Top Betting Sites for The Oscars

If you love wagering on entertainment events, it gets no bigger than the
Academy Awards. Fortunately, there are numerous Oscars betting sites online with
a wide variety of markets ranging from “Best Picture,” to entertaining prop bets
concerning possible envelope mix-ups and the music interrupting winners’

The Oscars Logo, Statue, and Winners
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The Academy Awards is Hollywood’s most prestigious honor and most glamorous
night. It is broadcasted live as a significant annual event. The Oscars have
become appointment television in a world dominated by streaming at our
convenience, a spot typically reserved for sporting events.

However, celebrations of film aren’t for everyone. Many will be forced to
watch the awards with a significant other or family member. That’s where Oscars
betting sites truly save the day. By putting a little action on the night’s
festivities, you can take a relatively dull affair and turn it into Game 7 of
the finals in terms of excitement!

The Benefits of Betting on The Oscars

Increase Entertainment

Perhaps the greatest gift that entertainment betting, which includes betting
on the Oscars, bring us is a drastically improved viewer experience for events
that would otherwise seem boring or uneventful. Watching the movie industry
congratulate themselves while handing out little trophies doesn’t appeal to
everybody, but the vast majority of us enjoy a bit of competition, especially if
there’s money to be won.

Oscar betting sites give you a way to watch the Academy Awards with your
loved ones and have fun doing so, even if your excitement exists for different
reasons. Placing a handful of wagers on the various categories and prop bets
will keep you actively engaged in a way your partner or family will surely

Oscars Statue and Envelope for Best Picture

Plenty of Upsets

Believe it or not, the nominees favored by the oddsmakers lose frequently
enough to make betting on the Oscars worth your time. Every year, upsets occur
in a couple of categories, at least, giving bettors an opportunity to earn some
sizable payouts.

While “Best Picture” may be a difficult group for underdogs, you can find
more value in other fields. The “Best Director,” “Best Actor,” and “Best
Actress” awards all have seen numerous surprise winners over the years. When
these Oscars bets hit, they often pay at +150 or longer.

Public Support

These days, competitions of any kind inspire a never-ending stream of intense
debate and arguing online. Everyone has opinions they feel compelled to share.
Meanwhile, nobody seems all that interested in hearing opposing beliefs or
predictions that contradict their own.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, you’ll find people brutally fighting
over it on the internet. Often, there’s nothing that can be said or done to end
the bickering. However, when it comes to Academy Awards nominations, there’s a
harmless way to escalate the disagreement without causing too many problems.

Instead of engaging with “haters,” place a wager at one of our favorite
Oscars betting sites, and share your ticket with the world. Put your money where
your mouth is, and show support for your chosen nominee.

Bragging Rights

Once you do win, you’ll feel a level of joy the Academy Awards could never
provide before. Not only will you earn real money, but you’ll have proof of your
prediction, giving you the ultimate bragging rights! You knew what was going to
happen and you staked your hard-earned cash to back it up.

If you placed the bet to settle an online argument, this last part is
especially sweet. Now, you get to take a screenshot of your winning ticket and
the associated payout and share it online. You can maybe even tag the naysayer
in your post for good measure! However you choose to celebrate, your bankroll
will grow regardless.

About Our Recommendations

With the exception of a few European regions, the ability to wager on
entertainment and politics can only be found online. The top Oscars betting
sites are all offshore gaming websites, which is excellent news because these
international operators are many of the best in the industry.

Nevertheless, anytime you’re using a foreign provider, it’s crucial that
you’re extremely cautious when making your selection. Should you accidentally
sign up with a fraudulent site, there will be no way to prevent having your cash

That’s why our team of experts is continually vetting Academy Awards betting
sites. We promise that any website found on our page boasts the following

Coverage of Oscars Betting

Entertainment wagers, including Oscars betting, is still in its early stages
of development. Not all online sportsbooks offer such markets. The locations
found in our recommendations not only set betting lines for the Academy Awards,
but they cover the broadest range of Oscar wagers as well. We’re talking
everything from the winner of your favorite categories to prop bets regarding
nominees slipping and falling on the way to the podium.

Competitive Lines

Not only do the best Oscars betting sites cover a variety of wagers, but the
odds being offered are competitive as well. Gambling success is dictated by a
mix of skill and luck, with sports and entertainment wagering relying on more
expertise than typical casino games. However, to find any positive value when
betting on the Oscars, you need to have fair lines on which to wager. Our
recommended Academy Awards betting sites set their odds at a level consistent
with the top providers in the industry.

Safety and Security

The highest priority of a website like this one is to pair our readers with
the best online gambling sites no matter what kind of operator they’re looking
for. Before we can review an Oscars betting site for the many other factors that
determine our recommendations, we must first verify that they’re all safe and

There are too many scammers on the internet, especially operating from
offshore jurisdictions. Let our team of experts find a library of reliable,
trustworthy websites, so you can place your bets without worrying about anything
but winning.

Reputation and History

Along with safety and security, our team also digs into each Oscars betting
site’s past to ensure they’ve been a legitimate top-notch provider throughout
their history. The background check includes an analysis of a website’s
ownership and any other gaming businesses they may own currently or have owned
in the past. We also find reviews, complaints, and comments from customers, to
look for any patterns of frustrating behavior. Any Academy Awards betting
website found here will have a positive reputation in the gambling industry and
a long history of operating ethically.

