Safest Online Maine Sports Betting Websites for 2021

Maine, a state with a population of just 1.3 million individuals, is not
typically thought of as the country’s top sports gambling destination. Of
course, there are a huge number of people here that love placing wagers on their
favorite sports teams. Today, our team of experts is going to explain how
everyone can find the best Maine sports betting sites currently

Online sports betting in Maine is growing extremely popular, just like around the rest of the country.
Unfortunately, many residents in Maine are still unaware of how to choose a
safe, fun online sportsbook. To help with this, we’re going to break down the
four most important features that all sports betting websites should provide to
their members.

If you want to skip all of this and get straight to the betting, check out
our recommended sports betting sites in Maine below! Each one
offers amazing odds on a wide variety of different sports.

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Here’s What to Look for in Maine Sports Betting Sites Today

Finding a great online sportsbook should be easy, as long as you know what to
look for. There was a time not long ago when only a few sports gambling websites
were available in the country, all of which only offered a few betting options.
Today, there are a huge number of incredible sports betting sites in Maine to
choose from.

Our team has looked through hundreds of these websites. We have come up with
a unique way to determine a good sportsbook from a bad one. As long as the Maine
betting sites you are looking for provide the features below, they’re probably

Safe and Easy Cashier System

Maine Logo

What exactly is a cashier system? Essentially, it’s the way that gambling
websites process payments for members. This is, without a doubt, the first thing
you are going to want to look into when trying to find some safe Maine
sports betting sites

Fortunately, this is an easy thing to check into. One of the best ways is to
head over to our online gambling sites
page. We have reviewed many of the best internet sportsbooks
operating today. In each review, we dive into the cashier system of each site.
If we find anything shady going on, we’ll let you know about it.

It’s also a great idea to simply check out these websites for betting online in Maine for yourself. All
of the reputable sports betting sites in Maine operating today will clearly list
the details of their cashier system. If you find a site that doesn’t provide
information on the types of payments accepted, it’s probably not worth joining.

The best online sportsbooks in Maine allow deposits to be made using
both debit and credit cards. Fees for these deposits shouldn’t be too high. The
majority of US gambling sites only allow withdrawals to be made using Bitcoin.
Don’t let this scare you, though! Bitcoin payouts are easy, come with extremely
low fees, and are generally processed in just a few days.

Never forget to look into the cashier system of every online sportsbook
before you decide to join one!

Great Customer Support Options

The second thing that we recommend checking into from different sites is the
customer support system. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of gambling
websites. It’s also one of the most important features that Maine betting
websites can provide.

ME has not yet taken the steps to regulate its online gaming market (more on
that later). If you encounter an issue with your Maine betting experience, you will
need to rely on the site you play at to help you out. Today, almost all of the
best sports betting sites in Maine provide their members with a wide range of
different support options.

Our favorite support feature today is a live chat box. This allows bettors to
speak directly with a website representative over text chat. Generally, this
feature is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s the quickest and
most effective way to seek help.

We tend to avoid Maine sports betting sites that only offer
email support. Experienced bettors will tell you that this feature often takes
weeks to actually help you out. To be safe, it’s always a good idea to join a
website providing instant support options all day, every day.

Modern Design and User Interface

The design of an online sportsbook may not seem tremendously important. In
reality, these designs will affect your entire gambling experience. The thing
is, everyone has a different preference when it comes to website style.

Some bettors prefer more simplistic websites offering betting odds on just a
few sports. Others love full, complex sites such as
Bovada Sportsbook
that provide thousands of different wagering options every single day. The
important thing is finding a few sports betting sites in Maine that fit your
gambling needs.

The user interface and overall functionality of these websites are extremely
important as well. You can take some time to scroll through a few websites to
ensure they don’t crash. If the site makes it difficult to find the sports you
want to bet on, it’s probably not worth looking into.

The best Maine sports betting sites make it extremely easy
to place wagers. There’s a chance that the online sportsbook you join will be
your gambling home for years. Make sure that it provides a great overall design!

