Best US Betting Sites for 2021

Being an American affords you the freedom to be yourself and do what you want. One area where we’ve seen extensive growth when it comes to freedom is with online sports betting. Many states and jurisdictions have passed favorable laws paving the way for the best US sportsbooks to offer real money action to US citizens and guests all across this beautiful country.

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If you live in the red, white, and blue and are ready to bet on sports online, you’ve come to the right spot. In this guide, we list a few top-rated US sports betting sites and apps for you to enjoy. And our team of expert sports bettors and industry insiders outlines everything you need to know to start making real money sports bets right from the comfort of your own home.

You’re just minutes away from the action.

Top US Online Sportsbooks

  • MyBookie – Widest variety of sports betting options online.
  • Bovada – Most trusted brand in United States sports betting.
  • BetUS – Lucrative bonus opportunities for US sports bettors.
  • – Real money betting offered in all 50 states in the USA.
  • BetOnline – Extensive selection of payment options with fast payouts.

If you’re here searching for the best online sports betting sites that services customers in the United States, you’ve found the motherlode. While each of these USA betting sites offers a slightly different experience, they each have one thing in common—trustworthiness. Each of these sites for real money online betting in the United States has proven its worth in the industry by providing exemplary service to sports bettors for years. If you want to bet where we bet, pick one of these US betting sites.

What Criteria Do These US Sports Betting Sites Meet?

Betting Options

To get on our list of the best US sports gambling sites, we conduct thorough reviews. And our reviews start with offering a superior product. One area we’re particular sticklers for are the number of betting options offered. Whether that’s USA sports betting options or international betting options, we want to see the ability to bet on major sports in the US, major sports internationally, special events around the world, and all of the smaller sports that unique fans love. Additionally, we like to see mobile US betting apps and online sportsbooks that offer more than just a few bets for every game, race, or match.

Lucrative Bonuses Opportunities

Sports Betting BonusIn the early days of real money online sports betting, the question was whether or not you could get a bonus from a site. Today, the question is not if, but how big of a bonus you can get. When we’re racking and stacking the top sports betting sites in the US, we want to see big bonuses and the sites that we have recommended have some of the best sports gambling bonuses online.

Not only that, but we also want to see bonuses that have fair terms, benefit the player, and are easy to clear. Plenty of online US sports betting apps slap a huge number on the homepage yet make it impossible to get. Our team digs under the hood to make sure that you’re getting what you think you’re getting.

Banking Options and Accepted Currencies

Not everyone uses the same bank or is comfortable using the same method of moving money around online. Because of this, we want to see real money online sportsbooks in the United States that offer several different banking options. Additionally, we like seeing that they accept multiple currencies. While this might not matter to most bettors in the US, it certainly does if you ever travel abroad.

But what is most important in all of this is whether or not the money moves quickly and safely. In the early days of real money sports betting online in the US, we were okay with options that were a little slower on the draw. Today, you’re only going to see fast payout betting sites on our recommended lists.

User Interface

Betting on sports is already challenging enough when it comes to picking winners. Why on Earth would you ever want to bet with a sportsbook that complicates that process? You wouldn’t, and neither would we! For that reason, we only recommend United States sports betting apps and sites that have great user interfaces that are intuitive, laid out well, and constantly being upgraded.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

While we love to joke around and have a good time, there’s one thing that we take very seriously when it comes to United States sports betting sites, and that’s the safety of our readers. We’re never going to recommend any US sportsbooks that we haven’t fully researched and vetted for trust, reputation, and reliability. If you can’t that trust your online betting experience is going to be safe, then there’s no point. Again, it’s hard enough to pick winners without the added stress of worrying about the safety of your money. You won’t have to worry about that here.

Customer Service

It’s incredible how many US sports betting websites can’t seem to get the customer service piece right. For us, that’s a non-starter. If you can’t provide top-notch customer service to your customers, then we’re not interested in sending you any business. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 24/7/365 service
  • Agents who are fluent in English
  • Extensive FAQ guides to help with common questions
  • Customer service teams that are equipped with the resources needed to help
  • Short or nonexistent wait times
  • The ability to contact a live person via chat or the phone

What USA Betting Sites Can I Use in My State?

