Which WWE Betting Sites Are Legit? – Here’s Our Top Recommendations:

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This may shock a large amount of you, but the majority of online betting
sites and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks offer betting lines for the WWE. Yes, WWE
betting sites actually exist. Now, I can hear a lot of the cynics out there
gasping at the thought of betting on pro wrestling and its predetermined

However, you should know that WWE betting is one of the
fastest-growing niches within the sports betting industry. Furthermore, it can
provide bettors with some great opportunities to increase their bankrolls. Just
make sure you are placing these wagers at one of the best WWE betting sites that
we’ve recommended for you.

Best Online Betting Sites for WWE Betting

World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Male and Female Athletes

Not all sites are created equal when it comes to betting on the WWE. Some
sites don’t offer many WWE betting options, while others may not offer the WWE at all. In
addition to ensuring that the potential online betting site offers World
Wresting Entertainment wagers, it’s also a good idea to choose one of our
recommended sites as they’ve passed the following thorough criteria:


Only betting sites with a long, successful history make our list.
Additionally, these sites must have great reviews from customers and experts

Safe and Secure

All of the WWE betting websites on our list of recommendations have
industry-leading security measures in order to protect your personal information
and your money.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Gone are the days when the World Wresting Entertainment used to be the World Wrestling Federation. And the same can be said
for banking options with online sports betting sites. It used to be that bettors were
very limited in how they deposited their funds and collected their winnings.
Nowadays, the top WWE betting sites, like the ones on our list, offer a wide
range of banking options from credit cards, checks, bank transfers, and


Every one of these top recommended WWE betting sites have fantastic bonuses
for first-time bettors. These bonuses can range from matching deposits to free
sports wagers. Additionally, these sites have various promotions throughout the
year that also offer discounted vig, free wagers, and more.

Mobile Platform

Mobile betting makes up a large percentage of sports betting throughout the
country. Our list of online WWE sportsbooks has stable mobile betting platforms
that make it easy and convenient for bettors to place wagers on the go.


One aspect that most people overlook, but not us, is whether or not a betting
site has helpful tutorials. When it comes to niche sports, it’s even more
imperative that an online betting site provides a FAQ or in-depth tutorial on
how to make these wagers.

How to Place a Bet on a WWE Betting Site

Placing a pro wrestling bet on a WWE betting site isn’t as simple as wagering
on popular sports like the NFL and NBA. There’s a bit more of a process to
betting on the WWE compared to other sports.

Make Sure There’s Money in the Account

Before we go any further, let’s state the obvious here – make sure you’ve
deposited money into your account. And, if you’re a first-time user at one of
our recommended WWE betting sites, then take advantage of their bonuses on
first-time deposits.

Finding the WWE Odds

Now that we’ve got the obvious details out of the way, we can get on with the
next step in this process. Once you have money in your account, it’s time to
search for the WWE odds. This is possibly the most challenging part of the
entire process because most WWE betting sites don’t list the WWE odds in a
section titled “WWE Betting.” In fact, most online betting sites list the WWE
odds under their TV and entertainment section.

Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, WWE Stars

Another factor for where sports betting sites list the WWE odds has to do
with the timing of an event. For example, if a WWE PPV event is still a few
weeks away, then betting sites will list the WWE odds in their futures section.
However, that can all change the week of the WWE PPV event as they will most
likely be listed in the entertainment section mentioned above.

Make sure you know where the WWE odds are listed so that you can place your
wagers when the time comes.

Choose the Type of WWE Wager

Almost all World Wrestling Entertainment betting sites have the following types of pro wrestling

If you’re using an online betting site that doesn’t have at least those
popular wager types, then move on to one of our best WWE betting websites. Any
online sports betting site with less than those three types of WWE wagers is
limiting your chances to find betting value and win your WWE bets. In addition
to that, there’s a possibility that they might not even have the match or wrestler
you want to wager on.

Place Your WWE Bet

Once you’ve identified which WWE wager you want to place, then simply choose
that specific bet and enter the amount of money that you want to wager. If
you’re a beginner and need some assistance working out the WWE betting math,
then check out our handy
converter tool

Online WWE Betting Sites vs Brick-and-Mortar WWE Betting

For the most part, WWE betting sites are very similar to brick-and-mortar WWE
betting sportsbooks. Both entities offer the same type of WWE wagers,
competitive lines, and typically the same WWE events to bet on.

The one difference is that with WWE betting websites, you can quickly check through them
all to see if they have any current or future WWE betting odds. With
brick-and-mortar WWE sportsbooks, you can’t quickly search through them to see
what WWE odds they have listed. Most of the time, you must be on the site to
check the sportsbook. Additionally, you must live near one of these
brick-and-mortar WWE sportsbooks to even use one. WWE betting websites are much
more convenient to use.

How Do WWE Betting Sites Protect Themselves Against Scripted Finishes?

Because the WWE does have scripted finishes, online betting sites had to set
some limitations with betting on WWE matches to protect themselves. A few years
ago, a WWE bettor successfully hit a massive 10-match parlay that netted the
lucky gambler over $45,000 dollars. But, was that bettor really lucky? Most
industry experts believe the bettor had access to inside information and took
advantage of the information for a big payday.

WWE Contestants Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns

Because of that scandal, and other possible WWE storyline leaks, the majority
of WWE betting sites limit how much money you can place on a specific bet.
Furthermore, some WWE betting websites don’t even let you include WWE matches in
a parlay. So far, these limitations have been successful in thwarting those
bettors who want to cheat the system like the notorious WWE villains do inside a
wrestling ring.

Do WWE Betting Sites Allow You to Bet on Other Wrestling Promotions?

For the last few years, World Wrestling Entertainment was the only wrestling promotion that you
could wager on. However, that’s all changed in 2019 with the rise of All Elite
Wrestling (AEW) in the United States. This wrestling promotion is financially
backed by the owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars and will soon have an ongoing
TV show in addition to PPV events. With all of the money pumping through AEW,
WWE betting sites are now offering AEW betting odds. These All Elite Wrestling
wagers are the same as WWE wagers, so you won’t have to learn any new pro
wrestling betting strategies.