South Carolina Sports Betting Sites – Where to Bet Online

South Carolina is notorious for having some of the strictest laws on the gambling industry of any US state. Today, virtually all forms of gambling are banned here, despite the huge number of residents that have called for casinos and sports betting to become regulated. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to bet on your favorite sports here, though. Today, our team of gambling experts is going to explain how you can find the best South Carolina sports betting sites currently operating.

Gambling laws in South Carolina are extremely outdated. Our team is going to help explain which forms of gambling are allowed here and which aren’t. We’ll also talk about the legal implications of making bets through online gambling sites based overseas.

Before we get into the specific gambling laws, we’re going to breakdown the most important features of US online sportsbooks. We’ll let you know exactly what to look for in South Carolina online sportsbooks today.

Some of you may want to skip all of this and get straight to online betting. And that’s no problem! Below are the best sports betting sites in South Carolina available right now. Feel free to check them out!

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Here’s What to Look for in South Carolina Sports Betting Sites

There’s very little information available on finding a safe, reliable online sportsbook in South Carolina. Because laws are so strict here, many feel that internet sports betting is completely banned here. We’re beginning to see this may not necessarily be the case.

Many of the best online sportsbooks in the country are available in SC. For those new to sports betting online, it can seem a little daunting trying to choose which of these websites to join. Below are some of the features you should look for in South Carolina sports betting sites.

South Carolina State Flag Inside South Carolina

Safe and Easy Payment Options

There’s nothing more important than safety when gambling online. You might find a sportsbook that offers thousands of amazing odds and bonuses. If it doesn’t provide you with safety, however, it’s not worth joining. Always make sure the sites you’re interested in will provide you with safe payment options!

These best South Carolina sports betting sites allow deposits to be made using debit or credit cards including Visa and Mastercard with very low fees attached. Deposits should be processed immediately, and payouts should be issued to you in just a few days.

There are a few different ways you can learn about a website’s payment option. One way is to head over to our gambling site reviews page. We’ll provide information on top US online sportsbooks. It’s also a good idea to check out a few sites for yourself to see which forms of payment are available.

Odds on the Sports You Want to Bet On

The next thing you might want to check out is the list of sports betting odds that are available. You might be surprised to find out how many individuals join South Carolina sports betting sites without making sure it offers the odds they’re looking for. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest features to look for.

Most South Carolina betting sites will clearly list which odds they offer. You can check out the homepages to see these odds. If it’s difficult to find the odds you’re looking for, we don’t recommend you join that online sportsbook.

If you’re a hardcore football fan, look for sports betting sites in South Carolina that offer odds for every game of the NFL season. If you’re a basketball fan, find a sportsbook that offers you great NBA odds! It’s that simple.

Clean and Modern Design

Next, we recommend that you find a few sports betting sites that provide an easy-to-use design. The way that South Carolina sports betting websites are set up will affect your entire online gambling experience! Always make sure that you play through sites that offer a design and user interface you enjoy.

Not everyone has the exact same design preferences. Some prefer basic online sportsbooks that offer just a few odds on the sports they enjoy. Others want complex websites that have thousands of different odds on sporting events taking place around the world.

The important thing is finding a design that you enjoy. To make this easy, check out the South Carolina sports betting sites that we recommend at the top of this page. Each one has a great, unique design.

Helpful Customer Support System

The last quality you should look into at sports betting sites in South Carolina is an easy, helpful customer support system. This might not seem tremendously important, but trust us when we say it is. South Carolina, like many US states, does not regulate online gambling. If you encounter an issue when placing sports bets online, you’ll need to rely on the website you play through to help you out.

In our opinion, the best South Carolina sports betting sites offer direct, easy forms of communication. We recommend you join online sportsbooks that offer live chat. It allows you to speak with a website representative over instant message. Direct phone line support is also fantastic.

Some of the less reputable online sportsbooks in South Carolina only offer you email support. When you encounter an issue, the site you play through should have your back. Don’t overlook this important feature.

Online Sportsbooks in South Carolina Are Growing More Popular

Due to harsh restrictions on the gambling industry, South Carolina sports betting sites weren’t necessarily the most popular. Recently, however, there’s been a significant increase in the number of people here who place sports wagers online. Most of this is probably due to PASPA being struck down last year.

With PASPA declared unconstitutional, every state in the country can set laws on sports betting. Many states now have fully regulated sports gambling markets and even more have bills on the table to make this popular form of gambling legal.

Sports betting in the US has never been bigger. We wanted to know exactly why online South Carolina sportsbooks are now growing in popularity. There seem to be two main reasons why the industry is growing so quickly here.

It’s the Most Convenient Option Available

With no land-based sports betting options available, there are very few ways to actually make bets on your favorite teams. Residents here can either choose to make bets through illegal bookies on the ground or through SC online sportsbooks. Most agree that online betting sites are the better option.

South Carolina sports betting websites allow you to make bets from anywhere with an internet connection. Most of the best sites also let you place bets using your smartphone!

There Are More Betting Options Online

As we mentioned earlier, most sports betting sites in South Carolina offer thousands of different betting odds every single day. They allow you to wager on major US sports, and small, obscure events taking place around the world. Generally speaking, these South Carolina sports betting sites offer more odds than the top land-based sportsbooks in the country.

This applies to more than just sports betting, too. Some online sportsbooks in SC even let you make fun novelty wagers on things like movies and the weather!

Are Online Sports Betting Sites in South Carolina Actually Lawful?