Even though these are the best US sports betting sites, some sites are restricted in certain states. We’ve included the information below to help you find an online sportsbook no matter what state you are in.

  • MyBookie
    • Nevada
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania
  • Bovada
    • Delaware
    • Maryland
    • Nevada
    • New Jersey
  • BetUS
    • Allowed in All 50 States

However, it’s always a good idea to get as specific as possible to get the best product available for you. Keeping with this idea, we’ve included links to dedicated guides below for all 50 states. Click on the state you’re in to see the best sports gambling sites for US players that are specific to the jurisdiction.

United States Gambling Laws

Department of Justice SealA popular area of discussion around betting on sports in America is the legality. For the most part, most areas of the country allow at least some form of legal gambling, including USA sports betting sites. Additionally, we see more and more states and jurisdictions add favorable legislation to help advance gambling and sports betting even further.

Let’s look at some of the more historic pieces of gambling legislation that have affected USA sports betting and US sports betting apps and sites. While not all of these apply today, it’s always nice to have a good idea of where we’ve come from to see where we’re going.

Wire Act of 1961

Also known as the Interstate Wire Act, this law sets out some guidance for the operation of different types of wagering businesses in the US Originally, the law was put in place to stop certain forms of brick and mortar gambling and the transfer of money and information through wire communications. Currently, there hasn’t been a ruling on whether or not the Wire Act of 1961 applies to online gambling or not.

Interstate Transportation of Wagering Paraphernalia Act

This law deals with the transportation of certain gambling materials across state lines. In other words, it targets bookies that might be transporting supplies across state lines in order to run an illegal gambling operation.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

Probably the most famous law concerning real money gambling on the internet was the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIEGA). This law specifically targeted online banking transactions within the betting business, leading many US sports betting sites and US betting apps to stop servicing the United States for an extended period of time and serving international customers instead.

What’s interesting about the law is that it doesn’t apply to “skill games,” which spurred a lot of debate in the horse racing community, online poker world, and with sports bettors.

The arguments began that all of these were games of skill, as they required skill to win, and players could gain an edge. The bottom line with the UIEGA is it’s heavily open to interpretation. You can still visit many US sports betting sites today.

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) set out to define the legal landscape for real money online sports betting in the US. In short, the law outlawed sports betting in most areas of the US with a few exceptions. This caused the rise in offshore sportsbooks that worked to operate outside the control of PASPA.

What’s most important to note, though, is that in 2018, PASPA was overturned, paving the way for states to begin regulating sports betting in the ways they saw fit. The interesting debate that followed the overturning was whether states needed to rule in order for sports betting to become fully legal again.

Some states jumped on the opportunity to bring in more tax revenue and quickly laid out favorable legislation. Some of them have state-regulated US online betting sites available to local residents and visitors. But a few states went the other way and laid out legislation continuing the intent of PASPA. But the biggest debate came in states that did absolutely nothing. Is sports gambling now legal, or is a new law required to lay out the framework? Depending on the lawyer you ask, you’ll get a different answer.

Illegal Gambling Business Act

Rolled out in 1955, this law makes it illegal to own or operate an illegal gambling business in the US The law is an interesting one because it effectively says that it’s “illegal to do something illegal.” Profound. What the law does do is attach some additional outline to what is and what is not illegal. Still, this law was written in the 1950s, well before online gambling was a thing. How it pertains or is applicable today is completely up to interpretation. Additionally, it only deals with businesses running the operations and not the players participating.

Types of Bets You Can Place at US Online Sportsbooks

Something you’re really going to like when betting on sports in the US is the options. The top US betting sites offer a wide variety of different types of wagers. These options allow you to maximize your potential winnings by taking advantage of every unique prediction, hot tip, and lock you come across.

Here’s a look at the six most popular bet types you’ll see available on games, matches, and races.


