Best Sports Betting Sites Available in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of just eight US states to have completely legalized
sports betting. It’s certainly paying off, as the gambling market here is
stronger than ever. Today, we’re going to be looking at a few of the best
PA sports betting sites currently available online. To make things easy, we’re listing our top recommended sports betting
sites in PA directly below:

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Our team of experts will be giving some advice on what to look for when
choosing PA betting sites. Finally, we’ll be looking over the current set
of laws and regulations surrounding this industry. There’s a lot of information
to cover!

Most Important Things to Look for in PA Sports Betting Sites

The US online
sports betting
industry has evolved massively over the years. Today, the
majority of sites offering sports betting odds are fantastic. Unfortunately,
there are still a few websites known for offering poor odds and shady payment

We’ve looked at hundreds of different online sportsbooks over the years. Our
team of experts has come up with four important factors that separate a good
sports betting site from a bad one. Finding PA sports betting sites that offer
these features will ensure that your betting experience is nothing but fun!

Safe and Easy Cashier System

Eagles Player

Safety should always be priority number one when betting online. There’s no
better way to stay safe betting on sports online than finding a safe website!
This is easier today than ever before thanks to improvements in the online
gaming industry.

The easiest way to find safe PA sports betting sites is to simply
scroll up to the top of this page and check out the sites that we recommend. Our
top five recommended sites are well-known for providing amazing payment options
for all members. Check them out for yourself today!

Another great way to find safe PA betting sites is
heading over to our list of
online sportsbook reviews
. We research each and every site’s payment system
when reviewing these sites. If there are any reports of shade payment dealings,
you’ll hear about it from us.

Word spreads fast in the internet gaming community. For that reason, most
sites try hard to always provide their members with safe and honest payment
options. Taking the time to find PA sportsbooks with a great cashier
system is the best way to stay safe betting online.

Odds on the Sports You Want to Bet On

Nothing is more important than safety, yet finding a website that actually
provides odds on the sport you want to bet on is hugely important as well! You
might be surprised to find out how many people register to a website and find
that the odds they’re looking for are not available.

Don’t let this happen to you! Today, it’s easier than ever to find exactly
which betting odds a site will offer. The top Pennsylvania betting sites will allow you to scroll through them before you’ve even signed up.

Most sites will feature their list of betting odds directly on the homepage.
Check out exactly which odds are available and compare these to what other
websites provide. Competition is extremely high in the sports betting market,
and sites are always trying to provide better odds than others.

We also recommend looking for websites that offer some unique betting
features. Live betting, in particular, is a great feature that some sites are
offering. This allows members to place wagers on sporting events as they are
taking place.

Great Design and User Interface

So, you’ve found a few sites with safe payment options and the odds you want.
That’s great! Now is the time to start looking at which PA sports
betting sites have great designs that make it easy to place wagers.

The overall functionality of a website will affect your entire betting
experience. If a website constantly crashes or makes it difficult to find the
sport you want to bet on, we don’t recommend joining it. The good thing is that
this is extremely easy to find out.

As we just mentioned, most websites allow you to check them out before you’ve
become a member. This is the time you’ll want to look at the user interface.
Take some time to look over the entire site’s design from the betting aspect to
the cashier system.

The top PA online sports betting sites operating today have
great-looking, modern designs. Every site is different, so make sure to find
that one that stands out to you.

Legitimate and Honest Promotion Offers

If you’ve already scrolled through a few of the different PA sports
betting sites that we recommend, there’s a good chance a promotion has been
thrown your way. Promotions are simply bonus offers that a website will provide
to members. Some sites only offer a welcome bonus to new members, others provide
a wide range of promotions to existing members.

These promotion offers can be a fantastic way to increase your winnings.
Welcome bonuses, for example, will generally add a certain amount of money onto
whatever you first deposit into your betting account. Occasionally, these
promotions can make it difficult to actually collect your winnings.

Rollover requirements are often attached to most bonuses. These requirements
force members to bet a certain amount of money before they can withdraw their
money. This is why it’s so important to find sports betting sites in
Pennsylvania that clearly list the details of every promotion.

Pennsylvania betting sites should always attach the Terms and
Conditions to every bonus offer. Reading these terms will help you understand
whether or not you want to actually use these offers. Make sure the betting site
you plan to join offers this basic feature!

Why Are so Many People Joining PA Sports Betting Right Now?

The popularity of online gambling in the US has never been higher. Back in
May of 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled that PASPA (the Professional and Amateur
Sports Protection Act) was unconstitutional. This decision immediately gave
individual states the ability to legalize sports betting with their borders.

Today, eight states have completely legalized and regulated sports betting.
Pennsylvania is one of these states. There are a number of land-based
sportsbooks located here, yet the majority of bettors prefer to place their
wagers over the internet. Here are the top two reasons why.

