Safest Betting Sites for New Jersey Players

New Jersey has contributed a lot to the US sports betting industry. This
state was instrumental in the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow PASPA,
opening up the possibility for legalized sports betting around the country.
Today, we’re going to be breaking down how to find legit New Jersey betting sites. Those looking for a site to join right now can scroll
below to find our top recommended NJ betting sites currently

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There’s a lot of information to cover here. New Jersey has one of the
fastest-growing gambling markets in the country. More people here are making the
switch to online gambling every day.

Things to Look for in New Jersey Betting Sites

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The sites that we recommend above are all fantastic. If you’re unfamiliar
with what to actually look for in an online sportsbook, however, it can seem
daunting to decide which one to join! Fortunately, our team of experts has
broken down four of the most important things to look for in New Jersey sports
betting sites.

It’s important to note that this state is one of the few in the US that
regulates its online sports gambling market. Some of the very best
online gambling sites in
the US
are available to players here.

Follow these four tips to make sure that the website you decide to join
offers you the best betting experience possible!

Find a Site With Safe Payment Options

Safety is always priority number one when making sports bets online. Back in
the early 2000s, it was difficult finding an online sportsbook that provided
safe payments. Today, all of the best US sports betting sites will provide
members with a wide variety of completely secure payment options.

There are a few different ways to ensure that a sportsbook is safe. The
easiest is to head on over to our
sportsbook review page.
We’ve looked through hundreds of different sports betting sites over the years.
Our experts explain each site’s different payment options and safety measures.
If you want real analysis on the top US internet sportsbooks, check out this
page today.

Another great way to find out if different New Jersey betting sites
are safe is to check them out for yourself. Back at the top of this page is a
list of the top five online sportsbooks available here. Click on any of these
sites and check out the available payment options for yourself! Most good sites
will clearly list which deposit and withdrawal options are provided.

We recommend finding a site that allows deposits to be made using all major
credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. If a site doesn’t allow credit card
deposits, it may be a little shady.

Finding a site that offers quick, safe withdrawal options is even more
important. There aren’t too many US sites that allow credit card payouts.
Instead, most allow withdrawals to be made using Bitcoin. Some sites, including
Bovada Sportsbook,
even provide their members with an entire page that explains how Bitcoin payouts
are made. Make sure that the sports wagering site you’re interested in pays out
winnings in less than a week.

Nothing is more important than your safety! Always be sure to find a New Jersey online betting
site that offers completely safe and easy payment options.

New Jersey Betting Sites

Look for Solid Website Functionality

Once you’ve narrowed down a few NJ betting sites that offer
safe payouts, make sure they provide a solid user-interface and design. Website
functionality is extremely important for online sportsbooks. If these sites
constantly crash or make it difficult to find sporting odds, we don’t recommend
signing up.

The great thing is that this is incredibly easy to find out. As we mentioned
before, New Jerseyans have access to some of the very best online sportsbooks in
the country. Most of these websites allow you to check them out before you’ve
joined. Some of the best New Jersey betting sites even let you place sample

Take the time to look through a few different sports betting sites in New
Jersey. Take notes of the things you enjoy and don’t enjoy on certain sites.
Make sure that it’s easy to find betting odds on the sport you plan to put money

You can make this easier on yourself by scrolling back up towards the top of
this page and checking out the sites we recommend. Each of these New Jersey
sports betting sites provides incredible user-interfaces and solid designs.

Make Sure the Odds You’re Looking for Are Available!

Believe it or not, some bettors will sign up to an online sportsbook before
even looking at the different betting odds available! In general, this won’t be
a major issue. The majority of respected
US sports betting
sites today offer odds on just about every major sporting league. We still
recommend checking out the odds available.

If you’re a Yankees fan, for instance, it’s important to make sure that the
site you want to join provides betting odds for this team. It’s also a good idea
to ensure these websites provide future betting odds. A good sports betting
website will allow its members to place bets on future events, such as the Super
Bowl, months before it will even take place.

Another cool feature that many legit New Jersey betting sites offer is
live betting. This allows you to throw money on different sporting
events as they are taking place. It’s one of the most exciting forms of
wagering available today.

It’s important to note that most online sportsbooks will provide
significantly more betting odds than land-based sportsbooks located inside a
casino. Simply scroll through a few different internet sportsbooks here and make
sure there are great odds on the sports you plan to bet on!

Check out Different Promotion Offers

Promotions are one of the very best features of online sportsbooks.
Promotions, put simply, are bonus offers that websites will offer to their
members. They can be a fantastic way to add money into your betting account.

Each of the top New Jersey betting sites available today will
provide some type of promotion. Most commonly, these are in the form of a
first-deposit bonus. This adds a certain percentage of money into whatever you
first deposit into your account!

We recommend checking out a few different New Jersey betting websites to find legit promotions.
If you plan to use these offers continuously, make sure that the site you want
to join provides bonuses to existing members, as well.

This also ties into the safety aspect of a website. Occasionally, promotions
can make it slightly difficult to collect your winnings. Understand a
promotion’s details before you choose to use them!

Why Are so Many People Flocking to Sports Betting Sites in New Jersey?

New Jersey has been one of the most influential states in the gambling
industry. There’s a rich history of legalized gambling here. Atlantic City began
to truly boom in 1976 when lawmakers declared it was the only area that could
offer casino games.

