Alaska Sports Betting Sites

Alaska may not have any major professional sports teams, but many individuals
here love placing wagers on their favorite games. Lawmakers in this state have
set some strict laws on land-based gambling, yet the online market lies in
somewhat of a grey area. Today, our team of experts is looking at some of the
very best Alaska sports betting sites operating today.

Below is a list of our recommended sports betting sites in Alaska
available right now. Check them out today!

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We’re going to breakdown some of the most important features that you should
look for in online sportsbooks. Finally, we’ll be going over the current laws
surrounding sports betting here. If you’re in Alaska and want to place a few
sports wagers, we’ve got you covered.

The Most Important Things to Look for in Alaska Sports Betting Sites

At the moment, there are no online sportsbooks based within Alaska. There
are, however, a large number of incredible sports betting websites accepting
Alaskan players. With so many options to choose from, how can you find the right
betting website?

Our analysts have looked through hundreds of different online sportsbooks
over the years. We’ve come up with a unique system to determine whether or not a
site is worth joining. Here are four of the most important features that sports
betting sites in Alaska should always provide.

Easy and Safe Cashier System

Ice Dogs

Safety is always the most important feature of betting websites. A sportsbook
could offer the best odds across every major sport, yet if it doesn’t provide
safety measures for its members, it is not worth joining. We highly recommend
looking into the payment options that different Alaska sports betting sites

This should be easy, even for those completely new to online sports betting.
The best way to find whether or not an online sportsbook is safe is to check out
our list of US sportsbook reviews. We dive deep into the payment options of
every website. If a sportsbook withholds payments from members or charged
unnecessary fees, we’ll let you know.

Another great way to find information on a website’s payment options is to
simply check them out for yourself! Head back up to the top of this page and
look at the sites we are recommending. Most online Alaska sportsbooks will clearly list
the details of its cashier system.

Check to make sure that the sports betting website you plan to join allows
deposits to be made using both debit and credit cards. Looking into the
withdrawal options is even more important. The majority of sports betting sites
in Alaska only allow for Bitcoin payouts. Don’t let this scare you.

Bitcoin withdrawals are extremely easy once you’ve learned how to use them.
They generally come with very little fees and are processed within just a few
days. Some sites, including
Bovada sportsbook,
even have entire pages to explain how Bitcoin payouts are made.

Good Website Design and Functionality

Online sportsbooks have changed dramatically over the years. Today, most of
the top Alaska sports betting sites have sleek, modern designs that make it easy
to find the sports you want to bet on. It’s always important to make sure that
the sportsbook you plan to join provides a solid user interface.

Check to make sure that the site you’re looking at doesn’t crash. We also
recommend scrolling through the different site pages to see if any major issues
arise. Online sportsbooks that crash or make it difficult to actually place bets
are not worth joining.

This is a simple thing to look into. The majority of these websites allow you
to check them out before you join. You can check out the complete design of a
site before deciding whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

Everyone has a different design preference. Some bettors prefer busy
homepages that present a huge list of different available betting odds. Others
enjoy more simplistic websites that only feature a few odds on the sports they
plan to bet on. Take some time to find a website that fits your betting needs!

Odds on the Sports You Want to Bet On

This may seem completely obvious, but players new to sports betting sign up
to websites only to find the site doesn’t provide betting odds on the sports
they want to wager on. Don’t let this happen to you. Always check out the
complete list of available odds that different sports betting sites in Alaska

Online sportsbooks almost always provide more betting odds than even the best
land-based sportsbooks. The top Alaska sports betting sites offer odds on
thousands of different sporting events taking place around the world. Whether
you’re a fan of the NHL or MLB, there’s a site with odds on the sports you want.

Many sports betting sites give out odds on more than just sports as well. The
top online sportsbooks will offer unique novelty betting options on things
such as politics and entertainment. If you’re interested in making a few random
bets now and then, head up to the top of this page and check out the sites that
we recommend.

Every website will offer different betting odds. There are more sports
betting options available online today than ever before. Check out a few
different Alaska sports betting sites and find one that provides the betting
odds you’re looking for.

Great Customer Service Options

Customer service options are hugely important. There’s a chance that at some
point during your betting experience, you’ll need a question answered. We feel
strongly that one of the most important features to look for in online
sportsbooks is a solid customer support system.

See if the site you plan to join offers a live chat feature. This allows
bettors to speak directly with website representatives. It’s the simplest and
most effective form of customer support that Alaska online sportsbooks are offering

Some website also allows for phone line customer support. This is another
easy way to have your questions answered instantly. If a site only allows for
email support options, it may not be worth joining. Oftentimes, the better the
customer support options, the better a sportsbook actually is.

There’s a good chance you’ll never actually have to use any customer support.
It’s still recommended to find a few sports betting sites in Alaska that will
help you if needed. The websites that we suggest are all known to offer great
support options to all members.

Why Are Sports Betting Sites in Alaska Growing so Popular Right Now?

The popularity of online sports betting is growing around the country. Back
in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court

ruled against PASPA
(Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act). This
gives individual states the ability to set their own laws on sports betting. A
number of states have already legalized this industry, and many more have
legislation pending to open their sports betting markets.

The rise in sports betting around the country is pushing more people to bet
online. Alaska is known to have a passionate sports fan base, and many
individuals here are beginning to realize how exciting online betting really is.

We’ve listened to many people in this state list their reasons for betting
online. Two reasons continue to come up time and time again. Check them out

Easiest and Safest Option Available

Alaska Aces

There are no land-based options to place bets here. For now, sports betting
sites in Alaska are the easiest and safest options to actually place wagers.
It’s unclear whether or not any brick-and-mortar sportsbooks will begin
operating here in the future.

