Visa: It's Everywhere You Want to Gamble in 2018

The online gambling world is a dangerous place these days. Wouldn't it be great to know how to navigate through all the landmines and find safe ways to fund your online gambling accounts?

That's what we are here for!

Today we will talk about Visa cards and how they fit into the online gambling world. Below we have listed some of our favorite sites that accept Visa as a deposit option.

RankVisa Gambling SiteSign Up BonusCasinoSportsPokerGet Started
#1SportsBetting.agSportsBetting.ag50% up to $1,000Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkVisit Site
#2BetOnlineBetOnline50% up to $2,500Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkVisit Site
#3BovadaBovada50% up to $500Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkVisit Site
#4Sloto'CashSloto'Cash200% up to 1,000Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkVisit Site
#5Slots.lvSlots.lv200% up to $5,000Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkVisit Site

For those of you who already know all about Visa cards, just pick a site from above and start gambling! For the rest of our readers, we will go further in-depth about what some benefits and disadvantages are to using Visa cards when gambling. We will also give some tips on how to start using your Visa card to deposit money online.

Wait, What Is a Visa card?

In case you've been living on Mars for the last few decades, Visa is the most widely used credit card brand on planet Earth. The odds are good that you have a Visa card in your wallet right this second. These cards can be used to retrieve money from ATM machines, or pay for goods and services both in real life and on the internet.

This widespread use of Visa makes it a great option when looking to fund your online gambling accounts.

Not only can you be sure that virtually every site will have a Visa option, but you can also be sure that your money is safe when using them. If they were trying to scam everyone and steal a bunch of money, the online gambling world would surely have noticed by now.

Benefits to Using Visa

MoneyPrepaid cards

These reloadable cards are a nice substitute for the Visa debit card. All that is necessary is to load some cash onto them and they can be used anywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted. This money loading can be done either online on their website or in any store that allows such things to go down.

This is a useful feature for someone who does not have a bank account since it allows them to pay bills or make purchases online. These cards are also impossible to overdraw since they do not allow the card to spend more than is already loaded onto it.

Credit CardCard Replacements

For those users who lose their card, they can be comforted that all Visa card owners are able to call Visa Global Customer Care if they have issues. The number for this customer service line is 1-800-847-2911.

Once contacted, their customer care representatives will work to replace the card and cancel the old one before someone uses it. In the case of an emergency, Visa can even arrange for cash to be ready for you at a nearby location within hours.

GiftOffers and Perks

Visa has a boatload of perks for people who bother to log in to their website and check on what they are. These offers include clothing discounts, food discounts and travel discounts.

For the online offers, all we need to do to receive these perks is click on the link that is provided on each offer page. Then we just use our Visa card to pay for our items and we will receive the discount.

For the in-store offers, we need to go to the store with a copy of the offer either printed of ready to show on our phone. We also need to tell them what the Visa code for the offer is if we want to receive the discount.

StarPositive Reviews

We scanned the internet far and wide for reviews on Visa and we had a hard time finding anyone painting them in a negative light. Our personal experiences with Visa cards have also been very positive seeing how anytime our card has been stolen or lost, they instantly froze it and sent us a new one.

It appears that the Better Business Bureau agrees with these positive reviews, as they handed Visa an amazing A+ rating! It is outstanding for a company that has been in business since 1970 to still have a positive image across the internet in 2018.

Disadvantages to Using Visa

ClockHolographic Magnetic Stripes

These magnetic stripes are part of a new design that VISA recently implemented. You can tell if your card has these stripes by looking on the back of the card for a holographic dove.

Unfortunately, if these cards are swiped in a low-humidity environment, they have higher electrostatic conductivity than usual which causes the card to not swipe correctly. This problem is somewhat rare though, so it is not a huge concern.

PokerNo Underground Poker

Even though online poker is regulated in the USA, there are still many poker sites that can be classified as "underground". Most of these sites, such as Bovada or America's Cardroom, have a much greater number of players and they are easier to beat than the regulated poker rooms. They also offer much better tournament schedules at all hours of the day.

These major differences are the reason why a great deal of professional and recreational players still play poker in these underground rooms. It is a shame that Visa debit cards will not work on most of these sites because many banks will reject the transaction.

LockIdentity Theft

Visa cards, much like other plastic cards, are susceptible to identity theft. This can happen if someone opens an account or card in our name, as well as if someone just steals our card and goes on a shopping spree.

The main problem with this theft is that sometimes Visa will not notify us until it's too late and our credit score will be ruined. Once we do obtain a Visa card, we should be sure to ask our bank to put some fraud alerts in place to avoid this disaster. This way, they can contact us if they notice anything suspicious.

3 Steps to Getting Started

The process for beginning online gambling with a Visa card can be a complicated one if you do not know what you are doing. For this reason, we have put together 3 steps that will help you get started.

Choose a Site to Gamble On

For most people, the number one feature that they look for in an online gambling site is reliability. If a site is not reliable, they will probably steal your money eventually.

How can we know what else to look for in a site? The answers can be found easily by reading one of our latest articles on picking the right site.

At the top of this page, we have chosen the best sites for your area that accept Visa card as a deposit option. It might be best to join more than one site so that you have a basis of comparison.

Acquire a Visa Card

This part is simple for most people because almost everyone has an account at a bank somewhere. Most of these banks will sign their new members up for a Visa debit card right after joining.

For those people who do not have a bank account or a Visa card, you can always go and pick-up a Visa pre-paid card. Once you load some cash onto these cards at any participating locations, you will then be able to deposit the funds onto a gambling site.

Deposit Funds

Now that we have a site to play on and a Visa card to use, we simply need to deposit the money onto a gambling site. Normally, this can be done by clicking on the site's cashier button. The cashier should be accessible both through their website and through their software.

Once in the cashier, we simply need to click on the Visa icon, and enter how much money we want to deposit. The deposit should be relatively quick, so be sure that you have enough money in the bank to cover the deposit in order to avoid overdraft fees.

To Wrap Things Up

Overall, we are comfortable recommending Visa cards to anyone that wants to deposit money online to gamble with. It is the most reliable and most commonly used deposit method that is available.

Even though Visa tries their best to keep Visa cards problem-free, they are still vulnerable to identity thefts on occasion.

The good thing is, they usually freeze the card and fix the problem quickly. If they can clean up that issue, we would have literally nothing negative to say about using a Visa card to gamble online.

Visa FAQ

What if I do not have a bank account or my bank will not issue me a Visa card?
No problem! All you need to do is sign up for a Visa prepaid card which will serve the same purpose as a normal Visa card when it comes to online gambling. No credit check or bank account is necessary to obtain these prepaid cards.
Are the Visa prepaid cards reloadable?
Yes! They certainly are. All we need to do to reload them is to go to a store that allows reloads or log into their website and do it ourselves from there.
Is Visa accepted at all online casinos?
Not all of them, but certainly most. If Visa is not an option, the casino or poker room is most likely underground or illegal.
What is Visa doing to combat its problem with identity theft?
They are taking this issue very seriously and have implemented an advanced anti-fraud detection system. This system uses predictive analytics to determine if each transaction is fraudulent or not. After rating the risk level from 1 to 99, the Visa Advanced Authorization system then sends the rating to the cardholder's bank. The bank then decides whether to decline the transaction or not.
Will I be able to withdraw my money from these gambling sites using my Visa card?
Yes, normally you need to deposit using the Visa card first before you will be allowed to withdraw any money with it.

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