’s World Cup betting sites. They’ve participated in all eight WWC’s and managed to snatch a medal on each one. The USWNST has four gold medals, one silver medal, and three bronze medals. Alongside the USA, there are three more nations that lifted the WWC trophy, Germany (twice), Norway, and Japan (both once). Other notable teams that seem to be on a good roll are England, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Why Is the Women’s World Cup So Popular These Days?

As said in the introduction, the latest iteration of the WWC (France, 2019) broke several records. Because of its recent popularity, it’s only logical to start asking questions about its origin.

We believe the main reason for such sky-high popularity is the massive marketing campaign. We were outright bombarded by World Cup ads and promotional videos. It was everywhere, from TVs to all sorts of digital platforms, including online Women’s World Cup sportsbooks. Luckily, these campaigns yielded great results with millions of people tuning in to watch the action.

What Are the Best Betting Sites With Women’s World Cup Odds?

There’s a short list at the very top of this article if you’re looking for where to bet on the Women’s World Cup online. Not only do they sport the best odds, but they also have top quality customer support, a great variety of payment methods, and fully-optimized mobile betting platforms. They really are the best sites for real money betting on Women’s World Cup!

How to Choose Which WWC Matches to Bet On?

Now, this is a tricky question. Choosing which matches to bet on is a crucial factor of soccer betting online. With all the different opportunities, betting options, and matches to choose from at Women’s World Cup online sportsbooks, it’s understandable to see people get confused.

Standard match-winner bets, various types of specials, handicaps, and live betting, are just some of the many different options available for each match. When the Women’s World Cup isn’t active, you’ll have a ton of different competitions and leagues to choose from. You might as well try out different sports, too. If this seems frustrating, you can refer to our in-depth guide for choosing what to bet on.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make on Women’s World Cup Betting Sites?

We already mentioned one of them when we were discussing the most popular specials. But let’s take this opportunity to expand on that and list more culprits, so you can identify and avoid them more easily!

  • Chasing big payouts – Yep, this is the most common betting mistake that we all keep doing every now and then, even though we’re aware it’s wrong. Chasing big payouts, investing small stakes in ridiculous wagers, and combining mile-long accumulators are all great ways of financing your favorite Women’s World Cup Betting sites if you’re just starting out. Stay grounded, don’t chase unicorns, and focus on one bet at a time no matter how small and insignificant the payout might seem. Think of soccer betting online as a marathon instead of a sprint!
  • Not doing enough research – Being lazy and not doing enough research are some of the most common betting mistakes. If you’re doing everything else correctly, like keeping track of your bankroll, having clear goals, and following your betting strategy, but you’re still losing wagers, you may not be doing enough research. Even the most experienced online betting experts spend countless hours digging through stats, recent matches, roster changes, and injuries. Start doing the same before wagering at real money Women’s World Cup betting sites, and we’re sure your betting luck will improve.
  • Trusting experts – Always make your own decisions! After all, you’re using your own money to bet, so don’t let anyone else think for you. This goes for all those betting experts you see on YouTube and sports channels. While it’s good to hear what they have to say, it’s never a good idea to base your bets solely on their opinions. Using various forms of betting tips to back your own research? Yes! Using them instead of actually doing research? A huge NO!
  • Betting too much – Last but not least, betting too much is one of the most dangerous soccer betting mistakes you can make. Its effects can plague your personal finances and destroy your business and romantic/familial relationships. We’re not trying to scare you, that’s just how it is. If you want to continue sports betting, you need to set some ground rules, with first one being the following: Only bet with the money you can afford!