You’ll have a hard time finding a state with more restrictive laws on the gambling industry than South Carolina. Interestingly, this state partly uses gambling laws presented all the way back in 1802 to regulate their gambling market. As you might expect, gaming analysts have a hard time figuring out how these laws apply today.

Section 32-1-10 gives some clarity on how gambling is defined.

“Any person who shall at any time or sitting, by playing at cards, dice table or any other game whatsoever or by betting on the sides or hands of such as do play at any of the games aforesaid, lose to any person or persons so playing or betting.”

Many powerful lawmakers have pushed aside any attempts to officially legalize and regulate South Carolina sports betting sites, yet this could change in the future.

House Bill 3102, presented in 2017, would have amended the state’s constitution to allow “sports betting on professional sports.” This bill was shut down shortly after. Fortunately, another bill was introduced this year to make sports betting in South Carolina legal.

For now, the laws claim that all forms of sports betting in SC are illegal. Anyone caught operating a sports betting business faces heavy fines and potential jail time. There is still some confusion as to whether or not making bets through foreign online gambling sites is illegal.

For this reason, many individuals here choose to make their sports wagers through gambling sites based overseas. The state has almost no way of monitoring this activity. It’s also nearly impossible for lawmakers here to fine these gambling websites.

In time, sports betting in SC may be completely legal and regulated. For now, the legality of online sports betting sites in South Carolina lies in a gray area.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Playing at South Carolina Sports Betting Sites?

It’s very unlikely. Lawmakers here have made it clear that sports betting is banned, yet it’s unclear whether or not this applies to sports gambling through websites based in other countries. We have not come across a single case of anyone facing legal trouble for playing at sports betting sites in South Carolina.

*It’s important to note that we are not lawyers and always recommend that you abide by your state’s laws. Contact a gaming lawyer for more in-depth information on the legality of online sports betting in this state.*

How Can I Stay Safe While Playing at South Carolina Online Sportsbooks?

It’s perfectly reasonable to be concerned about safety when gambling online in South Carolina. This state does not regulate any of the gambling websites operating in it. To some, this is worrisome.

In reality, it’s easy to stay completely safe while playing at online sportsbooks in South Carolina. We’ve come up with a few basic tips you can follow to ensure your online gambling experience is nothing but fun.

South Carolina

Only Make Bets Through Reputable Websites

The easiest way to protect your money is to play through reputable South Carolina online sportsbooks! Competition is fierce in the online gambling industry, and any sites caught doing anything shady are quickly blacklisted. Today, most of the sports betting sites in South Carolina work hard to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Track How Much Money You Are Spending

It can be easy to spend a little too much money while betting on sports online. This form of gambling is just so much fun! With that being said, we recommend that you always track exactly how much money you are betting. If you realize that your spending is getting out of hand, take a break for a while!

Reach out to Customer Service When You Need To

Customer support is one of the most important tools that a gambling website offers. These South Carolina sports betting sites should always be available to answer your questions. If you happen to encounter an issue during your gambling experience, be willing to ask for help! It will help you out in the long run.

Only Wager on Sports That You Know About

With thousands of betting odds available every single day, it can be tempting to place bets on sports you know nothing about in hopes of winning big. This is never a good idea. We recommend that you stick to betting on sports you know and understand. It will significantly increase your chances of winning at South Carolina sports betting sites.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

Sports betting isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it! There are some great opportunities to win big, yet it’s important to be realistic when first starting out at South Carolina sports betting sites. Place small, incremental bets while you gain experience. As time goes on, you can begin to place bigger bets and parlays.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting in South Carolina

When Will South Carolina Regulate Sports Betting?

It’s difficult to say. In early 2019, a new sports betting bill was introduced here. Many politicians here recognize the potential for revenue earnings from this industry, yet Governor Henry McMaster has shown no willingness to legalize this industry. Based on the way things are going around the US, it’s likely that sports betting will be regulated here within the next few years.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at South Carolina Online Sportsbooks?

That all depends on how you wager! The most successful sports gamblers tend to bet small, incremental amounts of money over a long period of time. Most South Carolina sports betting sites don’t have set limits on the amount of money you can win. The sky’s the limit.

What Are the Most Popular Online Sportsbooks in South Carolina Right Now?

From what we have seen, the two most popular sports betting sites in South Carolina are currently Bovada Sportsbook and

Is Online Sports Betting Easier Than Land-Based Sports Betting?

When it comes to the actual betting process, it’s just about the same. You choose which team or player you want to wager on, and choose how much you want to bet! In terms of convenience, however, online gambling is significantly easier. It allows you to make bets from anywhere in the state with an internet connection.

Which Sports Can I Bet on in South Carolina?

Most South Carolina sports betting sites allow you to bet on all major US sports leagues including the MLB, NFL, NBA, and UFC. These websites also offer odds on international sports such as cricket and rugby. You’ll have access to thousands of different betting odds every single day.

Conclusion on Sports Betting Sites in South Carolina

South Carolina is still seen as one of the least gambling-friendly states in the US. Lawmakers here are beginning to take a closer look at the gambling industry, which could indicate that things are finally changing here. In time, hopefully, full-scale casinos and sportsbooks will become available here.

Make sure to check out the sports betting sites in South Carolina that we recommended at the top of this page. Each one offers safe payment options and a wide range of amazing odds. Feel free to head over to our sports betting picks page to find expert betting picks and tips for sports betting

Good luck making your bets!