This state was the gambling hub of the East Coast for decades. In 2012,
officials here began pushing for legalized sports betting. At the time, the
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) prohibited any states
other than Nevada from offering legal sports betting lines.

In May of 2018, New Jersey succeeded in getting PASPA overturned. Just like
that, every US state had the ability to legalize sports gambling. Today, Jersey
allows both land-based and online sports betting.

There are a number of reasons why sports betting sites in New Jersey are
growing so popular.

Kenny Agostino New Jersey Devils


The simplicity of making sports bets online is without a doubt the biggest
reason why more people are flocking to NJ betting sites every
year. The ability to place bets from the comfort of your home and on the go
using a smartphone is incredible. Trips to Atlantic City are no longer

The convenience of New Jersey betting sites are even attracting
people from outside the state! New Yorkers are constantly flocking across the
George Washington Bridge just to place bets on their favorite sports. Online
sports bets can be made in less than a minute.

Larger Number of Sports Betting Options

We mentioned before that online sportsbooks offer significantly more wagering
options than land-based sportsbooks. This is true now more than ever. Nearly all
of the best New Jersey betting sites will provide thousands of different
bets every single day.

A good internet sportsbook will even allow members to place novelty wagers on
things like politics. The massive number of different betting options is a big
reason why online sportsbooks are growing every single year.

Are Online Sportsbooks in New Jersey Legal?

New Jersey is one of the few states to have a completely legalized and
regulated online sports betting market. Companies now have the ability to offer
sports betting odds here after obtaining a license from the state government.
Many of the brick and mortar casinos here offer online sportsbooks.

Bill A2578 allows the state’s casinos to offer internet sportsbooks. These
licenses cost $250,000 and come with additional annual fees of $250,000.
Regulated online gambling sites here pay a 15% tax fee on all revenue earned.

State officials are still working to ban foreign gambling companies from
offering betting odds inside New Jersey. These sites are not regulated by the
government and do not pay taxes on their revenue. Despite this, many of these
sites are still operating here.

There are no specific laws preventing players from making bets online here.
Placing internet bets through unregulated sites is certainly looked down upon,
yet the officials here are focused primarily on removing the actual websites.

Could I Get in Trouble Betting at Online Sportsbooks in New Jersey?

It’s very unlikely that anyone will face legal trouble for betting online in
New Jersey. There has not been a single case made against an individual for
making online bets through unregulated New Jersey betting sites.

How Can I Stay Safe Playing at Online Sportsbooks in New Jersey?

Lawmakers in New Jersey are working hard to make the online gaming industry
here as safe as possible. There’s no doubt that the entire US internet sports
betting industry is more secure than ever. There are a few simple ways you can
guarantee your betting experience is fun and safe.

Find a Reputable Online Sportsbook

The best way to stay safe betting online is to find a safe sports betting
website! This might seem extremely obvious, yet many people choose to sign up to
the first site they visit. Take the time to find New Jersey betting sites that offer safe
payment options.

Don’t Bet More Money Than You Can Lose

This is without a doubt the biggest reason why people get into trouble when
betting online. Setting clear restrictions on how much to spend through New
Jersey sports betting sites is the best way to protect yourself. Never bet more
money than you’re willing to lose!

Stick to Betting on Sports You Know About

It can sometimes be tempting to place wagers on a wide variety of different
sporting events. Most sites offer thousands of different betting odds every
single day. A great way to keep your betting experience fun, especially when
first starting out, is to only place bets on sports you understand.

Understand the Details of Promotions

Promotions can be a great way to add money into your betting account. They
can also make withdrawing your funds difficult. Read up on a promotion’s details
before you decide to use it.

Don’t Hesitate to Change Online Sportsbooks

If you’re having a bad wagering experience through a website, don’t hesitate
to move to another. The sites we recommend at the top of this page are all
fantastic. Check them all out today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Things to Look for in Sports Betting Sites in New Jersey?

New Jersey has one of the biggest online sports betting markets in the United States. Those looking for safe New Jersey betting sites should check for a secure payment system, solid functionality, a wide range of betting odds, and good promotions.

Why Are Online Sportsbooks in New Jersey Growing so Popular?

More people in New Jersey are recognizing that online sports betting is more convenient than betting through a casino sportsbook. The majority of New Jersey sports betting sites also provide considerably more betting options than land-based sportsbooks.

Are New Jersey Betting Sites Actually Legal?

Lawmakers in New Jersey have completely legalized online sports gambling. There are a large number of unregulated sportsbooks here as well. It’s highly unlikely that anyone here will face trouble for making any sports wagers online.

How Can I Protect Myself When Betting on Sports Online in New Jersey?

Most of the New Jersey betting sites today are perfectly safe. The best ways to protect yourself betting online are: finding a reputable site, only betting what you can afford to lose, placing bets on sporting events you understand, recognizing the details of promotions, and always being willing to change to a different internet sports betting site.


New Jersey has one of the biggest gambling markets in the country. Since
2016, gambling revenue in this state has increased by more than 50%. There are
some incredible NJ betting sites available right now, many of
which provide odds on just about every sporting event taking place around the

Laws surrounding online gambling in the US are constantly changing. Make sure
to follow our “Industry News” page
to stay up-to-date on all new gambling laws inside New Jersey!