Odds on the Sports You Plan to Bet On

This is a sports betting site, after all! You might be surprised to find out
how many individuals news to sports betting will completely forget to check that
the sportsbook they join provides odds on the sports they plan to wager on!
Don’t let this happen to you!

Are you a hardcore NFL fan? Find a few sports betting sites in Maine
providing betting odds on every single game of the season. Do you love ice
hockey? Look for some online Maine betting sites offering different NHL betting options for the
regular and postseason.

If you don’t plan to wager on any one particular sport, look for an internet
sportsbook that provides a wide range of different odds! The Maine
betting websites that we recommend at the top of this page offer thousands of
different wagering odds every single day.

Some sportsbooks even offer fun novelty betting options. Sites like offer
many different bets on things like politics and entertainment. Always make sure
that before you register to a betting site, it provides great odds on the sports
you love!

Sports Betting Sites Are Growing More Popular Every Year

This is the case around the entire country. Back in May of 2018, the US
Supreme Court opened the doors for individual states to set their own laws on
sports betting. It was a monumental decision that’s led to more than 10 states
to completely legalize their sports betting markets.

A number of these states regulate online sports betting as well. Even those
without a regulated sports betting market such as Maine are still experiencing a
huge surge in online sports betting. We wanted to know why.

Over the past few months, our team has asked a number of gamblers why they
love playing at sports betting sites in Maine. There seem to be
two main reasons why this market is growing so quickly.

Safest and Most Convenient Option Available

Without a state-regulated sports betting market, there are not many options
to easily and safely place sports bets. At the moment, the only real
possibilities are online or through an illegal bookie. Almost everyone agrees
that the online route is significantly safer and more convenient.

All of the legit sports betting sites in Maine operating today take strict
measures to protect their members. This includes a secure customer support
system and great customer service options. The sites that we feature towards the
top of this page will ensure that your online betting in Maine experience is nothing but fun.

When it comes to convenience, there’s no debating that internet betting is
the way to go. These online sportsbooks allow you to place bets on your favorite
teams from anywhere in the state with an internet connection. Most even allow
you to make bets on the go using a smartphone!

More Betting Options Available Than Anywhere Else

There are a couple of casinos located in Maine, yet none of them provide any
sports wagering options. That means that right now, online sportsbooks provide
more betting odds than anywhere else. As we mentioned earlier, the best Maine
sports betting sites offer thousands of different betting odds every single day
of the week.

You’re sure to find fantastic odds on whatever sport you want to bet on over
the internet. Some of the best online sportsbooks in Maine offer
more odds than the best land-based sportsbooks in Las Vegas!

The novelty betting options make things even more fun. If you get bored of
placing wagers on sporting events, you can always throw some money down on a
movie outcome. The massive number of different wagering options is a key reason
why so many people are choosing to bet online right now.

So, Is Online Sports Betting in Maine Actually Lawful?

Over the years, Maine has taken a fairly lenient stance towards gambling.
Today, there are legal casinos, lottery operators, and horse race betting
options available here. Unfortunately, Maine has shown little interest in
legalizing sports betting.

This is likely due to Maine having such a small population. Many nearby
states including New York and Pennsylvania allow sports wagering, and lawmakers
in Maine may feel they can’t compete. Having said that, there’s a good chance
their minds will change in the next few years.

Section 952 of the State Statutes defines gambling as:

“Staking or risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of
chance or a future contingent event not under his control or influence, upon an
agreement or understanding that he or someone else will receive something of
value in the event of a certain outcome.”

Later on, these laws touch on “social gambling” by stating:

“‘Social gambling’ is gambling, or a contest of chance, in which the
only participants are players and from which no person or organization receives
or becomes entitled to receive something of value or any profit whatsoever,
directly or indirectly, other than as a player, from any source, fee,
remuneration connected with said gambling, or such activity as arrangements or
facilitation of the game, or permitting the use of premises, or selling or
supplying for profit refreshments, food, drink service or entertainment to
participants, players or spectators.”

As you can see, there are no laws here that specifically mention the legality
of Maine sports betting sites. Most analysts feel the market is open as long as
bets are made through sites based outside the state. As time goes on, it’s
likely that ME will begin to regulate its online sports gambling industry.