All US sports betting apps and sites offer moneyline wagers. A moneyline wager is a bet on which team, person, or car is going to win a scheduled event. All you need to happen to win your bet is the person you chose to win to come out victorious. That’s it! Keep in mind that moneyline bets don’t always pay out the same amount of money, depending on who you bet on. The bigger the favorite, the less you stand to win. Big underdogs can bring a big payday, though.

Here’s an example of a moneyline bet. Let’s say the Bengals are playing the Browns on Thursday Night Football. The moneyline odds could look like this:

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

To win this bet at US sports gambling sites, you just have to pick which team is going to get the job done. But because the Browns are favored in this example, a bet on them won’t net the same profit as a bet on the underdog Bengals. Here’s what you’d earn with a $20 wager on each team.

  • Bengals $20 to win pays a profit of $42
  • Browns $20 to win pays a profit of $7.40

Point Spread

In the prior example, you can see where a bet on the Browns might not be that enticing. But what are you to do if you think the Browns are going to have a great game but don’t want to risk an arm and a leg to get a real return? You’d have to bet $114 with a moneyline bet to get the same return as a bet on the Bengals.

This is where point spread wagers come in. The best sports betting sites in the US will determine how many points they believe the favorite in a game is going to win by. In this example, the sportsbook believes the favorites the Browns are going to win by 6 points. A point spread bet is a wager on whether a team is going to outperform that expectation or not.

Here’s what the bet would look like in the sportsbook.

Cincinnati Bengals
+6 (-110)

Cleveland Browns
-6 (-110)

With most point spread bets, either side of the wager pays the same amount. In some sports with lower score totals like soccer and hockey, though, that’s not always the case. In this example, each side pays out at -110. So, a $20 wager on either side pays a profit of $18.18

At most US sports betting sites, all you need to win your point spread bet is for the team you wager on to outperform the expectations. In this example, the Bengals are expected to lose by 6 points. All they have to do for you to win your bet is lose by fewer than 6 points. They don’t even have to win the game. As long as they lose by 5 or fewer points, you win your bet.

The same is true on the other side. The Browns are expected to win by 6 points. To win a bet here, the Browns must outperform that expectation and win by more than 6 points. In other words, they must win by at least 7 points.

If the game results in exactly a 6-point victory for the Browns, it’s a push, and all bets are returned.


Another popular bet you’ll see at many of the best US sports betting sites is a totals bet. This wager is based on the total points or goals scored in a game. The sportsbook sets the line of how many total points or goals they believe will be scored by both teams. From there, you have two options—bet the over or bet the under.

If you bet the under, the total points scored must be under the line set by the sportsbook. If you bet the over, the total points must be higher. If the number is exactly on the line, it’s a push, and all bets are returned.

Here’s an example using our previous football example.

Bengals vs Browns
Over/Under Bet
Over 44
Under 44

As you can see, both sides of this bet pay out the same amount, just like the point spread wager. This can change in some sports, though.

While it does say a team name on each bet, it doesn’t actually matter which team wins the game or how the points are scored. The only part of the bet you’re looking at is “Over 44” or “Under 44.”

If you bet the over on your US betting app and the final score is Browns – 45, Bengals – 0, you win because the total points scored is over 44. If the final score is Browns – 24, Bengals – 30, you win because the total points scored is 54 and is higher than 44.


A futures wager is a bet on something that takes more than one game, race, or match to decide. A common example found at US sports betting sites might be a wager on who will win an upcoming tournament or which team will win the end of season championship. Generally, futures bets can be made way in advance and are available throughout the duration of the event.

That being said, the odds on futures bets change as the likelihood of a person or team winning goes up or down. For example, if a team is winning every game, makes the playoffs, and there are only a few teams left—expect a lower payout on a futures bet. If you see a team that’s struggling but still has a shot to win, you might see some incredible odds on a futures bet.


Many of the top US online sportsbooks and US betting apps offer what are called prop bets. Sometimes, these bets are available on every game, and sometimes, they’re just available on higher-profile events. By definition, a prop bet is a wager on whether or not something will happen during the course of a game, race, or match. When you bet on props at the best sports betting sites in the United States, you either wager on “Yes” or “No” or an exact prediction.