Oscars Winners on Stage

Banking Options

The majority of the world’s best Oscars betting sites are parts of massive
international gaming corporations located in foreign jurisdictions like Aruba or
Malta. When using offshore gambling websites, the providers offering a broad
range of banking options are some of our favorites. A variety of payment methods
gives players the flexibility to move money conveniently while working around
any potential banking restrictions or local laws. The best Academy Awards
betting sites have options ranging from credit cards to e-wallets to all sorts
of cryptocurrencies.

Ease of Use

We’re only looking for the top Oscars betting sites, which means the domains
must be professionally designed and easy to use. The entire process including
signing up, depositing money, and making your first bet should be simple and
straightforward, even for those who are beginners to online gaming. Having the
website clearly organized and easy to navigate is also a must. If you’re hoping
to get that last minute bet placed before the Academy Awards begin, you’ll be
glad we focus on “ease of use,” in our rankings when you swiftly wager before
the odds come off the board.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the primary benefits of gambling online rather than at
brick-and-mortar establishments is the huge bonuses awarded for merely signing
up and making a deposit. You’ll notice providers offering significant rewards
worth hundreds and thousands of dollars and agreeing to match 100% of your first
payment into your gaming account. Oscar betting sites then keep the prizes
coming with loyalty programs that keep you earning cashback, merchandise, and
much more, regardless of how your betting goes.

Withdrawal Speeds

Withdrawal speeds always play a significant role in our website reviews. The
rate of which an Oscars betting site will payout their customers tells us
everything about the quality of an operator. Some gambling providers out there
will purposely delay cashing players out, hoping that they’ll bet their winnings
away instead of waiting. Others drag their feet because of poor customer service
or due to low funds. Whatever the case, we only recommend the Academy Awards
betting sites with fast withdrawals, as they have been proven to be financially
stable and run their business with customer satisfaction in mind.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service can make or break an online betting experience for our
readers. There are few things more irritating than encountering an issue or
error with a service, only to struggle to find anyone to help you. Our
recommended Oscars betting sites won’t ignore your emails or let their help desk
telephone go unanswered when you have a problem that must be resolved. In fact,
we’ve tested each Academy Awards online wagering website’s contact methods to
ensure that they can be reached whenever needed.

Mobile Compatibility

Online gaming is already loved for its convenience; mobile compatibility
takes this to the next level. As we are increasingly on our phones, it only
makes sense for Oscar betting sites to be fully accessible from our smartphones
and tablet devices as well. Our recommendations will work on your device
browsers just as well as your computer, while many provide dedicated apps that
make the transition to mobile as painless as possible.

Winning Your Oscars Bets

We’ve discussed where you can engage in Oscars betting and shared why you
should want to, but how about winning your wagers? In the early months of each
new year, you can expect new Academy Awards prediction blogs covering the
various categories, including the odds and our favorite picks. However, in the
meantime, we have these basic tips to help you get started.

The Earlier You Bet, The Better

The official nominations are released in January, while the show airs in late
February. Oscars betting sites will often post their lines roughly one month
before the Academy Awards, giving you a little time to get your bets in. The
earlier you make your picks, the better your odds will be.

This is especially critical if you plan to wager on favorites. We’ve seen
that as Oscars night gets closer, the odds get shorter for the favored

Watch the Other Awards Shows

Before the Academy Awards, there are several other annual film honors that
take place in the months prior. The Critics’ Choice, Screen Actors Guild, and
Golden Globes all present awards for the same categories as the Oscars, giving
you some insight into how the voters are feeling.

For example, the Critics’ Choice winner for Best Director goes on to win the
Oscar for the same category 75% of the time. The Golden Globes can help you to
identify the Academy Award winner for “Best Picture” a whopping 60% of the time
as well.

Green Book Screenshot

Listen to the Critics

It’s worth your time to read some of the prediction pieces by respected movie
critics and other entertainment talking heads prior to placing your bet. In
previous years, we’ve seen the high-powered influencers talk-up underdog films
such as Birdman to such a degree that it impacted voters. That movie went from
an early longshot to a full-on betting favorite by the night of the show.

While placing your bet early is crucial, you can gain some vital wisdom down
the stretch from these experts. Look for any patterns in the interviews. Maybe
they’ll continually bring up some “rumors they’ve been hearing” about one of the
unexpected nominees.

Or you can just come here and read our Oscar betting sites breakdowns and
blogs that will share all of our favorite picks and predictions.

Oscars Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Oscars Bets?

Most Academy Awards markets will consist of futures and proposition bets.
Oscars betting sites set lines for every nominee in every significant category
and players may choose who they believe will win from the field. Then, there are
prop bets covering everything from the length of individual speeches to whether
a winner will trip and fall on the way to collect their award.

Is Betting on the Oscars Allowed?

Yes, betting on the Oscars is legal. Nevertheless, you won’t find
entertainment wagers at most land-based or regulated online sportsbooks in the
US. All of the best Oscars betting sites are located offshore where all of the
top international providers host their domains.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore Oscars Betting Sites?

There are no laws stopping individual bettors from using foreign operators.
While it wouldn’t be legal to host an Oscars betting site in the US, players may
sign up with these offshore websites without being blocked or punished in any

How Do I Find Value Betting on the Oscars?

To find value in the Oscars betting lines, you’ll need to time your bets
well, do your research, and wait for the ideal opportunities. In many cases, the
favorite will win their category. When you spot those scenarios, it’s better to
place your wagers early before the odds shorten. If you’re hunting for an upset,
it may serve you well to wait for the other awards shows’ results. Plus, you can
read the opinions of top critics and use their picks as your inspiration.