Betting Apps – What’s Available for Today’s Mobile Bettors?

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling that exists in the world today. While there are certain countries like the United Kingdom that consider it to be a part of the culture, other countries sweep it under the rug or make it illegal altogether. In the United States, while sports betting is illegal anywhere outside of Nevada, that doesn’t stop players from betting billions of dollars each year, with online sportsbooks the main target.

When betting from a mobile phone became a new way for gamblers to get their fix, it completely changed the industry. Today, with smartphones that have the power of most computers and betting apps that you can download right to your phone, a gambler (in a country where they can access the apps) can now make bets on the go with ease. This means if something changes that alters the odds of a match, a player no longer has to rush to a computer or onto the telephone to place a bet. They simply open their betting app, log in, and a couple of clicks later, the bet is placed.

This page is all about betting apps. We are going to look at the different type of sports you can bet via app (each of which has its own page dedicated to it), as well as take a quick look at how betting apps became so popular in certain parts of the world.

The Best Betting Apps Today

Before we unpack all the betting apps in more detail, we thought we would start with a bit of a primer. Many of you already know what sports you want to bet on, so getting to the point would be worth your while. We have reviewed hundreds of betting sites, and during those reviews, we take the time to check out the mobile options that are available for our readers. Those with betting apps, we put into one basket, and using that filter, we have come up with this list of our most recommended sites.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
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The sites represented on this list all have great betting apps, although some of them may not be available in your region. If you find that to be the case, then you should head over to our review section, where you can find even more great betting apps to choose from.

The Rise of Betting Apps

As we mentioned, mobile sports betting really opened up the market, giving players the ability to bet on sports without having to sit in front of their computer or dial their phones. Betting apps take the experience one step further, as your account details can be saved, and you don’t have to go to the browser of your device every time you want to look at updated odds or how your bets are doing.

Both iOS and Android have betting apps in their stores available to be downloaded by sports gambling enthusiasts. However, given the volatile legal nature of sports gambling around the world and especially in North America, it took a long time for the companies to sort out their approval process. At first, no real money gambling apps were approved, but after a significant amount of lobbying, both Google and Apple relented and created a regional approval system for these apps. Today, if you are living somewhere like England or France, you will find loads of options for betting apps, while our American readers won’t find the same in their searches.

The advent of live betting made betting apps even more popular. Many sports, including soccer and tennis, offer in-game betting, which is a great way to keep players interested during matches that can last hours. Whether you are betting on the next player to score a goal or who will win the second set, being able to get those odds in real time via a betting app makes it far more likely that you will make that wager. Now you can be sitting at a live sporting event and pull your phone out of your pocket to bet on the game you are watching as it happens…look how far we have come!

Betting Apps by Sport

Most betting apps cover the major sports without issue. However, even within those sports, there are so many layers that you want to do your research before downloading and making a deposit with a particular site. We have taken a look at some of the sports that most players are looking for in a betting app and have given each its own page. Here is a summary of the betting apps by sports section.

Football Betting Apps

American football is the top sport for betting in North America, but with the global marketing of the NFL brand over the last decade, it has also grown in popularity around the world. This page will take a look at the types of football bets that are available and that you should be looking for in a football betting app, as well as some of the pitfalls many novice gamblers make when betting on professional and college football.

Soccer Betting Apps

The “football” that the rest of the world knows is soccer. This is by far the most popular sport on the planet, and with the number of leagues, league champion competitions, and national side games, there is simply a plethora of options available to punters. This section of the site covers how to find the betting app that fits your needs as a soccer gambler and how you can use live betting to increase your enjoyment.

Tennis Betting Apps

Another sport with global popularity is tennis. Not only are there the four Grand Slam tournaments that draw the most eyeballs and the most betting, but there are also multiple levels of tours on which you can place a wager. The best tennis betting apps give you odds on more than just the ATP and WTA and offer you in-match betting to keep your interest piqued. We’ll cover all of this, as well as give you a list of our favorite apps for tennis fans around the world.

Cricket Betting Apps

Cricket is a sport that is best known in a handful of territories, but those countries include almost half the world’s population! The sport of cricket itself has gone to great lengths to make itself more interesting to the casual viewer. For the gambler, there are tons of great bet options on a wide range of global cricket events. We take a look at the major cricket events around the world, as well as the different types of matches you could find yourself wagering on through a betting app.

Golf Betting Apps

The world of golf is unlike any other. In any given event, a player must make their way around a course, scoring better than over a hundred other individuals. With multiple tours around the world, there are many options for golfers that don’t make it into the PGA event each week. You can bet on all of these tours, and with tournaments lasting four days, we have taken the time to cover the best ways to bet on golf with a sports betting app to keep it interesting while still trying to turn a profit.

Basketball Betting Apps

The NBA features the best basketball players in the world, and this includes an increasing number of players from outside the United States. In turn, the popularity of the sport is growing in Europe and Asia, especially because some aging NBA veterans have joined leagues in those areas. Our basketball betting app page covers all the main leagues you should be looking for when looking at a betting app, as well as an understanding of the future bets that you can make early in a season which pay the best in the long run.


Those of you sitting in the United States who have read this page are now probably more frustrated than ever that you can’t go to the App Store or Google Play store and look for one of our recommended betting apps. While you focus on the future of sports betting in your country, the rest of our readers should be trying to figure out what sports they might want to bet on, then try one of our recommended betting apps above.

With the world of sports betting continuing to expand, we expect to have to update this page quite regularly with new and exciting information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Seem to Always Pick Winners. How Much Money Can I Expect to Win Using a Betting App?

We all seem to be experts at picking games when we aren’t betting on the outcome. The truth is, sportsbooks understand this; that is why there are odds and spreads added to the bets. If you want to bet a heavy favorite, you are going to pay a lot if you lose. From our experience working with professional sports gamblers, a winning rate of 60% is considered to be excellent. We recommend that you do your research and also find the betting app that offers the best odds for your wagers before you try to take your luck to the bank.

What If My Connection Drops While I Am Trying to Make a Bet Using a Betting App?

Yes. All transactions are conducted in USD only.

What’s Better? the Download Option or Instant Play?

This issue is common when using a connection that is not strong. Unfortunately, unlike casino games where the game can stop while you are getting reconnected, sports gamblers are not afforded that luxury. As the betting is tied to the start of a game or match, all betting on the outcome tends to stop at the start time of the event. If you are waiting until the last second to make your bets to get the best odds, you are at risk of your bet not getting in before the deadline, in which case you have no action on the outcome of the game and have to rely on what in-game options your betting app offers.

If I Place an In-Game Bet and Win It, When Do I Get Paid?

This is all dependent on when the site behind the betting app closes out their tickets. These days, most reputable sites will close the bets as soon as they are complete. The software that these betting shops run makes it easier than ever to enter a result and have all bets related to that result cleared. For example, if you bet on a certain player scoring the first goal in a soccer match, after the goal is scored, the goal scorer is entered into the system and all winning bets are paid. If you ended up a winner, then you should see the winnings in your account. It is in the best interest of the betting app to get you the winnings as quickly as possible, as you are more likely to make another wager while the game is still taking place.