Will I Be Prosecuted For Playing at Sports Betting Sites in Maine?

It’s very unlikely. Lawmakers in Maine do not seem interested in cracking
down on internet betting. Every year, this market gets bigger and more sites
begin to operate here. Our team has not come across a single case of any
individuals here facing legal trouble for playing at Maine sports betting sites.
Laws are always changing, and we recommend following our
industry news page to stay
updated on changes as they happen.

Tips to Stay Safe Playing at Sports Betting Sites in Maine

Staying completely safe while betting over the internet is easy. Great sports
betting sites in Maine take player security seriously. It’s somewhat of a small
industry, and any sites caught withholding payments from players are quickly

There are still a few basic steps that everyone can follow to protect
themselves while gambling online. Below are our five tips to follow after
signing up to any sports betting sites in Maine.

Only Play Through Reputable Online Sportsbooks

Hopefully, by now, you can tell a good internet sports betting site from a
bad one. The truth is, as long as you play through a reputable site, your online
betting in Maine experience will probably be great! Make sure that before signing up to
any Maine sports betting sites, they provide safe payment options and a range of
helpful customer support options.

Keep Your Betting Account Information Private

Once you’ve actually signed up to a betting site, make sure to keep your
account information private! You can think of it as a bank account. Anyone with
access to your sportsbook account info can use your money in ways you probably
don’t want. It’s also a great idea to change your password from time to time.

Understand How Gambling Promotions Work

If you have already looked at a few sports betting sites in Maine, there’s a
good chance you’ve come across a promotion. In case you haven’t, these are bonus
offers that betting sites offer to their members. They can be a great way to
boost your spending money. Occasionally, they can also make it difficult to
withdraw your winnings. Make sure that you understand the details of every
promotion before you decide to utilize them.

Never Bet More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

Some players, particularly those new to sports betting, accidentally wager
more money than they should. To avoid this, make sure that you always track
exactly how much you are wagering. If you realize things are getting out of
hand, take a break for a while!

Bet on Sports You Actually Know About!

With thousands of different betting odds every single day, it can be
extremely tempting to place wagers on sports that you know nothing about. This
is almost never a good idea. Your chances to win will always be better when you
wager on sporting events you know about. As time goes on, you can look for more
odds at the Maine sports betting sites you play at.

FAQ on Online Sports Betting in Maine

Is Online Sports Betting Easier Than Normal Sports Betting?

Betting online in Maine is certainly more convenient. When it comes to the actual
betting process, there’s really no difference between online and land-based
betting. You choose the sports, teams, and players that you want to wager on,
and choose the amount of money to bet! It’s really that simple.

What Are the Most Popular Sports Betting Sites in Maine Right Now?

Sports fans have access to some truly spectacular online
sportsbooks in Maine. From what we have seen, the two most popular betting websites here
are Bovada Sportsbook and Both provide thousands of different
wagering odds every single day.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at Maine Betting Sites?

There’s really no limit. The majority of online sportsbooks here allow
bettors to win as much money as they possibly can. The more money you bet, the
better your chances are to win. Wagering on sports that you know about will
significantly increase your chances of coming out on top.

What Sports Are Most People Betting on Here?

Maine has a significant NBA, NFL, and MLB fan base. In reality, people here
love to bet on a wide variety of sports. Fortunately, most of the internet
sportsbooks here provide odds on just about every major sporting event taking
place around the world.

Why Should I Bet on Maine Sports Betting Websites?

The choice to bet online is always yours. Most people agree that
Maine sports betting sites
are the safest and most convenient option
available right now. If you love sports and want to throw some money down on
your favorite teams, this popular form of wagering may be for you!


It seems as though a new state decides to legalize sports betting every
single month. Lawmakers in Maine have shown little interest in regulating this
market, although it is likely to change over the next couple of years. If it
does, we’ll be sure to report on it.

We highly recommend that you check out the Maine sports betting sites that we
are featuring at the top of this page. Each one is well-known amongst sports
fans. If you decide that online sports betting is for you, head over to our gambling blog page for expert
picks on major sporting events. Good luck placing your bets!