Here are a few sample prop bets that should clear up any confusion.

Will Patrick Mahomes Throw Over 325.5 Yards?
Prop Bet
Will Lebron James Score Over 32.5 Points?
Boxing Moneyline Bet


A parlay is a bet that strings multiple individual bets together. In order for you to win, you must win every single bet included. As this is much harder to do, you are paid handsomely for hitting a parlay. Parlays found at most US sports betting sites can have as few as two bets up to as many as the sportsbooks choose to allow. If you’re looking for a way to turn a small amount of money into a big win, take a look at these bets.

How to Start Real Money Betting on Sports in the US


  1. Choose the right US sports betting sites for you. Take a few minutes and test out some of the options we’ve recommended here. Most of these real money sportsbooks let you see anything and everything without creating an account! The only thing you won’t be able to do is to make an actual bet until you sign up.
  2. Join the USA sportsbook of your choice. Once you’ve tested out a few US betting sites, make your final selection(s). Fill out the basic account information, and create your account. If you’re looking to join multiple United States sports gambling sites to shop lines, you can take care of that now or after you make your first bet.
  3. Make a deposit. You’ll need to fund your account to make your first bet. Luckily, this only takes a few minutes, and you’ll have instant access to the cash. Head over to the banking page and select the deposit option you want to use. From there, follow the on-screen prompts and make your deposit.
  4. Start betting online! Real money US online sportsbooks are designed to be convenient. Part of that convenience is the ability to get into the action quickly. Once you’ve made it to this step, all that’s left for you to do is to start picking winners!

US Sports Betting FAQ

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the United States?

Sports gambling is legal in most parts of the United States. With that being said, there are some areas of the country that have specific rules and laws for their jurisdiction. While you should be good to go in most areas, it’s always smart to do a little research before diving into any USA sports betting sites. Additionally, it’s worth noting that many of the areas with legal hang-ups in years past have recently passed legislation in favor of online sports gambling in the United States!

Can You Bet on Sports Online in the US?

Yes! There are hundreds of online sportsbooks in the US offering action to residents and guests. If you’re looking to bet on sports in the US, you’re in luck. Our list of the best US sports betting sites can be found at the top of the page.

Where in the United States Can I Bet on Sports?

When it comes to where to bet on sports in the US, you’ve got two main options. First, you can drive to the closest casino or sportsbook to place your wagers. If that doesn’t work for you, your second option is to bet online with real money US sports betting sites or through USA sports betting apps on your smartphone. Both options provide the chance to make real money bets on all types of sports.

What Betting Sites Can I Use in the USA?

This page is designed to provide you with the top US sportsbooks online, but these aren’t the only betting sites accepting US customers. If you would like to check out other US betting sites, head on over to our reviews page where you have the option to select reviews based on US and non-US betting sites. Click the button below to check out of our complete collection of online gambling site reviews.

What Are the Best US Betting Sites?

Chances are the reason you’re here is that you already know that not all betting apps or sports betting sites in the US are high quality. So, how do you go about finding the best sports betting sites in the USA? That’s where we come in. At the top of this guide, you’ll find a list of the best US sports betting sites. If you want a high-quality, safe, and trusted online betting experience, look no further than the table above.

What Are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on in the United States?

What’s great about sports bettors in the US is that they have eclectic tastes when it comes to betting on sports. That being said, the four most popular sports bet on include baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), football (NFL), and hockey (NHL). College sports, NASCAR, and combat sports (UFC and boxing) are not far behind and may very well pass some of the big four in years to come.

Can I Bet Real Money on Sports Online in the USA?

Absolutely! You can bet real money on sports online in the USA, and you can WIN real money betting on these sports. US online sportsbooks offer the same opportunities as land-based books and often more.

Are There Apps for United States Sports Betting?

If you’re looking for a dedicated phone app to bet on sports in the USA, you have some options. Check out our list of the best betting apps for US customers now to get started. Keep in mind that many of the options in this guide do have US betting apps or do work as mobile-responsive websites. In other words, if you don’t want to download a dedicated app, you don’t have to.