Many Alaskans are finding out just how easy it is to place bets online.
Alaska sports betting sites allow members to place bets from anywhere with an
online connection. The top sites even allow you to bet on the go using a

Wide Range of Different Betting Options

Even if there were land-based sportsbooks available here, it’s unlikely that
they would provide as many betting options as online sportsbooks do. As we
mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands of different sports betting
odds available online every single day. Fans of every sport will find the
wagering options they’re looking for.

There are also some unique features that many of the best Alaska sports
betting sites currently offer. One of the most popular is a live betting
feature. This allows you to place wagers on sporting events as they are taking
place. There’s nothing more exciting than wagering on your favorite teams while
they are actually playing.

Is Online Sports Betting in Alaska Allowed?

The overturning of PASPA gave many sports betting fans across the country
hope that this industry would become legal. Many states, including New Jersey
and Pennsylvania, have completely opened these markets. Lawmakers in Alaska have
shown no signs of doing the same.

There are a few current laws that cover gambling in Alaska. Section AS 11.66.270
of the state constitution defines gambling as follows:

(1) “contest of chance” means a contest, game, gaming scheme, or gaming
device in which the outcome depends in a material degree upon an element of
chance, notwithstanding that the skill of the contestants may also be a factor

(2) “gambling” means that a person stakes or risks something of value
upon the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under
the person’s control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that that
person or someone else will receive something of value in the event of a certain

There are no laws in this state that cover the legality of Alaska sports
betting sites. At the moment, nothing is prohibiting players from making bets
here online. With that being said, gambling legislation is constantly changing
across the US. Make sure to follow our industry news page to stay up to date on
everything related to gambling laws in Alaska!

Will I Be Prosecuted for Playing Through Alaska Sports Betting Sites?

It’s very unlikely. While the Alaska State Senate has yet to formally
regulate the online sports betting industry, there are no laws that specifically
prohibit making wagers online. There has not been a single case of any
individuals being prosecuted for playing through sports betting sites in Alaska.

Tips to Stay Safe Betting on Sports Online in Alaska

The online sports betting industry in the United States has improved
dramatically over the years. Today, some of the very best sports betting
companies are operating throughout the country. Many of these companies take
careful steps to ensure their members have a completely safe betting experience.

Even the best Alaska sports betting sites can’t protect players from
themselves. Our betting experts are here to list five of the most important
steps you can take to make sure that your betting experience is nothing but fun.

Only Play Through Reputable Websites

The easiest way to stay safe betting online is to wager through reputable
sites! You may be surprised to find how many bettors sign up at websites they
know nothing about. Don’t make this mistake. Check out our complete list of
sportsbook reviews, or simply check out the top-five sports betting sites in
Alaska that we recommend at the top of this page!

Never Bet More Than You Can Afford to Lose

Betting adds a whole new level of excitement to sporting events.
Unfortunately, some people choose to wager more money than they probably should.
Always make sure to track how much money you’re wagering. To make this easier,
only deposit small, incremental payments into your betting account.

Place Bets on Sports You Know About

There are a massive number of different sporting odds available online every
single day. We recommend placing bets on sports that you know and understand.
This will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Read the Details of Every Promotion Before You Use Them

Promotions, in case you’re unaware, are bonus offers that sports betting
sites in Alaska will offer to their members. These offers can be a fantastic way
to increase your winnings. Unfortunately, promotions can sometimes make it
difficult to actually withdraw your winnings. Make sure to read the details of
every promotion before you decide to use them.

Always Be Willing to Reach out to Customer Service

It’s very possible that you will never need to reach out to customer service
representatives from your sports betting site. If you do need a question
answered, however, always be willing to ask questions. Some players choose to
overlook strange fees and long payment processing times. Never be afraid to ask
questions about your betting experience.

FAQ on Online Sports Betting in Alaska

What Are the Most Important Features of Alaska Sports Betting Sites?

There are a few things that everyone new to sports betting should look at
before joining a website. Always make sure that the sports betting sites in
Alaska you plan to join offer safe payment options, a solid user interface,
betting odds on a variety of different sports, and a great customer support

Why Are Sports Betting Sites in Alaska Growing so Popular?

Online sports betting is growing popular around the country. Many people in
Alaska choose to bet online because it’s the only legitimate option available
and offers a massive number of different wagering options across a variety of

Is Online Sports Betting in Alaska Lawful?

Lawmakers in Alaska have not formally approved online sports betting. There
are also no land-based sportsbooks operating inside the state. There are no laws
specifically prohibiting online sports betting. We have not found a single
case of any individual facing legal trouble for making sports bets online.

How Can I Stay Safe Betting on Sports in Alaska Online?

Most of the sports betting sites in Alaska are completely safe. There are
still a few steps that bettors can take to ensure their online experience is
completely secure. Only play through recommended websites, never bet more money
than you can afford to lose, bet on sports you understand, read the details of
every promotion offer, and always be willing to seek help from your online
sportsbook’s customer service representatives.


Alaska is certainly not the most gambling-friendly state in the country.
Interestingly, there are a huge number of people here that love to bet on their
favorite sports. These fans of sports betting now have access to some amazing
sportsbooks offering odds on a wide variety of different sports.

Scroll back up to the top of this page to find the very best Alaska sports
betting sites operating today. For expert betting tips on sporting events taking
place around the world, make sure to follow our gambling blog page. Good luck
making your bets!