Making Bets From Home

The ability to make bets on your favorite sports teams from the comfort of
home is incredible. Unless you live close to one of the casinos offering
sporting odds, it can be a major pain to place wagers. The top PA sports betting sites allow members to wager anywhere with an internet connection.

Mobile sports betting is growing extremely popular, as well. The top websites
will also allow members to place bets on their favorite teams using a
smartphone. Making sports bets should be easy, and with online betting, it is!

Wider Range of Betting Odds

The best Pennsylvania sports betting sites will always offer more odds than
even the biggest land-based sportsbook. The number of betting options available
online can actually be overwhelming. Many people credit a wider range of odds as
the main reason for betting online.

This doesn’t only include sports. Some online sportsbooks will also allow
members to place novelty bets on things such as politics and entertainment!
Scroll up to the top of this page and check out our recommended websites to see
how many different online betting options are available today!

Are Online Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania Actually Legal?

76ers Player

To put it simply, yes. In October of 2017, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf
officially signed House Bill 271 to allow online gambling inside the state. This
bill allows for land-based casinos in Pennsylvania to offer online betting

There are many online sportsbooks now operating here. Some of these are
regulated by the state, and some are not. Over the past few years, Pennsylvania
lawmakers have been working to lower the number of offshore gaming sites
operating here. Their efforts have yet to pay off.

Gambling laws in this state have changed dramatically over the past decade.
Our betting analysts are quick to report on any updates to these laws. Make sure
to follow our Industry News page to stay informed on changes to PA sports betting sites as
they happen!

Will I be Prosecuted for Making Sports Bets Online in Pennsylvania?

It’s very unlikely. There have been no reports of any individuals facing
legal trouble for playing through Pennsylvania sports betting sites. Lawmakers
here have been moving in the opposite direction, as regulations on this industry
have become significantly more relaxed over the years.

How Can I Stay Safe Playing Through Pennsylvania Online Sportsbooks?

As the online gambling industry evolves, it gets safer. The best PA sports betting
sites are more secure now than ever before. There are still a few steps you can
take to ensure that your betting experience is safe and fun!

Find a Reputable Website to Bet At

The easiest way to keep yourself safe online is to only bet through legit
PA betting sites. There are too many great options available
to bet through any shady websites. To make this easy, head up to the top of this
page and check out the sites that we highly recommend!

Don’t Bet More Than You Can Afford to Lose

This may be obvious, yet it’s sometimes easier said than done. Sports betting
is incredibly fun, and there can be temptations to wager more than you should.
Never bet more than you can actually afford to lose. You can make this easier by
only depositing limited amounts of money into your betting account at a time.

Wager on Sports You Know About

The majority of Pennsylvania sports betting sites operating today provide
thousands of different odds every single day. When first getting into online
sports betting, stick to sports you know about. Placing bets on sporting events
you understand will significantly improve your chances of winning.

Read the Terms and Conditions of Every Promotion

Promotions can be a fantastic way to boost your winnings. Unfortunately, they
can sometimes make money withdrawing your money a little bit difficult. Always
make sure to read the details of every promotion before you decide to use them.

Be Willing to Change Websites

There’s nothing worse than signing up to a sports betting website and
realizing it doesn’t offer what you expected. If this happens, don’t be scared
to change to a new site. There are many incredible PA online
sportsbooks available right now.

FAQ on Internet Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

What Should I Look for in PA Sports Betting Sites?

The most important features to look for in PA betting sites are
safe payment options, a wide range of betting odds, solid overall functionality,
and honest promotion offers.

Why Are Sports Betting Sites in PA Growing so Popular?

Most people decide to bet on their favorite sports online due to the
convenience of making bets from home, and the wide range of different odds
at Pennsylvania betting sites.

Is Online Sports Betting in Pennsylvania Actually Legal?

Pennsylvania legalized online gambling back in October of 2017. This includes
internet sports betting. Many of the very best online sportsbooks in the world
are now available here.

How Can I Stay Safe Making Sports Bets Online Here?

Online sports betting is safer now than ever before. The best ways to stay
safe are playing through reputable Pennsylvania sports betting sites, never
betting more than you want to lose, only wagering on sports you know about,
reading the Terms and Conditions of each promotion offer, and always being
willing to change to a different sports betting site.


Pennsylvania has completely embraced the online gambling industry. Today,
almost all forms of internet gambling are completely legal here. Fans of sports
betting in PA have access to some amazing online sportsbooks offering odds on
just about every major sporting event around the country.

Scroll up to the top of this page to find our list of recommended PA sports betting sites. For expert tips on upcoming sporting events, make
sure to follow our Gambling Blog page. Good luck placing your bets!